My Exclusive Tower Guide chapter 67

My Exclusive Tower Guide

Episode 67

I had learned one definitive fact.

Chicken was universally loved, even in the martial arts realms.

This haughty Jo Mugun had surrendered to me in front of seasoned chicken.

Just one tossed piece of chicken almost made his eyes roll back in delight.

“Practice assassinations with me three times a day.”

“Got it!”

“Also, respond differently each time. Allow me to prepare as many variables as possible.”

“Got it!”

“And always give it your all. Even though it’ll still be far from a real match against Maehoppyeong.”

“Got it! So now!”

“Here, take this.”

I handed him a piece of chicken breast.

Personally, it was one of my least favorite parts, ranking even below the neck due to its dry texture—it was the part I touched last. However, for Jo Mugun, it would be a new world.

The crispy batter and the seasoning were simply too good.

It was absolutely forbidden to start him off with chicken legs or wings.

The level of stimulation needed to be gradually increased.

If these assassination practices would truly be of help over the next week or more, then Jo Mugun would eventually earn himself a chicken leg.

* * *

While practicing assassinations with Jo Mugun, I constantly revised my scenarios.

The most ideal would be a surprise attack, a one-hit kill.

But considering the level of martial arts between Maehoppyeong and myself, killing him with a single strike seemed almost impossible.

No matter how suddenly I might strike, using all my power, the fundamental difference in skill was an indisputable fact.

Even Jo Mugun was not an easy opponent.

His responses were surprisingly good, even to somewhat anticipated ambushes.

“Hey, you!”


“You said to help out with all you’ve got.”


“Why aren’t you giving it your best shot?”

Jo Mugun questioned me.

It seemed that to him, I appeared stronger.

Sorry to disappoint, but he was completely mistaken.

For now, I was slightly below him. That was an undeniable truth.

“But you’re getting too absorbed, aren’t you?”

“In my vocabulary, there’s no such thing as half-hearted efforts. And it’s not just about the chicken.”

“Is that so? It’s like the thief with a guilty conscience.”

“A guilty conscience!”

The assassination practices so far had been quite helpful.

Repeatedly rehearsing against an opponent stronger than me was beneficial in reducing mistakes to find the most optimized method.

Moreover, Jo Mugun’s varied reactions provided valuable experience.

The seasoned chicken was indeed working hard every day.

Despite a daily serving of chicken, Jo Mugun showed no signs of tiring.

“Tonight, we’ll practice as close to real situation as possible. Be prepared.”

“This is ridiculous.”


“Do you plan to announce your assassinations like this in the actual battle?”

“Not exactly, but you wouldn’t be able to avoid it anyway. Today’s attempt will be a completely new method.”

“You fool. The moment you announce it’s new, it’s no longer new.”

“Confident, are you?”

“Of course.”

Sorry, but you’ll be seeing beyond anything you can imagine today.

As the day of the final showdown drew near, it was time to bring out the Kengsu.

The Kengsu was my trump card.

The sudden appearance of a giant monster popping out of thin air was enough to take even a supreme expert by surprise.

My goal was to strike a fatal blow at that moment of shock.

Variables remained, of course.

Maehoppyeong would be drunk, and it was unpredictable how he would react.

Practicing in similar situations was the best I could do.

I intended to be prepared for every variable I could anticipate.

“If we rush now, we can make it to the nearby village in time.”

“The village? Why so sudden? That’s a bit off our intended path.”

“I’m thinking of going to the brothels tonight.”

“What? Where are you going?”

At the mention of brothels, Jo Mugun’s eyes suddenly sparkled.

Being away from the great mountains for the first time in a while, he seemed eager for some escapades.

“Iho-young you son of a… You know how to enjoy life, huh?”

“Stop the nonsense. Get yourself thoroughly drunk tonight, the assassination training will take place then.”

“What? Why do that in a sacred place like the brothels?”

“Because that’s exactly where I’m targeting Maehoppyeong.”

According to the information provided by Yupyeong, Maehoppyeong couldn’t live without alcohol and women, even if he could live without martial arts.

The famous brothels were nearby the Demon Cult, and it was very likely that Maehoppyeong had been frequenting them.

“So you’re targeting him when he’s drunk.”

“Right, the most crucial thing is whether the first strike is successful.”

“The first strike! It’s crucial. But I still wonder why you chose such a difficult target.”


“Worried my foot! I’m not going to be involved in the assassination anyway.”

“I don’t pick fights I can’t win. Does that answer your question?”

“Not at all!”

Jo Mugun shook his head.

It seemed a sense of camaraderie had developed after a few days of traveling together.

He seemed to be worried about me, in his way.

“Anyway, act as if it’s real from tonight on. We’ll be visiting brothels every night from now on.”

“Then I’ll boldly request chicken wings from you.”

“Already demanding chicken wings? Where’s your conscience? We’ll talk about that after the assassination is successful.”

“No! The idea of ruining the mood in the brothel! You should at least give me chicken wings for it.”

“It seems that way.”

“You talk like you’ve tasted it before.”

“You don’t have to eat it to know!”

That firm expression and tone of voice.

Judging by the atmosphere, it didn’t seem like Jomugeon was going to back down.

After all, it was about time to hand out the rewards.

“Fine. I’ll wager chicken wings.”

“Then I too will give it my all to help you succeed in the assassination.”

I never imagined things with Jomugeon would turn out like this.

A unity formed over chicken—indeed, the power of chicken must not be underestimated.

* * *


Laughter laced with seduction never ceased in Jomugeon’s room.

He was merrily enjoying the company of two gisaengs, thoroughly drunk, his tongue slurring, with the assassination seemingly the furthest thing from his mind.

‘It’s a good thing I decided to come today.’

Imagining a scene and actually being there were worlds apart.

The scenarios I had meticulously planned and sometimes rejected for the assassination, all became more vivid upon seeing the actual place.

Now the only thing standing between Jomugeon and me was a paper door coated in rice paste.

I had endlessly imagined bursting in when he was distracted with wine and gisaengs and driving my sword into his chest.

‘But it will be tough.’

The man was a martial arts master superior to me.

He might be surprised at first, but he would soon shake off his drunkenness and counterattack.

Attempting assassination without a successful first strike is utterly forbidden.

The gisaengs and the warriors of the gisaeng house stationed everywhere were also concerning.

‘If only I could use hidden weapons.’

Alas, my skill with throwing weapons would likely backfire.

Whether it worked out or not, it was imperative that I get as close as possible to Maehopyeong and settle it with the sword.

“Hahaha! Life is good!”

Jomugeon’s voice from inside the room sounded truly elated.

How had he endured until now?

I even began to wonder if playing the model student within the Shin Sect had been hard for him, considering he was born and raised in a prestigious household with strict education.

“I will go see Sophie for a moment, so don’t go anywhere else!”

“Master is so funny! Where would we go? Please come back soon.”

At that moment, Jomugeon stepped out for the first time—a moment I also had in mind for assassination.

Stabbing him with my relentless sword from the back while he was occupied in the privy wasn’t a bad idea.

It was worth attempting.

If an unforeseen problem arose, all I needed to do was adjust my plan.

I followed Jomugeon quietly, holding my breath.

He seemed too drunk to notice me following at a distance.

‘This will be the same for Maehopyeong.’

Given that he drinks until he loses consciousness, a similar situation would likely unfold.

I steadied my breath.

The distance between Jomugeon and me was close.

Still, he was unaware.


I struck Jomugeon from behind with my unsheathed sword.


Such a scream was part of what I had to consider—warriors from the gisaeng house might be heading our way upon hearing this sound.

‘As expected.’

Whispers buzzed through the place, riding on the sounds of hurried footsteps.

Now was the time to deliver the decisive blow.


Jomugeon screamed again.

Not a scream from pain but from seeing Kangsoo appear before him.

Indeed, seeing Kangsoo might have doubled the surprise for Jomugeon, considering their past acquaintance.

And then.


Kangsoo’s critical punch hit Jomugeon’s face hard.

He was supposed to control his strength, but in his excitement, he swung full force.

“Kangsoo, whoa! Stop!”

I barely managed to prevent Kangsoo from unleashing another flurry of punches.

Jomugeon’s eyes were unfocused—an unmistakable sign he had lost consciousness.

In any case, it was a success.


This confirmed one thing for me clearly.

Someone of Jomugeon’s level would crumble mentally at the sudden appearance of Kangsoo.

But what about Maehopyeong?

* * *

“You son of a bitch!”

Jomugeon woke up cursing at me.

He must be very angry at me for two things.

First, for landing a solid hit on his face despite it being just a rehearsal.

“I told you, today’s rehearsal would be as real as it gets.”

“You damn bastard!”

Secondly, because Kangsoo, who had stolen Jomugeon’s favorite spirit grass, appeared out of nowhere with me.

“Did you see that yesterday too?”

“You bastard! You summoned it!”

“What nonsense! I was just as drunk as you, and I clearly remember what happened last night. Suddenly, that spirit, no, that monster jumped out of nowhere!”

“Say the same thing at the Shin Sect and see how they react.”

Surely they’d consider him a madman.

I confidently played the Kangsoo card because Jomugeon would be the only witness.

Maehopyeong would be dead, after all.

“You! What the hell are you?”

“My identity? That’s not important.”

“No, it matters! I’m going to uncover everything!”

“Even if you uncover things later, shouldn’t you eat first? You’ve missed a mealtime already.”

“Insane! Do you think I can eat now?”

“I’ve specially prepared chicken wings for today.”


I see it.

Jomugeon’s eyes waver at the mention of chicken wings.

– To be continued in Chapter 68 –

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