Mightiest Melee Magician Chapter 71


Mightiest Melee Magician

All-Powerful Wizard Episode 071

“…What did you just say?”

“I said I could craft a weapon using the Tribal Chief’s canine.”

Using KunKan’s tooth to make a weapon?

“Is that possible?”

“The Tribal Chief’s canine is very heavy and hard, not everyone can handle it. But I, Omerush, am the greatest warrior of Mount Heaven and also a blacksmith. It’s possible.”


The meaning behind this in the Ogre community was akin to a human Master Blacksmith.

“The will of the previous Tribal Chief, KunKan. If possible, I would like to craft it myself.”

Wait a minute.

This was an unexpected profit.

“Do you have a preferred shape for the weapon?”

“Hold on. It’s all so sudden.”

“Take your time. After all, no one besides a Mount Heaven blacksmith can wield it anyway.”

I pondered for a moment on the question of what form I wanted the weapon to take.





But no matter how much I thought about it, the answer was already clear.

I smiled subtly and said,

“Would it be possible to make something other than a weapon?”

It had already been half a month since I entered Mount Heaven.

In that time, I resided in an empty hut on one of the smaller peaks.

Although it was called a hut, it was built to Ogre standards and was large enough to be excessive for one person.

Thanks to this, I had plenty of space to myself, allowing me to spend most of my days on physical training.

I tackled quests that I had postponed due to the hectic schedule of the grand tournament.

For endurance, I replaced running from the smaller peak to Mount Heaven’s peak.

Of course, even though I was a guest,

I didn’t just play around.

“Where are you heading today?”

“Over the Senduma Pass for a hunt.”

“A wolf hunt, I see.”

The Ogres roamed all over Mount Heaven to hunt and store food.

Every day, I would spend a few hours hunting alongside them.




And if necessary, hunting down monsters lurking all over Mount Heaven.

What surprised me was that unlike my expectation of them killing any animal on sight, the Ogres never hunted unnecessarily.

“Mount Heaven may be vast, but every resource has its limit. There are times when it’s better to leave things be for the future.”

The resources of Mount Heaven were not infinite.

It was like a promise not to disturb the cycle of nature.


I had almost forgotten, but this place was isolated from the world by a ‘barrier.’

While staying here, I naturally learned why it became ‘the domain of the Ogres.’

It was due to a magical method quite different from that of humans, one of the Ogres’ own mystical rituals.

Omerush called it a ‘sacrifice.’

And indeed, within Mount Heaven, there was a position known as ‘Priest.’

I wasn’t sure exactly what this ‘sacrifice’ entailed.

“We’ve survived to the end. Rebuilding the tribe, we wait for the day we can return outside the sanctuary.”

It was like a superstitious power that held onto ‘hope’ for reclaiming their land.

Anyway, there was one more thing that took up a large part of my day — excluding training and hunting.

That was…

“Hey, Omerush.”

“…You’ve come again, human.”

“Come out. Let’s face each other.”

“You’re persistent.”

It was arm wrestling with Omerush.

The first day, I lost to Omerush, and since then, I haven’t missed a single day of challenge in the past fortnight.

It wasn’t just about the quest.

As I kept challenging, an obstinacy grew within me that I needed to win no matter what.

Until I win.

Every single day.

But there was no turnaround.

So far, I had 15 matches and 15 losses.

It was probably an expected outcome.

I had only just become a player and started to gain strength, while Omerush was one of the greatest warriors of Mount Heaven, having trained for hundreds of years.

“Omerush. Don’t go easy on me.”

“That’s what I want.”


Breaking the iron-like arm of an Ogre many times larger than me.

It seemed impossible at first.

But as time went on, with each passing moment.


The more I accumulated ‘defeats,’ the more I learned.

“Human. If your strength is to be rated 100, you are using just 50 right now.”

“What do you mean?”

“Use the full extent of your power. See that you waste none of it.”

So that no power is wasted.

The way to ‘properly’ use power.

The method of increasing force density.

I tried to take Omerush’s advice to heart.

For 10 seconds.

20 seconds.

25 seconds.

Each day I could withstand a little longer, and by around the tenth day, I could last nearly one minute.

And that’s not all.

For an instant,

I even managed to bend Omerush’s arm more than halfway.

As time passed, Omerush truly marveled at my progress.

“Human. Your rate of gaining strength is significantly fast.”

“Is it? But it still isn’t enough to beat you.”

“No. You’ve certainly caught onto something.”

“How much longer shall I stay on Mount Heaven?”

“About three days?”

“Maybe within that time, you might beat me.”

As Omerush said,

The gap between Omerush and me was closing rapidly.

It wasn’t just because my ‘power’ had increased.

It was evidence that I had started to use the power I had properly.

And, on an afternoon with only a few days until my planned departure from Mount Heaven.

“Hey, I’m here again.”

“Let’s start right away.”

As usual, I sat opposite to Omerush on flat rock, intercepting his hand.

But somehow, it felt distinctly different.

“Are you nervous?”


“Never mind.”

Omerush was still strong, but he didn’t feel ‘solid’ as he did on the day we first clasped hands.

It wasn’t that Omerush had changed.

I had changed.

‘Maybe, I could win this time.’

With this thought, I charged power into my arm,

And our strengths collided.

However, unlike at the beginning, it wasn’t solid or stifling.

There was no negative thought that we could never overcome.

Our powers were in tight balance.

Shifting the center, finding a delicate equilibrium.

And after 3 minutes,

An eternity seemed to pass, both of us began to sweat profusely,

And even the rock we were leaning on as support shook.

As the arm wrestling turned into a test of endurance, it became a battle of perseverance.

Who wanted victory more desperately?

Who couldn’t afford to give up?

These differences shattered the tense balance, and,

In a moment, my heavy arm felt light.


Like an old tree falling, Omerush’s arm toppled with a significant sensation of falling.


…Did I win?”

Reality hadn’t quite sunk in.

17 matches.

16 losses.

And, one win.

The taste of victory savored for the first time in a long while.

It was sweet and glorious.


《The Foreigner of Mount Heaven》

《Win an arm wrestling match with Omerush: 1/1 (Complete)》

《As a reward, ‘The Pride of the Mount Heaven Ogre’ will be awarded to you.》

《You will receive ‘respect’ from all Ogres.》

Omerush spoke up.

“I’ve lost. Completely. Ruin Ardel. You continue to surprise me.”

For the first time, Omerush didn’t refer to me with the word ‘human,’ but used my ‘name’ instead.

Respect was clearly imbued in his expression.

“It seems you’re ready.”

“Ready? Ready for what?”

That’s when I instinctively sensed it.

“Could it be, it’s been finished?”

“It was completed long ago. I was just waiting for the right moment to give it to you.”

My ‘first’ weapon crafted from KunKan’s tooth was complete.

♦ ♦ ♦

“Omerush. If the weapon was ready all along, why didn’t you give it to me?”

“As I said, I was waiting. For the day you would defeat me.”

“What if I hadn’t beaten you?”

“I intended not to give it to you until you did. The will of the Tribal Chief is a crucial item for us.”

Damn that cunning Ogre.

I almost had it swiped from in front of me.

Luckily, I managed to beat Omerush during the promised period,

And thanks to that, I could check the weapon I had requested.

“Come in.”

Omerush’s forge wasn’t a simple hut but a massive cave located in the middle peak that he had repurposed.

I visited this forge every day because of arm wrestling, but entering inside was a first-time experience.

My first impression of entering here was,


It was scorching hot.

As soon as I entered, the intense heat from the anvil washed over my face.

My second impression was,

“…Is that it?”

I had expected something significant to emerge from this blazing heat.

Three other ‘blacksmith’ Ogres, excluding Omerush, hammered away at something in the forge.

What they were hammering was precisely the weapon I had requested.

A gauntlet.

“Come closer.”

As I approached, one of the blacksmith Ogres swung the hammer against the gauntlet once more.



Despite being hammered by the enormous maul, the gauntlet had not a single scratch. It was so robust that the hammer bounced off it.

This was due to ‘KunKan’s Tooth’ fragments attached to the gauntlet’s exterior.

“As you desired, I’ve fashioned KunKan’s canine into a total of 10 pieces.”

10 tooth fragments.

And he attached five of these fragments to each gauntlet.

It was a type of knuckle.

This type of weapon is rarely utilized.

It’s more commonly found among third-rate alleyway thieves or marauding monsters.

Yet, for someone like me who uses fists, it’s more valuable than any famous sword.

I didn’t need to ponder for long.

“The canine may have been divided into 10, but the Tribal Chief’s will remains strong. Even more, it became stronger.”

Omerush extended the knuckle towards me, and

I accepted it.

At that moment, a status window popped up.

“《KunKan’s Moral Knuckle》

《Creator: Omerush》


《A knuckle with fragments of the first Tribal Chief of Mount Heaven Ogre, KunKan’s canine. The 10 fragments of the tooth will remain unbroken against any physical attack and will demolish anything.》

《Upon wearing, your strength will increase by 20 million.》

《You’ve learned the unique skill ‘Tribal Chief’s Will.’》

《Potential for growth exists.》

I asked Omerush, keeping my expression unreadable.

“How many Ogre warriors are there in Mount Heaven?”

“Hmm? Roughly about one hundred and twenty. But why ask now?”

I’m not sure, but.

Fitting these knuckles.

I don’t know why confidence is surging within me all of a sudden.

But I want to try something.

I gave Omerush a sly smile and dropped a single remark.

“Could you call them all out?”


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