My Exclusive Tower Guide chapter 52

My Exclusive Tower Guide

Episode 52

Guns are truly an overpowered item.

With the right skills, one can attack from a distance without much risk.

In other words, without the relevant skills, a gun is pretty much useless. I couldn’t help but feel wistful about the gun lying dormant in my inventory.

“Get ready to defend! I’ve finished aiming,” exclaimed Sohn Seo-yeon.

The advantage of being able to strike the first blow goes without saying.


Sohn Seo-yeon’s gun barrel erupted in flames, and the compressed bullet of magic power furiously shot towards the Black Blood Wolf.

Considering her sniper skill level, missing was nearly impossible.


A violent groan echoed through the entire mountain.

Though the distance diminished the impact’s fatality, it was enough to send the Black Blood Wolf into a frenzy.

Without measuring the consequences, it charged at us with explosive speed.

In real-time, step by step, the distance closed, as if it was teleporting.


A second bullet halted the ferocious charge of the Black Blood Wolf.

Sohn Seo-yeon’s sniper skills became increasingly destructive as the distance shortened.

Compared to before, the pain now must have torn through its entire body.

Yet, the wild gleam in its eyes remained undiminished.


With a giant leap, it bridged the distance between us, baring its sharp teeth.

My Shadowless Convergence Sword Technique was already in motion.

The intent was more to confuse the Black Blood Wolf than to attack it.

If it went for Sohn Seo-yeon, our plan would be ruined.

Luckily, its focus was on me.


My sword lunged towards the Black Blood Wolf.


Perfect for marking its gigantic body, my blade drew several fine lines across its torso.

The problem was its astonishing durability.

The Black Blood Wolf momentarily flinched with my dazzling swordsmanship, then lunged at me again.

Showing incredible agility for its bull-sized body, it charged.

I rolled quickly to the ground, narrowly avoiding its attack.

I nearly aged a decade in that moment.

“This thing is a real monster.”

Even with my Unique-grade Indomitable Sword, my Shadowless Convergence Sword Technique couldn’t deal a fatal blow.

Sohn Seo-yeon was gathering magic power for her third shot.

Apparently, she had decided that one solid hit was better than a flurry of shots.

I concurred.

With such durability, the number of attacks was meaningless.

The quality of the blows mattered more.


Suddenly, the Black Blood Wolf turned its head and spat at Sohn Seo-yeon.

It had recognized the threat she posed.

Her sniper stance was inevitably disrupted.

“Dodge it!”

I cried out urgently.

That wasn’t just saliva.

According to the information given by my Sage’s Status Window, it was a lethal poison.

Getting hit directly was one thing, but even a splash of droplets could lead to dire consequences.


Heeding my shout, Sohn Seo-yeon hastily sprung backwards.

Her expression as she looked at me seemed somewhat disgruntled.

Probably because the third shot had been nearly prepared, only to be interrupted by my warning.


However, my judgement wasn’t wrong, soon proven.

The grass where Sohn Seo-yeon had stood melted away, emitting a vile smoke.

“Did you even listen to me? I told you to watch out for the saliva! You almost died just now!”

At my outburst, Sohn Seo-yeon’s expression stiffened in real-time.

I ironically felt the situation was quite the reversal.

Here I was, once trying to kill her, now angered by the threat to her life.

Once again, I unleashed my Shadowless Convergence Sword Technique towards the Black Blood Wolf.

To the creature that once reigned as king of the mountain, this must have been an overwhelming situation.

Probably the first time it ever felt such a sense of crisis.


The gouges my sword left on its body multiplied.

What I had to be most wary of was the poison.

Being in close quarters, I dodged at the slightest hint, keeping my distance.

Sohn Seo-yeon, having had a close call herself, remained on guard, readying her magical bullet.


Eventually, the third bullet was aimed straight at the Black Blood Wolf’s head.

* * *

It had been a tough fight.

It may not have been for long, but I was on high alert due to the threat of its poison, which made the battle all the more arduous.

The Black Blood Wolf’s formidable durability further strained our fight.

It wasn’t until after the sixteenth gun report and countless sword wounds that the Black Blood Wolf finally fell.

The fifteenth bullet and my Indomitable Sword piercing its eyes proved decisive.

[You have hunted the Black Blood Wolf.]

We had finally succeeded.

Perhaps it was the strain of fighting in an over-awakened state, but as soon as I heard the message, all energy drained from my body.

[The mission has been cleared.]

[By the will of the challengers, the 10th floor’s Blood Day has been canceled.]

Truth be told, by mid-fight, the Blood Day was the least of my concerns; survival was the primary goal.

That’s how menacing the Black Blood Wolf’s poison was.

“Good job.”

I patted Sohn Seo-yeon on the back.

Had she not been there, I would have had a tough time alone.

While I may not have been defeated, succeeding in the hunt would have been nearly impossible.

“The surprises just keep coming.”

“What do you mean?”

“It was surprising enough to find the Black Blood Wolf in this vast mountain, but to pinpoint its characteristics in a single glance? If I hadn’t seen it myself, I wouldn’t believe it.”

“That’s my power.”

“Of course!”

The power of slaughter.

Mentioning it was a convenient explanation.

As Sohn Seo-yeon seems to believe I am the Great Slayer, having a variety of powers wouldn’t be strange.

“There’s still time left and things I need to do…”

I walked towards the Black Blood Wolf that had breathed its last. My Sage’s status window suggested I should cut open its belly and absorb its core. It was a nauseating task, but I couldn’t ignore the recommendation.

“What are you planning to do?”

“It’s obviously a creature of spirit. Creatures like this often have something inside their bellies.”

“You’ve read too many novels.”

Ignoring Sohn Seo-yeon’s comment, I used my Indomitable Sword to slice open the Black Blood Wolf’s belly. Considering its durability while alive, it now split open far too easily. It was a sight I would have rather avoided, but I had no choice but to endure it as I carefully searched the insides.

“There it is!”

At first glance, there was something resembling a core within. It was an oval shape, about the size of a fist. I carefully picked it out, to which Sohn Seo-yeon closed her eyes tightly.

“Am I supposed to eat this?”

“Do you think I’d hand it to you?”

Sohn Seo-yeon maintained a disgusted expression, her eyes still tightly shut. My stomach churned as well, but the discomfort was fleeting. Believing it to be no ordinary core, I swallowed it whole.

[Absorbing the core.]

A message appeared, confirming my suspicions. A tingling thrill ran throughout my body as the core’s effect spread.

[You have acquired the body of Ten Thousand Poisons Immunity.]

[You are now immune to all poisons within the tower.]

I almost shouted in surprise. It had not been long since I fully realized the dangers of poison, and now I had become immune to all poisons. This was an unexpected stroke of fortune.

“Are you done? Hurry up and deal with it!”

Sohn Seo-yeon turned away from me, still unable to open her eyes. If she knew the boon that had just come my way, she would be turning over. Strictly speaking, Sohn Seo-yeon had more claim over this core than I did. It was she who had opened this portal, and she contributed more to the hunt of the Black Blood Wolf. But now there was no turning back. Unless I regressed, the immunity to all poisons would remain bound to me.

* * *

All missions on the 9th floor had come to an end. The Hall of the Dead. Everyone had to face and eventually say goodbye to someone they cherished. The expressions on my comrades’ faces were grim. Some might have lost parents, others siblings, lovers, friends, juniors, seniors, colleagues. Though the monsters we faced were weak, this level was crueler than any other, with many still unable to accept the deaths of their loved ones. Indeed, ignorance would have been bliss.

“We must all accept and embrace the reality we are faced with… for it is the apocalypse.”

While I spoke these words, I, too, was grieving. I thought I would suffocate when the image of the orphanage mother appeared before me.

“Yes. The living must continue to live. We all need to survive to the very end, right?”

At least Seo Jun-ho seemed to be recovering his spirits, whereas Kim Se-yong looked utterly forlorn. Whom had he been forced to part with?


Kangsuh roamed around Kim Se-yong. Surely not considering a sparring match right now?

I appreciated that Kangsuh had been through a lot on the 9th floor, but now was not the time. I had to pull Kangsuh away from Kim Se-yong.

[The mission for the 10th floor will start in four days.]

It was a relief that we had some time before the next floor. Whether the tower was giving us time to gather our wits or not, it seemed necessary to break the current somber mood. Everyone would probably manage; even amidst hardship we had successfully completed the 9th-floor mission. Overcoming grief is ultimately a personal battle. There was nothing I could do for them right now.

* * *

[The mission for the 10th floor will start in one day.]

My heart felt much lighter. The upcoming 10th floor might have been a “blood day,” a day of slaughter. Whatever awaited us, surely it’d be less dreadful than a blood day. The team was slowly recovering from the shock of the 9th floor. If everyone was numb and aimless on the first day after returning, now some were resuming training and exchanging light-hearted jokes.

After the 9th floor, something about Sohn Seo-yeon’s air had subtly changed. It was hard to pinpoint, but a noticeable difference was there. When our eyes met, she turned her head and averted her gaze – not quite her usual self. Had this been before, she would’ve likely snapped, “What are you looking at!”

[The mission for the 10th floor is an experience in an alternate dimension.]

[Your section will be assigned to Wulin.]


For a moment, I thought I had heard wrong. Wulin was where our learned master had hailed from. He had indeed told us so. He was the ruler of Wulin, the supreme figure of ancient and modern times.

Heavenly Demon.

That was how he was known, even more than his own name.

[Note that the 10th floor will be a joint mission for various sections.]

[Currently, Wulin is in the midst of a great war between the Righteous, Rogue, and Demonic sects, and you will be assigned to one of these factions in a three-way battle. All players must survive for a set period of time.]

A great war between the Righteous, Rogue, and Demonic sects.

I had heard of this from the master as well.

Could it be that upon reaching the 10th floor I might meet him?

Of course, even if we met, he wouldn’t recognize me. After meeting him during the gladiator mission of the 8th floor, I had regressed for the tamer’s mission.

[There are 8 surviving players in your section. The allocated numbers are as follows:]

1. Righteous Faction: 2 players

2. Rogue Faction: 3 players

3. Demonic Cult: 3 players

[During the remaining day, players can exchange opinions and make decisions autonomously.]

There was no question about where I had to go.

To the Demonic Cult.

To the place where the master, whom I had not completely learned the Shadowless Soul-Chasing Sword from, resides.

– To be continued in Episode 53 –

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