Mightiest Melee Magician Chapter 98


Mightiest Melee Magician

Chapter 098

In response to my question, the dean replied in a very light-hearted tone.

“By now, he should be in the auditorium.”

“…The auditorium?”

“He said he had something to say to the juniors and requested to use the auditorium. So, I granted permission.”

The auditorium

A place that’s rarely used unless for school events that require accommodating a large number of people, like the end of term ceremonies, the beginning of term, or examinations.

Just how many students was he planning to spread his ‘nonsense’ to by borrowing the auditorium of all places?

I didn’t know for sure, but his shrewd tactics were certainly on par with those of an academy’s top student.

“Will you go now?”



As I responded, the dean murmured in a very low voice.

“I think it was a good decision to lend the auditorium to Jackill Garyhill.”

Was it a good decision to lend it?


With so many people gathered, it certainly wouldn’t be easy to refuse…

Could it be that all of this was part of his calculations?

“Go on then, before he moves somewhere else.”

“Ah, yes.”

The dean….

Clearly, he was a much more formidable person than I knew.

Wasn’t this scheme just as good as one from the Flame King Teron himself?

“Well then, I shall take my leave.”

“I’ll be waiting for some interesting news.”

Leaving the dean’s office, I immediately headed to the auditorium to find Jackill Garyhill.


The corridor to the auditorium felt eerily ‘chilly.’

Likely because a considerable number of students were gathered there.

And that was indeed the case.


As I opened the auditorium door to enter, the students inside all turned to look at me in unison…

“Wow, how many people are there?”


There were easily more than 50 people present.

And standing upon the podium of the auditorium, quietly watching me, was our esteemed graduate representative inflating the students’ ambitions—Jackill Garyhill.

His gaze carried a mix of ‘curiosity’ and ‘displeasure,’ seemingly asking with his eyes:

‘Why are you here?’


The scene seemed like a party where Garyhill’s next head and prospective mages were gathered, promising a rosy future.

I had turned into an ‘uninvited guest,’ crashing the event…

Well, so be it.

I gave a sly smile and greeted Jackill Garyhill.

“So you’re here?”

“Why do you say that? You knew and came looking for me.”

“Yes, that’s correct. Otherwise, why would I be here? The rotten stench is even wafting all the way to the main gate.”

“…What do you want, finding me like this?”

I walked up the auditorium toward him.

Then, ascending to the stage, I addressed Jackill Garyhill with a very ‘polite’ demeanor.

“I came here because I have a ‘favor’ to ask you.”

“…A favor?”

A favor.

The word ‘favor’ coming from my mouth seemed entirely unexpected to Jackill, as he furrowed his brows.

It was as if he was questioning, ‘What are you up to?’

While Jackill Garyhill showed a very cautious reaction, Mikel Garyhill standing beside him burst into laughter and said.

“A favor? Ha! Are you finally surrendering? Right. I knew someday those words would come from you. But what can I do? Our Garyhill doesn’t need an oddity like you. Perhaps if you kneel and plead, I might reconsider…

“Don’t get the wrong idea. It’s not that kind of favor.”

I continued, without so much as glancing at Mikel, addressing Jackill Garyhill directly.

“I’ve heard you’ve received an offer from the dean. He suggested that during next week’s Knight’s Union class, the students could have a joint lesson together with you.”

“…And then?”

Jackill Garyhill’s eyebrows twitched.

He seemed to have already guessed what I was about to say.

Of course, the answer was also predictable.

But could you really refuse this offer?

“Please allow it. The joint class with the graduates like yourself.”

“…Ha, a joint class?”

With the mention of a joint class, the whole crowd started to buzz.

“Are we really going to have a class with Senior Jackill? Is that true?”

“So, we’ll get to see the seniors’ skills up close?”

“Senior Jackill Garyhill is the youngest top magician in the kingdom! To witness such a senior’s skills, this is amazing!”

The overall mood was positive.

However, there were also those with unexpected concerns among the crowd.

“Wait a minute. Then, does that mean we might actually see Ruin and the senior battle it out on the same stage?”

“Oh? Yeah, that’s possible.”


Under these circumstances, what reaction would Jackill Garyhill display?

He would surely refuse.

The first rejection would be, like probing, a very gentle pushback.

“Why should I?”

“Why would I have to attend such a class? Do you think that would be necessary for us graduates? We have spent years in real combat as professionals. Such a class is absolutely unnecessary and, frankly, a waste of time. Aren’t you underestimating us?”

Just as I expected.

As I’d said before.

At best, I’d break even; at worst, I’d face utter embarrassment.

That’s why it is essential for the graduates to stand on the same stage as us.

Because they need to be humiliated.

To show everyone that the ‘Garyhill’ name is all but a castle built on deceitful plays, they must be taught.

Thus, in response to their expectations, I replied with an astounded tone.

“That’s why…”

“…This is a bit ridiculous.”


“Wasn’t the purpose of the seniors visiting the academy to improve our skills and pass on the Noha techniques?”

“Yes, that’s why I’m giving you a ‘special lecture’.”

“Isn’t a joint class a great opportunity for the juniors to learn from the outstanding abilities of the seniors up close? And yet, you dismiss it as ‘that sort of class’ every time.”

“To you juniors, it may be an important class, but for us graduates, it’s not much help…”

“You emphasize so much that ‘Garyhill is one collective,’ and yet you refuse a ‘request’ that’s for the growth of your juniors. Or is there another reason for your refusal?”

When I looked at the students gathered in the auditorium, Jackil Garyhill surveyed the atmosphere with a somewhat flustered look.

The students wore expressions of curiosity, wondering why the ‘respected senior Jackil’ would reject such a request.

I muttered to them, “…For example, are you scared…”


This wasn’t a request; it was a provocation.

A move designed to scratch the pride of Jackil Garyhill, the youngest-ever ‘Court Chief Magician’ in the kingdom.

It was a very effective statement.

“Scared? Who? Me? Scared of you? Ha, that’s ridiculous…”

Jackil Garyhill hid his surprise, attempting to appear nonchalant, but his pupils were minutely shaking.

It had the desired effect.

He started to blather on.

“Kid. You may have won the grand competition, but as a student, you still lack real-world experience. Unlike you, I’m a wizard who’s honed my skills through actual combat. In the face of a real fight, you’re just an inexperienced child attempting a futile provocation… Have you ever even killed a person?”

So much talk.

I’ve faced real swords innumerable times.

And I’ve ‘almost’ killed a person.

To think such trivial things could measure one’s skill…

It wasn’t worth responding, so I brought us back to the point.

“…If that’s not the reason, then please accept. Not for us seniors, but for the juniors.”

“Ha. We keep going around in circles, but why should we bother with such annoying matters…”

“Yes! We want to see the senior’s skills!”


‘For the juniors.’

Upon hearing this, one of the students who had been listening quietly to our conversation shouted out.

“That’s right! Skills honed in real combat… We’re so curious!”

“Show us!”

Jackil Garyhill’s eyebrows twitched again.

Then, the oblivious Michel Garyhill poked his brother in the ribs and delivered the final blow.

“Bro, why hesitate? Just accept it.”

“…Hey. Keep your mouth shut and be quiet…”

“Ah, why? Just use this opportunity to completely smash that brat in front of everyone.”


“Luin Ardell. You, you will regret this proposal for a long time. If you think my brother is like me, you’re making a grave mistake. He’s a truly powerful magician.”

“That’s right, that’s right.”

With everyone united.

In this situation, could ‘our respected senior’ really refuse?

No, absolutely not.

“Huff… These kids… Alright.”

Jackil Garyhill looked troubled in many ways, but he couldn’t show that for long.

Here in the large auditorium were dozens of adorable juniors who believed and followed him only.

In front of these young lambs, he had to show the strong image of a master, and he had to show the relaxed demeanor of a senior.

Thus, the answer was set.

“…Alright. It’s a hassle, but… I will accept for my juniors.”


“Yes. The joint session with the knights? I guess the trainee knights from Foldren will come?”


“I’ve always faced official knights, so trainee knights should be a breeze… You’ve heard, right? The Silver Knight Order, the kingdom’s finest knights protecting the princes. I’ve squared off against them daily as if just having breakfast. Alright. I’ll show you. The way a wizard faces a knight.”

Ah, is that so?

The Silver Knights I’ve seen were all dull and stupid.

However, it wasn’t worth bursting their bubble in this euphoric moment.

Just enjoy this moment to the fullest.


Jackil Garyhill’s confident response triggered an explosion of anticipation among the students, and their cheers erupted.

Jackil Garyhill enjoyed the cheers, maintaining a relaxed façade to the end.

“Luin Ardell. I refused to give you a chance to shine in class, as it might reduce your opportunities. Are you really okay with that? Even for the sake of your grades… If you want, we can pretend this never happened…”

How generous of him.

“No. Please do it. I insist.”

“…Well, if you insist.”

He extended his hand to me as if playing the role of ‘the generous senior.’

“Let’s do our best.”

A handshake.

But this handshake was the worst move Jackil Garyhill could have chosen.


I smiled slyly, firmly grasping Jackil Garyhill’s hand.

And with just a slight amount of pressure…


Jackil Garyhill’s face went pale in an instant, trying to pull his hand away, but I didn’t let go.

On the contrary.

“Then, I’m counting on you, senior.”

“This, this is…”

As I pulled him toward me, I whispered in a voice only Jackil could hear.

“…Look forward to it.”


Because petty skills won’t work here.


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