My Exclusive Tower Guide chapter 60

My Exclusive Tower Guide

Episode 60

Kangsoo’s ability to absorb medicinal power was on a whole different level. This guy had almost consumed Snow Flower Grass as if it were a Ten-Thousand-Year Snow Ginseng.


The force of his battle cry had definitely changed from before. Ordinary low-grade monsters might lose their will to fight just by hearing Kangsoo’s roar. Though I hate to admit it, if we’re talking about the amount of magic power alone, Kangsoo has now far surpassed me. It turned out to be an excellent decision to let him have the Snow Flower Grass in terms of efficiency.



“Will you continue to listen to me?”


I felt the need to confirm this matter. After all, it would be quite a headache if he stopped listening because he’d grown stronger. It might sound like a bizarre idea, but the necessity to teach him an inner power technique had grown. There is nothing like a mind technique when it comes to effectively managing the energy within one’s body. The problem is, at a glance, this guy certainly doesn’t look like the studying type.

Kaang! Kaang!

Suddenly, Kangsoo began shadow boxing. He, too, seemed unsure of how to handle the uncontrollable energy within him. The density of the magic power in his forelimbs was no joke. It seemed he might even claim the upper hand in sparring matches against Seyong. In terms of sheer destructive power, Kangsoo could prove to be overwhelming.

“Kangsoo, how about you learn something from me?”


Kangsoo squinted his eyes and looked at me. I couldn’t tell if the rebelliousness in his eyes right now was just my imagination or if it was real.

* * *

The next day, Jomoo Geon appeared at the training yard with a look as if he had lost his nation. His standing in his prestigious household must be truly dire. Having barely survived a poisoning not too long ago, he had now caused another major disaster. With the stakes of the wager being significant, it was going to trouble him a great deal. The trainees gathered at the training yard were all buzzing about the events of the previous night. It was big news indeed. It had been centuries since a spirit creature had appeared in the Great Ten Thousand Mountain.

“Who could have known a spirit creature would show up like that!”

“Yeah, before the spirit creature appeared, no one sensed anything!”

“How fast was it! No one even dared to give chase!”

Jomoo Geon just sighed heavily, saying nothing else. “But will we really have no way of finding Jomoo Geon’s Snow Flower Grass?” The bet was important, but the Snow Flower Grass was also a point of interest. In an era where spirit medicine was extremely scarce, even those with money couldn’t get their hands on it, and to have lost a Snow Flower Grass like that was as regrettable to them as if they had owned it themselves. It seems it’s time for me to step in. After all, one must strip a fool to the very end to truly enjoy it.

“A way to find it? Of course, there is!”


Everyone turned their heads at my words. Those belonging to the mainstream of Cheonma Giro were warily watching me. I was no longer an unknown in this place. By overwhelmingly passing the second gateway of Cheonma Giro, I had caught everyone’s attention. It was only a matter of choice for me to become part of the mainstream, as I’d been positioning myself as an outsider up until now.

“Apparently, you were robbed of your Snow Flower Grass by the spirit creature last night, but of course, there’s a way to find it.”

“What is it!”

They all looked at me expectantly. This scene felt like déjà vu. It was the same in the tower. After being subtly ignored for having a low level, I suddenly became the center of attention that day.

“It’s simple.”

“What is it already!”

“Just capture the spirit creature!”

Everyone looked dumbfounded at my words. They had hoped for a solution, but it seemed they got what they expected.

“Is that even possible?”

“We’ve already succeeded in luring it once. Why couldn’t we do it a second time?”

I smiled slyly at Jomoo Geon, who was still silent, bearing an aloof expression as he watched the situation unfold. I continued speaking.

“Spirit creatures are not ordinary creatures, right? Now that we’ve confirmed how much faster it is, we’ll need to prepare thoroughly. You might even plant Snow Flower Grass in several places, you know.”

At my words, Joo Pyung, who was standing next to Jomoo Geon, asked, “But that spirit creature won’t be carrying around Snow Flower Grass, right? It must have eaten it already!”

“Even better if it has.”

“What? Why!”

“When a spirit creature consumes spirit medicine, the absorption rate is different from humans. It probably absorbed the Snow Flower Grass as if it were a Ten-Thousand-Year Snow Ginseng, right? The amassed magical power in its body will remain intact in its inner core. And furthermore…”


As I began to unravel my tale, the trainees gasped in amazement. As my story was laced with my own vivid experiences, it sounded convincing, and the trainees couldn’t help but nod in agreement. Now all that was left was for Jomoo Geon to make his decision—whether he would use the remaining Snow Flower Grass as bait, or simply let that precious root of Snow Flower Grass go to waste. Of course, the answer was clear. For Jomoo Geon, it was a matter too good to miss.

* * *

The schedule for the third gateway of Cheonma Giro was announced. The progression was faster than I expected. I thought there would be more time for training. “We will now fully open the third floor of the Demon Spirit Library. You have exactly four days. Learn everything that you can. Copying is strictly prohibited, and anyone caught will be executed on the spot.”

At the end of the instructor’s announcement, the trainees’ exclamations followed. Although it was only for four days, the prospect of entering the Demon Spirit Library made everyone’s heart flutter with excitement. Each floor of the Demon Spirit Library had its own theme.

The third floor’s theme was footwork techniques. Given that, I felt I could roughly guess what the third barrier of the Heavenly Demon’s Path would entail. However, the complete opening of an entire floor was an unprecedented generosity. This third floor contained all the quintessence of footwork techniques according to the teachings of the Celestial Demon Sect. From the lowest-grade footwork accessible to slaves, to the highest-level techniques practiced by the sect leader himself, this floor housed every relevant scripture. And now, we cadets have unrestricted access to it for four days.

“Hoyoung! Choosing the Demonic Path on the 10th floor was a brilliant move.”

Chae Iseul was visibly excited.

“It does seem to be the case so far.”

Even if we fail to pass the third barrier, the gains won’t be insignificant. The martial arts learned in the Demonic Library will remain in our minds, becoming the nourishment for our growth in the tower.

Guided by the instructor, we moved towards the third floor of the Demonic Library. The library of the Celestial Demon Sect was rumored to surpass even the imperial library, and upon arrival, it was clear that this was no exaggeration. The third floor alone, dedicated to the martial arts of footwork, was vast in scale. Naturally, among so many, there would be those texts of lesser value. As is always the case, the truly valuable ones are a rare find.

Now, choosing wisely became paramount.

“Could you recommend which book to choose, Hoyoung?” Chae Iseul seemed as overwhelmed as I was. She asked me for advice, as she always did.

“Well, you know I am new to this martial world myself, right?”

“Come on, you always make the right choices, Hoyoung.”

Truth be told, the tower was new to me as well. What always guided my decisions correctly was the strategy guide sent by the Sage’s system interface. And now was no exception.

[Due to the excessive amount of information, only key details will be extracted from the strategy guide.]

TMI, as always, was unwelcome. This feature was to my liking.

[Star ratings will be assigned to all the books on the third floor.]

[No other information will be provided besides the star ratings.]

This was slightly disappointing. A brief commentary on the texts would have been beneficial.

[Star rating assignment complete.]


Time to get busy then, beginning with making selections. I should start by recommending an appropriate text for Chae Iseul.

“Ms. Chae, shall we walk and look together?”


As soon as I finished speaking, Chae Iseul stuck close to me. I had never before experienced such a thing as a library date in reality, but here I was, doing so with Chae Iseul.

As we strolled through the library, I scanned the star ratings of the books. As expected, the most common were a mere half-star. Occasionally, two or three stars appeared, but those with four or more were hard to come by even after an extensive search. It was clear that three stars were not the highest rating.

“Hoyoung, aren’t you going to skim the contents of the books at all?” Chae Iseul asked with curiosity; after all, in the real world, she was an avid reader and my book selection methodology must have seemed odd.

“Well, just looking at the titles gives me an impression,” I replied.

“Of course! As expected!” she exclaimed.

“This one looks good.”

There was a book that caught my eye, not for its title but for its rating. Walha Gicheop – rated three and a half stars, the highest I had encountered on our walk.

“Walha Gicheop?” Chae Iseul echoed.

“Yes. The title seemed to suit you.”

“……A walk under the moonlight. It doesn’t sound very martial arts-like, but if Hoyoung recommended it, it must be the right choice.”

“Yes. Give it a read, and if it doesn’t feel right, switch to another one. We have four days after all.”

“It’s a pity I can’t take written notes. I was known as the ‘Queen of Note-taking’ during my school days. Hehe. Guess I’ll just have to memorize it sweetly.”

Chae Iseul’s scholarly passion was evident since the ‘novel possession mission’, and it didn’t seem to wane in this martial world. Although I wasn’t sure if memorizing books was the best approach, if it was her style, there seemed to be no need to dissuade her.

“Train hard. I now need to select my own book…”

“Hey, Hoyoung!” It was Son Seoyeon who called out to me.

I was already aware she had been wandering the library at a certain distance from me. I suspected she might have something she wanted from me and sure enough.


“Help me out.”

“With what?”

“Choosing a book. It’s too hard.”

“Hey, what do you think makes me any different?”

“You are supposed to be the Great Killer, so your chances of making the right choice are higher. It’s always been that way, hasn’t it?”

Son Seoyeon seemed to become more convinced of my identity as the fabled Great Killer as time went by. I worried about the uproar that would ensue if my true identity were exposed.

But suddenly I became curious. Surely, in another part of the tower, the real Great Killer existed. What kind of abilities did he possess, and was I capable of confronting him? Perhaps our paths would cross if I kept ascending the tower.

“Come with me.”

While looking for my book, I figured I’d pick one for Son Seoyeon as well.

– To be continued in Episode 61 –

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