My Exclusive Tower Guide chapter 70

My Exclusive Tower Guide

Episode 70

Throughout my walk to the vice-sect leader’s hall, numerous fantasies flooded my mind. As the second-in-command of Cheonma Sect and a potential successor to the sovereign position should the sect leader be absent, I crafted multiple scenarios in my head about how the vice-sector leader might perceive the current absence of my master. None of the stories were particularly positive. If events unfolded in a clichéd manner, the vice-sect leader would undoubtedly be plotting a rebellion. Perhaps she would even request my collusion in a scheme against my master’s interests.

Should that be the case, I would cleverly reverse any plot she devised. My imagination had already run rampant, crafting a tale that would fill the pages of a novel. However, these musings shattered the moment I set foot in the vice-sect leader’s hall.

“Welcome,” she said, her voice as melodious as rolling jade beads, tickling my ears. Vice-sect leader Eun Sohee. I had heard she was beautiful, but her seductive appearance was enough to make one’s mind reel. She was in her forties, but appeared to be in her early thirties—her beauty was comparable to that of top-star actresses.

“I heard you were looking for me, vice-sect leader.”

“Yes, I’ve been wanting to meet with you for a while now. Please, come closer.”

Guided by Eun Sohee’s gesture, I ascended the stairs to the throne where she sat. Presenting a courtly kiss upon the back of her extended hand was a demonstration of my respect. The translucent beauty of her skin and her ethereal gaze could easily disarm even skilled masters, though few could contend with her in martial arts.

“Did you enjoy the gift I sent you?”

“Indeed, vice-sect leader.”

“I’m relieved you liked it. I was worried you might not.”

She crossed her legs and offered me a sly smile. Had it not been for her status, there would have been no sense of gravitas to her demeanor. It reminded me of my master, a seemingly frivolous old man who lived on his talents.

“There is something I am curious about.”

“Please, ask.”

“Maehopyeong, did you really kill him?”

“Yes. Is there a problem with that?”

“No problem. It’s just… unbelievable.”

Suddenly, she placed her hand on my body, tenderly caressing every inch. It wasn’t a gesture of seduction or sexual intent; clearly, she was assessing my internal energy level.

“This makes no sense.”

With just a light touch, she seemed to have gauged the full extent of my abilities. My master had a similar skill—Eun Sohee likely possessed it as well.

“Luck was on my side,” I admitted.

“Right, luck. Otherwise, you would have died in that encounter.”

Her gaze momentarily shifted to the ring of Nike on my finger. Whether it was coincidence or not, a chill ran down my spine. The ring was indeed an item that continuously brought me fortune.

“Yes, I am often lucky. Being able to meet with you here today is clear evidence of that.”

“What did you say?”

Eun Sohee seemed to appreciate my comment intended for flattery, smiling for a moment.

“Nevertheless, there is a sense of mystery about you, as if you are an anomaly.”

Vice-sect leader Eun Sohee. Her insight into people could well exceed my master’s. Maybe it was this talent that seated her in the position of the sect’s second-in-command.

“I am just an ordinary warrior of the Cheonma Sect.”

“No, there is something special about you. I cannot see through you completely.”

“I’ll take that as a compliment.”

“Good. It’s intended as one.”

This time, she began to stroke my head as I knelt on one knee. Whether it was a ritual to see through me or not, I could not help but feel a sense of pressure. She was undoubtedly a higher mastery level than even Jinchun, the left protector.

“Elder Tai hinted that you might be aware of the sovereign’s whereabouts. Is that true?”

The conversation had circled back to its true intent. She had summoned me clearly on account of my master. It was crucial to understand her thoughts as the vice-sect leader.

“It is true that I know where the sovereign is. However, I cannot disclose his location.”

“Why not?”

“Because it is not what the sovereign desires.”

“You dodge well.”

Eun Sohee chuckled and continued.

“It’s unbelievable that you killed Maehopyeong, but this is even more so. Are you the hidden descendant of the sovereign?”

“No, I am not.”

“Right. Of course not. The sovereign only knows martial arts. Surely, he must be a chaste man.”


The idea of my master being celibate was something I had never even considered. With this new information, it became clear that Elder Tai had not disclosed to the vice-sect leader the apprentice relationship between my master and myself.

“Then how do you know?”

“If you’re asking how I came to know, I cannot say, but you can trust that what I tell you is true.”

“Wow, you’re something special. How can you be so brazen even before the vice-sect leader?”

“Because I am speaking the truth.”

“I’d really like to smack you, but I’ll try to restrain myself.”

In some ways, I was relieved. If Eun Sohee had decided to, she could have twisted my arm or severed my finger to extract information.

“Now, look into my eyes for a moment.”

Soohee gazed at me with profound eyes.

I didn’t bother to avoid her gaze.

Even if she possessed the ability to discern lies through her eyes, I stood firm in my position.

Still, I couldn’t help but feel as if I was being sucked into the depths of her eyes.

“I suppose I should bet on the side of truth when it comes to knowing the whereabouts of the Supreme Being.”

It seemed she had come to a conclusion.

“But, Vice-Cult Leader, may I ask why you are curious about the whereabouts of the secluded Supreme Being?”

“Why? Are you afraid I might start a rebellion?”

“We must consider all possibilities.”

“Making such a suggestion in front of me, isn’t that a bit much?”

“My apologies, Vice-Cult Leader.”

“That’s fine, but you! Could you possibly meet the Supreme Being?”

That was something I truly desired.

After all, the reason I chose the Heavenly Demon Cult when I started the 10th-floor mission was solely for that purpose.

Regrettably, I had to admit that meeting him right now was impossible.

All I knew was that my master was safe somewhere in the tower, that was all.

That was until Sage’s status window sent me a message.

[Information: A portal has opened at the location where the Heavenly Demon began his seclusion.]

This portal must surely lead to the tower.

My mind snapped to attention.

There’s a good chance this portal is connected to the area where my master resides.

“Yes. It is possible. I can meet the Supreme Being now and return immediately.”

“What? I had my doubts, but you can actually do it?”

“Yes, it’s possible.”

I smiled broadly at Eun Soohee.

“Then go and tell him he must come quickly.”

* * *

The Demon God’s Sanctuary.

A forbidden area secretively existing within the Heavenly Demon Sect.

Almost no one in the Sect truly knew about the Demon God’s Sanctuary.

Only the Cult Leader and the Vice-Cult Leader were permitted entry.

Of course, I only found out about it today.

“Come in. I’m thinking of activating an exception clause under the Vice-Cult Leader’s authority. Who knows, I might even get an earful from the Supreme Being.”

“It’s an honor.”

I cautiously stepped into the Demon God’s Sanctuary.

The space wasn’t as extensive as I’d thought.

Since it’s a place for the Cult Leader’s personal secluded training, it makes sense that it’s not very large.

What caught my eye as soon as I entered the Demon God’s Sanctuary was a portal in the center, about 2 meters in radius.

However, Eun Soohee didn’t seem to see it as she nonchalantly passed by it.

Since most couldn’t even see Son Seoyeon’s total gun, it seemed likely the portal was of a similar nature.

The shining rift beckoned to me as if to say come hither.

‘It’s truly astonishing.’

Suddenly, I could feel the profound depth of my master’s abilities.

Having reached the pinnacle of martial enlightenment, he had opened a whole other dimension.

Initially, he mistook it for ascending to heaven and confessed his realization that his martial arts had not reached the true extremity upon learning of the tower’s existence.

Even though I hadn’t opened it, passing through that portal might allow me to meet my master again.

As I thought of our sudden reunion, my heart began to race.

“Now, as you’ve said, I have brought you to the place where the Supreme Being secluded himself. It’s time for you to show me something in return, isn’t it?”

“Of course, Vice-Cult Leader. But, I have a small request.”

“Another one?”

“It’s something quite simple.”

“I’ve come this far, so I might as well humor you. What is it?”

“Please step outside for a moment.”

Eun Soohee looked incredulous at my reply.

While it wouldn’t have mattered if I had crossed through the portal right in front of her, I wanted a bit more of a mysterious effect.

If I vanish in front of this quick-witted woman, she might figure out the nature of the portal.

“If you’re playing me, you better brace yourself. I can be quite fearsome when angry.”

“How could I possibly dare?”

“Alright, I’ll grant you that.”

Eun Soohee immediately left the Demon God’s Sanctuary without any backtalk as I instructed.

Now, I was the only one left in the place.

Cautiously, I approached the portal.

Without a doubt, I would be able to pass through it.

[You have entered Area U-6321.]

‘Just as I expected.’

Before I knew it, I had passed through the Demon God’s Sanctuary and returned to the tower.

The region I had stepped into felt distinctively different from where I had been staying in the tower.

If my former spot was a building-like lobby type, this place was an open plain.

The space was so vast; it couldn’t be contained in one’s view.

And before me unfolded a scenery so sublime my master had mistaken it for ascending to heaven.

The profusely blooming spring flowers and the stream’s refreshingly crisp sound almost made it feel like a world from a fairy tale.

This space felt utterly alien to the tower’s inherent desperation and brutality—a paradise landscape devoid of monsters and survival battles.

My master had indeed chosen a fine place to stay.

“Who is there?”

A voice suddenly reached me from somewhere.

The familiar and dearly missed voice of my master.

He had quickly detected the presence of a stranger in this vast space.

I glanced around, but the figure of my master was not to be seen.

“Reveal your identity before seeking me.”

As expected, but still a bit disappointing, my master did not recognize me.

Nevertheless, it was unavoidable since I had returned to a time before I met my master and lived a life in a different parallel dimension; it was only natural for him not to recognize me.

Now it was time to prove that I was a disciple of the Supreme Being.

“I, Lee Ho-yeong, a disciple of the Heavenly Demon Cult, seek an audience with the Supreme Being.”

– To be continued in Episode 71 –

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