My Exclusive Tower Guide chapter 36

My Exclusive Tower Guide

Episode 36

One of the abilities of the death spirit was being able to see someone else’s history of murder. The fact that Son Seo-yeon immediately raised her gun must be because she sensed danger as well. If that’s the case, there must be at least one serial killer in Choi Sang-du’s group, and the odds are high that it’s most likely Choi Sang-du himself.

Choi Sang-du.

Occupation: Commander. Skills: Domination and Telepathy.

I had thought he was no ordinary character, but with the puzzle pieces fitting together and my imagination adding to it, it sent shivers down my spine.

When I met him just before, I was amazed by his skill, but I started to think that maybe his skill could be even more cheat-like.

The ability to start wars without question with just one word from him was probably the power of .

It was clear that it was an ability to literally control the hearts of others.

[The player who received this message must immediately move to another room.]

[Time limit: 10 seconds.]

Another message came through alongside the murder committed by Son Seo-yeon.

My guess was correct; murder indeed triggered an immediate room transfer.

My current location was on the 4th floor. Choi Sang-du had moved to the 2nd floor during the previous room movement.

He probably went in the opposite direction after seeing me head up the stairs.

Luckily, Choi Sang-du was currently alone.

It was also a stroke of fortune, as no one in our group, apart from Son Seo-yeon and me, would be able to defeat Choi Sang-du.

’10 seconds is quite tight.’

Moving from the 4th floor to where Choi Sang-du was in one go was a bit of a stretch.

However, it would be problematic if any of our group members encountered Choi Sang-du and were killed.

I ran with all my might.

[9 seconds]

[8 seconds]

…It was a close call.

[1 second]

As I had calculated, I opened the door to where Choi Sang-du was.

“Nice to see you again so soon, Mr. Choi Sang-du.”

Choi Sang-du seemed genuinely surprised by my arrival.

Given that it was completely illogical for me who had gone up to the 4th floor to come down here.

“It’s an interesting coincidence to meet again.”

“It’s no coincidence. I intentionally sought you out.”

“How did you know I was here?”

“I mentioned before, didn’t I? I have quite an interesting ability.”

At my reply, Choi Sang-du’s brow twitched.

It was hard to tell if he was nervous or coveting my ability.

“The more I see, the more impressive you become. You are no ordinary person.”

He must be curious.

The reason I purposely sought this place.

Choi Sang-du pretended he didn’t know and continued talking.

“Peace must still be prevailing. After all, I’ve just threatened to enforce peace again using my Telepathy.”

“Is that a lie, really?”


“The war has already started. Two of your group members, or rather subordinates, are already dead.”

And as I was speaking, another one died.

At the hands of Son Seo-yeon.

“Oh, let me correct that. Three are dead now.”

Since the event’s rule was that a murder randomly grants some of the victim’s powers, she must have grown stronger.

“Do you expect me to believe you now?”

Choi Sang-du must be confused.

The war had started, just as he ordered.

Whether it was a skirmish or a full-scale conflict, even I could not tell.

I could only hope it was the former.

“Let’s cut out the pretense; it’s clear I know everything.”

A moment of silence followed.

Choi Sang-du did not know what my ability was. That must have been troubling for him.

Debating whether to keep pretending or not.

Suddenly, Choi Sang-du’s expression subtly changed.

He might have realized that lying further was pointless.

And he laughed heartily.

“Whatever it is, your ability sure is interesting. I covet it. So tempting that I want to kill you to take it.”

Finally, Choi Sang-du showed his true colors.

It indicated a certain level of confidence even against me.

I became curious about the basis of that confidence.

“I have a question, too.”

“Go on, I’ll answer anything honestly.”

“Why do you have your subordinates waging war instead of committing murder quietly yourself to become stronger?”

Choi Sang-du responded with an unpleasant smile.

“A stronger army means a stronger me.”

That seemingly reasonable answer somehow convinced me immediately.

“You’re quite candid.”

“Didn’t I promise? I’ll answer anything.”

“Then, I’ll make a promise too.”

I drew out the Undying Sword.

“I’ll kill you cleanly.”

This weapon, now of Unique grade, is being used even before the 8th floor has begun.

“You’ll kill me? That’s likely impossible.”

“You seem to know that I’m stronger.”

“That may be true, but I still have a trump card. Even with your extraordinary ability, you don’t know everything.”

At that moment, the Sage’s status window sent another message.

The frequency of messages had been increasing lately.

[Information: A player with the Commander occupation can summon any player who has sworn loyalty to them at any time. Currently, Choi Sang-du’s level allows for the summoning of up to three players.]


And at that moment, three players appeared in the room.

It was Choi Sang-du’s subordinates, summoned as per the information I had just received.

According to the tower’s rules, each room has a capacity of two.

However, since these individuals did not enter through the door, they were considered outside the room’s capacity.

“So that’s your trump card.”

“That’s right.”

In an instant, the situation turned to 4 against 1.


Looking on the bright side, the fact that Choi Sang-Do summoned three people has significantly reduced the scale of the war. There might even be little to no damage on our side. Of course, the problem is that I now have to break through this dilemma.

“Well, what will you do now? It’s 4 against 1.”

In that case, I have something to show as well. I may be outnumbered, but I am confident I won’t lose in terms of sheer force.

[Summoning your pet.]

As I imbued my intent to summon, Kangsoo appeared in the room instantly. Kang! Kang!

“It’s 4 against 2 now.”

The room suddenly became crowded. Furthermore, considering Kangsoo’s size, he was easily worth two of them. Choi Sang-Do was momentarily flustered, but then he laughed heartily.

“I’m seeing a lot of fun stuff today. I must kill you with my own hands.”

He eyed me as if he were looking at a tasty meal, swallowing his greedy saliva. He wanted to kill me and take a part of my power. I felt the same way. Although it wasn’t a battle skill, Choi Sang-Do’s telepathy truly was something to be coveted.


With my signal, Kangsoo instantly charged at one of them. Wham! Kangsoo’s punch connected with Jo Jae-Ho’s face, sending him stumbling backward. He floundered, unable to regain his composure due to the sudden first blow. Kangsoo didn’t stop there.

Wham! Wham!

He continued with a one-two punch, cornering Jo Jae-Ho against the wall. Simultaneously, my undaunted sword drew a graceful straight line.


Jo Jung-Yoon groaned in front of me. Blood splattered, and a red line drawn horizontally across his neck soon turned into a severed edge. Thud! After his head fell, he collapsed.

The numerical disadvantage was offset by the surprise attack.

“Now it’s 3 against 2.”

And then I discovered a new rule of this event. Players in the room where a murder has occurred do not need to move. Meaning, it was possible to settle the score here.

[You have absorbed a part of the opponent’s ability at random.]

[Agility has increased by 5.]

While earning power through killing wasn’t particularly pleasant, I gratefully accepted it. I had hoped for a skill, but my limiter of 40 stats was now surpassed with this opportunity. And the moment I would cut off Choi Sang-Do’s neck would be the best to feel the rush of Nike’s fortune. Let’s think of it as gathering cosmic energy for now.

“You’re more surprising than I thought.”

Choi Sang-Do and his subordinate Sung Min-Sik kept their distance from me, on guard.

“Feeling nervous?”

“Me, nervous? Impossible!”

Despite the situation, Choi Sang-Do maintained an air of composure, which soon proved to have a basis.


Yet another one of Choi Sang-Do’s subordinates was summoned.

“This is getting tiresome. What did they feed on for such loyalty?”

Once again, I experienced the terror of the mental skill . Anyway, this would have further reduced the scope of the war. Maybe we could avoid any sacrifices on our side.

“It seems you can’t summon any more monsters.”

“That’s fine. One is enough.”


And at that moment, Kangsoo’s punch deeply embedded itself in Jo Jae-Ho’s chest. Jo Jae-Ho lost focus in his eyes and collapsed against the wall.

[Your pet has absorbed a part of the opponent’s ability.]

[Your pet’s strength has increased by 10.]

Kang! Kang! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Elated, Kangsoo did some shadow boxing and bounced around the room. But Kangsoo, what are you? While I only gained a mere 5 in stats, you’ve taken away 10. Your luck is even better than mine.

* * *



Kangsoo climbed onto the chest of Sung Min-Sik, who had fainted. I wanted to avoid any further senseless killings. Two corpses and three unconscious beings. There was also Choi Sang-Do, who watched me with bated breath.

I walked toward Choi Sang-Do with steady steps.

“Spare me.”

Hearing those words, I felt an overwhelming disgust. It would have been better if he had at least put on a bravado and maintained his dignity.

“Please spare my life!”

Even his voice trembled.

“That’s not very commander-like of you.”

“I can transfer all my gold to you!”

The amount of gold he had was 28,400. An enormous sum, likely extorted from other players. It was just as well Choi Sang-Do was a commander; if he had been a cult leader? A shiver ran down my spine. Somewhere in another zone, there might actually be a player with such an occupation.

“Just die.”

I raised my indomitable sword. In this apocalyptic situation where the line between good and evil had faded, my desire wasn’t to punish evil but to dispatch this detestable human as quickly as possible.


As the sword pierced through the heart, Choi Sang-Do gushed out blood. It was the commander’s end.

[You have absorbed a part of the opponent’s ability at random.]

[You have acquired the telepathy skill.]

I obtained what I wanted and avoided the most dreadful thing. Truth be told, as my sword pierced his chest, one concern crossed my mind. That I might accidentally acquire his skill. If that had happened, I might have had to constantly fight the temptation to control others.

Kang! Kang!

Kangsoo, whether he knew of my complicated feelings or not, hopped around joyfully celebrating my acquisition of the skill. And in that moment, a message from the tower came through.

[The result was too one-sided. We must acknowledge a failure in measuring team balance.]

[The event will be terminated.]

The interim event that had whipped up like a storm had come to an end.

– To be continued in Chapter 37 –

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