Mightiest Melee Magician Chapter 92


Mightiest Melee Magician


Unexpectedly, the ‘unwanted visitors’ who found their way to Hanson’s house started pounding on the door and soon resorted to kicking it down.

“That damn wizard from earlier. We should rip him to pieces and kill him…. Instead, I’ll take down every last one of you thugs today.”

“Kill them? We should sell them off.”

“Well…. That man’s face was quite handsome, wasn’t it? There would be some who fancy that kind of face, right?”

“Keke. Say that again and you’re just nagging.”

Unaware of what was about to happen next, they exchanged sickening dialogues.

Filthy bastards.

I was considering going to them myself, but look, they came right to my doorstep?

With the ‘Moral Knuckle of Kun Kan’ firmly adorned on my hand, I abruptly stood up.



Hanson hurriedly grabbed my arm.

However, I shrugged off his hand and offered him a thin smile.

“Yes, it’s dangerous, so you stay here and protect your sister.”

“What are you going to do?”

“Earn my keep,” I said, raising my fist playfully.

“But… I can hear the voice of ‘Nettle’, one of the leaders of the Wood Knockers Guild. That guy is exceptionally dangerous. It’s reckless to go alone…”

“Didn’t I tell you? I’m pretty strong.”

Then, another shout came from outside.

“Stop hiding and come out already, we can hear you chatting away!”

“See? They already heard everything. Can’t avoid it now.”

As Hanson trembled, I handed him a long sword.

“Don’t be afraid this time. Do your best to protect someone precious.”

Precious, his sister.

Hanson’s gaze met his sister’s.

In a single moment, he overcame the ‘panic’ that had dominated his body and mind and changed his expression to one of resolve.

Lifting his sword, he faintly nodded.

“I’ll try.”

“Good look in your eyes, Hanson.”

With that taken care of…

Now, I just need to move forward.

I strode toward the door and flung it open.

“Ha! Finally came out, didn’t you? You punks hiding…”

“Looking for me?”

“…Ma, mage? Why are you here…”

The thugs stepped back upon seeing my face instead of the expected one and I asked them in an icy tone,

“What were you insisting on doing to me again?”

“That, well…”

Were they saying something about ripping my limbs to shreds?

I see.

One, two, three, four…

Over twenty men could be seen – a considerable force…

“Just this many?”

Nowhere near enough to tear me apart.

They weren’t trained knights or wizards.

“Don’t be afraid! He may be a wizard, but there are more than 20 of us!”

“That’s right! If we don’t give him time to cast his magic, we win!”

“Charge him altogether!”

Shing, shing, shing!

Each thug drew their weapon and charged at me.

Without hesitation, I leaped forward.

At the same time.

‘Steel Breaker.’

I targeted the long sword of the thug closest to me.

A newly learned skill.

‘Steel Breaker.’

The effect was tremendous.


As soon as my fist touched the sword, the ‘steel’ part of the blade, excluding the crossguard made of copper, disintegrated into dust.

“What was that just now?”

“Is he, is he not a wizard?”

Psychological advantage.

The most assured method to dominate in battle.

Witnessing the destruction of the sword by nothing but a punch, they hesitated to charge.

After such an atmosphere set in…

Next was simple.

The preliminaries were done, now it was time to cook.

I lightly kicked off the ground and headed straight into the center of the thugs.

Then, I slammed my fist toward the ground.

Ching! Chang!

The earth around the point of impact froze, trapping about ten thugs by their ankles.

Then I indiscriminately showered them with punches.

Every touch, a burst.

Explosions erupted one after another, blood spurted everywhere, and screams rent the air.

Without mana barriers or armor for magical protection.

Pure, 100% real combat.

Realizing belatedly that this was the first time I had used life-threatening magic against people in such a realistic way,

I did not stop.

“Argh! Aaaaah! My arm! My aaaaarrrm!”

The oath for the break?

The Dean would surely approve.

These guys were less than human; they were scum that didn’t deserve even a shred of sympathy or pity.

Not a trace of mercy.

If I hesitated, I would appear weak.

Their atrocities would continue if unchecked.

I needed to show them decisively.

So they would never dare to bare their fangs again.

The life lessons I learned at the Academy, painful as they were to accept,

“This, this is insane……”

Arms and legs blasted by the explosions were severed, soaring through the air, transforming the area into a battlefield in an instant.

Ten men.

Each of whom had lost something precious, was writhing on the ground, moaning.

Their eyes held a look that was beyond fear.

That was, despair.

The eyes of utter abandonment.

And for those still standing, it was no different.

Clang! Clang!

“Ma, Mage, please… Just, just spare our lives…”

“Please, please, I beg you. I have comm…committed a sin deserving death…”

They knelt, each dropping their weapons to the ground.

They painfully experienced that nothing more could be achieved.

Of course…

“…You bastard! If you so much as flinch, I’ll slit this girl’s throat.”

Not everyone had made the same choice.

When five people come together, one will always make a ‘different’ choice.

And this choice often turns out to be the ‘wrong’ one.

The consequences of a choice are the responsibility of the chooser.

“You fools! Get up now!”

The man who looked like the boss of the ‘Wood Knockers Guild’ had already taken Hanson’s sister hostage inside the house.

He held a knife to her neck, screaming at his subordinates who had lost their will to fight.

“You nitwits! Get up now and kill that mage!”

But no subordinate moved.

Fear had taken over their reason.

I took another step closer to the man.

“Are you the boss of these guys?”

“Yes! I am the third boss of the Oak Tree Guild, Whirlwind ‘Nettle’. If you’ve heard me, then stop sneaking up and kneel right there, you bastard!”

Whirlwind Nettle.

I don’t know how strong he was…

But Hanson, who had been protecting his sister, was already stabbed in the abdomen by Nettle’s dagger, bleeding.

I had to resolve it.

I took another step closer to Nettle.


“Don’t come closer!”

In a panic, Nettle’s dagger shallowly cut Hanson’s sister.


Red blood formed a line on her neck as I halted, Nettle arrogantly laughed out loud and shouted.

“Ha! You think I can’t kill her? Just try and see. If you move a finger, I’ll plunge this knife into her throat.”

“Understand? Now kneel down, you bastard!”

A hostage…

Damn it.

They don’t teach you how to deal with this at the academy.

Even if I rush in as quickly as I can now and crush Nettle’s skull, I can’t prevent Hanson’s sister from getting hurt.

The chief’s will.

If I summon Kun Kan’s apparition, I could hit with magic from a greater distance, but…

That would also be difficult.

If he sees the giant ogre, Nettle might panic and use his dagger first.

Then what should I do?

My gaze settled on Hanson, who lay on the ground.

‘If it’s that distance…’

If I could just reach Nettle from Hanson’s position…

Before the dagger pierced the throat, Nettle would be blown away.


“…Let, let her go…”

Hanson seemed too weak even to stand…

It must be me.

There was only one option that immediately came to mind.

Trick Nettle with illusion magic, and while invisible, approach him using transparency magic.

This was all I could do.

“Fine. I’ll surrender. Just let my sister go.”

After inducing slight complacency, I slowly raised my hands above my head.

Then, pretending to kneel slowly, I used the illusion magic.

The illusion of me kneeling was created and at the same time, I used transparency magic.

“Keke! I don’t know where you learned your magic, but… for all your confidence… what a sight.”

It was a success.

I had distracted his attention completely.

But time was running out.

Since the deception wasn’t through a physical dummy but through the simple illusion spell,

The illusionary ‘me’ can’t talk or be touched, because it would pass right through.

“You useless fools! Quickly get up and tie up that mage! I’ll make sure to kill him very slowly, so he begs for death.”

If someone approached me, it was only a matter of time before I was discovered.

I had to finish it before then.

“Get up quickly, will you! Why dawdle?”

“Eh? Oh, yes.”

Fortunately, the subordinates were half in a daze and slow to respond.

Using transparency magic, I quickly approached Nettle.

One, two, three…

Closing the gap in an instant, I was about to launch at Nettle.


U | W

Someone beat me to it – Hanson.

He had sprung from the ground like lightning, driving the long sword into Nettle’s neck.

“Kuh, keuk…”

Not even Nettle himself comprehended what happened as it all unfolded in the blink of an eye.

“Ha… haa…”

Hanson, covered in blood, didn’t know how he had managed it, but he quickly composed himself, hugged his tear-streaked sister, and hid her behind him.

“If you come any closer… I’ll kill you like your boss.”

What was this?

This intense energy.

I instinctively sensed it.

On the brink, Hanson had taken a step up.


“Would you still dare to besiege me!”

My instincts were not wrong.

In Hanson, who was now exuding an intangible ‘force’ and scolding the thugs, lay…

A talent far superior to anyone else.


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