Mightiest Melee Magician Chapter 79


Mightiest Melee Magician

All-Power Mage Chapter 079

If the situation allowed for understanding through words and could be resolved with dialogue, it never would have escalated to the need for fists. What choices could I have made in a situation where a ‘reasonable conversation’ was hardly to be expected? Yes, force is the remedy. All that remained was deciding how to discipline the metaphorical frog in the well; trapped in his own ‘world’ as the most affluent man in the southern region of the kingdom. Fists are good, magic is good. It all starts with…

“Come at me. Just try taking a flick on the forehead.”

A flick.

I forcefully flipped my middle finger on the forehead of the closest soldier.



The sense of impact stuck as one soldier flew back, colliding with those behind him, disrupting their formation in a domino effect.

The next was the same.

The soldiers who drew swords and rushed at me couldn’t even graze my clothes.

The strength-augmented movements I made also extended my dynamic vision.

Their clumsy movements seemed slow enough for me to dodge.

One by one.

Left, right.

Indiscriminately hitting soldiers with both hands, Bilcos Monzo shouted with a crimson face.

“Kill him! Just kill him! If his body ends up in the basement of my gallery, I can play dumb and claim my victory!”

What? He plans to stuff my body for his collection?

This is beyond crazy.

Of course, I didn’t feel the subtle fear of ‘possession’ I’ve seen in the Crown Prince.

It was mere vulgar madness.

I know.

The end of such madness is usually…

“Let’s get hit.”

“Block him! Block that bastard!”


I pushed through the soldiers in front and charged at Bilcos Monzo.

The soldiers in the back hurried to shield him.

Chunk! Ting ting!

Spears pointed at me from all directions, and had I charged at them recklessly, I would’ve been pierced like a hedgehog from these spears… but I’m not one to submit easily.

I infused energy into the Morale Knuckles of KunKan worn on my hand.

Its unique skill ‘Chieftain’s Resolve’ activated.

《Unique Skill (Skill) Chieftain’s Resolve》

《Until your strength wanes, the first Clan Chief of the Sky Mountain, KunKan, stands behind you.》

《Above your head, the spirit of KunKan materializes and moves with you.》

《Your attack range extends by an Arm Reach of KunKan.》

《Enemies overwhelmed by KunKan’s energy are seized with boundless fear.》

《Cooldown: 1 hour》

Behind me, and precisely over my head, vaporous brown smoke began to rise.

This smoke quickly assumed a ‘form’.

The soldiers confirmed what this form was.


“Why is there an ogre here?”

A giant ogre materialized over my head.

This ogre, several times larger than a common one.

KunKan began to emanate an overwhelming presence.

“We have to run…

“If we stay here, we’re dead!”

This immense terror made the soldiers retract their spears and flee.

The skill’s effect was boundless fear.

But that wasn’t all.


Before the spears could touch me, I swung a punch, and KunKan’s phantom mimicked my movements.

Regrettably for them, KunKan’s arm reach was longer than their spear reach, and his fists sent a dozen soldiers flying at once.

Boom! Bash! Clang!

With every punch I swung at the air, KunKan sent soldiers flying like autumn leaves.

The soldiers collided with the walls on both sides of the reception hall.

‘Wow, I even have long-range attacks?’

Just as far as KunKan’s Arm Reach.

The first long-range attack method for me, who was restricted to only close combat magic.

Naturally, I could apply this with my magic.

“Explosion Mana Burst.”

I began casting this entry-level fifth-class magic, wanting to blow away this distasteful mansion entirely.

The dark mana sprinkled from KunKan’s fingertips, filling the reception hall like sensitive explosives right before ignition.

Sensing the bad omen, the quick-witted Bilcos Monzo screamed in desperation.

“No, no, no, no!”

But his scream was promptly buried.


The massive explosion consumed even the surrounding air.

♦ ♦ ♦

Flames roared!

The mansion’s reception hall was charred black, and the fire spread to the second floor.

Yet, there were no casualties.

I had controlled the size of the explosion for that purpose.

Because of the crazed master, the guiltless like maids and servants needn’t die anyway.

They fled the blazing mansion.

In contrast, Bilcos Monzo’s soldiers could only tremble in fear, unable to advance further.

But as for Bilcos Monzo…

“No, no, no! My lifetime collection of art is in there!”

He was the epitome of ‘obsession’ ridden with madness.

“My two thousand gold portrait! My seventeen hundred gold stuffed orc head!”

Art is money.

It was madness caused by money.

Bilcos Monzo gasped and shouted at me.

“I just wanted to ask you to be the guardian mage of Monzo… How dare you turn my estate into a mess!”

“A request? You threatened our lives in our territory, and have you forgotten how you endangered my life? If you start something, you should be prepared to lose something.”

“Your words! Who would believe you!”

“Really? How about we both go to the royal palace and check? Would His Highness, Prince Redian Croster, believe the Grand Tournament victor or you, a rotten scoundrel?”

The power of authority.

I’m not fond of it but it seems like a good tool to use occasionally.

Prince Redian Croster.

Though a prince who sends me daily love letters instead of attending to national affairs…

“W-wait, the prince…”

To these corrupt nobles, it’s a name akin to the grim reaper.

It’s impressively effective, a perfect ten out of ten.

“It’s finally quiet.”

With the mention of the prince’s name, Bilcos Monzo, lips sealed as if he had swallowed honey, just glares at me.

I approach him and raise my hand.

He flinches, assuming a defensive posture, and I lightly slap his shoulder.


Yet the moment my palm touches him, Bilcos staggered, and I looked down on him disdainfully.

“If you wish to end this here, you’d better obediently listen. Normalize the market price for all goods from the Ardel territory. Then, return the stolen money threefold.”

“Three times? Do you even know how much money… Ack!”


I slapped his shoulder again.

I exerted a bit more force than before, and this time he crumpled to the floor, legs giving way.

“Then make it five times. That’s compensation for the mental anguish caused to my father and our region’s citizens from your mischief.”

“Five times?! Why does the price keep rising?!”



Another hit to Bilcos Monzo’s shoulder.



Bilcos groaned in pain, clutching his now shattered right shoulder.

Sorry, I failed to control my strength.

“Let’s make it ten times. By the way, it won’t be your shoulder next time. If you’re curious where it will break and how many times the money will multiply, try talking back.”

“…S-sorry. It’s all my fault. I’ll compensate tenfold and apologize to everyone.”

He sure knows how to switch positions fast.


I couldn’t even find it worth hitting this vile human anymore.

I knew his tearful repentance was false and that his nature would never change.

He can’t be given time.

“Bring it. Now.”

Right now, when he’s still fearful of me.

I have to nail this down for certain.

Bilcos Monzo crawled back into the blazing house and emerged with bags of gold coins.

As he fled the estate, his clothes caught fire, causing him to comically shout, “Out, fire!”

Hating death as he did, he clung to the bags.


He tensed at my raised hand.


Automatically, he put down the bag.

The importance of “hands-on” education, I suppose.

Our territory’s originally lost around 3,600 gold, but in the bag was precisely ten times that amount.

“Should you harbor any thoughts of revenge on our territory over this matter, I advise you reconsider. Today I was merciful, but there won’t be a second time. If you ever see my face again, you’ll truly experience hell.”

“Yes, yes!”

A mage.

A being who, with just a hand gesture, could destroy or save the heart of a city.

As a parting gift, so to speak, I approached the still-burning mansion and struck the ground with my fist.


Then, with a crackling sound, huge ice pillars rose around the mansion, swiftly engulfing and freezing it.

“Isn’t it better to be frozen rather than burnt to ashes?”

“…T-thank you. I’ll never forget this kindness.”

“Sure. But be careful when the ice melts. You might get flooded.”

I’m not sure when exactly the frost will thaw.

With the hot summer coming, maybe it will take about a week?

“Let’s not meet again. It’s nauseating.”

As I mounted my horse and turned my back,


Bilcos Monzo cried out, needing someplace to vent his frustrations.

But his screams were separate.


The citizens of the trading city of Monzo, having watched the whole event, applauded me.

Seems they’ve suffered a lot under a wicked lord.

“Mage! Mage! Mage!”

Not knowing the details, they might think a mysterious mage had appeared and brought justice to the city.

Or perhaps that a mysterious mage had extorted the lord’s wealth.


I just wanted to reclaim our family’s honor, but it seems I’ve also inadvertently restored justice in the city of Monzo.

Either way, I’ve learned a clear lesson from this incident.

“I must become stronger.”

To not be victimized by such robbers again.

I need to increase my strength.

The power to stand tall solely under the name of Ardel.

“The vacation… will be short.”

I thought I could make the most of my vacation as I steered my horse towards my hometown, Ardel.

But then, surprise.

“Who’s arrived?”

An unexpected guest was waiting in Ardel.


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