Mightiest Melee Magician Chapter 81


Mightiest Melee Magician

Chapter 81:

It’s been three days since Irene Prius arrived in Ardell.

“I really like it here.”

Irene found the tranquil Ardell quite appealing, likely tired of the bustling city life. She spent her time reading books or strolling through the forest paths of the estate.

Of course.

“Sis! Let’s visit the alchemy workshop today!”

“Hmm, shall we?”

Luina was always by her side. It seemed Luina liked Irene more than she liked me. Initially, she seemed wary, but now I was starting to feel a bit jealous.

Regardless, except for the mornings spent on quests and physical training, I mostly had ‘secret meetings’ with the steward, Baggins.

The agenda of these secret meetings was simple.

“Young master, what are you planning to do now?”

“…I need to find something I can do.”

Finding what I could do for the estate.

The prize money of 10,000 gold.

Additionally, the 32,400 gold obtained from Monjo.

I had to consider how to use the total of 42,400 gold to help Ardell grow.

The first idea I had was ‘Monster Subjugation.’

Hiring mercenaries with the large sum to subdue monsters in occupied areas, reclaiming and cultivating the land, then selling it. It seemed like a plausible idea, but…

“The monster subjugation you mentioned earlier requires the lord’s permission, which might be difficult to obtain.”

“Yes, it’s not feasible at the moment.”

It’s something that can’t be executed immediately. It might be best to attempt it after graduating from the academy and shedding my student status.

So, what can I start right now?

Something that doesn’t require a long time to begin during the vacation and isn’t too risky for my father to approve of.

The answer to this question was found in an unexpected place—through a conversation with Irene Prius.

“But Irene, how did you get to Ardell?”

This simple question started it all.

Irene Prius. She left the capital of the Rynark Empire, Reberdine, and reached the remote Ardell. How did she get here so quickly?

There are no mana train transfer stations in the southern part of the Radian Kingdom. It takes at least ten days by horse from the academy to this isolated place.

“How, you ask?”


But Irene answered my question nonchalantly.

“It was closer than I thought. I arrived in two days from Reberdine.”

Two days?

It took me ten days to travel within my own country, but it took her only two days from a foreign country?

“How? Did you come by ship?”

“No, there are no ports in Ardell.”

“Then how…”

“I took the mana train from Reberdine, got off at Eight-Lake in the southernmost part of the empire, and…”

Irene pointed to the mountain range that beautifully encircles the right side of Ardell’s territory.

“I crossed over that mountain range from Eight-Lake. It was Ardell right there.”

She crossed the mountain range where there are no roads?

Wait a minute.

“So, you crossed the border without permission?”

“Hehe, yes.”

She was an illegal immigrant?

When I squinted at her, Irene shrugged as if it was no big deal.

I took a deep breath and asked, “Are you always so impulsive? Crossing a deserted border alone. Didn’t you consider the danger?”

I intended to scold her sternly, but…

“I think it’s not as bad as what Lord Luin did.”

Her counterattack left me speechless.

Well, if she puts it that way, I have nothing to say.

“This is a proper adventure. Hehe.”

Irene just laughed, saying, “Sometimes you need a little adventure.”

Honestly, she could be quite troublesome at times. She came all this way just to compete with me. She crossed an uncharted mountain range alone.

What if she encountered monsters or bandits?

Of course, most bandits wouldn’t dare touch even a thread of Irene Prius’s clothes.

She looked like she was raised in a greenhouse, but there’s something about her that reminds me of myself.

Not the dreary smell of my body, but a subtle sense of ‘resilience.’

As I pondered this, Irene turned back to her book and made a casual remark.

“It’s close and convenient. Why don’t they make a road?”

“Maybe there’s some issue? I don’t understand adult problems well.”

Her offhand comment felt like a bolt from the blue to me.


Just like that.

“…Indeed. Why haven’t they made a road?”

The mountain range blocking the way between the southernmost maritime free city ‘Eight-Lake’ of the Rynark Empire and Ardell in the southernmost part of the Radian Kingdom.

South Mountain.

It wasn’t named because it had no significant use, just serving as a southern border.

About 60% of this mountain range belongs to Ardell’s territory, but it’s so rugged that it’s impossible to cultivate, lacks natural resources to mine, and occasional monsters make it an abandoned area.

However, this place had another potential value.

“…Irene, how long did it take to get from Eight-Lake to Ardell?”

“About half a day. But it took that long because there were no paths. If there were proper roads, it would take less than half a day.”

A land route.

Or to be precise, a ‘trade route.’

Having the maritime free city ‘Eight-Lake’ with direct shipping routes to all ports on the continent of Prelia nearby was a significant geographical advantage.

This was the real value of South Mountain.

If we could utilize this…Having the southern trade city of Monjo always at our throats, able to threaten us at any time, might not be necessary anymore.


If we could just create a route to the Empire from the south, it would be almost like giving the estate its own power.

“…Why didn’t I think of this sooner?”

As my thoughts reached this point, a multitude of possibilities began to unfold.

Freedom from the trade city of Monjo.

The only route from the south to the Empire, Ardell.

Expanding the estate by subjugating monsters.

Building a port to engage in maritime trade…

“Luin? Is something wrong? You look…”


I nearly hugged Irene, who had unknowingly given me this ‘answer,’ but instead, I held her hands tightly.

“Thank you.”


“I think I found the solution.”

Irene, slightly taken aback by how hard I was gripping her hands, slowly raised her arms.

Startled, I quickly let go.

“Oh! S-sorry.”

“Hoho… It’s alright. But what do you mean by a solution? Are you talking about the estate problem you mentioned before?”


I said, gazing at South Mountain, beautifully framed by the window.

“Thanks to you, I’ve found the answer.”


A colossal maritime city connected by eight vast lakes extending to the sea.

No, to be precise, it’s a city-sized ‘nation.’

A member of the Rynark Empire Federation, similar to the neutral country of Altein where the Great Festival was held.

But its nature is quite different.

First, there’s no king.

Instead of a king, representatives of eight trade guilds hold the title of ‘joint representatives’ and take the place of the king.

Eight magnates who dominate continental trade gathered to create a colossal market.

They are protected by the Empire.

Thus, they rake in money like a giant enterprise.

It’s a unique structure rarely seen anywhere else, and being part of the ‘Empire Federation’ solves all issues.



A place where food is valued above all else.

To be so close to such a place with overflowing honey and gold.

Why had we been living without exploiting this treasure trove?

“What do you think?”

I shared my thoughts with my father and Steward Baggins.

Father’s expression grew serious.

I expected a positive reaction to follow this seriousness, but…



“We already tried. But all eight trade guilds of Eight-Lake rejected it. It was a failure.”

Father had already thought of this before and even attempted it.

“Rejected? Why?”

“It’s simple. From their perspective, Ardell doesn’t bring in significant profit.”

I felt slightly deflated.

This seemed the safest and most certain method among all the ideas I’d had.

And it had already failed…

And the reason was simply because it wasn’t profitable?

This was a matter of hope for us.

“Young master. The lord understands it’s a good opportunity for us, but… Trade isn’t something we can just decide to do. All eight trade guilds rejected us, so trying again would yield the same result…”


…I can’t give up like this.

“This time will be different. No, I’ll make it different.”


“Ardell has already changed a lot. It’s a small step, but things are definitely moving.”

We’ve changed.

Unlike in the past when we recklessly requested ‘trade’ without a single gold coin.

Now, I have over 40,000 gold at my disposal.

Money I can use entirely at my ‘discretion.’


“The representatives of the eight guilds won’t easily reject my request.”

After all, doesn’t Ardell now have the Great Festival champion?

“I’m more recognized in the Empire than in the kingdom.”

I flashed a mischievous smile.

But my father, Steward Baggins, and everyone here knew.

Behind this playful smile lies an earnest sincerity.

“I’ll cross South Mountain. I’ll visit Eight-Lake tomorrow and get a definite answer.”


I didn’t expect to spend it lounging at home all day, but…

I seem to be traveling a lot more than I expected.

Perhaps I really do have a wanderer’s spirit.


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