Mightiest Melee Magician Chapter 91


Mightiest Melee Magician

Full Power Mage Episode 091

“…I’ve heard of it. Your name.”

I already had a guess as to where this boy might have heard my name.

There was no need to even mention that I was the grand competition champion.

The boy belonged to the Foldren domain’s squire, he had said.

Foldren domain.

Wasn’t there only one knight I knew of in this place?

“Sir Gultar Pirante. Right?”

“H-how did you know?”

The boy’s eyes went round as I mentioned the name of Sir Gultar.

He must think of me as not a mage, but some sort of astrologer…

Listen here. You’ve got it all wrong.

“I overheard your conversation earlier. You mentioned you were a squire from Foldren. And I thought Sir Gultar might have been spreading stories about me.”

“Yes, my captain said that there’s an incredibly strong mage in the academy.”

“Well, never mind my story. Shouldn’t we hurry to save your sister?”


Ignoring my unconscious comrades, I pointed to the troublemakers who were running off, saying each man for himself, and leaving others behind.

The boy, as if snapping out of it, quickly got up and ran to his sister, untying the ropes binding her hands and mouth.



So his name was Hanson.

Hanson and his sister embraced each other, shedding tears as if they hadn’t met in a very long time…

While their extraordinary sibling bond was truly heartwarming to see, I felt a bit shy and took a step back, thinking of Luina.

Then, I considered chasing after those fleeing ‘Tree Stump Gang’ to teach them a lesson for tormenting this brother and sister.

But meddling too deeply in someone else’s affairs seemed like overstepping my bounds, so I shook my head.

That’s right.

A mage with a sense of justice who leaps into action without tolerating injustice.

That much was enough.

I climbed back onto my horse’s saddle and lightly took hold of the reins.

That’s when it happened.

“Wait a moment, please!”

Hanson’s sister called out to me and, after wiping tears from her cheeks, she said,

“Thank you for helping us. As a token of our gratitude, would you allow us to offer you a meal…?”

A meal.

I had been planning to grab lunch anyway…

“If it’s not too much trouble… I would appreciate it.”

Perhaps extending this connection with these siblings a little bit longer isn’t a bad idea?

Hanson and his sister’s home was, to be precise, not exactly within the Foldren domain.

It was a small village a fair distance away from the domain…

I was surprised that even in the bustling eastern region such secluded places existed.

“Please excuse the modesty, but come inside.”

Modest, yes.

How should I put it…?

Somehow, it reminded me of Ardel and felt more at ease.

“I’ll do just that, thank you.”

I bowed lightly and entered the house.

“There’s no one else in. Father is probably laid out on some tavern floor around this time.”

“Ah… yes.”

The girl relayed such serious matters as casually as saying ‘The neighbor must be out for a walk at this time of day’.

Was this innocence or something else?

I couldn’t tell.

Inside, the house was cozier than I had imagined, but I showed no outward reaction and took a seat.

“I will get the food ready in a moment. Please wait for a bit!”

“Please, take your time, no need to rush for me.”

With whatever was hastening her, Hanson’s sister dashed into the kitchen.

Sure enough, crash!

I heard the sound of dishes breaking.

“Don’t worry about me! I am fine, you don’t have to mind me!”

Really? Are you sure?

I threw a surprised glance at Hanson, and he shook his head, familiar with such accidents, saying,

“That’s just like her to be clums…”

Why did he suddenly switch to formal speech?

“Oh, anyway… Thank you for earlier…”

“Speak comfortably. Why are you suddenly speaking formally?”

“But you are… no, I meant you’re nobility, and I’m…”

“How old are you?”

“I’m sixteen…”

“Same here. So just speak as you normally would.”


“Enough with the buts. If that formality makes you uncomfortable, could you at least speak comfortably in honorifics? Stop being awkward about it.”

Was I pushing too hard?

Hanson looked a little deflated, and I feared he might break into tears and promise to use honorifics, but…

That wasn’t the case.

“Alright. So, we talk comfortably, agreed? No changing your mind later?”

So he preferred speaking informally.

With a snort of disbelief, I looked at Hanson, who now smiling for the first time, actually had quite a handsome face.

Probably popular with the girls, huh?

“My name’s Hanson, just Hanson without a surname. A squire at the Foldren training center. Luin… can I call you Luin?”


“I’ve heard a lot about you. Our captain talks about you every day.”

“What did he say?”

“That there’s an incredibly strong mage at the academy. Someone with the strength rivaling an ogre, though he claimed he was still stronger than you.”

Oh, really.

Sir Gultar Pirante.

Sure, I remember he and I settled our strength hierarchy with an arm wrestling match before we started learning hand-to-hand combat…

Did he say he was stronger than me?

Well, no need to assert that I’m stronger.

“He talked about you continuously for months. Luin would be stronger even if he learned swordsmanship than any of you. Throw away woman-like sword skills. Luin wouldn’t do that, and so on…”

“I see… That man really spread my stories far and wide, huh?”

“Luin. Are you close with our captain?”

“Well, somewhat. He told me to call him ‘brother.’ Though I don’t really see him like one.”

“No way, that’s amazing! To refer to the captain as ‘brother’…”

While talking about ‘Sir Gultar Pirante’, Hanson’s face lit up like that of a kid full of excitement.

“I want to become a great knight like our captain as soon as possible!”

Sir Gultar Pirante, the lone 6-star knight of the eastern region.

For Hanson, he was the strongest knight and idol he knew.

Sir Gultar is strong.

That makes him an excellent role model.


“…I’m still weak.”

I feel bad saying it, but Hilton was so weak that if he hadn’t told me he was a squire, I might not have realized.

Weak enough that it was uncertain whether he could even properly graduate from the training center, let alone become a 6-star knight.

“Actually, I’m the lowest ranked in the training center. I get ridiculed every day. A commoner who doesn’t even pay tuition, how do I manage to hang in there with such skills…”

“Everyone scorned me, but our captain was different. He said I have a talent others don’t possess. Though it’s not shining now, if I keep working hard, one day I will become stronger than anyone.”

That was the reason for Hanson’s admiration and idolization of Sir Gultar Pirante.

Hearing Hanson’s story, an old memory surfaced, and I bitterly said,

“That’s right. Effort doesn’t betray you. You may be slower than others, but if you keep yearning for it persistently, a miracle will eventually come your way.”

“Really? Do you think so?”

“Yeah. I’ve been there myself.”

“You? Luin, were you also at the bottom?”

I nodded affirmatively.


Just the same.

Just as Professor Haidel and the dean believed in me to the end.

Sir Gultar Pirante believes in Hanson.

If you don’t betray that belief and keep striving, the miracle will come.

At the most unexpected timing.

“I may not know much about swordsmanship, but you have a good look in your eyes.”

“…The captain said that too.”

“Everyone eyes the same view. So never give up and keep trying. You will undoubtedly become strong.”

A drunken father.

A clumsy but pure and kind sister.

And Hanson, though the youngest, is already the head of this household.


Hanson nodded, his face brightening a bit with newfound courage.

“It’s ready! Sorry to keep you waiting.”

Perfect timing as Hanson’s sister brought out the meal.

Bread, corn soup, stir-fried mushrooms.

And a few pieces of shriveled bacon which might only be served when honored guests visit.

A modest but warm meal,

“I’ll enjoy this meal,” I said, cheerfully picking up my utensils.

Then I shoved a big spoonful of corn soup into my mouth.

At that moment, Hanson whispered in my ear,

“Sorry, I forgot to mention this earlier, but my sister’s cooking is a disaster.”

Ah, bland.

Why are you only saying that now?

But with an innocent expression, Hanson’s sister,

“How is it? Is it good?”

Asked, and I nodded awkwardly with a strained smile,

“Yes, very… tasty.”

“Oh! That’s a relief. I was worried it might be a bit bland.”

However, my hand reflexively reached for the pepper Hanson discreetly passed to me.

I’m sorry.

It’s actually too bland.

After a rather plain meal, I took the teacup offered by Hanson’s sister.

“Thank you.”

This won’t be bland, right?


Not bad.

After the meal, I had the opportunity to listen to more of their stories…

The story of Hanson’s family was a classic tale.

Two siblings taking on the debts of their alcoholic father.

The people they owed money, of all people, were the so-called ‘Tree Stump Gang’ known for being up to no good around here.

Unable to find a way to collect the money, the thugs planned to sell Hanson’s sister into a brothel.

Hanson, trying to prevent that, had drawn his sword.

As I quietly listened to their story, I asked,

“The Tree Stump Gang? What is that place about? The name sounds cute but their actions are despicable.”

“They may sound harmless, but they’re ruthlessly cruel. If things go wrong, they tie people up at the base of a strangulation tree and behead them.”

The Tree Stump Gang.

Here, the “strangulation tree” referred to the tree stump used for executions.

Essentially, they proclaimed themselves the arbiters of death.

It’s utterly disrespectful.

“And their boss ‘Nersel’ has already stabbed four people to death with a knife. No one can touch him.”

“Doesn’t Foldren do anything about such villains?”

“The areas where they operate aren’t part of Foldren. Just a few small villages, including this one.”

“That should still warrant some guards, shouldn’t it?”

“There aren’t any. Even if there were, they’d all be at the taverns. Damned men, they couldn’t care less about us.”

The Kingdom of Ledian.

The worst weakling nation.

Every outcome has its reasons.

Thugs such as these rampant, and not a thought to capture them.

Usually, I would have ended my acquaintance with these siblings right here.

I had to return to the academy soon, and it wasn’t my place to intervene in this case.


‘Maybe I should teach them a lesson…’

The ruffians seemed worse than I thought, and I found myself wanting to give them a stern warning.

But then,

Thud thud thud!

“Come out, you sly little wretches!”

“…Shh! It’s the ‘Tree Stump Gang.’”


Rather, ‘uninvited guests,’ had arrived.

And they came.


Right to my doorstep.


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