My Exclusive Tower Guide chapter 71

My Exclusive Tower Guide

Chapter 71

Eventually, my master revealed himself in front of me.

He looked unchanged from before, but the master I met again did not recognize me.

It was only natural for him to see me as an intruder.

“There are a few things I must ask of you. If you lie, you will die.”

I had never seen my master emit such a murderous aura before.

Only today did I realize how fearsome he could be when harboring hostility.

“I will speak only the truth.”

“Whether it is the truth or not is for me to decide. Answer clearly. How did you come here?”

“Through a portal.”

“You use the term ‘portal’ quite naturally for a disciple of the Divine Sect.”

“There are reasons for that.”

As I spoke with confidence even in the presence of the supreme leader of the Divine Sect, the master’s face showed a flicker of interest.

He must have realized by now that I was not just any ordinary disciple.

“There should be no one in the Divine Sect capable of creating a portal! To be exact, no one in the current martial world could do it, not even the leader of the Martial Alliance.”

“I am aware. Aside from the supreme leader who is peerless throughout the ages, no one else can do it.”

After letting these words out, I carefully watched the change in my master’s expression.

‘Peerless throughout the ages.’

These words were among his favorite.

“Hmm! Yes. I happen to agree.”

His slight attempt to manage his expression was noticeable – it seemed his lips were twitching to reveal his emotions.

Despite his ferocity, the essence of my master remained the same.

“I have merely followed the path that you have laid out, supreme leader.”

“Do you mean to say that you came through a portal I created?”

“Yes, that’s right.”

“But the portal cannot be passed by anyone except me!”

“I was able to.”

If my hunch was correct, not only me but Su Seo-Yeon or Chae Yi-Seol could also have done it.

Players from the Tower naturally passed through portals, so there seemed no reason it would be different for a portal created in the martial world.

“I’ll concede that you might have passed through the portal. But where did you find it?”

“It was in the middle of the Demon God’s Temple.”

My master didn’t even get angry with my too-calm response.

It should have been enough to blow his mind.

“Do you understand the meaning behind your answer just now?”

“I do.”

“Then, you should know your life is already forfeit for this alone.”

“However, the acting leader currently deems the supreme leader’s absence as an emergency. Therefore, an exception has been made for me to enter the Demon God’s Temple.”

I calmly explained my situation to my master.

Of course, I also anticipated what his next question would be.

“It is a fact that I created a portal in the Demon God’s Temple. But there is no reason for the acting leader to have sent you there. How would you explain this?”

This was where I needed to give a good answer.

Because a really outrageous coming-out was about to happen.

“Because I am the only person who knew that the supreme leader was in this Tower.”

I had expected my master to be surprised by this timing.

My prediction couldn’t have been more wrong.

“Go on.”

“You’re not surprised.”

“Should I, who is nearing my Ascension, be startled by such matters?”

“You will be surprised soon enough.”

“No, there shall be no such thing.”

My master was as confident as always.

Now, it was time for my words to strike his heart like a nuclear bomb.

“I was once a disciple of the supreme leader.”


* * *

The only technique I learned from my master was the Shadowless Phantom Soul Sword.

But it was also the most certain way to prove my heritage as a successor to the Heavenly Demon.

The master never passed this secret technique to anyone else but me.

“Ah! Such a thing!”

I brandished the indomitable sword and launched into the Shadowless Phantom Soul Sword, stepping through the formless movements.

Though my execution might seem crude to my master, every move embodied the fundamental principles of the Shadowless Phantom Soul Sword.

It was slightly nerve-wracking to display martial arts in front of my master after so long.

Sure enough, a verbal thrashing was bound to come any moment.

“Such garbage skills!”

Just as expected.

But no matter how much like trash it seemed, the Shadowless Phantom Soul Sword was still itself.

My master couldn’t possibly not recognize it.

He was simply resisting acknowledgement.

As I continued the sword technique, I glanced at my master’s expression.

Sure enough, his face looked as if it were decaying with disgust.

I focused all my remaining mana at the tip of my sword and slashed through the air, completing the Shadowless Phantom Soul Sword.

“That is all I am capable of.”

After my performance ended, my master was at a loss for words.

His face was the picture of utter distaste.

I was curious about my master’s true assessment.

In truth, I had made considerable progress since leaving my master.

I never neglected my training for a moment, I gained opportunities in the Heavenly Demon’s Way, learned the formless steps, and recently, the Tower system rewarded me with a significant increase in magic power.

It would be impossible for any typical Divine Sect warrior to achieve what I have in a short time.

“I must have been mad.”

“Why do you say that?”

“To think I passed on the secret technique of my lifetime to a fake disciple like you, I must have been insane if not what?”

“Master, the decision was yours to make. If by any chance you regret it…”

“Enough! If you dare to call me master one more time, I will cut off your tongue.”

“What should I call you then? Calling you ‘supreme leader’ like everyone else feels so impersonal. Perhaps I should address you as the ‘peerless throughout the ages’?”

“You mad devil!”

The master shook his head side to side as he looked at me.

A deep regret for having taken me as a disciple was palpable.

But what’s done is done.

And in his memories, there was nothing left.

“I am indeed a disciple of my master, and the descendant of the Heavenly Demon.”

“I can’t just cut off the arm that mastered the Shadowless Soul-stealing Sword. Ah, no. That’s not impossible. I can simply chop it off!”

“Do you have any young talents in your Sacred Sect who can inherit the Shadowless Soul-stealing Sword?”

“That… That’s!”

“You must acknowledge what needs to be acknowledged. Why else would you have directly proposed to take me as your disciple in the tower?”

“Curse it! If I had been given a chance to return like you!”

“Even so, you would make the same choices. You were quite serious back then as well.”

“Shut up.”

My master’s emotions were turbulent. Despite bragging about his emotional control and talking about ascending to enlightenment, it seemed that in this case, it was different.

“Please accept it now. I am your disciple, and you are my master. The Shadowless Soul-stealing Sword you passed on to me is clear proof of that.”

At my words, my master pressed his forehead. He no longer showed his anger or glared at me. He, too, needed time to think. Perhaps there hasn’t been an event as shocking as this in his entire life.

“The name is…”

“I am Lee Ho-young.”

His considerations were shorter than expected.

“I have not acknowledged you as my disciple yet, but I will give you an opportunity.”

“You wish to test me.”

“One cannot simply accept any disciple; there must be at least some verification.”

Of course, even the minimum verification would have high standards. To begin with, the master was unable to find a disciple to pass on the Shadowless Soul-stealing Sword, which he had created.

“There’s a fellow called Cheon Ho-yeon among your peers.”

Of course, I knew him. He was the most talented participant in the Heavenly Demon Martial Arts competition currently underway.

“Defeat that man.”

The standard he set was lower than expected. If my master had known that I had killed Mae Ho-pyeong, he wouldn’t have set such a condition.

“I accept.”

“If you lose, I will indeed chop off the arm that learned the Shadowless Soul-stealing Sword.”

“I have no choice but to accept it, then.”

How nonsensical of him to be so insistent when he can’t even remember he taught it to me.

“Oh, and the vice-leader is looking for you.”


“I don’t know the details, but it seemed urgent. It feels like there’s a crisis among the top ranks of our Sacred Sect.”

“That’s nothing. It’s probably just the Martial Alliance Master and the Evil Sect Leader joining forces to plot against our Sacred Sect.”

“Isn’t that a serious matter?”

The current martial world is a tense three-way power struggle between the orthodox factions, the evil sects, and our Heavenly Demon Sacred Sect. If a real alliance is formed, it could darken the future of our sect. Such a combined attack would be likely to break the delicate balance.

“From Sohee’s perspective, it may be serious. But to me, it’s a good thing. Isn’t it great to have plenty of fights?”

That was a typical answer from my master, with the confidence that only the once greatest master could possess.

“Still, with everyone worried, shouldn’t you head out immediately?”

“Head out now? How can I trust you to…”

“What do you mean?”

“Do you have the confidence to go and defeat Cheon Ho-yeon right now?”

That was music to my ears. It meant my master was willing to refine and improve my Shadowless Soul-stealing Sword.

* * *

Although he had not yet acknowledged me as his disciple, the intent of my master was clear. Just as before my return, he recognized my talent and was intending to take me as his disciple this time as well. The confrontation with Cheon Ho-yeon was just a pretext; he was already imparting his teachings to me.

“You wretched brat! Is that all you can do?”

Actually, I had an advantage over before my return. Back then, due to a deal with the tower, my master could only teach me swordsmanship. But now, there were no such constraints. If he wished, he could impart everything to me.

“My self-created Void Dance, you can’t even perform it properly! It’s embarrassing!”

My master comprehensively overhauled the collaboration between the Shadowless Soul-stealing Sword and the Void Dance. The recent increase in my magical power had boosted my confidence a bit, but my master didn’t hesitate to shatter that.

It felt very different learning martial arts from my master now compared to before. Previously, as a child absorbs ink, I would simply absorb everything, but now, the process was about cutting away the wrong learning and refining. Of course, I could feel all the more my master’s greatness now, for one only sees as much as they know.

“You truly are the once greatest master.”


“And suddenly, I’m curious about something.”

“Speak, then.”

“In this tower, is there another being like the supreme master?”

I thought it was a possibility. It wasn’t just the martial world – even in other dimensions, there could exist masters like my teacher.

“I’ve met one once. Someone who, like myself, created a portal and entered this tower.”

“That person must have reached a high level as well.”

“He didn’t seem to be on my level, but he did call his realm a Swordmaster.”

Sure enough. It wasn’t just Earthlings or martial artists that existed here. When would I ever be able to approach the mysteries of this tower, and when could I escape from this damned place? Anyway, these were things I couldn’t have heard about before my return due to restrictions.

“By now, Sohee must be worried sick. It seems about time for me to depart.”

It’s a pity to me, but my master chose the timing for a reason. He must now be confident that I can overcome Cheon Ho-yeon.

– To be continued in Episode 72 –

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