My Exclusive Tower Guide chapter 65

My Exclusive Tower Guide

Chapter 65

A cross-shaped scar was carved into his chest.

Jomugeon fell straight down from the stage.

It was the moment my victory was confirmed.

“It can’t be!”

The atmosphere in the hall was one of sheer astonishment.

Nobody seemed to have anticipated this outcome.

Honestly, neither had I.

Although I was confident of victory, I had not expected it to be so one-sided.

‘I’ve become stronger.’

Indeed, I felt awakened by this stage experience.

The combination of the Nameless Pose and the Shadowless Extrication Sword was more harmonious than ever before, and I felt as if a wall that had been blocking me was finally shattered.

Obtaining the Nameless Pose from the archive, meeting Left Protector Jincheon for his advice, awakening the Nameless Pose on this perfect stage – these series of fortunate events allowed me to grow significantly.

I had felt uneasy about the growth of Son Seoyeon, but thankfully, that wasn’t necessary.

By keeping pace with her, I was able to move forward as well.

The 10th floor, which could have been a bloody day, gave me so much.


“Quick, to the infirmary!”

The martial arts field became suddenly busy due to Jomugeon’s collapse.

Like the previous poison test, Jomugeon had become critically ill once again.

Now, it was time for him to rest comfortably.

The eyes of the cadets looking at me also changed immediately.

Despite showing overwhelming performance in the previous poison test, there had been questions about me.

But by dominating Jomugeon in this match, my previous efforts were being reevaluated.

“Did you really expel the poison with your inner strength that fast?”

“I was sure he had poison resistance.”

“If he really expelled the poison with his inner strength, he’s definitely beyond a simple cadet level!”

Misunderstandings deepened.

I couldn’t understand why everyone was discounting the possibility of poison immunity.

* * *

Chae Isul, unfortunately, was eliminated in the third barrier.

Her opponent was too strong.

Cheon Hoyeon, an eminent master from the Blade Sect, displayed the true essence of the blade after targeting Chae Isul.

If there were no surprises, he was a candidate for the final step to Cheonma plateau, and Chae Isul did quite well until her elimination.

“You did well, Isul. The strategy was very wise.”

“I tried using my wits, but I guess it’s no use when the skill isn’t there.”

Chae Isul cleverly used a healing skill, a concept that does not exist in Murim.

After inflicting a fatal wound, making her opponent let down their guard, she prepared for a decisive counter-attack.

She had done everything she could, as the strategy itself was successful.

It’s just that her opponent was too strong.

“Murim is too overpowered. We were just ordinary office workers not too long ago, right?”

“That’s true. Hehe.”

“There’s no test pressure now, so just relax. It’s been suffocating since we entered the tower.”

So far, the 10th floor had been a very safe place, having survived the day of blood without issue.

The only clear condition was to survive for a certain period.

“I’m not going to listen to Hoyeon anymore. I’ll practice more when I have time. I can’t depend on Hoyeon forever.”

That was typical of Chae Isul.

It would have been better if she continued with the Cheonma plateau, but even alone, she’d make the most of her remaining time.

“Also, congratulations on graduating from cadet status, Isul.”

“Ts. Are you teasing me?”

“Of course not. Your activities have been impressive, so you will definitely receive a decent position.”

“Thank you. But aren’t you too absorbed right now? Eventually, we have to return to the tower.”

“We must immerse ourselves in every moment.”

This is the Cheonma Sect after all.

As Chae Isul said, while we might return one day, I am the true successor of Cheonma.

Though it may seem a bit childish, I always wanted to keep that mission close to heart.

The third test of Cheonma plateau concluded the next day.

Out of the thirty-eight matches that took place densely, exactly half of the participants remained.

As expected, there were quite a few surprises.

With the irregular condition of external defeat, the upsets from underdogs were not uncommon.

But anyone who doesn’t realize that real combat is much more irregular and harsh isn’t a real cadet.

Moreover, this is the Cheonma Sect, a place ruled by the survival of the fittest.

The strong the remain; the losers must remain silent.

“From now on, all cadets are forbidden from entering the Demon God’s Archive!”

It was expected, yet Taemujeong announced it.

It was unfortunate.

Although access was only granted to the third floor, being able to read numerous techniques of the Cheonma Sect was a huge benefit.

Furthermore, I hadn’t yet fully mastered the lower volumes of the Nameless Pose even theoretically, so my disappointment was even greater.

Perhaps now the Nameless Pose would be moved to the secret text chamber on the third floor.

* * *

The content of the next test for Cheonma plateau was soon revealed.

First, pick a target from the List of Names.

Then, prepare thoroughly for a fortnight.

Lastly, succeed in assassination.

The fourth test of Cheonma plateau was assassination.

Targets were figures from both the Orthodox and Unorthodox factions.

Naturally, none were big-shots.

Targets were selected for being manageable at the level of cadets.

Of course, in a head-on fight, they all had no chance of winning.

What we had to do was quite literally an assassination.

It didn’t matter how strong the opponent was, as long as they were killed without regard for means or methods.

“After this exam is over, depending on the results, a special reward will be…”

“There will be no doubt that the rewards would be even greater with higher difficulty targets.”

The situation was tempting enough to engender greed, but there was one concern.

I had no desire to make targets out of hermits or righteous people.

Even though I was already experiencing the tenth floor of the tower, the notion of killing still repelled me.

“Lee Ho-Young!”

One by one, the cadets were called up to select their targets from the roster.

It was my turn after Cheon Ho-Yeon, the second in line.

Once again, it was a high-ranking target.

My status continued to rise through passing the Cheonma Path, and it became evident as I entered the office where Taemu Jeong awaited me, his expression inscrutable.

He must have been confused.

Whether or not I truly was a disciple of Cheonma.

“Do you still not believe me?”


Avoiding a direct answer suggested his trust in me had increased slightly.

He handed me the roster, saying,

“Choose wisely.”

It was problematic to choose too safe a target, but he also meant not to be too greedy.

The roster contained basic information: affiliated sect, martial arts level, age, special skills, family relations…

I skimmed through the individuals from the evil sects first.

My primary principle for this exam was to eliminate villains.

Right then, a message popped up from the Sage’s Status Window.

“[We will calculate the assassination success rate by synthesizing the registered individual’s information and your stats.]”

This was beneficial information.

Assassinations were the most dangerous missions that began with the establishment of Cheonma Path.

To invade enemy territories alone, secretly sever a life, and escape.

No matter how meticulously prepared, it was never an easy task.

If I failed the assassination, chances were slim I’d make it back alive, and even a successful assassination did not guarantee my safety.

“[Calculation complete.]”

An additional piece of information was now visible only to me in the roster.

My chance of successful assassination.

The spectrum was vast, from 5% to 89%.

Widening the range to include the righteous sects, the lowest probability dropped to 3%.

“[If you select a target with less than 10% probability and succeed, the system itself will provide rewards.]”

10 percent.

A small chance, but it was worth taking on the challenge.

This was a number factoring in only my abilities; considering I had items and pets, the odds would be much higher.

In truth, I was one of those cases where the stacked optional bonuses were more overpowered than the innate abilities.

Between the information from the Sage’s Status Window, Nike’s luck correction, and both superb attack and defense items, not to mention the pets that could be summoned…

And if things got dire, I could just flee on Kangsu.

“Who did Cheon Ho-Yeon choose before me?”

“Sorry, but I can’t divulge that. If the information leaks, it could be fatal to the cadet involved.”

“Of course.”

Though I did not know Cheon Ho-Yeon’s choice, selecting within the 10% range would surely put a significant name on my list.

“I choose MaehoPyung of the evil sect Sapa as my target.”

Assassination success rate: 9.87 percent.

It was an efficient choice.

Naturally, Taemu Jeong thought differently.

“…Are you out of your mind?”

“The roster was written by the elders, as you well know. Is it not simply a case of choosing one of these names?”

“You surely must be aware of the Red Heresy Sect. As per the roster, MaehoPyung is the heir to the sect leader. Does it not occur to you that your choice is preposterous?”

What was more absurd was that his name was on the roster if they thought so.

“I do not want to take the easy path. Have I not told you? I am his disciple.”

Taemu Jeong’s brow furrowed at my words.

The master, within the Cheonma Cult, was indeed almost a divine figure.

“The truth will be revealed once the Supreme Master leaves his retreat! Speak no further of him!”

Taemu Jeong had indeed stepped back from his earlier stance. Considering he had practically had me by the throat when I first came out, it appeared he now saw some credence in my words.

In any case, it seemed clear that my pick was much bigger than Cheon Ho-Yeon’s.

The next fortnight seemed crucial.

* * *

“An escort detachment?”

There was some shocking news.

The fate of Jomugun, who failed the third exam of the Cheonma Path.

Given his family’s prominent status within the cult, I expected a favorable post for him compared to other dropouts, but the reality was quite the opposite.

His first assignment was with an escort detachment.

Though temporary, his role was serving as an escort for other cadets departing on assassination missions.

“Jomugun as a porter, is this some kind of joke?”

“That silver spoon?”

The term ‘escort detachment’ sounded appealing, but in truth, it was essentially a porter’s job.

Supposedly, the background of this event was Jomugun’s early elimination which greatly angered his family.

It was rumored that his family had pulled strings in this job assignment as a form of punishment.

“But haven’t you heard he might be someone’s escort?”

“I don’t know yet, but with Jomugun playing porter, it might actually be more of a hassle.”

“Right! It’s almost like he’s the superior officer, right?”

The cadets were curious about whom Jomugun would be paired with.

Judging by Jomugun’s character, it was improbable he’d comply with the role of a porter.

Instead, he was expected to create a hysterical chaos and trouble for others.

‘I guess I’ll have to volunteer.’

Since everybody found it so inconvenient, I decided I was willing to make that sacrifice myself.

– To be continued in Chapter 66 –

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