My Exclusive Tower Guide chapter 26

My Exclusive Tower Guide

Episode 26

Oh Yoon Nam quietly listened to what I had to say.

Not for a moment did he doubt my words.

Mixing together the future he already knew with the future he would experience, I provided him with the information he needed to know.

“The more I hear, the more astonishing it is.”

Honestly, I’m more astounded.

It still doesn’t feel real.

The fact that I’m having a conversation with a character from a novel face to face.

“You know all this even though you’re not a regressor?”

“Didn’t I tell you? I’m worse than a regressor.”

“Worse than a regressor… That’s impossible. No matter how good a prophet might be, they can’t know everything.”

It seems he thinks of me as a prophet.

But that’s just the limit of a character.

They are simply incapable of entertaining the idea that their world might be fictional.

I’ll just let him believe I’m a prophet.

“Do you believe everything I just told you?”

“Whether it’s truth or falsehood, I’ll have to live a bit longer to find out. But—”

“But what?”

“The plausibility seems sufficient.”

Plausible, huh?

Honestly, while reading the novel, I thought the plausibility was a mess.

But being the protagonist, he seems to have a unique way of accepting this fictional world.

And I didn’t give Oh Yoon Nam all the information.

I left out one final piece of the puzzle.

For a decisive moment that may come.

“Thank you.”

“You should be thankful. I saved you today. And I even told you the story that could resolve thousands of years of longing.”

“If the day comes when I can break the curse of regression, I think I might be able to give you everything.”

“Everything? Like what?”


Wow, chills.

But Oh Yoon Nam’s words aren’t just an empty boast.

Right now, he’s just a cadet at the academy, but soon he will hold the world’s greatest wealth and power.

But what about me?

In a couple of days, I’ll be leaving this place.

I don’t need the whole world—just a simple little item will suffice.

“I’ll pass on that empty promise.”

“If you know my future, you should understand that my words are not just an empty promise.”

“I don’t care about that. I focus on the present.”

By now, he should get the hint.

Having lived for thousands of years, he should have that much savvy.

“That’s right. The present is always the most important.”

Ah, he responds immediately. That’s a protagonist for you.

Oh Yoon Nam began to rummage through his inventory, pulling out various items.

Quite a lot comes out.

Even though I am not an appraiser, just looking at them I can tell that they are not common items.

There’s really no end to the items.

“Are you really going to give this to me?”

“Just one.”

It seemed Oh Yoon Nam wanted to see my eye for items, as he watched me with his arms crossed at the back.

Getting what I wanted, there’s no need to pretend to refuse.

Slowly, I scanned the pile of items Oh Yoon Nam laid out.

Which one to choose?

It would have been nice to cover each and every fate Oh Yoon Nam encountered in the novel, but unfortunately, many parts in the early stages were skipped, making it hard to identify which item would be the best just by looking.


I tried to squeeze out the contents of the earlier chapters of the novel from memory.

I should have gone through it one more time, if only it hadn’t been so boring.


Suddenly, I snapped to my senses.

This foolish man. There’s no need to ponder in this kind of situation.

The Ring of Nike.

I am not wearing it for nothing.

In such a case, I can surely expect at least the fortune of drawing.


I pointed somewhere without thinking.

“Armor of Theia?”


“Figures you would go for that. You probably know about the armor’s options.”

Of course, I don’t.

But by Oh Yoon Nam’s reaction, there’s no doubt I made the right choice.

[You have acquired an item.]

– Grade: Rare

– Effect: Defense +25% Increase

Just as I thought.

The options were good.

To buy similar quality armor from the store would cost me about 100,000 gold.

I really hit the jackpot.

With both weapons and armor of the Rare grade, I won’t be spending money on items for a while.

What a gracious protagonist I have met.

* * *

The third day at the academy.

It seems I’ve already adapted to life here.

Or rather, I might want to adapt.

Because that damned Tower is no place for living.

Even though this is technically the 5th floor of the Tower, it’s different here.

It strongly evokes nostalgia for the place we originally lived, cozy yet more cruel because of it.

“Tomorrow’s dungeon class teams will be announced!”

The teams were assigned based on yesterday’s results.

A total of 12 teams.

The odds of being on the same team as Oh Yoon Nam are 1 in 12, but I trusted Nike’s effect.

“Team 4! Team captain Oh Yoon Nam. Plus Woo Ji Ho, Shin Seong Beom, Ko Yong Woo, and Lee Ho Young.”

As expected.

Such draw-based events, Nike’s ability, seem truly overpowered.

It wasn’t 1 in 12 but felt more like I would have been placed with Oh Yoon Nam even if it were 1 in 1200.

Being outside the context of the novel’s world, I’m suddenly curious if it would exert the same level of ability.

All the teams were announced.

I was prepared mentally, but suddenly I felt a heaviness.

Tomorrow’s dungeon practice.

If the plot follows the novel, several dungeons, including our team’s, would have accidents.

Only our team would avoid a total wipeout.

I whispered quietly to Oh Yoon Nam.

“You know, right?”

Despite the sudden question, Oh Yoon Nam nodded.

He understood my words right away.

The novel only described things from the protagonist’s point of view.

I could not tell which team would suffer mishap.

Could it be Oh Yunnam who knows?

After all, he’s faced this ordeal every round.

“Do you know which team it is?”

To my question, Oh Yunnam answered indifferently.

“Team 4, Team 9, Team 12.”

Fortunately, he remembered exactly.

There’s a part in the story mentioning that Oh Yunnam tried desperately to cancel this dungeon practice in the early rounds.

Of course, a student’s suggestion would never be accepted.

Ultimately, Oh Yunnam had to hear the news of a comrade’s death every single round.

“It’s one of the hardest moments, isn’t it?”

He spoke calmly, but Oh Yunnam’s expression looked bitter.

Team 4 is us, but what about Teams 9 and 12?

I rechecked the team assignments of our comrades.

“Chae Iseul is in Team 9?”

“Yes, with Son Seoyeon.”

Chae Iseul’s expression darkened slightly, seemingly worried about being teamed up with Son Seoyeon.

Why on earth Team 9?

Still, it’s rather fortunate to be in the same team as Son Seoyeon.

There’s no way the slaughterer blessed by the tower could die on just the fifth floor.

That madwoman can surely change the story of the novel.

The question is whether Chae Iseul will also survive.

Suddenly, I felt like I understood all the agonies Oh Yunnam must have gone through.

Team 12 is also a problem.

“Kim Seyoung, you’re in Team 12?”

“Yeah! I’m the team leader! Kukuku.”

The fool doesn’t know anything, laughing because he got a hat to wear.

I’m more worried about him than Chae Iseul.

After all, his team’s power might be far weaker than that of Son Seoyeon’s.

If left as it is, they might be annihilated just like in the novel.


Seeing him laugh just made it hurt more.

All I could do was wish him good luck.

* * *

After the team allocations were announced, Professor Shin Donghoon’s practical lesson continued.

Today’s theme was evasion training.

“What do you think made Yun Suhyun the best hunter in our country?”

At Professor Shin’s question, all the students answered.

“Isn’t it her unique speed?”

“Yes, speed. But it’s not just the speed that’s fast. Highly trained reflexes! Have you ever seen Yun Suhyun come out of a dungeon with even a speck of dirt on her clothes?”

This was also described in the novel.

An S-rank hunter’s distinctive ability to evade any attack from monsters.

Professor Shin Donghoon announced he would demonstrate an evasion himself.

He lifted a bucket filled with water.

“Who will volunteer to try? If you succeed, I’ll reflect it in your grades.”

The mission was simple.

To make at least one drop of water spill from the bucket within a minute.

Then, an unexpected message rang out.

[A Sub Quest has appeared.]

1. Objective: Succeed in Professor Shin Donghoon’s mission.

2. Reward: One use of Perfect Shield.

3. Failure: Loss of 1000 gold.

A Perfect Shield?

From the name alone, I could guess, but checking the information confirmed it was indeed an amazing item.

A magical item that could completely block any attack.

Though limited to a single-use consumable, it was essentially another life.

Even if I failed, just a loss of 1000 gold.

There was absolutely no reason not to try.

And I knew very well how Oh Yunnam succeeded in the novel.

The key was to volunteer before he did.

“I will give it a try.”

Professor Shin Donghoon looked at me indifferently.

“What was your name again?”

“Lee Hoyoung.”

Even my name isn’t known, set aside as some student blinded by grades and overstepping.

“Are you sure you want to try?”

“Yes, just give me a chance.”

I was somewhat confident.

Judging by Son Seoyeon’s expression, she seemed to be wishing for me to fail, probably wanting to go next.

That’s why one needs to be quick, all about the difference in agility stats.

“Then come on up.”


Oh Yunnam smiled at me, his expression almost predicting success.

It’s a little pressure.

Just because Oh Yunnam could doesn’t mean I can.

Oh Yunnam’s strategy in the novel was very simple.

He knew Professor Shin Donghoon’s evasion pattern that repeated every round.

He remembered the scene of going around in the reverse direction along the attacking student’s body.

“Then I will attack.”

“Don’t hesitate and come on.”

Clearly, Professor Shin Donghoon was a master beyond my reach.

The same would be true even if the volunteer was Oh Yunnam.

But all I had to do now was not beat the old professor.

Just one drop of water would suffice for success.

Knowing the pattern meant there was no reason I shouldn’t be able to do it.


I lunged into Professor Shin Donghoon’s embrace.

For a moment, the professor’s bald head reflected the sunlight, blinding me.

My eyes dazzled, but I was certain of my next move.

This wasn’t about reaction; it was all about prediction.

And if the prediction was accurate, there was little reason to fail.


My fist struck the bucket held by the professor.


Cheers erupted.

A result beyond expectations from the initial rush.

The splashing water slightly wetted Professor Shin Donghoon’s bald head.

“Lee Hoyoung actually did it?”

“Why is he suddenly like this?”

[You have cleared the Sub Quest.]

[You have received Perfect Shield as a reward.]

Suddenly, my inventory felt a lot heavier.

I had gained an extra life.

It’s regrettable that I can only stay here for four days.

I’m confident I could sweep through the quests.

– To be continued in Episode 27 –

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