My Exclusive Tower Guide chapter 35

My Exclusive Tower Guide

Chapter 35

A standoff of 13 against 13.

We were all tense at the message from the tower.

We had no idea who the other people were, nor what their intentions could be.

Above all, I didn’t want us to succumb to murder as the tower desires.

I had no interest in the kind of act that gnaws at one’s sanity for the sake of temptation.

“Let’s come to an agreement right here.”

I took a step forward and spoke up.

There was no need for further explanation.

They must understand the meaning behind my words, too.

The key point here was trust and distrust.

They had neither reason to trust us nor distrust us.

And the same went for us.

“We can’t trust you yet!”

An expected response came back.

Fortunately, it seemed they were not ready to rush into conflict.

But in that moment, something damned happened in my peripheral vision.

Unbelievably, Son Seoyeon had pointed her gun towards the other team.

“Hey! Put that gun down, you crazy woman!”

I quickly restrained Son Seoyeon, although there was no way she would listen to me.

Prompted by her action, the opposing team drew their weapons.

The situation was on a knife-edge.

Some of them had long-range weapons as well.

“Is this how you want to negotiate?”

Choi Sangdu.

The highest-level player among them shouted towards our side.

Given his job as a commander, it was almost certain he was the leader of their group.

Because of Son Seoyeon, we had no ground to stand on now.

And then we received a message from the tower.

[You have been in the lobby for far too long.]

[We shall move to hotel rooms now. Each player will have their own room for the time being.]


“Hotel rooms out of nowhere, what’s that supposed to mean!”

An incomprehensible message was delivered, and the setting changed in an instant.

The 13 opponents and 12 comrades who had been in a standoff were gone.

Even Kangsu was missing.

As I wondered about Kangsu’s whereabouts, the sage’s status window relayed a message.

[Information: Your pet is waiting in the lobby and can be summoned at any time when you wish.]

So that’s what it was.

Luckily, my concern for Kangsu proved to be unwarranted.

The place where I stood was, as the message stated, a hotel room.

Although it was a luxurious suite, that hardly mattered now.

I hurriedly opened the mini-map.

A five-story building.

Each floor had six rooms, and I was in room 303.

The other players were situated in their own rooms.

Before any agreement was reached, this damned tower had split us all up.

[Are you enjoying your comfortable time in your rooms? Regrettably, those who receive this message must move rooms immediately.]

[You have 10 seconds. If you do not move to a different room before time expires, you will die.]

Crazy! We hadn’t been here long.

The tower’s messages were becoming increasingly vicious.

With time limited, I had no choice but to follow the directive.

[10 seconds]

[9 seconds]

[8 seconds]

…I bypassed the vacant room 304 and headed for room 305.

According to the mini-map, that’s where Choi Sangdu, who seemed like the enemy leader, was.

This cursed situation had turned to my luck.

It must’ve been the workings of Nike’s ring.

“We meet again!”

I shouted as I opened the door to the room.

Choi Sangdu raised the axe he was holding.

“So, you’re the one who proposed negotiations earlier.”

“Isn’t it rude to be so informal on a first meeting?”

“Don’t I look at least twenty years older than you?”

He was indeed muscular, but his years were clearly that of a manager’s.

The M-shaped baldness was already in its complete form.

“Very well. I shall afford you the courtesy for now.”

I placed the Sword of Unyielding into my inventory, signifying I did not come for a fight.

Choi Sangdu, noticing this, stepped back and lowered his raised axe.

“Firstly, let’s resume our conversation about the negotiation in this room. It seems you are most likely the leader of your group, Mr. Choi Sangdu.”

“You’re perceptive to notice so quickly.”

He was the commander, with a skill called Domination, so I naturally assumed as much.

It was interesting to note, besides Domination, he possessed another skill.

“This should simplify things.”

“However, you, Lee Ho-young, don’t seem quite cut out to be the leader of your group, do you?”

I understood why he would think so.

“Is my level bothering you that much?”

“To be honest, yes.”

A single-digit level was almost impossible without being an experienced interrogator.

That’s exactly the impression I must give off at this point.

Well, there was only one way to handle this.

I had to show a glimpse of my power.

There was no time to lose. I had no idea what could be transpiring in the other rooms.

“Excuse me for a moment.”



I slammed my fist onto the table before me.


The table split down the middle under the impact and broke in two.

Losing its center, the table crashed down, clearing a path between me and Choi Sangdu.

Even I thought it was a childish display, but the visual effect was undeniable.

Choi Sangdu laughed heartily at my demonstration.

“Nice show of strength there. You gave me quite the scare. I don’t think I’m capable of that.”

“I have a certain level of influence in our group thanks to my brute strength.”

“I’ll be frank. I had some idea of your influence. It’s something you can feel from the atmosphere, you see.”

His reaction, whether a bluff or genuine, wasn’t all that important.

What mattered to me was steering the negotiations in my desired direction.

And, depending on his response, I was even ready to threaten.

“Let me get straight to the point. Please command your group to avoid any sort of conflict.”

“That’s absurd. We’re all scattered right now.”

“Mr. Choi Sangdu. You have quite an interesting skill, don’t you? Telepathy.”

For a brief moment, the stern-faced Choi Sangdu’s expression twitched.

Not bad maintaining such a poker face. Judging just by appearance, he could have been a high-ranking military officer outside the tower.

“How did you—!”

“I have some special abilities too, just like you do.”

I stepped forward towards Choi Sangdu and—

I took another step closer.

And then I continued speaking.

“Honestly, I’m quite envious of your telepathy skill.”


“Who knows? Maybe if I kill you here, it will become mine.”

“That’s quite a morbid joke.”

“Let’s not waste time. If this conversation goes on any longer, I’ll take it as a sign that you want war.”

“And what will you do if you don’t like my decision?”

“Simple. Your group will be annihilated for the crime of choosing the wrong leader.”

My words carried a mix of jest and genuine intent.

After all, if anyone in our group were to be killed, I’d thoroughly avenge them.

I took another step toward Choi Sangdu.

At my approach, Choi Sangdu laughed heartily.

“You’re making me out to be quite the character. I, too, am a pacifist at heart.”

“Then tell your group right now. There will be no war between our two groups.”

“Fine. I’ll accept those terms. But on one condition. My group can’t trust yours yet.”

Choi Sangdu quickly sent his telepathic message to his entire group.

The idea was to wait and not take any action, since the leaders had come to an agreement.

Of course, he added a precaution.

They were to be prepared to switch postures at any moment.

Honestly, I coveted that skill.

“But I have to ask about that woman with the gun in your group—she looks dangerous. I thought she was the leader.”

It was a logical assumption.

Son Seoyeon was the highest-level player among us.

“She’s just an outcast. And technically, our group doesn’t have a leader. We’ve always been democratic, right from the first floor.”

“From the first floor?”

Choi Sangdu seemed surprised at my words.

I could guess why.

Other groups probably lost many comrades on each floor and had to constantly merge with new groups.

It’s just our group’s survival rate that’s unnaturally high.

“Incredible! Your group has been together since the first floor?”

“Our priority has always been survival over growth.”


“And because I am not a leader like you, I can’t completely control Son Seoyeon. If that crazy woman causes trouble, we promise to deal with her ourselves.”

Son Seoyeon was our only Achilles heel.

So I made it abundantly clear.

“That’s a risky factor to include. This deal seems quite disadvantageous to you.”

“I have no choice. I’ve got you by the neck.”

“Hahaha! You have me by the neck? Overconfident, aren’t you? Especially with that low level.”

Choi Sangdu tried to display confidence, but being quick-witted, he must have sensed something.

The level I was displaying meant nothing at all.

[A period of time has elapsed. All players must now move rooms immediately.]

[The capacity limit for each room is two people; once you leave a room, you cannot re-enter. You have 10 seconds.]

As much as I’d like to stay with Choi Sangdu, we now had to part ways.

I could only hope that the current balance would prevail.

* * *

I was alone in room 403.

There were 26 dots confirmed on the minimap.

Everyone was safe for now.

Choi Sangdu’s telepathy had clearly had an effect.

Not only would his group members have heard it, but so too would my nearby allies.

The problem was Son Seoyeon.

What would happen the moment she ended up in the same room as Choi Sangdu’s group member was anyone’s guess.

I was on the fourth floor and she was on the fifth, so there was a chance we’d meet in the next round or the one after.

I just hoped that no accidents would occur before then.

But could I possibly leave this room by opening the door now?

I turned the doorknob.

[You cannot exit at this time.]

As expected.

I had no choice but to wait for the next movement message.

All I could do was keep an eye on the minimap and assess the situation.

Just when my worries were all focused on Son Seoyeon, an incident occurred in an unexpected place.

On the minimap, one of the two dots in the room next to me disappeared.

The remaining person in that room was Kim Seyong.

“Could Kim Seyong have…?!”

And at that moment, a message came.

[Players hearing this message must now switch rooms.]

[Time limit: 10 seconds]

So if there was a death, someone had to move rooms?

Clearly, I had to meet with Kim Seyong before checking on Son Seoyeon.

Kim Seyong had stayed in the current room, so I burst through the door.

There, in front of a fallen body, stood Kim Seyong.

“Kim Seyong, don’t tell me you did this?”


“Insane! Your actions have broken the negotiation!”

“It wasn’t me! There was this voice out of nowhere telling us to attack immediately!”


Had Choi Sangdu changed his mind right after we parted?

It was incomprehensible, yet Kim Seyong didn’t seem to be lying.

“Really! Hyung, don’t you trust me?”

If Kim Seyong’s words were true, there could be fights in other rooms right now.

I immediately looked back at the minimap.

Sure enough, an incident had occurred in the room with Son Seoyeon.

She had eliminated someone.

And at that moment, the Sage’s Status Window sent me a message.

It was an unexpected and ambiguous announcement.

[Information: is a special ability that allows one to see the murderous trails of others.]

They were talking about the skill called .

I knew the name of the skill, but not its particular functions.

But why was the Sage’s Status Window giving me this information so randomly?

A scene flashed through my mind at that moment.

It was when Son Seoyeon suddenly pointed her gun at Choi Sangdu’s group.

“Could it be!”

Son Seoyeon had seen something through .

“Choi Sangdu’s murderous trail?”

It felt like the pieces of the puzzle were falling into place.

– To be continued in Chapter 36 –

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