My Exclusive Tower Guide chapter 68

My Exclusive Tower Guide

Episode 68

Jomugeon was both persistent and simple-minded.

He kept pressing me about the Kangsu issue for days, but when I brazenly dodged his questions, he seemed to finally take a step back.

“Think about it! Does it even make sense for a monster to suddenly appear out of thin air?”

“That… that might be true, but!”

“So you should moderate your drinking instead of seeing things like a fool.”

“But the monster wasn’t just a figment of imagination! I saw it clearly with my own eyes!”

“I told you. I saw it too. When I threatened it with my sword, it got startled and ran away.”

“Hah! I’m pretty sure that creature tore through space itself to appear!”

“What? Tore through space? This is what happens when people drink too much!”

“Alright, I get it! I get it!”

Jomugeon grumbled as he pulled at his hair in frustration.

If I had known this would happen, I should have insisted that Kangsu had merely seen a hallucination.

He might have believed it since he was completely drunk at the time.

Anyway, the day of confrontation was approaching.

We had finally arrived at the village governed by the Jeoksamun.

Jomugeon’s role was supposed to end here.

Originally, he was only tasked with escorting me to the vicinity of the Jeoksamun, but somehow, he had become my assassination partner.

I was truly grateful for Jomugeon’s extensive help.

My plans became more sophisticated with each rehearsal against him, and I learned new things in the process.

Since starting the 10th floor, I don’t think any player has grown more than me.

“Is the assassination planned for the night after tomorrow?”

“Yes. Unless there are any unforeseen variables.”

“You’re really a crazy guy. I never would have thought you’d actually come this far.”

“What? If you’re so worried, why don’t you join me in the assassination?”

“Are you insane? If we get caught, it’s straight to the coal mines for the rest of our lives.”

This was the terrifying aspect of the Cheonmashin sect.

Even someone of superior origin like Jomugeon couldn’t escape their rules if he broke them.

It was time to send Jomugeon back.

“Hope my assassination succeeds.”

“Of course! Make sure he’s dead! Overkill him!”

“Don’t be so obvious, man.”


Just in case, I reserved the chicken drumstick as my trump card.

To return to Shimmandaesan after killing Maehopyeong as a reward.

I couldn’t tell if Jomugeon was genuinely concerned about my well-being or simply praying to meet the Chicken God, but having someone cheer me on was indeed a blessing.

“Here, take this.”

“What’s this?”

Jomugeon expressed doubt at the bundle I offered him.

“It’s a little something for the road.”

I gave away my trump card too soon; my kindness is a fault.

And with this weakness, I must still carry out an assassination in two days.

* * *

I planned to roam the marketplace first.

While the ways of life were similar wherever you went, I wanted to familiarize myself with the atmosphere of the village where I would carry out my mission.

If I was lucky, I might hear something about Maehopyeong.

Major was the most pressing matter—craving a bowl of hearty soup.

I’d been appeasing Jomugeon with fried chicken for too long, and now the mere sight of chicken made me sick.

Whether it was a meaty stew or a vegetable soup, the thought of hot broth with a bowl of rice felt like happiness.

The village under Jeoksamun’s jurisdiction was the largest in the vicinity.

The long stretch of the marketplace was bustling, no doubt it was a market day.

Voices of all sorts tickled my ears despite the chaos, but then…


A familiar voice stood out.

Among all the sounds, this voice distinctly captured my attention.

[Activity of another player detected in the vicinity.]

The prompt immediately confirmed that I was not mistaken.

‘Kim Seyong?’

The voice undoubtedly belonged to Kim Seyong.

I remembered that he had been assigned to the faction [Sapa] when he started the 10th floor.

And this place was the village where the prominent Sapa sect, Jeoksamun, was located.

Following the voice, it became clearer.


The crisp sound of impact blended with the crowd’s gasps.

“How many is that now?”

“Did Jeoksamun always have such a rookie?”

It was an incredibly fortunate coincidence.

The rookie from Jeoksamun that people were talking about was none other than Kim Seyong.

Standing proudly, he nodded and shouted.


The message indicated that he was on a mission.

I had a rough idea of what was going on.

Those opposing Kim Seyong hesitated and started backing away.

“What’s the matter! Already scared? Where’s that bravado that dared to invade our territory?”

Seyong was too immersed in his role.

He didn’t need to feel so much belonging to Jeoksamun.

“We’ll… we’ll come back another time!”

Eventually, the group that was confronting Kim Seyong backed off.

He, too, was performing well in the martial world.

From his status window, he had made significant achievements.

His mana had increased, indicating his martial skills were quite commendable, and his base stats seemed evenly improved.

– Seyong, 5 o’clock direction, 20 meters.

Given the multitude of eyes, I informed him of my location telepathically.

Drawing attention was not ideal when I was here for an assassination.

“Hoyoung hyung!”

He reacted simply, making my attempt at subtlety pointless.

– Fool! Don’t look at me! Why do you think I contacted you telepathically?

* * *

Kim Seyong had become a promising new warrior of the Jeoksamun.

Today, he dealt with a minor force trying to exert influence on the marketplace.

“You’re looking good, Seyong.”

“Hyung! I think I’m really cut out for this martial world. To think I was cooped up in that damn tower…”

“I wouldn’t mind settling down here, kekeke.”

“Unfortunately, the time is nearing for our return. We’ll be leaving soon.”

“Ah, no! Whenever you say something like that, brother, it always comes true. But why are you here, anyway? You’re with the demonic cult, aren’t you?”

“What else would it be? I’m obviously here on a mission.”

“A mission? What mission could possibly bring you into the domain of the unorthodox factions?”

“To kill someone.”

“The target, is it someone from our side?”

“Yes. His name is Maehopyeong.”


Kim Seyong looked as if he had seen a ghost at my words.

As a member of the Red Devil Sect, he would know better than I.

He was aware of how formidable Maehopyeong’s martial arts were, considering that he’s the direct disciple of this region’s sect leader.

“Are you crazy? Even for you, that’s impossible!”

“Don’t you trust me?”

“This isn’t about trust! No matter how stealthy the assassination, the difference in level is just too great!”

From his reaction, it seemed that Maehopyeong really was as powerful as they said.

But I have also grown incomparably stronger than before.

I’ve mastered the supreme technique, Huaming Divine Art, consumed one of those priceless spiritual elixirs recently, and even acquired the Nameless Wrath Blade to enhance my Shadowless Soul Sword technique. My progress was nothing short of remarkable.

Meeting Kim Seyong here was a stroke of luck.

I was able to gather information about Maehopyeong more easily than expected.

“Seyong, you need to cooperate with me.”

“If you want me to fight with you, I can’t do it.”

“Man, I’m not even asking for that. Where’s the pleasure house Maehopyeong frequents? I hear he can’t live without liquor and women.”

“You know about that?”

According to Kim Seyong, the place Maehopyeong has been visiting every day was a pleasure house called Yunwolgwan.

“There’s a girl named Sehyang there; he’s completely smitten with her, she’s a courtesan in training.”

“A courtesan in training? Isn’t she just a kid then?”

“Right. She’s barely sixteen.”

Sixteen? The term ‘bastard’ came unbidden to mind.

She would be in middle school if this were Earth.

What was even more outrageous was that it was Maehopyeong’s design to place that girl Sehyang in the pleasure house.

Sehyang’s father had been cunningly forced into great debt by the Red Devil Sect.

“The Red Devil Sect doesn’t just run usurious lending businesses. They secretly operate over ten gambling houses, and all the nearby pleasure houses are under their control as well.”

“So, you’re saying all three are slyly interconnected.”


“So the courtesan, Sehyang, was also forced into Yunwolgwan through such means?”


“And you’re working under that scum?”

“Eh? Why has the conversation suddenly turned this way?”

“Anyway, this Maehopyeong guy. It’s clear he deserves to die.”

“That’s true. It’s just that he’s disgustingly powerful.”

* * *

On a dark fall night, rain poured steadily.

I worried briefly about the unexpected weather conditions.

Wondering if Maehopyeong might be stuck inside due to the rain.

“Sehyang! I came to see you again today because I missed you. Wahahaha.”

But my anxieties were needless.

The man was committed to visiting the pleasure house come rain or snow.

Maehopyeong showed up at Yunwolgwan as usual, and tonight, just like always, he summoned Sehyang to his room.

‘The day has finally arrived.’

Everything was prepared.

Over the past two days, I had memorized every feature of Yunwolgwan and pre-checked the route Maehopyeong would take.

And another important factor was Sehyang’s role.

Whether or not she carried out my instructions would determine the difficulty level of tonight’s assassination.

– What do I have to do tomorrow?

– All you need to do, Miss Sehyang, is muster your courage. Take a deep breath and mix this drop into the liquor that Maehopyeong will drink.

– Is this poison?

– Yes. It’s tasteless and odorless, and it doesn’t take effect immediately.

– Isn’t it dangerous? I heard that martial arts experts can detect it the moment they ingest it.

– Don’t worry. It’s not very toxic. It just takes a little longer to sober up.

Last night, Sehyang, with trembling hands, took the silver poison I handed her.

I couldn’t use a typical poison with strong toxicity against Maehopyeong.

Obviously, if it were to succeed, the effect would be certain, but he would sense it immediately.

If it were Maehopyeong, he would utilize his internal energy to expel both drunkenness and toxicity simultaneously.

– Can you really kill Maehopyeong?

– I promise you that. Tomorrow night, I will definitely kill Maehopyeong. If you do me this favor, Miss Sehyang, that task will become much easier.

– …Then I will do it.

I had another reason to kill Maehopyeong.

Though unrelated to me, the girl was from a strange dimension called the martial world, and I somehow wanted to protect her.

I wanted to give Sehyang a chance, not only for the convenience of the assassination but also to enable her to do something herself after being helplessly victimized for so long.

Concealed, I waited, drenched by the rain for Maehopyeong to pass by.

I used my heightened hearing to monitor what was happening in the room with Maehopyeong.

His lecherousness and the girl’s forced, awkward laughter were a stark contrast.

Then, after an hour, ‘finally.’

Maehopyeong came outside.

Whether Sehyang had mustered the courage, I could not yet tell.

I caught sight of Maehopyeong, reeking of liquor, apparently drunk, as he headed for the privy while whistling.

His staggering steps seemed utterly despicable.

The situation was perfect.

It reminded me of the time I had practiced with Jomugeon; even the falling rain set the perfect ambiance for an assassination.

– To be continued in Chapter 69 –

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