My Exclusive Tower Guide chapter 56

My Exclusive Tower Guide

Episode 56

“Why are you so curious about that?”

“Can’t I just be curious?”

Taemujeong looked at me with a truly dumbfounded expression. His eyes seemed to say, ‘What kind of person is this?’

“There’s nothing wrong with being curious, but what reason do you have? You’re not going to meet the Supreme Master yourself.”

“As a disciple of the Divine Teachings, I simply wish to catch a distant glimpse of the Supreme Master’s grace.”

Even as I spoke the words, I found the situation absurd.

There was a time when I ate, slept, and sparred under the same roof as my master.

“You wish to see from afar? If that’s your intention, keep it to yourself.”

“Why is that?”

“The Supreme Master is a fearsome person. He wouldn’t tolerate someone watching him from a distance. You could even die for such a reason.”

I almost gasped in shock.

“Is the Supreme Master really like that?”

“Yes. If you do something like that, you’ll soon have a hole in your forehead.”

This sounded like the work of a maniac or a psychopath.

That someone could be killed just for being seen at a distance.

The master I knew was a completely different person.

In the tower, the master was just a quirky old man who liked to show off.

If Taemujeong’s words were true, my very survival up to this day was nothing short of a miracle.

“I see.”

“Always be cautious when it comes to the Supreme Master. He is currently in secluded training, so you won’t be able to meet him anyway.”


“Yes. He’s cut off all contact from the outside world for over three months now.”

With this information, I had a hunch.

The master was likely in the tower.

It was a place that spurred his spirit of challenge, a perfect place for training.

I hoped that while I performed my mission on the 10th floor, my master would return to the pugilistic world.

“And this meeting between us two must be kept secret. It’s in your best interest.”

“I’m well aware, Elder.”

Meeting with Taemujeong, the head of Cheonmaji route, and receiving his martial arts instruction was already a huge privilege.

If word got out, people might suspect I got through the gates of Cheonmaji route by pulling strings.

Naturally, this would be a problem for Taemujeong as well.

“But there’s one thing, Elder.”

“What is it?”

“Actually, it’s been bothering me for a while, but I can sense presences outside the door. There are two of them, though I don’t know who they are.”

My absolute senses had been signaling me for some time.

I had thought Taemujeong would be aware too, but the uneasy presences loitering around the manor at this late hour were distracting.

As Taemujeong had mentioned, our meeting was to remain a secret.

“Did you really sense those presences?”

As I expected, Taemujeong seemed to be aware as well.


“Unbelievable! Those outside the door are first-class warriors from the Divine Teachings. It doesn’t make sense for someone like you to sense them!”

It was clear to me now.

Those two belonged to Taemujeong.

They were likely set to keep watch to ensure our meeting remained undisturbed.

“I just have very good hearing.”

“Does this seem like an issue that can be explained away by being ‘sharp-eared’? A newbie martial artist detecting first-class warriors who are purposefully concealing their presence!”

Taemujeong kept shaking his head.

He had helped me with my internal energy circulation, so he knew the level of my inner power.

To him, this was inconceivable.

With my modest level of inner power, such a feat should be impossible.

However, I had already demonstrated the impossible when unlocking the meridians.

He had seen it with his own eyes, so he simply had to believe it.

* * *

Today’s lunch distribution included dumplings.

The new martial artists participating in Cheonmaji route gathered in small groups throughout the training ground to eat and enjoy a brief respite.

Birds of a feather flocked together, it seemed.

Those from prominent sects had already formed their own leagues, while those who didn’t belong started second and third division leagues.

And the most ostracized group consisted of the three of us—myself, Son Seoyeon, and Chae Iseul.

Other players from the tower had all been eliminated, so the three of us naturally stuck together.

“But really, you have the Nameless Heart Technique?”

Son Seoyeon asked me with a sympathetic expression.

“Yes, how many times must I tell you?”

“Poor thing.”

After starting the 10th floor, Son Seoyeon’s status window displayed a newly learned skill: the Righteous Cloud Heart Technique.

Naturally, it was more advanced than the Nameless Heart Technique.

Relatively speaking, of course.

Chae Iseul acquired the Blue Path Heart Technique, on par with Son Seoyeon’s level of technique.

Had I not met Taemujeong last night, I would have felt extremely wronged.

I was the only one with the Nameless Heart Technique.

In this world of martial arts, the Nameless Heart Technique was so basic that even street thugs could master it. I had the worst setting.

I nearly blamed Nike for neglecting her duty, always bringing fortune.

“How about you, Iseul? Is your internal power accumulating well?”

I already knew the answer, having peeked at her status.

Building internal power was quite a challenge for Chae Iseul.

Chae Iseul’s power level had not changed much since we started the 10th floor.

Though she had only started training a few days ago, her progress paled in comparison to Son Seoyeon.

Yeoni could feel the difference distinctly. Son Seo-yeon’s magical power had already increased by about 15 percent more than before.

“Since it’s my first time, I’m trying not to rush. After all, the skills I acquire in the murim can still be used in the tower, right?”

Chae Iseul was, as expected, positive.

She seemed to have washed away some of the pain she had experienced on the ninth floor.

Of course, I couldn’t completely understand her feelings, but I could tell.

“Yes, Iseul. You will do well.”

“Thank you, Hoyoung.”

Suddenly, Son Seo-yeon’s lips pouted.

Perhaps she felt excluded by us.

“Son Seo-yeon, you can do well too.”

“Forget it!”

She knew exactly what I was thinking.

That I had spoken without soul.

“You have the Jeongunshimbeop, don’t you? Your setting is much better than mine.”

“Go be a slave.”

Her cursing confirmed she was definitely upset.

And indeed, as Son Seo-yeon said, becoming a real slave was not out of the question.

The second phase of Cheonmaji-ro was approaching fast.

Failure to pass meant an undeniable path to slavery.

The merciless part of the Cheonma Sect is that those they deem lacking the qualities of a warrior are immediately discarded, regardless of their status.

This was an ironclad rule that applied to everyone, without exception.

Then, a voice that tickled our ears emerged.

Jomugeon of the Hyuljong lineage.

By lineage, he belonged to the top class even in the First League.

“Look at the lot of you with no significant roots, enjoying yourselves.”

Of course, by ‘the lot of you,’ Jomugeon meant the three of us.

It must have been funny to him, us talking about the Mumeongshimbeop and Jeongunshimbeop.

He was from a prestigious clan, having been taught all sorts of advanced martial arts since childhood.

The guy next to him added another jab.

“How on earth did these nobodies even enter the Cheonma Sect? Bringing in scum from outside the sacred mountains is the problem, I tell you.”

Such arrogant fools.

They didn’t care whether we were listening right in front of their faces.

Having never had to mind others throughout their lives, such attitudes were ingrained in them.

Of course, Son Seo-yeon wouldn’t just let this slide.

“You two! You want to die?”

Son Seo-yeon was fully invested in her current role.

Truly enraged by the taunting due to her humble origins.


Jomugeon dug at his ear with one hand upon hearing her words.

He must be doubting whether he had heard her correctly, but he had.

Son Seo-yeon gently put down the dumpling she was eating and approached the two men.

“Do you have sausages stuffed in your ears, you wannabe bastards?”

Her swear was flawlessly timed.

For Jomugeon, who had probably never heard a 21st-century curse before, it must have been a fresh shock.

His expression was already turning sour.

“Is she crazy? She thinks she’s something with the little tricks she’s got.”

“Little tricks?”

Son Seo-yeon aimed a gun at Jomugeon’s head.

Given her character, it wouldn’t be surprising if she pulled the trigger right then.

“Stop there. You’ve got your swear out, that’s enough.”

Ultimately, I stepped in.

The chances were high that Son Seo-yeon’s gun wouldn’t work.

If they had not known, they might have been caught off guard, but now, everyone in the training grounds knew how she fought.

The sight of Taemujeong slightly tilting his head was a shocking moment indeed.

Right now, if Son Seo-yeon so much as twitched her index finger, Jomugeon’s sword would move faster.

Regrettably, as I see it, the gap between the two is quite large.

There’s nothing to be done yet.

Because this is just the beginning in the murim.

“Are you telling me to just endure such words?”

“We’re in Cheonmaji-ro. There will be plenty of opportunities to get back at them.”

“No, I think if I endure now, I’ll be a pushover.”

“That’s what I think. Pfft.”

Jomugeon mocked Son Seo-yeon’s words with a sneer.

Her finger tightened on the trigger.

Son Seo-yeon looked like she was really going to cause a scene.

Jomugeon looked at us with an incredulous expression.

Talking about getting revenge, not enduring insults.

He never thought he would hear such things from those of lowly birth.

Jomugeon pointed his sword toward the gun Son Seo-yeon was aiming at him.

“After this trial is over, I’ll make you my personal slave.”

“You’re insane.”

“Why? You think you can pass the next trial?”

For many new warriors, the second barrier of the Cheonmaji-ro was often a wall of weeping.

Those who failed here were destined to live as slaves within the sect forever.

On the other hand, those who moved on to the third stage could continue the path of the warrior.

The second barrier was a critical crossroad in life.

The rule applied to everyone, regardless of their origin.

The absolute truth of the sect was the survival of the fittest.

“I’ll choose you to be a slave and call you to my quarters every night. How about that? Doesn’t that sound great?”

Jomugeon wore a sinister smile.

– Hold back! If you make a scene now, you’ll really end up as he says!

I telepathically sent her a message, seeing as she looked ready to explode at any moment.

Although it may have seemed strange to send a telepathic message with someone right beside us, telepathy was much faster than speech.

– And Elder Taemujeong is coming soon. He’ll show up any moment now.

The arrival of Taemujeong meant that today was a very important day.

The second barrier of the Cheonmaji-ro.

It seemed like it was today.

– To be continued in Episode 57 –

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