My Exclusive Tower Guide chapter 51

My Exclusive Tower Guide

Episode 51

Son Seo-yeon still shook her head, implying that she was reserving her right to decide whether or not to carry out the Day of Blood.

“I told you. I’ll trust your foresight into the future,” she said.

Foresight into the future, huh? She had deeply misunderstood me.

“Sorry, but I don’t have anything like that. If I had the foresight of the future, there would be no reason to struggle like this.”

“It doesn’t matter if it’s not foresight. Let’s call it insight then. After all, your choices have always been right. And maybe you…”

What the hell is this ‘Great Murderer’ about? Truthfully, I did not quite understand why Son Seo-yeon was acting this way now.

The Day of Blood was decided by votes from all the murderers within the tower. A vote or two exercised here wouldn’t change the overall trend.

However, Son Seo-yeon attached great importance to my opinion and vote.

“I can’t understand why you’re so obsessed with my choice. It’s just a single vote.”

“That single vote might not be so simple.”


“It means I have my reasons.”

Son Seo-yeon’s expression seemed extremely grave. Of course, this guy never acted frivolously even for a moment.

“Reasons? By mentioning that, it sounds like you’re planning to reveal them to me.”

“After giving it some thought, I’ve decided it would be better to tell you.”

There seemed to be something after all.

“Out with it. Don’t beat around the bush.”

“I know a hidden piece, with just my single vote, that can overturn the whole consensus.”


“As you know, every murderer has their unique piece of information. What I possess is the means to shape the 10th floor according to my desired scenario.”

At this revelation, my mind suddenly sharpened. Her words couldn’t be a joke. I’d also encountered Han Gang-hyuk on the 8th floor, who had his own unique information. It wasn’t as groundbreaking as what Son Seo-yeon was suggesting, though.

“What exactly is this method?”

“Let me hear your decision first. What do you think? Do you want to send the 10th floor into the Day of Blood?”

My head was whirling with confusion. If I could just get through the 10th floor without issue, I wouldn’t have to worry about the Day of Blood for a while. The information Son Seo-yeon had revealed at the perfect moment needed to be used.

The real question was whether I could trust her or not.

“To have the Day of Blood now… Frankly, I think it’s too early for the 10th floor.”



“Your answer lacks any surprise. I had a feeling you’d choose that.”

“Now tell me. The method where your single vote can turn the tide.”

Son Seo-yeon pulled out blue and red crystals simultaneously from her inventory. These were a kind of voting ticket, which I also possessed when I was a murderer.

“It’s risky; are you okay with that?”

We’d have to face risks eventually if the Day of Blood came. I was ready to accept them.

“Do it.”

“If you’re against making the 10th floor the Day of Blood, you know you have to throw this blue crystal on the altar.”

“Yes, that’s just the role of a single vote.”


With a flash, Son Seo-yeon burst the blue crystal. It turned to dust in her grip, scattering in the air.

“Thrown this way, the dust creates an interesting turn of events, as far as I know.”

Son Seo-yeon’s words were immediately followed by action. The blue dust created a mist as it flew towards the altar.


[Hidden Piece activated.]

[A portal above the altar will form shortly.]

[If you clear the mission through the portal, your will becomes the will of all murderers.]

I was momentarily speechless. The astonishing scene aside, there was not a shred of falsehood in Son Seo-yeon’s declaration.

“So this is it?”

“Of course, not even the Great Murderer can know everything.”

[The portal has been formed.]

[Time remaining: 56 minutes 43 seconds.]

[Currently, only one ghost remains on the 9th floor.]

“And thankfully, it seems there are no fools in our area.”

Only one ghost was left, likely on Go Eung-woo’s side. He had sworn to torment monsters as much as possible before killing them.

All concerns about the 9th floor seemed to fade away. Now, the focus was on the 10th floor.

“You still have a chance to choose. You can choose not to enter this portal.”

Son Seo-yeon asked me one last time.

“I’ve already made my decision.”

“No second thoughts?”

I nodded. There was a degree of risk, but the tower wouldn’t give an impossible mission. I had the Sage’s Status Window and Kang-su at my disposal.

“I’ll go in and handle it.”

“You’re going alone? I created this portal.”

“You’re coming too?”

“It’s obvious, isn’t it?”

My original plan was completely overturned. If everything had gone as planned, I would have been contemplating a life-and-death struggle with Son Seo-yeon by now, but the story had taken an unforeseen turn.

* * *

[Hunt down the Black Blood Wolf.]

At the foot of the mountain in the deep forest.

A world within the portal showed an overwhelming landscape stretching before us.

“Black Blood Wolf…”

“It’s likely the master of this mountain.”

Only one monster was visible on the mini-map: the Black Blood Wolf.

The size of the mountain was vast, but it’s the location of our quarry was already known. With Kang-su, moving quickly wasn’t too burdensome.

“We need to hurry. There are only 50 minutes left for the 9th floor.”

“Do you think we can solve it by hurrying in these vast mountain depths? It feels like an impossible mission to me.”

“No, it’s possible. Depending on how strong the Black Blood Wolf is…

“I’m not sure if you’re confident, but I assume there’s a reason for it,” I said with a confident smile.

“Kangsu, sorry to bother you, but could you carry two more people?”


His expression turned into one of trouble.

Well, even for Kangsu, carrying two people on a mountain path is quite a burden.

“Sorry to ask, but please try your best. In return, once we return to the lobby, I’ll set up three sparring matches with Seyong.”


As expected, nothing gets Kangsu’s attention quite like sparring.

“Get on!”

“How are we supposed to get on?”

“How? If I get on Kangsu’s back, you’ll have to climb on mine.”


“If you don’t like that, you can try to keep up by running.”

“That’s too much like torture; I refuse.”

Eventually, Kangsu, myself, and Son Seoyeon were stacked up in a piggyback train.

It looked odd, but Kangsu could surely handle it.

With enough motivation.

“Let’s go, Kangsu.”


Kangsu ran briskly, even while carrying the two of us.

Surprisingly, he bounced around the rugged terrain, closing the gap with Heukhyeollang swiftly.

“Do you really know where we’re going?”

“Why, are you worried?”

“There’s no reason for me to be worried. I was planning to turn the 10th floor into a Blood Day anyway.”

Of course, Son Seoyeon wouldn’t care if we didn’t find Heukhyeollang and had to finish the 9th floor as is.

Actually, she might even be hoping for that.

“Son Seoyeon, there’s something I want to ask you.”

“What is it?”

“Are you really okay with completing the mission this way? If we hunt down Heukhyeollang and there’s no Blood Day, you won’t be able to fill your PK quota.”

“It’ll work out somehow. I won’t die just because my power of Salseong decreases a bit.”

Of course, she wouldn’t die, but a decrease in her power would be critical as we climbed higher in the tower.

This was why I couldn’t understand Son Seoyeon’s current actions.

The relationship between Salseong and Dae Salseong wasn’t exactly a master-servant one.

It was strange enough that Son Seoyeon knew of Dae Salseong, a being unknown to me and Han Ganghyuk, but her attitude of following Dae Salseong unquestionably was even more incomprehensible.

Since I had planned to kill Son Seoyeon anyway, it wasn’t an important issue, but if the story were to go this way, it could become a different matter.


Kangsu suddenly stopped in his tracks.

A cliff.

Taking a shortcut, we faced a cliff that was not small by any means.

I had assessed it on the minimap, but seeing it in person, it was even wider.

“It seems you drove your pet with such confidence, and yet we’ve come to a dead end.”

“Hold on tight, Son Seoyeon.”


“Kangsu, can you make the jump?”


“Don’t be like that, Kangsu. I know you can do it.”


“See, you can do it.”

Kangsu, that creature. It was just showing off.

His capabilities are well known to me, his master.


Kangsu started its run-up without hesitation.


The speed kept increasing.

Kangsu’s legs were cutting through the wind as they gained momentum.

“Hey! Are you guys insane?!”

Son Seoyeon yelled.

This was almost a scream.

Though she seemed as if she would remain expressionless even with a knife to her throat, there was this side to her as well.

I pressed Son Seoyeon, who was on my back, with both arms.

We couldn’t afford an accident if our stance broke during the aerial leap.



Kangsu’s lively trot continued.

As expected, my pet didn’t make a single mistake.


We soared through the air with Kangsu’s leap.

The force from Son Seoyeon pressing against me from behind grew stronger.

It appears she was scared too.

* * *

We were now considerably closer to Heukhyeollang.

We could hear its growling noise, which likely meant it was becoming aware of our approach.

We got off Kangsu’s back and carefully approached where Heukhyeollang was.

“Against all odds.”


“That we’ve actually found Heukhyeollang. What kind of ability is this?”

“My power.”

“As I expected.”

It was a shot in the dark, but what does she mean by ‘as expected’?

At that moment, the Sage’s status window sent me information about Heukhyeollang.

[Warning: Heukhyeollang spits deadly poison from its mouth, so be cautious.]

[Information: If you manage to hunt Heukhyeollang, it is recommended that you cut open its belly and consume its gallbladder.]

Given that a warning message appeared, this isn’t something to take lightly.

It’s not just poison; it’s deadly poison.

If even one attack lands, we could be in real trouble.

“Kangsu, I think it’s best if you stay out of this fight.”


Even though Kangsu could do the work of at least one player, if faced with a high-level monster that spews poison, that’s a different story.

Given the magical power emanating from Heukhyeollang, it would be too much for Kangsu to block all of its attacks. If he were poisoned, he would immediately become useless.

“Just do as you’re told.”


“Ihoyoung, what’s the plan?”

“I’m going straight for Heukhyeollang. While I keep its moves in check, you get in close and take targeted shots. If it spits at you, dodge no matter what.”


“Listen to that growling noise it makes. Doesn’t it seem like something like poison is bubbling up inside its mouth?”

“Suddenly talking nonsense.”

“I’ve given my warning. Now I guess I should start by throwing the first punch?”

By now, Heukhyeollang had come into our view.

It was a wolf-like monster with the size of a bull.

Son Seoyeon aimed her gun at the beast.

“I was getting ready anyway, so get into a defensive position.”


Without delay, Son Seoyeon’s gun spewed forth magic power.

Indeed, the best part of a fight is the first strike.

– To be continued in Episode 52 –

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