My Exclusive Tower Guide chapter 62

My Exclusive Tower Guide

Episode 62

“Mumyeongbo… that’s a name I haven’t heard before.”

Jincheon’s response completely missed my expectations.

Mumyeongbo was the highest rated martial arts technique manual I had discovered within the archive.

And yet, for Jincheon, a Left Protector of Shin Gyo, to be unaware of it was an unusual occurrence.

“Why? Are you disappointed that I don’t know it?”

“No, not at all.”

“Come on! You clearly look disappointed!”

Honestly, I was. I had hoped to hear at least a thing or two about Mumyeongbo.

Jincheon continued to speak.

“There should be a fair number of martial arts manuals in the archive! The archive became needlessly too large because it stuffed in every martial arts manual that was even slightly related to Shin Gyo. That aside, tell me your impressions of the Mumyeongbo technique you’ve learned.”

“After trying it out, it feels like a good technique.”

“Doesn’t sound like much by its name, does it?”

Jincheon seemed genuinely unaware.

Either he really didn’t know this superior martial arts technique, which meant one of two possibilities: it was either created by an unknown genius of Shin Gyo, or it wasn’t a technique from Shin Gyo at all.

“Your positive evaluation piques my curiosity.”

“If it’s not too much, may I formally demonstrate it in front of you, Left Protector?”

To someone of the Left Protector’s skill level, he would be able to recognize its true value even if I couldn’t execute Mumyeongbo perfectly.

The fact that he was curious about it presented a perfect opportunity.

“Unfortunately, as a student currently under the Cheonma Proving Grounds, I am not allowed to intervene.”

Jincheon looked troubled.

Indeed, it was Elder Taemujeong who had overstepped by giving me preferential treatment.

“I was not aware that was forbidden. My apologies.”

“Since we’ve met by fate, I cannot simply ignore this. Perform that technique of yours once more before me. What harm could there be in me giving a piece of advice or two?”

With Jincheon’s offer, I was grateful.

Even a single word of advice from someone of his caliber could be enlightening.

“Thank you, Left Protector.”

I again presented the combination of Mumyeongbo and Mu Yeongchuhongeom before Jincheon.

As before, it felt eerily natural, as if it wasn’t my first time.

It was almost as if these two were one and the same.

‘It’s even more natural than before.’

Usually, when integrating a technique into existing sword movements, it felt awkward.

However, performing Mumyeongbo felt so comfortable that it made me wonder if this might be its true value.


It was Jincheon’s brief impression after observing my movements.

I bowed, waiting for his further thoughts.

“For someone trying it for the first time, you look as comfortable as if you’re breathing or walking a familiar path.”

His observation matched my own thoughts.

If a master like the Left Protector felt so, then so be it.

“It’s unusual indeed, but I also didn’t feel any sort of discomfort when first performing Mumyeongbo, Left Protector.”

“Oh! Are you being insolent before me? You speak so matter-of-factly, as if it were all so obvious.”

“Not at all.”

“There was a reason why this Cheonma Proving Grounds was so bustling. You… are a genius!”

Genius—a term I was not accustomed to. Never before had I been labelled as such in any field.

Nor anything close to it.

Yet this otherworldly martial arts expert before me didn’t hesitate to call me a genius.

Moreover, it was not the first time.

The supreme leader of Shin Gyo, my master, had also treated me as a genius.

He had recognized my talent and thus chosen me as his successor, imparting the complete Mu Yeongchuhongeom.

Me, a genius? What a baffling concept.

“But that doesn’t mean what you just performed was perfect.”

Of course. I would have to overcome countless challenges before a technique could truly become mine.

That’s how martial arts work.

“I understand.”

“No, it’s not that you’ve performed poorly. Rather, something seems to be missing. You said your technique is called Mumyeongbo?”

“Yes, that’s right.”

“Go back to the archive and read through it again carefully. To me, it seems like your technique was cut off mid-way, as if interrupted.”

Examine carefully…

Truthfully, there wasn’t much to read or re-read. Mumyeongbo was simple, if not simplistic.

The contents of the Mumyeongbo were all in my head, so if there were a missing piece, it was within reach, even here and now.

But there must be a reason for Jincheon’s words.

“One more thing! Let’s keep today’s meeting between us a secret. No need to stir the meticulous Vice Leader of the Order.”

“Understood, Left Protector. Thank you for your guidance today.”

“Guidance? It’s as if I didn’t see anything today.”

“I’ll be discreet.”

“Good. I plan to ascend the Ten Million Great Mountain, Cheonyeong Peak, in two days at this time. Practice hard until then.”

Was this a hint he may give me more personal instruction in two days?

Left Protector Jincheon—a character I really liked.

I must make the most of this opportunity.

* * *

Eventually, I returned to the archive.

According to Jincheon, the Mumyeongbo I practiced felt less ‘incomplete’ and more ‘interrupted.’

Clearly, there was something I had missed.

I pulled out Mumyeongbo and began to reread it from the first page, ensuring I missed not a single letter or passed over any meaning hidden between the lines.

It wasn’t much.

But unfortunately, there was nothing newly discovered.

At times like this, there’s no choice but to read it again.

I returned to the first page of the “Mumyeongbo” manual.

‘If only I had studied like this during my school days.’

I certainly could have become something notable.

Although, after the Apocalypse, it would probably be of no use.

Even after reading it three more times, there was nothing new to find.

If the content had been complex, I might have dove deep into its essence dozens, even hundreds of times, but this wasn’t that type of material.

A mountain is a mountain, water is water—what more could I add?

– You’re a genius!

Jincheon’s words, which he had said to me earlier, came to mind.

Genius, my foot.

For a moment, I wondered if I really might be a genius, but decided to tidy away that thought.

No matter how much more I read the “Mumyeongbo,” I couldn’t find the void Jincheon spoke of.

After all, I was just one of the countless ordinary people in the world.


It was during such contemplation that Chae Iseul came to find me.

Just by looking at her flushed face, I could tell she had been in deep study mode.

She must have broken down and analyzed the contents of her martial arts manual to the smallest detail.

“Is your training going well, Iseul?”

“Yes. Thanks to the book you recommended, Hoyoung, I think I found a good martial arts manual. Hehe. It’s tough, but manageable.”

It was truly astonishing.

A woman in her twenties, who had never killed even a cockroach while working in a pharmacy, was now effortlessly learning swordsmanship and martial movement techniques.

The Tower’s enhancement system was truly a marvel.

Moreover, Chae Iseul seemed to be thoroughly enjoying herself.

“That’s good. I’m currently in a bit of a block, though.”

“Hoyoung, you?”

“Yes. Is that strange?”

“Of course, it is! I can’t imagine there’s a book you wouldn’t understand.”

That made me let out a wry laugh.

The Hoyoung genius theory strikes again.

By now, I started to wonder if everyone was playing a massive hidden camera prank on me.

Perhaps the entire Tower was a grand stage for a Truman Show of my own.

If that were the truth, it would be an obscenely grand-scale hidden camera show.

“I’m just an utterly ordinary person. Someone who can’t even understand a simple book.”

“Come on, you’re just being modest.”

Right now, if I had to compete with Chae Iseul outside of the Tower, there wouldn’t be many fields where I could win.

While I may excel in physical abilities, in most areas of intellectual prowess like TOEIC or the Korean history proficiency test, Iseul would be ahead.

“The title is ‘Mumyeongbo,’ right? If even you find it difficult, it must truly be challenging. Just the title alone seems intimidating.”


The name “Mumyeongbo” is intimidating?

“Wait, isn’t there another copy of the same book here?”

“Excuse me?”

Chae Iseul had taken another thin martial arts manual from the bookshelf.

Just like she said, the title was indeed “Mumyeongbo.”

I had no idea there were two volumes of the same book.

Now that it had come to this, perhaps I could study together with Chae Iseul?

Just as that thought crossed my mind, something disconcerting happened.

‘Huh? Seven and a half stars?’

Shockingly, the star rating of the “Mumyeongbo” Chae Iseul held was different from mine.

Upon a closer look, my copy was indeed seven stars.

Something was off.

Upon consideration, there was no book rated seven and a half stars to begin with.

The seven-star “Mumyeongbo” was what I had found by scanning the entire bookshelf for the highest star rating.

“Iseul, could I take a look at that for a moment?”

“Sure. Here.”

Without any fuss, Chae Iseul handed me the book.

I quickly skimmed through its contents.

Amazingly, it was entirely different from what I had read before.

But the overall flow seemed to share the same vein.

It looked like I needed to read it thoroughly to confirm.

“Iseul, I need to read this.”

“What? Oh, sure!”

The void in “Mumyeongbo” that Jincheon talked about.

Perhaps now I might be able to fill it.

It turned out that “Mumyeongbo” wasn’t just one volume after all.

The seven-and-a-half-star rating of the second volume had appeared correctly because I had some understanding of the first volume.

“Thank you, Iseul!”

“…For what?”

“There is something!”

Maybe I am a genius.

It’s time to confirm that.

* * *

The true value of “Mumyeongbo” lay in the second volume.

If the first volume was the warm-up phase, then the second volume began to pick up speed as if pressing on the accelerator.

Its complexity rose to a level that made the first volume incomparable.

Even as I tried to perform the movements in the cramped space between bookshelves, it seemed impossible to master them in a short period of training.

At every stage, I felt like I was hitting a wall.

I had felt a similar sentiment once before.

When I first learned the “Mu-yeong Chuhon-gum” technique.

Back then, I managed to break through the difficulties with my master’s help, but the situation was different now.

I read through the second volume of “Mumyeongbo” twice, three times.

What a madman!

I couldn’t say for certain who had created this “Mumyeongbo,” but it was clear they were a madman.

Not only the choice of the name “Mumyeongbo” but also the deliberately challenging writing of the second volume.

Too many omissions seemed to dare the reader to try understanding them.

Thus, I had to struggle immensely to find the hidden meanings in the text, and countless techniques still eluded me.

The annotations provided were replete with veiled praise for the creator of “Mumyeongbo.”

Claims stated that without a divine talent, it would be impossible to learn, and luckily, the creator himself had an abundance of it.

The author of this “Mumyeongbo.” Now, I was one hundred and fifty percent certain of the identity.

It was none other than my master.

– To be continued in Chapter 63 –

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