My Exclusive Tower Guide chapter 48

My Exclusive Tower Guide

Chapter 48

The 9th floor that was soon approaching held great significance.

Whether the assassins would turn the 10th floor into a Blood Day or not would be determined on this 9th floor.

This was a fact I learned during my brief time pretending to be an assassin.

And I was planning to kill Soh Seoyeon on the 9th floor.

The safest method, I determined, was to hit her when she least expected it.

To make her believe that I was the assassin was the plan.

Since I actually was an assassin and still had knowledge about them, it wasn’t entirely a reckless move.

And it didn’t matter if Soh Seoyeon completely trusted me or not.

As long as she held even a slight belief in me, I was confident I could create an opening.

“No, you’re lying,” Soh Seoyeon shook her head vehemently to my sudden confession of being an assassin.

Given that I only had a gun in my hand, it would be a stretch for her to believe my words.

“Why? Do you think my criminal track record is too ordinary for an assassin’s eyes?”

Criminal track record.

It was the crucial reason she didn’t believe I was an assassin, so I took the initiative.

“You even know about an assassin’s eyes?”

I could see the confusion on her face as she tried to maintain her composure.

Good thing I struck first.

I had crossed three-quarters of the ridge; it was time to take a breather.

Insisting again that I was the assassin would be unnatural at this point.

“It seems like you have something you want to ask me.”

“No, I no longer see the need.”

“Why is that?”

“Because of your false coming out.”

“Then, it seems this conversation is at its end.”

Right now, it was Soh Seoyeon who was feeling impatient.

She would want to know anything and everything about me.

Whether I truly was an assassin, or if not, how I knew her true identity.

One way or another, I expected a reaction.

“I planned to threaten you anyway,” Soh Seoyeon aimed her gun at me.

I didn’t expect such a violent reaction.

“You’ve improved quite a bit, Soh Seoyeon?”

The magical power she emanated felt much stronger than before.

Clearly, she had made significant progress by clearing the mission on the 8th floor.

The blessing given to assassins in this tower was, indeed, ridiculously overpowered.

“Start by telling me how you knew I’m an assassin.”

“Because my eyes can see it.”


“That’s not all. Your occupation, magical power, stats, and even skills are all visible to me.”

“Crazy bastard! You want a hole in your head right now?”

“Your magical power has significantly increased since the 8th floor, already at 103. For an assassin, that’s a remarkably fast pace.”


“But your stamina is still at 46. You’ll soon be caught up by other players. As for your strength…”


Soh Seoyeon took one step closer while keeping her gun pointed at me.

Her poker face had crumbled.

It seemed I had crossed over seven-tenths of the ridge.

“Stop it already, didn’t you want to hear more? You could suspect that I just guessed all this.”

Unfazed by her threat, I smiled leisurely.

“Prove it! Prove that you’re the assassin.”

As expected.

Having once been an assassin played a huge role.

It perfected my act.

“Believe it or not is up to you. I can’t prove it. Assassins don’t carry credentials around.”

“No, you can definitely prove it. Just answer my question.”

As expected. She fell into the trap.

I had a rough idea of the kind of question she would ask.

“Tell me! What does the 9th floor mean to an assassin?”

That was indeed it.

“Ah! So you’ve been troubled by it. Why? Do you want to turn the 10th floor into a Blood Day?”

Finally, Soh Seoyeon’s pupils quaked at my response.

Since she couldn’t continue speaking, I concluded without hesitation.

“Of course. You’re someone who would want a Blood Day. You couldn’t freely PK while you were concerned about my moves and thus your kill count must be lacking.”

“When did I ever care about your opinion!”

Although Soh Seoyeon was agitated, it was the truth.

Having been an assassin for a short while, I knew there was something I could understand.

An assassin’s survival strategy was definitively PK.

Yet Soh Seoyeon didn’t have enough PKs.

Ever since she joined our group, she had hardly done any.

The only time was when she killed two opposing players in a hotel room mission.

Even after that, Soh Seoyeon must have hesitated to PK because of my presence.

“Nevertheless, it’s true that you’re lacking in PKs.”

“That… that’s!”

“Do you want to turn the 10th floor into a Blood Day?”

Soh Seoyeon bit her lip tightly.

Then she asked me with a meaningful stare.

“In the end, aren’t you the same? You must be lacking in PKs as well.”

She had completely fallen for it.

“Me, lacking in PKs? Soh Seoyeon. What you know is not everything.”

I stepped closer to her.

Soh Seoyeon’s shoulders shuddered slightly.

She probably didn’t even understand why she had flinched.

Throughout the conversation, I had the upper hand.

Having the advantage of information did that.

This asymmetry of information would certainly seem strange to her.

“Lee Hoyoung. Are you perhaps.”


“Are you the Grand Assassin?”

Out of the blue.

Grand Assassin? This was new to me.

* * *

Eventually, I deflected the question about the Grand Assassin as the conversation came to an end.

It was something I knew absolutely nothing about, so I had to be cautious.

Otherwise, the groundwork laid could have been in vain.

Still, I had achieved my aim.

I had planted the seed of doubt in Soh Seoyeon’s mind that I might not be an assassin.

This alone would empower me.

Since killing an assassin as an assassin comes with significant penalties, I had set up the minimum condition needed to strike her from behind.

I had grown somewhat fond of Soh Seoyeon, but it seemed I would have to bade her farewell on the 9th floor.

[24 hours from now, the 9th-floor mission will commence.]

[Dedicate yourself to training. A special reward will be given in the most passionate district.]

The tower’s message rang out.

With one more day to spare.

“Special reward?”

“I don’t know what it is, but let’s make sure we get it!”

Of course, even without a special reward, there was no place for lax training.

Going through the mission on the 8th floor and experiencing growth through training only amplified the importance of the downtime.

I had also unlocked the secrets to effective training.

Training would now become a means of survival.

Where leveling up was once the sole way to enhance one’s stats, training now stood as a vital pillar of growth.

I was planning to form it. In that aspect, it was even wiser to detach from sword skill techniques and learn the Mu Yeong Chu Hon Sword technique.

“Mr. Lee Ho Young! Your swordsmanship style seems to have changed quite a bit?”

Seo Jun Ho approached me.

I remembered our unique comradeship—one that he didn’t know, one that only we could feel.

I still can’t quite believe I’ve returned to the past.

“Is that perhaps an intermediate sword technique?”

Intermediate sword technique.

It made sense that he would misunderstand.

The swordsmanship I had used up to the 8th floor was distinctly different from the beginner techniques I had previously employed.

But my master would be furious if he heard that.

To attach the word ‘intermediate’ to the Mu Yeong Chu Hon Sword would be a blasphemy, he would say.

“It’s not intermediate swordsmanship, but my level seems to be close to intermediate now.”

“Hah! As expected! But aren’t you advancing too fast? I feel like I still have a long way to go even with the beginner level.”

Even so, Seo Jun Ho was quite impressive.

The problem was that the point of comparison—me—was ridiculously outstanding.

I sparred with Seo Jun Ho for a while to help him train.

Kang Soo watched our training with a bored expression.

I guess I had neglected the little guy for too long.

“Kang Soo!”


After finishing my training with Seo Jun Ho, I promptly called for him.

“Do you want to spar with Se Yong because it’s been a while?”


However, Kim Se Yong’s reaction was lukewarm.

“Bro, I’m not on a level to spar with Kang Soo anymore. I’ve become incredibly strong after passing the 8th floor! If I’m not careful, Kang Soo might even die.”

There was some exaggeration and bravado, but it wasn’t completely wrong.

According to the Sage’s status window, Kim Se Yong had grown significantly more than any of our companions on the 8th floor.

He truly was a talent monster.

“Then Kang Soo, did you just loaf around? With that personality of yours?”


Kang Soo agreed with my remark.

He must instinctively feel Kim Se Yong’s rapid growth.

That must be why he wanted to spar with him even more.

“Fine! We’ll do it! But I won’t take responsibility for the outcome, okay?”

Kim Se Yong stood in front of Kang Soo with a reluctant expression.

He started to loosen up his neck, warming up, and Kang Soo responded with shadow boxing.


“I won’t go easy on you! So come at me properly, Kang Soo.”

Kang! Kang!

* * *

Kim Se Yong’s determination to spare no mercy was apparent throughout the sparring session.

His iron fists had been upgraded, and the previously lacking agility had also been significantly improved upon.

He relentlessly threw punch after punch, without showing signs of fatigue.

Speaking of which, his stamina had also improved markedly.

It was amazing to think that such an increase in stats could be achieved merely through training.

Of course, the ‘training ground’ effect provided a significant boost, but even so, this level of progression would be among the top class across the entire tower.

If he had a master like I did, his growth would have been even more substantial.

‘Now that I think about it, I miss my master.’

After the match, Kang Soo’s eyes were swollen shut.

In fact, his entire face was a mess.

Kang Soo was now sprawled out in a big ‘DAE’ shape.

Right next to Kim Se Yong.

“Yan Ma, are you really a pet?”


“But what kind of pet is this powerful, you jerk!”


“Why can this brat only say ‘kang’?”


Kim Se Yong, lying next to Kang Soo, didn’t look unscathed either.

He too had to endure a lot of punches.

Kang Soo had grown just as much as Kim Se Yong.

Initially just a kangaroo, Kang Soo was now a formidable creature.

It could easily fulfill the role of a top player by itself.

‘But I still can’t stop thinking about it.’

I felt Son Seo Yeon’s gaze peeking at me from a corner of the lobby.

Her head must still be filled with questions about me.

It was difficult for her to believe I was Lawfulness given my past actions, which were too humanistic—but also hard not to believe, given how much I seemed to know about Lawfulness.

Anyhow, I had to make up my mind to be cold-hearted.

Especially since I had decided to personally kill my first comrade after the ordeal with Kim Jun Sung on the 2nd floor.

[Only 2 hours left until the start of the 9th-floor mission.]

The 9th floor was almost upon us.

I mentally envisaged my confrontation with Son Seo Yeon once again.

Even though it was just a simulation, Son Seo Yeon was damn strong.

I thought I had grown quite a bit after meeting my master on the 8th floor, but she was no pushover.

What on earth had happened to her?

Considering a head-to-head battle, even with Kang Soo’s involvement, I reckoned we had a 50-50 chance of winning.

And that didn’t even take into account the unpredictable variables.

There was no need to risk a frontal assault when it was safer to strike from behind.

[This area has been selected for a special reward.]

[Before the 9th-floor mission begins, you will be provided with a special treat.]

“Whoa! Our area finally!”

“But the reward is just a special treat?”

Suddenly, chocolate bars started raining down from the sky.

There were 16 bars in total.

With eight mouths to feed, there would be no dispute—two each, and that’s the end.

It was just an ordinary chocolate bar sold in stores, with no hidden effects to look forward to.

Naturally, everyone was disappointed with the reward.

“They should have just thrown us an item, not some inconsequential reward like this!”

Seo Jun Ho bit into a chocolate bar as he grumbled, but his words soon turned out to be a slip of the tongue.

In this tower, basic human desires were constrained.

You wouldn’t feel hungry without eating, tired without sleeping.

Even lust was absent.

The chocolate bar was no different; you wouldn’t miss it if you didn’t eat it. After all, we hadn’t eaten anything since entering the tower.

“Wow! Shit!”

But the moment the chocolate melted in their mouths, the flavor they had forgotten wriggled back to life, and everyone uttered exclamations of joy.

It was a pleasure from a realm different than the joy of sleep.

Our mouths were delighted, but there was also an ominous feeling.

What if this damned tower trained us with food?

At that moment, I caught sight of Son Seo Yeon wolfing down two chocolate bars at an incredible pace.

Nearly inhaling them, her bars disappeared in a flash.

“Do you want another one?”

I approached her with the remaining chocolate bar, thinking it would be appropriate to offer one more. They say even death row inmates get a special meal before their execution, and offering her a bar of chocolate seemed like the right thing to do.

“Give it.”

Without hesitation, Son Seo Yeon snatched the chocolate bar from my hand.

Her infatuation with sweets was very childlike indeed.


“What? You wanted to eat one too?”

Only then did I notice Kang Soo’s wistful eyes.

– To be continued in Chapter 49 –

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