Mightiest Melee Magician Chapter 70


Mightiest Melee Magician

Chapter 70: The Full Power Mage

At first, I doubted my ears.

Arm wrestling, of all things?

Well, it might be the simplest and most certain proof of strength…

“Are you really okay with just that?”

“What else do we need?”

“…No, it’s fine. Alright, arm wrestling. Let’s do it.”

Given the situation, I half-expected a fight to the death to unfold, but the actual challenge seemed almost anticlimactic.

However, I had to admit my mistake for thinking an arm wrestling match with an ogre was a trivial matter.

My opponent was no ‘simple’ ogre, after all.

“Just a moment. You’re my opponent?”

“Yes! Human! I am the son of Omerukan, Omerushi!”

“…This seems somewhat mistaken.”

Ogres typically stand between 4 and 5 meters tall.

Yet, the ogre Omerushi, who had been selected as my arm wrestling opponent, boasted the biggest frame among the ogres gathered around the minor peak of the Sky Mountain.

While not as massive as ‘Giant Ogre’ Harukan, the tribe leader, he was still a good two heads taller than average and nearly twice as bulky.

Most preposterous of all was the size of his forearm.

“What kind of forearm is as tall as me…”

Exaggerating just a bit, Omerushi’s forearm was genuinely as thick as the height of an adult man.

Moreover, the size of his fist was equally absurd—it was such an outrageous matchup that I doubted if actual arm wrestling was even viable.

It was like a battle between an adult and a child.


Even a fight with an adult’s grandfather upon grandfather would be an understatement.

Yet, at this moment, it was neither the time nor the atmosphere to ask for a handicap or complain about weight classes.

“Omerushi! Crush that human to bits right now!”

“Crush him!”

“Oo! Oo oo oo!”


If I even attempted to back out of the challenge, it felt like the ogres would immediately turn their iron clubs on me and tenderize my body.

That’s when it happened.

“Human! Step forward!”

With a shove, an ogre forcefully pushed me from behind, and I stumbled forward.

The peak was already swarming with ogres excited to watch the ‘arm wrestling match between an ogre and a human.’

“Oo! Oo! Oo oo!”

Suddenly, I found myself surrounded by hundreds of animated ogres.

“The chieftain has decreed! Witness now! The noble contest between Omerukan’s son, Omerushi, and a human begins!”


Swallowing dryly, I stood before a rock that seemed specifically prepared for arm wrestling.

On the opposite side of the rock, Omerushi was lying down, elbow propped atop it, gesturing for me to grasp his hand.

I took Omerushi’s hand.

It felt awkward even to say we clasped hands; it felt more like laying my hand upon a solid rock.

At that moment, Omerushi declared,

“This is a noble fight among ogres! Omerushi, son of Omerukan! I will show no mercy even to a human!”

Right, this was the ogres’ noble way of contesting strength that had been in place for thousands of years.

To be welcomed by them, I had to follow their way.

As I cleared my mind, my fighting spirit began to rise.

“Hoo… Alright, let’s fight to the death.”

Putting force into my grip, Omerushi seemed slightly surprised, a flicker in his eyes.

“I knew you were no ordinary human, Omerushi. But still, I am somewhat taken aback.”

“You’re surprised? Well, I’ll surprise you even more.”

“Omerushi. I’ll give it my all.”

Both Omerushi and I signaled readiness, and then an elderly ogre with a long beard stepped forward and raised a hand over our interlocked fists.

Then, with a voice thunderous enough to shake the entirety of the Sky Mountain, he bellowed,


I took the offensive first.


With the go-ahead, I threw in every ounce of force I had.

My goodness.

I exerted so much power that I nearly made a blunder in my pants.

As I went all out from the start, the initially flustered Omerushi’s expression changed.

It was a sign that he was about to reciprocate with full might.

Simultaneously, his fist grew immensely heavy, and soon the tide turned against me.

My strength stands at 3,500.

This was my current strength after factoring in the enhancements from Kun Kan’s fang.

But never did I expect to feel so helpless.

With veins in my forearm ready to burst from the strain, my arm was already half bent.

It seemed impossible to turn the tide.

But I couldn’t just accept defeat.


I concentrated all my strength in my legs, casting the skill ‘Ogre’s Fury.’

For a moment, the earth beneath me seemed to give away as my strength surged dramatically.

For that brief instant, Omerushi’s arm twitched off balance.

The ogres around us erupted.

“Omerushi! Are you going easy because it’s a noble fight?”

“Do not show mercy just because it’s a human! Crush him now!”

Though Omerushi seemed flustered by the brief counterattack.

“O-mer-u-shi! I will not be defeated!”

The fearsome ogre bellowed, pouring all his strength into the contest.

I tried my best to hold on, but ultimately…


It was my arm that buckled.

“Omerushi-! It is my victory!”

“Omerushi has shattered the human!”

“Crush! Crush! Crush!”

“Oo oo! Oo oo! Oo! Oo!”

Amidst the cheers of ogres that could fill the sky, I collapsed weakly to the ground.

“Ah… I lost.”

My wrist turned white from lost circulation, as if weighed down by a heavy metal ball; I couldn’t feel a thing.

Never in my life had I exerted myself to such an extent.

But I had lost.

Feeling defeat for the first time in a long while, exhaustion overwhelmed me rapidly.

I flopped down, enveloped by a mix of complex emotions, and couldn’t help but think…

I miss my mom.

As I lay there, Omerushi offered me a hand.

“Human. Get up.”

Suddenly, I came to my senses.

Only if I had won the match would I have received the ogre’s ‘welcome.’

Having lost, what would become of me now?

Would I be expelled?

Or worse, put to death?

I took Omerushi’s hand and rose to my feet.

Against my apprehensions, the atmosphere turned out to be quite the opposite.

“I have never seen such a human in my life. What’s your name?”

“To last so long against Omerushi, the Sky Mountain’s greatest warrior…”

“Human. Losing is only natural. Even the famous Draka took 17 years to conquer the Sky Mountain’s mightiest warrior with strength.”

The vibe was friendly.

Sure, I had lost the arm wrestling match, but…

They didn’t shun me.

Rather, they welcomed me with open arms.

As I stood there dumbfounded, Omerushi approached and said,

“In the noble battles of ogres, there are no losers. The human fought valiantly and is not a loser. So don’t be disheartened.”


“I, Omerushi, am truly impressed by the terrifying power emanating from your slender body. You are strong. And thus, you deserve respect.”

Then, grabbing my arm, he hoisted it high and shouted,

“I, Omerushi, son of Omerukan! No! All of Sky Mountain’s ogres welcome you!”

The roar of cheers erupted.

And then, in a blazing flash, a quest appeared that I hadn’t seen in a very long time.


[Sky Mountain Outlander]

The Sky Mountain ogres revere ‘strength.’ Those who are strong rise to high ranks. Draka earned their respect through force after 17 years. Just as he did, subdue the ogres with your strength and earn their respect.]

[Defeat Omerushi in an arm wrestling contest: 0/1]

[Reward: The Pride of Sky Mountain’s Ogres.]

A quest that commands victory.

‘Draka took 17 years?’

Then I’ll finish it in a month.

With the quest ignited and the ogres warmly welcoming me, my ambition flared anew.

I smiled brightly and said,

“Omerushi, let’s go at it again next time. I won’t lose then.”

To which Omerushi snorted, steam escaping from his nostrils,

“Hmph! Human. Anytime you wish.”

As the arm wrestling concluded, a noisy feast commenced on Sky Mountain’s minor peak.

Unlike the variety of feast seen during grand ceremonies, this time, it was all about whole wild boar barbecues roasted over the fire.

The drinks served were not fine wines but a chaotic mix of barely fermented spirits mixed with pork fat liquor.

“Oh…! This is delicious.”

Oddly enough, I felt more at ease here.

It wasn’t for any sad reasons, such as my constitution being more similar to ogres than humans.

More like…

“Human. Eat a lot. That way, next time you can fight again.”

“Sure. Thanks.”


They welcomed me without any preconceived notions.

‘Strong human.’

That was all that mattered to them for embracing me.

And for me, it was the same.

“Stop! That hind leg is mine!”

“What? Do you confess to having eyes? I grabbed it first!”

“The foolish rush to meet their fate. Come, let’s settle this. Decide the true owner of the hind leg.”

“Ha! You think I’ll be scared off? Fine, let’s go at it. I’ll secure the arm wrestling victory for today.”

Though hot-blooded and quick-tempered.

Preferring fists over conversation.

When I put aside my monster prejudices, they were not so different from human life.

In fact, their sole focus on honing ‘strength’ made them seem purer than some humans.

I was struck by curiosity.

Why did they choose to confine themselves within this ‘sanctuary’ of life?

Well, perhaps I’d have a chance to ask one day.

For now, though, for a while…

‘Maybe I’ll enjoy this different world.’

I planned to stay at Sky Mountain, focusing on training and quests.

Originally, my mission brought me here, but for now, all that had slipped my mind.

I had a strong feeling that something more important than the mission might be found here.

That’s right.

My intuition was not wrong.

“But, human. What do you plan to do with the tooth of the former chieftain Kun Kan?”

“Eh? I haven’t really thought about it.”

“If you wish, I can craft it for you—a weapon made just for humans.”

And with that, it began.


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