My Exclusive Tower Guide chapter 34

My Exclusive Tower Guide

Episode 34

Two unique items and a pet.

That was not all I obtained from the 7th floor.

[Gold settlement will now commence.]

Without a doubt, I was set to receive the most gold.

The question was how much it would be.

[The settlement is complete.]

[You have been rewarded with 12,800 gold.]


The reward was more generous than expected.

I’d managed to secure two uniques through enhancements, so I had some expectations, but they had given more gold than I anticipated.

Had I known this would happen, perhaps I could have earned even more, but satisfaction seemed appropriate at this point.

“Hey, Ho-young! What’s up with you?”

Kim Se-yong approached after hearing my surprised reaction.

“What do you think? It’s because of the gold settlement.”

“How much did you earn for such a reaction? You’ve earned the most among us, haven’t you?”

“I wish it was that much.”

Upon checking Kim Se-yong’s status, I noticed there wasn’t much change in his gold amount.

Considering the losses he’d taken from enhancements, even breaking even would have been lucky.

“Don’t tell me, you didn’t even make 3,000?”

3,000. It reminded me of the saying that you only see what you know.

He would’ve had to have received a first-place settlement at least once to know that.

“3,000? Whose dog is named that?”

I grimaced as I responded.

It was a white lie for the sake of Kim Se-yong.

Telling him the truth might have given him an illness out of jealousy.

“Really? Well, you didn’t defeat many monsters anyway.”

Kim Se-yong’s expression brightened all of a sudden.

If he was happy, that was good enough for me.

I wandered around the lobby to check on the rewards my other colleagues had received.

As expected, Go Yong-woo had earned the second-highest amount following me.

“Yong-woo, you must have made a decent amount, huh?”

“Thanks to you, hyung. Hehe.”

“Make sure to invest well in your stats. Don’t hold back just because you’re younger.”


With the 7th floor as a stepping stone, it seemed Yong-woo could overcome his handicaps to a certain extent.

Another noteworthy fact was that Chae I-seul, who had been indifferent to the enhancement event, ranked fourth.

This meant that only three people among us had really profited from enhancements.

It reminded me of an article about an investor who did nothing in a mock stock contest and yet ranked high.

“I-seul, don’t you have any regrets?”

“Not at all!”

“That’s good then.”

“I ended up handling some gold in a sitting. What should I do with it?”

Chae I-seul asked me.

Looking at her status, I could feel that she had grown well.

She had increased her magic power with the necklace of Lethe she had bought, and her stat balance wasn’t bad for a healer.

“It’s better to save for the future since we don’t know what events lie ahead.”


I felt like an admissions planner.

Chae I-seul was like a model student who trusted and followed the planner completely.

As the 7th floor came to a close, my gold finally exceeded 50,000.

The goal had been to upgrade the level of the shop window without spending the accumulated gold.


New items appeared in the upgraded shop window.

A whole new world was unfolding before my eyes, which others would not see for a while.

I carefully reviewed the items.

It was time for a big shopping spree.

I didn’t need weapons or armor.

It wasn’t yet time for stat-boosting accessories.

What I wanted was…

There it was.

As hinted at by the strategy guide, I wondered if there was an item that could grant me a skill, and indeed, there was one.

[Skill Random Box]

– Price: 50,000 gold

– Remaining Quantity: 1

The price was insane.

Insanely cheap, that is.

Considering that rare items often started at around 100,000 gold, this was practically a giveaway.

Of course, the [random] caveat meant that one should be skeptical of the item’s value—it was extremely likely to yield a useless skill.

But for someone with Nike’s Ring like me, it was a moot point.

The thought of it being virtually free remained unchanged.

[You have purchased the Skill Random Box.]

Given it was the last stock, I quickly bought it knowing that unknown players in other zones might also be viewing this store window.

New and thus seemingly warm, I could almost feel it.

[Opening the Skill Random Box.]

There was no reason to delay.

Keeping it wouldn’t make it ferment and improve.

Three possibilities lay before me:

A gladiator-related skill.

A tamer-related skill.

Or a general skill that anyone could receive.

It didn’t matter what came up, though the latter would be preferable.

[You have acquired the ‘Minimap ON’ skill.]

Nike had indeed not betrayed me.

Even without explanation, I had a clear idea of what the skill entailed.

Running it should provide certainty.

[Activating Minimap.]

I immediately tested the new skill.

In front of me unfolded a miniature map of the lobby.

Thirteen dots marked inside—the players.

It resembled the minimap all players had used during the 2nd floor survival mission.

An improved feature was that enlarging the dots revealed the players’ names.

The moment affirmed that I had gained a skill worth 50,000 gold for virtually nothing.

* * *

[There are 5 days left until the start of the 8th floor mission.]

[The 8th floor mission is an arena for renewal of qualifications. Devote yourself to training.]

“Renewal of qualifications,” that was intriguing.

Various conjectures were possible, but the meaning remained unclear.

[The strategy guide has been sent.]

As expected, there was a strategy guide.

[Strategy Guide: The 8th floor is a place where you face trials related to your occupation. You must prove your worth as a gladiator and tamer. Failure to do so will result in death.]


A chilling word.

“What could ‘renewal of qualifications’ possibly mean?”

Amid vague messages, the others speculated about the meaning of the 8th floor mission.

It was naturally up to me to provide direction.

“Don’t we also need to renew driving licenses after a certain time? It’s likely a reassessment of our jobs.”


Everyone seemed convinced by my words.

Not necessarily because the explanation was remarkable, but because my past performances had given weight to even my shortest remark.

The crab is running.

Once again, my words will be proven true.

“But if you fail the re-evaluation…”

“Let’s just think of it simply. If we fail, we die. We’ve just been hanging on since the third floor, but this tower is never forgiving.”

I sounded the alarm to my companions.

The atmosphere had been too good until now.

For quite some time, we had no casualties, and we all rallied together through the hardships.

However, there were a few setbacks on this seventh floor.

Someone had lost gold, and there was even a player who lost their weapon.

“Hearing Ho-young’s words really snaps me back to reality.”

“Right. We have five days left; we need to train hard.”

Thankfully, everyone was mentally on their toes again.

I had been feeling uneasy about the ongoing peace.

“Well then, let’s get back to training.”

* * *

Before the fifth floor mission started, all the players had picked a martial arts manual from a library that had become the lobby.

Everyone, except for me, had trained based on those manuals, and that training was still ongoing until now.

But no one had yet achieved any visible results.

“Ah! I should have memorized that manual of fist technique back then!”

Kim Se-yong grumbled during his training.

He was pounding his fists against a wall, but it seemed like something was not going right.

“Se-yong, you know martial arts aren’t learned solely from books.”

“You wouldn’t understand. That book was meant to break through any blockages!”

It seems a poor excuse if simply reading a book could offer such effects, yet he’s still stagnated.

“I’m sorry then. Back then, ignorantly, I only read novels.”


“How about a sparring match with Kangsu? Who knows, maybe you’ll break through in actual combat?”

“I’m a bit off-put right now; sparring might be risky. Are you sure?”


Listening from the side, Kangsu clapped his front paws together and made a sound.

He seemed eager for a proper fight.

“Kangsu, get ready.”

The sparring match between the two was set.

The players paused their training to gather around Kangsu and Kim Se-yong.

Even for me, it was a tense moment.

My pet was facing its first real test.

I hoped for a good showing, even though this was just sparring.

It felt like a parent of a high school senior on the eve of university entrance exams.


Kangsu hopped and bobbed, taking lively steps.

Kim Se-yong swung his head side to side, loosening up.

“Come on in, cutie.”

Kim Se-yong called the Kangsu, who was a head taller than himself, ‘cutie.’

Complacency might lead to a harsh punch.

In truth, Kim Se-yong was superior in most aspects.

Though shorter, he had a longer reach, more destructive power in his punches, and, above all, the decisive skill “Rock Fist.”

But Kangsu had one clear advantage.


That was speed.

Kangsu closed the gap instantly, extending his front paw.


If Kim Se-yong had thought Kangsu was like a human boxer, he would’ve been greatly surprised now.

Their styles were completely different.

“Wow! Shit!”

Kangsu’s paw narrowly missed Kim Se-yong’s face.

Now fully alert, Kim Se-yong raised his guard and began to step.

“Kangsu, go for it!”

Now was the opportunity when Kim Se-yong hadn’t yet adapted to Kangsu’s boxing style.

Kong! Kong!

Kangsu charged with an unpredictable step, distinctly monster-like, right into Kim Se-yong’s reach.


Kangsu’s one-two punches were a refreshing massage to Kim Se-yong’s ribs.

* * *

Kangsu lay sprawled in a big X-shape, drooling.

Its eyelids were swollen, and a front tooth was broken, but its expression remained joyful.

It seemed pleased with the boxing match, as it could hit and be hit to its heart’s content.

“Kangsu, did you enjoy that more than when you fought with me?”


The rascal was unnecessarily candid.

Well, the way I sparred with Kangsu wasn’t exactly a boxing style.

It was more like toying with absolute sense.

“Do you want another round with him?”


Seems like it really took a liking to the sparring session.

Being among monsters, it must have lacked a similar opponent.

“Let’s have another go after you level up a bit, alright?”


Currently, Kangsu’s level is 1.

It had started afresh since becoming my pet.

Its potential for growth was limitless.

Kim Se-yong had to be on edge, knowing Kangsu’s potential.

After the sparring, Kim Se-yong leaned against a wall, trying to appear indifferent, though he seemed to have taken quite a shock.

Despite being a brief moment, his pride was wounded by the fact he was pushed back by a mere monster.

But he likely also had a significant realization.

He adapted well to an entirely unexpected style of attack, and it must have felt like growth.

Even if the level of his skills hadn’t increased yet.

The people returned to their individual training, each spending their time.

We had five days given to us.

Such a peaceful time it was.

Uncomfortably so.

As the time for the renewal of our qualifications drew closer, everyone spent intense moments, but the fact that nothing had happened for four whole days felt oddly uncomfortable to me.

And at the very moment these scattered thoughts deepened, Ko Yong-woo shouted.

“Hey, look over there!”

Should I not have held such needless anxiety?

As if on cue and seemingly because of me, this damned event unfolded.

[The peace has been too long.]

[Before the start of the 8th floor mission, an intermission event is scheduled.]

One side of the lobby, which surrounded us, began to open.

Just like when Son Seo-yeon first joined us.


Beyond the wall, what appeared in front of us were other people from a different section.

Players just like us, thirteen in number.

[You may be glad to see each other, but do not greet them. You might end up having to kill each other after all.]

[Let’s begin the event.]

– Mission: Kill players from the other section.

– Reward: Randomly acquire a portion of the dead players’ abilities.

– To Be Continued in Chapter 35 –

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