My Exclusive Tower Guide chapter 54

My Exclusive Tower Guide

Chapter 54


The target of Son Seo-yeon’s aim was right between Taemujeong’s eyebrows.

As the gunshot echoed, Taemujeong’s head tilted slightly backward.

It was a direct hit, as they were very close.

Instantly, the training grounds were flooded with shock.

To anyone watching, it was clear that Taemujeong had been taken aback by the attack.

What was even more surprising was that people couldn’t even comprehend what had just happened.


Another gunshot rang out swiftly.

Son Seo-yeon had boldly attempted a rapid-fire. However…


The magic bullets flying towards Taemujeong were disintegrated with a single gesture of his hand.

As expected, a stroke of luck against a superior expert like him was short-lived.

The gun hadn’t been exposed, but Taemujeong had quickly caught on to Son Seo-yeon’s method of attack.

In an instant, the distance between them closed, and Taemujeong had gripped Son Seo-yeon by the throat.

Cough, cough!

Choking, Son Seo-yeon coughed out pained groans.

To me, it was surreal seeing her in such a situation.

After all, she had always been in a dominant position at the Tower.

When Taemujeong released his grip, Son Seo-yeon slumped to the ground.

She continued to cough and could not lift her head.

“You did well. But that attack just now, was it a kind of bullet technique?”

Son Seo-yeon didn’t respond to Taemujeong’s question.

Clearly, she was perplexed.

I immediately telepathically sent a message to Son Seo-yeon.

– Say you can’t tell him. Don’t make a needless mistake by coming up with something irrelevant.

“I cannot share that information.”

It was surprising.

Seeing Son Seo-yeon respond with such proper etiquette.

It was also astonishing how well she followed my message, like an avatar.

“Very well, it seems I’ve asked too much. My apologies for inquiring about your secret technique.”

The misunderstanding was not unfavorable.

Son Seo-yeon’s secret technique.

With Taemujeong nailing down the conversation publicly, there was no longer any need to explain about the gun.

Continuing the conversation, Taemujeong said,

“To be honest, I intended to eliminate you in this test. I can’t stand idly by as someone chatters with another initiate in my presence. However, both of your attacks were commendable, so I’ll grant you another chance.”

A murmur of awe spread through the training grounds as Son Seo-yeon defied everyone’s expectations.

“Moreover, your method of attack was very interesting.”

Taemujeong’s tone had softened, becoming more benevolent.

He seemed strict but relatively cool as a person.

“Thank you, Elder.”

Thus, Son Seo-yeon’s test came to a successful conclusion.

Amid the unsettled atmosphere, the next sequence began.

Naturally, I was the following challenger.

Standing before Taemujeong felt like facing a mountain.

He might not compare to the sect leader of Cheonma Sin Gyo, but to a mere ant, a tiger and a wolf seemed no different.

“Come at me. After that child just now, I am looking forward to this.”

It appeared that Taemujeong was really testing every initiate here with his own hands.

The good impression due to Son Seo-yeon’s performance erased any negative image, but this placed even more pressure on me.

Showing lackluster skills now would mean inevitable comparison.

The problem was that my best technique was the Moo-yeong Chuhon Sword.

A martial art of the Heaven’s Demon, no less.

I hesitated to display it here, fearing misunderstandings it may cause.

“What are you waiting for? Attack.”

Urged by Taemujeong, I saw genuine expectation in his eyes.

I made my decision.

I would show my best.

The Moo-yeong Chuhon Sword was a supreme sword technique recently perfected by the Heaven’s Demon.

It bore resemblance to his other techniques but had never been revealed, so I decided to take a chance.

I channeled my energy into my resilient sword.

Closing my eyes, I envisioned my master.

Although I was still as insignificant as a firefly, I am undeniably the successor of the Heaven’s Demon. At least within the Cheonma Sin Gyo, that fact should not be forgotten.

Even if my martial skills were weak, my spirit had to be worthy of the Heaven’s Demon’s descendant.


After a deep breath, I swung my sword.

Effortlessly, Taemujeong parried the strike from where he stood.

It was impressive.

To dodge an attack with a mere gesture at this distance.

Naturally, he had effortlessly disintegrated the bullets Son Seo-yeon fired, so this was to be expected.


Although ineffective, my second sword strike flowed like water and shot out immediately.

Regardless of Taemujeong’s reaction, all I needed to do was display 추혼검 (Chuhon Sword).

In the moment I thought I had hit him, he had once again distanced himself from my attack.

This feeling was familiar.

Every time I practiced swordsmanship with my master, it was always like this.

“Did you really think you could do something with just that one strike?”

It was almost as if I could hear my master’s voice.

Of course, the owner of this auditory hallucination was my master, etched into my memory.


My third strike aimed directly at Taemujeong’s throat.

To think he dodged the Heaven’s Demon’s swordsmanship twice?

If my master saw this, he would have nailed my head.


Like lightning, my sword felt as though it might finally reach its target.

* * *

“Your name is Lee Ho-young, correct?”

“Yes, Elder.”

“Where do you hail from?”

“I was raised by the now-extinct Heuksal.”

“Heuksal, you say…”

Heuksal used to be a minor branch of the sect known as Salkjong (Killing Sect), which split from one of Cheonma Sin Gyo’s seven branches a long time ago. Even the main body…

The small tributary, located two thousand li outside of Mandae Mountain, was so obscure that few within the Shin Sect even knew its name. According to the information injected into my head, I was a descendant of Heuksal. It was a convenient setup—my lineage came from a small, loosely organized group barely maintaining its existence through scattered cells, deemed so insignificant within the Shin Sect that it had been dismissed and forgotten long ago. There was no need for a detailed explanation about my origins—a handy feature of my backstory.

“Do you have any idea why I inquired about your heritage?”

Of course, Taemujeong must have sensed the scent of Cheonma in my Mu-yeong Chuhon-geom technique. It was natural for him to be curious about my background. I anticipated that he would ask what sword arts I practiced and who had taught me, and I had my answers prepared.

“I have no idea.”

“Yes, I thought as much,” Taemujeong said, staring intently at my face for a moment. I felt a flicker of unease, but there was no need for concern. Cheonma was a nearly divine entity within the Shin Sect—if he sensed the fragrance of Cheonma on someone as insignificant as myself, it would be considered a grave offense.

“I find the thought ludicrous myself, so let’s set aside that question,” Taemujeong decided.

Exactly. Linking my sword skills with Cheonma was utterly ridiculous. Only the heirs apparent could inherit the sacred sword arts of Cheonma, the revered leader of the Shin Sect.

Taemujeong continued with a pleased expression. “You’ve passed. You’ve surprised me once again, and in a different way.”

“Thank you, Elder.”

I had successfully passed the first barrier. Although my blade had not even grazed Taemujeong’s garment, such a feat was essentially impossible for anyone here—except, perhaps, for exceptional cases like Son Seo-yeon.

Fortunately, along with Chae I-seol, seventy-four recruits passed Taemujeong’s test and officially embarked on the ‘Cheonma Path’.

* * *

The 10th floor of the tower was a fresh shock to me, starting with Martial World. Most players were immediately eliminated at the first gate. Those who failed were now condemned to a life of slavery within the Shin Sect, eagerly counting the days until they could return to the lobby.

What struck me most was the level of martial arts among the Shin Sect warriors. Although just a recruit in the ‘Cheonma Path’, they were far stronger than even the higher-ranked players, with some surpassing me in strength. They might not match my understanding of swordsmanship, but their profound inner energy easily bridged any gap in technique.

This discrepancy was unavoidable; those up-and-coming within the Shin Sect were reared with various elixirs to augment their inner energy from a young age. They might very well survive the Cheonma Path to the end and vie for the position of Cheonma’s successor.

The serious journey of the Cheonma Path began on the second day. With the rise of dawn, seventy-four recruits sat crossed-legged in the training field, practicing energy cultivation. Each circulated the energy of their respective internal energy methods, creating seventy-four miniature universes within the field. I too, based on the newly infused memories, practiced my own inner energy method. The inner energy, referred to as mana in the tower, was crucial. It was essential, especially for elevating my Mu-yeong Chuhon-geom to higher realms.

I recalled a past remark from my master. – “It’s regrettable that due to my oath with the tower, I cannot teach you inner energy methods. Your pathetic inner strength is insufficient to execute a proper Mu-yeong Chuhon-geom.”

The change of mission on the 10th floor from Blood Day to Martial World seemed almost tailored for my own benefit. As the details of the inner energy method were automatically imprinted in my mind, all that remained was diligent cultivation. I focused my concentration, constantly circulating the energy within me.

“What a piece of rubbish.”

Startled by the voice close by, I paused my energy cultivation. Was that my master? It certainly was his style of speech. I hesitately opened my eyes, hoping it might actually be him. After all, it wouldn’t be strange for Cheonma to reveal himself within the Shin Sect.

“The techniques are excellent, but the inner energy is rubbish. I felt it yesterday too, but have I ever encountered someone so imbalanced! Perhaps you were born with a body that is inherently poor at accumulating inner energy?”

Taemujeong. Even today, he appeared in the training field. He crouched before me, examining my body thoroughly. I was disappointed it wasn’t my master, and his inspection was both bewildering and intrusive.

“Yet, your body seems conducive to accumulating inner energy, which is strange.”

Shaking his head, he asked me, “What inner energy method have you been practicing?”

“The Nomu Heart Method.”

“The Nomu Heart Method? How come you’re practicing such rubbish, which not even the dogs raised by the Shin Sect would learn?”

There was no special reason for my practice of the Nomu Heart Method. It was just part of my established setting. When all was considered, it was the logical choice. If a supreme martial art had been within my injected memories, now that would indeed have been unusual.

In truth, I was quite content with the Nomu Heart Method. In the tower, barring level-ups, there wasn’t another way to acquire mana, but knowing the inner energy method meant I could enhance my mana just through cultivation—despite how different Taemujeong’s perception might be.

– “You, come to my chamber tonight.”

Taemujeong had secretly transmitted the message to me.

– To be continued in Episode 55 –

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