My Exclusive Tower Guide chapter 33

My Exclusive Tower Guide

Chapter 33

“Mr. Lee Ho Young! Wait a moment!”

Seo Jun Ho stopped me as I was about to proceed with the enhancement.

“What’s the matter?”

“You’re going to try without a probability adjustment item?”

I thought something urgent had come up with the way he shouted, but it turned out he was just concerned about me.

I appreciated the concern, but I had no plans to use such an item.

According to the strategy guide, they were ridiculously expensive and the effects were minimal.

Moreover, with the first enhancement, additional luck was bound to activate, so there was absolutely nothing to worry about.

“I’m fine, Mr. Seo Jun Ho.”

I patted Seo Jun Ho’s shoulder reassuringly.

Yet, he still looked at me as if I were mad.

“That’s quite bold of you. Isn’t that a rare-grade item?”


Without hesitation, I placed the enhancement stone on the Indomitable Sword.

Everyone held their breath as they watched me.

I could even hear someone swallowing nervously.


I gently blew magic into the enhancement stone.

I completed the process without a moment’s hesitation.

I was certain of the outcome.

As the enhancement stone disappeared, a flash surrounded the Indomitable Sword.

[Enhancement Successful.]

“It worked.”

I gave a sly smile to everyone around me.

From now on, my Indomitable Sword was of unique grade.

Clang! Clang!

Kangsoo began shadow boxing excitedly to celebrate my successful enhancement.

“Did you really succeed?”

“Congratulations Mr. Lee Ho Young!”

“Let’s take a closer look together!”

My comrades crowded around my Indomitable Sword.

Everyone was curious about the effects of a unique-grade weapon.

Even rare-grade was incomparable to other weapons.

And when it comes to unique grade—it goes without saying.

<Indomitable Sword>

– Grade: Unique

– Effect: Increase in attack power by 40%

“The effect is insane!”

“It’s leagues beyond rare-grade!”

Even I was astounded.

The increase in attack power was much larger than I expected.

I had thought it might rise by a few percent compared to a rare-grade, but this was truly a bargain.

“Mr. Lee Ho Young! Are you going for another attempt?”

“Strike while the iron is hot!”

“With a unique-grade pet and now a weapon, it feels like all the cosmic energy is flooding towards you, Mr. Lee Ho Young.”

Somehow everyone seemed more excited than I was.

To be honest, I was curious too.

I wondered just how powerful treasures above the unique-grade could be.

However, I didn’t want to take any more risks.

The strategy guide was as crucial to follow as a navigation system.

“This is where I stop.”


Some let out sighs of disappointment.

They must have been eager to see the end game of the enhancement, but I couldn’t satisfy their desires at the expense of my precious item.

“Well, there’s still one more event left.”

I took off Theia’s armor.

I felt like a game broadcasting BJ.

It seemed everyone had forgotten, but this armor was also of rare-grade.

Such a thing deserved star balloons or something similar as a reward.

* * *

With a unique-grade sword and unique-grade armor, and even a growth-type pet.

By now, I was sure of it.

I wouldn’t be outmatched in terms of equipment against any other player from a different area.

With the 7th floor mission, I had taken yet another step ahead.

As time passed, more players returned to the lobby.

The goal of the hunt was to obtain enhancement stones rather than level up.

Kim Se Yong, who returned, looked slightly wary of Kangsoo beside me.

“Hyung, is this monster really safe?”

“Calling Kangsoo a monster! Plus, it will be your sparring partner soon.”


At my slight gesture, Kangsoo stood up abruptly, raised his guard, and began shadow boxing.

The talk of sparring seemed to have excited the beast.



There was a certain finesse to this creature’s punches.

It wasn’t just the wild flailing of a beast; it had the semblance of a well-trained martial artist.

Watching him, I felt like fitting him with punch gloves on his front paws.

“Wow! Is this really a monster?”

“It’s not a monster; it’s a pet.”

Kim Se Yong looked at Kangsoo and raised his fist.



Only sending punches right up to Kangsoo’s nose.

“I would like to fight it, but enhancements first. Hehehe.”

Kim Se Yong took off the leather vest he was wearing.

Seeing it was of low grade, he must have already succeeded in enhancing it once.

“Se Yong, I think you would do better buying a mid-grade and enhancing that. Aren’t you not buying weapons anyway, so you have some spare gold, right?”

“Why bother when enhancing this will take it straight to mid-grade? Plus, after buying the probability adjustment stones, I don’t have much gold to spare.”

Kim Se Yong laid the enhancement stone and already purchased adjustment stone on his vest.

It’s a shaky prospect, success or failure.

He wouldn’t be satisfied with just mid-grade.

Full of anticipation, he breathed magic into the enhancement stone.


The stone vanished, and sparks erupted around the vest.

[Enhancement Failed.]

Kim Se Yong’s face twisted in frustration.

“Damn it!”

But perhaps, it was for the best.

From what I analyzed in the strategy guide, the best value was to enhance the most expensive item you can afford just once. And that’s without an adjustment stone.

Kim Se Yong could still afford a mid-grade leather vest, which meant he still had a chance for a high-grade armor piece.

Or declining to enhance at all could also be a wise choice—not that he would choose that.

* * *

Considerable time had passed since the start of the 7th floor mission.

Cries could be heard throughout the lobby.

[Enhancement Failed.]

[Enhancement Failed.]

Precious items kept blowing up.

The true valley of tears was the enhancement from mid to high-grade.

If it wasn’t the first enhancement, the success rate was a mere 20 percent.

Nobody braved this atrocious probability with any success.

The odds of even reaching high-grade were less than fifty percent.

“But you even hit unique!”

Kim Se Yong looked at me with a tearful expression.

I almost said ‘such is life for those who’re meant to make it,’ but I held back.

No need to stir up anger and drive him to madness.

Especially since people’s rational judgments had been blunted since the start of this 7th-floor mission.

“It’s all about luck.”

“And why does all the luck come to you, Hyung?”

The answer was simple.

Strategy guide analysis. And Nike’s ring.

“I will continue..”

I encouraged them not to reinforce or, if they must, to enhance only once at an intermediate level.”


Nevertheless, Son Seo-yeon was nowhere to be seen.

Was she gathering all the enhancement stones she could find or had she left the lobby and not returned since?

I had wanted to see her gun explode during an enhancement.

Besides Son Seo-yeon, there was another person who was of concern.

Go Yong-woo.

With the that increased the chance of successful enhancement, he was the player with the most favorable conditions on this 7th floor.

Yet, strangely enough, he remained quiet.

“Yong-woo, aren’t you going to use it?”

Only the two of us knew that Yong-woo had the fairy’s hammer.

He was still young, and I wanted to protect him.

“I’m pondering.”

“What, are you worried about standing out too much?”


The hammer itself was a unique item.

If someone like me used it to gain an advantage in enhancement, it would definitely attract attention.

Yong-woo was worried about that.

He didn’t think he had the strength to protect such things.

“Where’s that audacity you had when you sneakily took the hammer?”

“That… that’s because!”

“I’m not insisting on enhancement, but you don’t have to feel intimidated by the adults here. This tower is a fair place. You become stronger the more you level up and contribute. Do you think Son Seo-yeon was always strong?”

“No! I saw on the 5th floor. I know what that girl looked like during her school days!”

Go Yong-woo reminded me once again.

Of Son Seo-yeon, who used to wear horn-rimmed glasses and had a bobbed hair.

Though that wasn’t important right now.

“In this tower, you’re not treated differently for being old or female. The same applies to you. You have to find your own way to survive.”

That’s as far as I went.

Anything more, and I’d feel like an old nag.

“Got it, hyung.”

He seemed to understand the gist of it.

Nevertheless, I had not encouraged him to enhance.

But what he took away appeared to be slightly different.

“Hyung! Sisters! I will now begin enhancing!”

Soon after, in the center of the lobby, Go Yong-woo announced.

* * *

[You have succeeded in enhancement.]


“Incredible! Just one try!”

“Yong-woo actually did it!”

Cheers finally filled the lobby, which had been reverberating with lamentations.

Go Yong-woo wore a triumphant smile.

He remembered the advice I had given to people and put it into practice.

After turning all his gold into intermediate items, he upgraded them to superior items without hesitation. With the fairy’s hammer, he pondered that he could enhance more, but he declined to push his luck.

“That’s right, you made a good decision. Not challenging without certainty can also be a wise choice.”

Though I wasn’t one to talk, having created two unique items myself, keeping quiet seemed advantageous on this 7th floor.

The losses of the people here were not insignificant.

“Hyung, give me your hand.”

“Why, man!”

“Before enhancing, I want to touch hyung’s hand.”

“Why my hand!”

“You know why! I want to get some of your luck.”

Kim Se-yong reached out with his pan-like hand towards me, and I felt chill bumps.

I couldn’t refuse and took his rough, hard hand, though it wasn’t a pleasant feeling.

“You won’t be able to afford an intermediate with your remaining money.”

“I have no choice. I have to buy a lower one to compensate for my losses.”

From potentially being able to buy, now he had to gamble to succeed.

Not just Kim Se-yong, but most of the players in our lobby were in similar straits.

“Please, let it work this time!!”

Kim Se-yong proceeded with the enhancement full of desperation.

Since it was the first enhancement, there should be a luck bonus, which meant the chances should be over half.

Of course, this also meant there was a significant chance of failure.

[You have succeeded in enhancement.]

“Ah hahahaha!”

Kim Se-yong screamed with joy.

He hugged his newly upgraded intermediate armor, going crazy with happiness.

“Tsk, tsk.”

Strictly speaking, this was still a loss.

After all, he had the gold to purchase an intermediate item initially.

Luckily, he redeemed himself at the last moment; otherwise, the shock would have been too great.

Starting with Kim Se-yong, other players also proceeded with their last enhancements.

Successes and failures alternated.

Sighs of relief and cries of despair melded as the 7th floor neared its end.

And in the last moments, Son Seo-yeon appeared.

It was almost a 72-hour reunion.

Everyone held their breath, focusing their attention on Son Seo-yeon’s next move.

Continual hunting without breaks implied she had collected a lot of enhancement stones.

“Hey, how much do you plan to enhance!”

However, Son Seo-yeon ignored my words and stalked toward the center of the lobby.

Son Seo-yeon’s expression was as indifferent as ever.

It was impossible to tell what she was thinking.

In a low voice, she spoke.

“Anyone who has leftover enhancement stones, sell them to me.”


“I will pay well.”

Something felt odd.

Demanding enhancement stones as soon as she arrived.

“Son Seo-yeon! Are you telling me…”

Her almost 72-hour absence from the lobby.

Rather than hoarding enhancement stones…

“Are you saying you didn’t get a single one?”

Son Seo-yeon didn’t respond to my question.

That must have been the case.

“I’ll make the offer again. If anyone has remaining enhancement stones, sell them to me.”

I had three enhancement stones obtained from hunting monsters.

Two used, one left.

However, I had no intention of giving it to Son Seo-yeon.

It would not do to allow her already cheat-like gun to become any stronger.

“How much are you going to buy the stone for?”

Son Seo-yeon didn’t hesitate to answer my question.

“20,000 gold!”

She must be desperate to offer that amount so hastily.

“More generous than I expected.”

“Then sell it.”

“I don’t have one. Just curious.”

At my words, Son Seo-yeon bit her lower lip hard.

[72 hours have elapsed.]

[All enhancement stones on the 7th floor will disintegrate.]

I could hear Son Seo-yeon’s sigh of frustration from here.

With that, the mission on the 7th floor was completed.

Two unique items and one pet.

For me, the 7th floor had been quite beneficial.

– To be continued in Episode 34 –

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