Mightiest Melee Magician Chapter 95


Mightiest Melee Magician

All-Powerful Sorcerer Episode 095

However, judging by their reactions, it seemed that they had already anticipated my rejection of both offers.

“Hmm… I expected this, but hearing it directly still cuts deep.”

“I understand. After all, treasured valuables are indeed meant to be valued as such. Is not the story of the legendary scribe Jaygis, who refused the offer of the Empire’s founding emperor three times, well known to you?”

Was it because they had already guessed?

They did not give up easily.

“As you may know, despite refusing the founding emperor’s proposal three times, Jaygis eventually joined the emperor, and together they created what is now the renowned Raynac Empire Federation.”

To bring up the story of the first emperor Raynac and the legendary scribe Jaygis…

Surely, he is not comparing himself to the founding emperor, is he?

“I would like to liken our meeting today to the first encounter of the founding emperor and Jaygis. A kind of second coming… Haha!”

…It seems I was right.

But, Your Highness.

It seems you didn’t know that the founding emperor Raynac was also a nine-star knight?

“Do not be too hasty in your refusal. Moreover, you haven’t even heard my proposal yet, have you?”

“Though I hate to agree with my brother, he speaks the truth. Please consider our offer once more. If I become king, I could potentially hand over the entire magic sector of the Redian Kingdom to you…”

“Humph! Who dares claim to become king? Our father still lives, how can you speak such disrespect!”

“Yes. After my father, it is my turn. If not me, then who do you suggest could become king? My brother? Heh. The political power has already tipped in favor of our faction. You know this well…”

The headache starts to build.

Despite my clear refusal, they persist with their offers.

Isn’t this just going in circles?

“I apologize, but no other offer is necessary. My decision is made.”

“This is your second refusal, then. Is there only one left? The final offer must be made with even greater care.”

“No. You could make a third or fourth offer, but the result will be the same. I am not scribe Jaygis; I have my own duties as ‘Ruin Ardell’.”

“…You have duties, you say?”


“May I inquire what these are?”

But, I cannot simply turn them into outright enemies.

After all…

I am a citizen of the kingdom, and Ardell belongs to the Redian Kingdom.

Eventually, one of these two will become king.

I may need their assistance in the future.

What should I do?

How do I stay clear of being a pawn to them and also not make an enemy of them, while making them feel ‘favorable’ towards me?

Of course, I have complete control over the situation.

“I plan to return to my homeland.”

“Your homeland? You mean the Ardell domain?”


The word ‘homeland’ brought a strange flush to the faces of the princes.

“Does this imply… That even after graduation, you do not intend to leave the kingdom?”

“Of course.”

At least, I did not speak of leaving the kingdom or joining the crown prince of the empire.


“While I cannot pledge to be subservient to you, princes, as a citizen, should the kingdom be in peril and my aid is needed, I could lend a hand.”

“Oh! That is music to my ears.”

This could be perceived as ‘favorable’, depending on how it’s heard.

A neutral tone.

Meaning, I have no interest in your power struggle; do not bother me.

However, if my strength is needed, I am willing to help.

It leaves a certain ‘possibility.’

And I plan to actively use this to my advantage.

“The affairs of Ardell are not so straightforward. As a member of my family, I hope you will understand my desire not to turn my back on my home purely for my own advancement.”

A neutral stance.

A hint of opportunity left open.

With that, subtly dropping a hint of something ‘needed’ was indeed an excellent choice.

“…Is Ardell facing difficulties? Is there trouble there?”

“It would be wrong for the kingdom’s future to be clouded by needless concerns. Speak freely. I, Crosster Redian, the first prince, will support you wholeheartedly, whatever the issue may be.”

“No, it’s better to discuss it with me. Do you need money? Or supplies? Just give me a hint, and I can lend my aid wholeheartedly…”

“Stay out of it! I’m the one talking to our distinguished guest!”

“Please do not interrupt, brother. Didn’t I ask first?”

What’s clear is this.

I will probably not choose sides between them in their lifetime.

Why, you ask?

It is to my advantage to keep them competing against each other until one becomes king.

The princes, while failing to accomplish their true purpose for visiting the academy, were able to walk out of the reception room with bright smiles on their faces.

At least they managed to attain one harvest:

Ruin Ardell.

I have confirmed that Ruin will not take sides with anyone.

Although not joining one side is a loss, the pesky twins, both older and younger, remain a fight worth having as long as they do not ally against me.

Moreover, I have also expressed my willingness to help the kingdom when needed, thus confirming my ‘loyalty.’

This counts as fulfilling the purpose of their visit.

It was no wonder the princes’ steps lightened up and their expressions became joyful.

“I’m thinking of sending a fine gift for your graduation, may I hope you won’t turn it down?”

“Rest assured. My gift will certainly be more splendid than my brother’s.”

“Gifts are fine. But please, just remember what I asked of you.”

“It is not an ask, Ruin. It is my duty to aid the prosperity of Ardell as it benefits the nation. If anything, I regret not having taken action earlier.”

“As for you, there’s no need to worry. Just focus on your graduation.”

“Thank you.”

My request.

For the approval of various plans that Ardell wishes to execute soon.

And for military support to coincide with the timing of a ‘punitive expedition.’

Naturally, it was approved.

Everyone rushed to offer assistance, so the proceedings went without a hitch.

I was a bit surprised.

Could it be this easy?

All of the petitions carefully prepared by Ardell had been previously ignored…

Now, a single word was enough.

It seems this is the power of authority.

“Now, lower your hands.”


As I came out into the spring garden with the princes, the same knight was still kneeling with his hand raised.

“I said to lower your hand.”


Upon the first prince’s order, the knight’s expression wilted as he stood up and cast a resentful glance at me.

But that was all.

He silently clenched his mouth without uttering a word.

“This Ruin Ardell is the future and treasure of our kingdom. I unofficially appoint him as a protector of the royal family, and you knights should be careful in your conduct.”

“…A protector!”

Being appointed a protector.

It means I would be among the closest to the royal family, receiving exceptional treatment regardless of station.

Within the kingdom, no one could disrespect me, except for the royal family themselves.

Of course, it’s unofficial, but the power recognized by the princes is as good as official.

It seems I’ve gained the princes’ limitless trust.

Though I personally have little interest in this.

“…I beg your pardon for my earlier rudeness.”

As the scolding knight apologized to me, I smiled faintly and responded.

“That’s alright. Since we’ve met here, may I ask a question?”



“Ask me anything within my knowledge, and I shall answer.”

What I’m curious about.

“You are the chief of the Silver Knight Order, if I’m not mistaken… How would you rate your skills?”

The Silver Knight Order.

A prestigious order responsible for the protection of royal blood, it implies the standing of the kingdom’s second-ranked knights.

What then could be the level of skills held by such an order’s commander?

The knight, perhaps a bit more confident now, straightened his shoulders and answered with a sure voice.

“Well, if I may say so myself… within the kingdom, I am among the top three knights. A six-star knight.”

“Six stars?”

“Yes. The commander of the Golden Knight Order is the only seven-star knight in the kingdom, followed by me and Guldren Pirante, captain of the Folgren Knight Order.”

“…I see.”

It seems, however, that their ranks need to be adjusted down a level.

Back in my homeland, we have ‘The Tiger of Ardell,’ Sir Volvar Felten, who is already looking beyond eight stars.

“In any case, the Redian Kingdom is a traditional knightly nation, isn’t it? As long as I stand guard, the royal family is safe. Hahaha!”

The knight finally regained some sense of pride, laughing as if his self-esteem had been restored, but I shook my head sadly at the disappointing level of skill.

After all, there’s a reason why it’s a small country.

The protectors of the royal family are merely six-star knights…

How can such a weak force call itself ‘a nation of knights’?

“Protecting the royal family is important, of course, but please also take good care of the good people of the kingdom.”


“During the break, I encountered some atrocious thugs in the eastern regions. They were killing good people, even buying and selling them. Surely, crimes like these should not happen in a ‘nation of knights,’ right?”

One cannot spit in a smiling face.

As I smiled and broached the topic, the knight’s face contorted, and the princes came to my support.

“What, such an incident occurred? As the first prince leading this kingdom, this is intolerable. Montero, go and investigate at once.”

“…Uh, what?”

“On the authority of the kingdom’s second prince, I command you, Montero. Lead the entire Silver Knight Order down and survey the whole kingdom immediately. If you find those engaging in the vile deeds Ruin mentioned, arrest them all.”

Caught off guard, the commander of the Silver Knight Order, Montero, was overwhelmed but what could he do?

When the prince commands, you must obey.

“How about this? Is it sufficient?”

“Ruin, remember it was not my brother but I who gave the order.”

Both the first and the second princes.

They were eager to score points with me, and I gave them a fitting smile in response.


Your Highnesses, how simple.


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