My Exclusive Tower Guide chapter 32

My Exclusive Tower Guide

Episode 32

I roamed the entire 7th floor in search of a monster to claim as my pet.

The quest was still ongoing.

Since choosing a pet is irreversible until its death, I had to be very careful.

The strategy guide offered rather vague hints.

“I wish it was a bit more straightforward.”

According to the guide, what I sought was a monster with decent combat ability, exceptional speed, and stamina that could also serve as a mount.

During my journey, there had been several candidates.

From King Bear to Black Wolf, Twin-Headed Panther, Radon Ape, and so on.

But each fell just short of meeting the criteria.

That didn’t mean I was without reward.

Hunting had already yielded three enhancement stones so far, making this a fairly profitable venture into the 7th floor.

Then, at last, at the edge of a secluded island within a barbed wire fence, I spotted a few familiar-looking monsters hopping around.


They resembled kangaroos.

Honestly, aside from being slightly larger, they looked no different from kangaroos.

Regardless, I intended to experience them firsthand to see if they matched the monster described in the guide.

If this wasn’t the one, I’d have to narrow down the candidates and repeat the process all over again.

As I entered the fenced area, one Kangtau approached me.

Just as before, the monsters of the 7th floor didn’t attack players in groups.

“Come here.”

I raised my Unyielding Sword, still sheathed.

Since I was searching for a potential pet, I could not harm it right from the start.


The Kangtau suddenly raised its hind legs to its head in a defensive guard posture reminiscent of a boxer.


I thrust the sheath towards the Kangtau’s head.

The creature deflected my sheath with one of its guarded legs.

“Look at that!”

Although I hadn’t given it my all, this monster felt different from any other so far.

Agile indeed. And then—


Its gigantic foot shot towards me like a spear.

This movement felt less like a typical beast and more like a well-trained boxer.

I had seen similar attacks in the tower before.

The skill, Kim Seyong’s Stone Fist.


I held the sheath short and parried the Kangtau’s punch, feeling a tingling in my arm.

At least the creature’s strength passed the test.

* * *

I invested far more time in the Kangtau than in any other monster of the 7th floor.

I couldn’t just take any creature as my companion pet; hence the extra caution.

The conclusion I reached was that this Kangtau was the one I had been searching for.

Though not the highest level compared to other 7th-floor monsters, it had the most potential.

It met all the criteria laid out in the guide: attack power, speed, stamina—without fault.

Its size was also suitable for riding.

I liked its human-like boxing style of attack.

Now that my mind was made up, it was time to subjugate it.


With the sheath, I struck the Kangtau’s neck.

The creature staggered.

Thwack! Thwack! Thwack!

Now, relentless blows to the abdomen.

Kangtau couldn’t resist my onslaught and took the hits.

My dazzling offense struck at various points, and its previously effective foreleg guard was now useless against my unpredictable attacks.

Yet it endured without attempting to flee.

Kangtau. The more I watched it, the less it seemed like a monster and more like a super heavyweight boxer.


But even before a master hunter, the bravest falls.

The Kangtau eventually dropped to its knees, touching the ground.

Is this thing really a monster?

Its collapse appeared all too human.


I unsheathed the Unyielding Sword.

I brought the tip to the Kangtau’s throat.

My skill to tame a monster was already at work.

“I can feed and shelter you. Will you not come with me?”

Panting heavily, the Kangtau looked up at me.

Had it not been for my tamer traits, it would have surely struck back, not understanding my words.

“Your choice will determine whether you die or live here. So choose wisely.”

I could only offer; the choice lay with the creature.

If it refused, I would swing my Unyielding Sword without hesitation and seek another Kangtau.

After all, others would share similar traits.

Slightly, its foreleg raised, pointing towards the Unyielding Sword in my hand, then shook its head.

“Do you disapprove of being overpowered with my sword?”


Kangtau nodded.

I shouldn’t be surprised by its understanding.

Raising both forelegs, Kangtau assumed a defensive stance.

“Are you saying, if I overcome you with my fists, you’ll serve me as your master?”


This damn kangaroo-like creature.

“Hey, I’m a gladiator. It’s natural for me to use a sword.”


But this seemed to fall on deaf ears.

To it, being subdued with a weapon must feel dishonorable.

A mere kangaroo demanding such terms.

“Fine. Stand up.”

When there’s no choice, I must oblige.

I stowed the Unyielding Sword back into my inventory.

As Kangtau stood, I created distance and took up a guard stance.

To think I’d be boxing with a monster one day.

“But you know what? My weight class doesn’t even come close to middleweight.”

My physical specs are 178 cm and 68 kg.

The difference in size was vast compared to this creature towering over 2 meters.


Yet it seemed determined not to care about such disparities.

What did I even expect?

It was unmistakably a monster after all.

* * *

In this tower, my role is that of a gladiator.

Outside of the tower, as well as within, my experience with fistfights is minimal.

With no offensive skills other than my swordplay, I—

My punches were raw and primitive.

Nevertheless, I was confident in my ability to dodge.

After all, I would be superior in every stat compared to that Kaengtau creature.

Swish. Swoosh.

While attacks fall into the realm of skill, dodging is within the domain of instinct.

I avoided every attack the creature threw at me while intermittently landing my fists on its body.


The Kaengtau let out a faint groan as it took my punches.

Even without skills, I could still deliver a significant impact—it just wouldn’t be a one-hit kill. My physical strength stat was high, after all.

As my punches accumulated, the movements of the Kaengtau grew slower.


Finally, the creature fell.

The exchange had lasted for over an hour, akin to fighting in more than 20 rounds of boxing.

Looking down at the defeated Kaengtau, I asked once more, “Is that still not enough for you?”

I had proven myself more than enough, even though fighting wasn’t my domain, winning comfortably.

It took some time, but I had hardly taken any hits.

“If you become my pet, you’ll grow even stronger. You’ll be able to level up from now on.”

At my words, there was a flicker in the Kaengtau’s eyes.

This monster, it longed for strength.

It certainly wasn’t an ordinary monster.

“And one more thing: I’ll even spar with you occasionally.”

Of course, I had no intention of doing it myself.

Among my comrades, there was someone perfectly suited for that.

Sparring would surely benefit both parties.


[The Kaengtau has accepted your proposal.]

[You have become the master of the Kaengtau.]



It seemed that appealing to its ambition had been effective.

The Kaengtau lowered its posture before me.

In its own way, it was conducting a form of rituality.

I gently stroked the creature’s head.

[Please name the Kaengtau.]

“A name…”

Grand and fancy names aren’t my style.

“How about Kaengsoo?”

The Kaengtau, now Kaengsoo, nodded its head and exclaimed.


* * *

Upon returning to the lobby, I had no choice but to ‘come out’ with my dual profession.

Kaengsoo was simply too big to hide.

Fortunately, no one in the lobby objected to raising Kaengsoo.

“Its name is Kaengsoo?”

“Yes. Kaengsoo. Say hello once again, properly.”

Kaengsoo lowered its stance, eliciting a warm reception from everyone.

They all seemed incredulous even seeing it in person.

They had probably never considered the possibility of a monster being tamed.

A few were even tempted to go out and tame a monster themselves, but it was my job to dissuade them.

“Without the taming skill, it’s impossible. You won’t be able to communicate. Right, Kaengsoo?”

Kaeng! Kaeng!

“By the way, Lee Ho-yeong, what’s this about suddenly having a dual profession?”

“It’s a reward. As always.”

I deflected the question with a vague answer.

To fully convince them I would have to reveal the existence of the guidebook.

“I’m so jealous you have a pet!”

“Can you ride it around?”

“I already have, actually.”

Choosing Kaengsoo as a pet had been a good decision.

Its speed and stamina were beyond anything us players could approach.

Now, I was certain that the guidebook had recommended the right monster for me.

“By the way, how are your enhancements going?”

Curiosity about their progress suddenly struck me.

While attention had shifted to Kaengsoo, the main focus of the seventh floor was still enhancement.

“Enhancements? Huge success!”

Seo Jun-ho replied with excitement in his voice.

He showed me his sword, which had changed from a to a and gained a rank.

“Intermediate, I see.”

That means there must be a lower rank as well.

“Yes. I had a series of successful enhancements.”

Two successes. He was now entering a stage of anxiety about the next attempt.

With the weapon reaching intermediate rank, its status had improved significantly.

Considering the paid bonuses for enhancement chances, he had likely spent a considerable amount of gold as well.

“Will you attempt to enhance further?”

“That’s… I’m still thinking about it.”

Seo Jun-ho furrowed his brows. There were still 72 hours left for us to stay on the seventh floor and perform enhancements, so he planned to decide after thinking it over, observing other players’ enhancement rates.

[The guidebook has been transmitted.]

A message appeared on the sage’s status screen at just the right moment.

[Guidebook: The following are the enhancement probabilities for your reference:]

1. No rank → Low rank 70%

2. Low rank → Intermediate rank 50%

3. Intermediate rank → High rank 20%

4. High rank → Rare rank 10%

5. Rare rank → Unique rank 1%

6. Unique rank → Treasure rank 0.03%

※ Note that all items receive a luck bonus on the first enhancement.

※ Items above the treasure rank cannot be enhanced.

※ Avoid purchasing probability adjustment items, as they do not offer a good value.

※ Considering all your conditions, it is recommended to enhance up to the unique rank.

The information was quite beneficial. Through the guidebook, I became aware of the hierarchy of items below the treasure rank and the existence of items above it.

“Okay, I’m going to enhance! Those who want to watch, come over.”

I drew out my sword—the Indomitable Blade, already at the rare level. According to standard rates, the chance to enhance it to unique would be a mere 1 percent. However, it remained unenhanced in its original state, therefore, it would receive a luck bonus. Adding the effect of Nike, my chances would increase considerably.

The guidebook also backed up that it was worth a try. It was a definite go.

“You’re enhancing a rare item?”


I looked around at everyone with a broad grin.

I just hoped my success in enhancement wouldn’t encourage gambling tendencies.

– To be continued in Chapter 33 –

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