Mightiest Melee Magician Chapter 69


Mightiest Melee Magician

All-Force Mage, Chapter 069

The Peaks of the Sky Mountain.

The only remaining land where the very first ogres still live.

And then.

“…Human? The face is definitely human, sniff, sniff. But the scent is not human. It smells like us, sniff, sniff.”

“Human. How have you come to possess the heirloom of our chieftain?”

Ruin Ardell.

The human who ‘first’ set foot in the ogre’s sanctuary.

As soon as I stepped into the barrier, I felt as if I had entered another world.

Ogres clad in leather clothes and heavily armed with giant clubs talking to me as if to other people….

This thrilling feeling.

“Ha ha… I have much to say as well.”

I grinned awkwardly and briefly glanced behind.

‘Wicked Mage.’

The mayfly observing me was drawing closer to the barrier.

What to do about it…

While I was momentarily preoccupied, an ogre approached me boldly and spoke.

“Human. Answer me. How can you speak our language? And why do you have the first chieftain’s heirloom…”

“Fine. I’ll answer all of your questions. But not now.

I’ve got an annoying mayfly to deal with.”


I pointed behind me.

“That mage saw me entering here. If we just leave it be, it will return to the tower of mages and inform the others about this place. Then hordes of humans will swarm in. I don’t want that, and I presume neither do you.”

“So, wait just a moment.”

I turned around.

Our eyes met with the mage’s for a moment, but it was just my imagination.

From within the barrier, the outside is clearly visible, but from the outside, the inside cannot be seen at all.

A one-sided glass cage.

This place is, literally, ‘another world.’

“…Shall we end this game of tag?”

The timing I had been longing for since Teshiran had finally come.

Even knowing it’s risky.

Predicting it’s a trap.

That persistent pursuer had no choice but to get close, the perfect.


“I’ve got you now.”

Standing on the boundary between the world where I lived and the ogre’s sanctuary, I clenched my fists tightly.

And, as soon as I stepped over the barrier, I threw a punch.


The target was the chin.


The fist struck cleanly.

With a chilling sensation of something shattering, the mage was flung backward without even a chance to scream.

But I did not stop.

To prevent it from escaping in the same way, I pounded the ground once more with my fist.



The parched wasteland split, throwing up mounds of earth, catching the flying mage.

And, using the weight of the earth to pin it down solidly.


The mage was pinned to the ground, unable to move.

“Ku, kugh! You coward, attacking by surprise…”

As the mage tried to chant a spell and retaliate.

I used ‘Time Refraction’ to quickly dart forward and kick the mage’s chin once more.

Frozen Tree.



The mage vomited blood and rolled his eyes, seeming ready to pass out.


The Frozen Tree that sprouted from the cracked ground had ensnared the mage perfectly.

The pressure was so strong that he couldn’t even lose consciousness.

“The annoying game of tag ends now.”


Between the shattered chin, blood, and saliva mixed drool, he could only mumble incoherently.


An unexpected ambush.

Perfect domination.

The mage, clinging to consciousness by a thread, asked with his eyes.

‘How did you get in there?’

‘What’s inside?’

So many questions on his face…

Yet, up to this point, I did not know.

This would be the last expression of the mage.


A massive club that could shatter every bone on contact flew in, crushing the mage’s face horribly.

Before I knew it, a gigantic ogre that could completely obscure the moonlight stood above me.

“What, what are you doing?”

To my question, the ogre replied nonchalantly.

“Just as you said, I’ve killed the annoying mayfly.”

“…Was there a need to kill?

There are ways to erase memory. Or we could have locked it up until everything was over…”


For a moment, I had overlooked.

These beings, they are ‘not human.’

“Now that the nuisance is gone…”

The ogres value human life as little as a ‘mayfly’.

With a ‘beast’s’ way of thinking.

“Answer me, human. Who are you?”

The ogre in question.


I had not been without the thought to ‘kill’ the mage that had been following me.

Because that would be the cleanest method.

Taking a life.

This is something that would inevitably have to be faced someday.


Everything happened much too abruptly.

And all too easily, in completely unexpected circumstances.

“Take heed, my lord. The beings you will face do not abide by ethics or morals.”

Although I sought this place out of sheer ‘spite’ and ‘curiosity’.

After witnessing someone’s death right in front of me, I became fully alert.

As Strang said, my senses must be sharp.

Because this place is so different from the world I’ve lived in.

The next corpse could very well be me.

“Follow me.”

I ascended further into the depths of Sky Mountain with the ogres.

Sky Mountain consisted mainly of three peaks.

Small Peak.

Middle Peak.

Heaven’s Peak.

Our destination was Heaven’s Peak, the highest of them, where the tribe’s chieftain resided.

Passing through Small Peak where various ogre tribes were gathered, we scaled a near-vertical stone staircase endlessly to reach Middle Peak.

From Middle Peak, one had to climb over rough cliffs to reach Heaven’s Peak.

But isn’t it said that mountains beget more mountains?


I had undoubtedly reached the peak.

But what was this incredibly high cliff blocking my path?

I lifted my head.

Up there was a gigantic ‘ogre’ that seemed to touch the sky itself.

I almost mistook the colossal ogre for a ‘mountain.’


Perhaps if there were ‘giants’ only recounted in legends or old stories told by grandparents, they’d be this size.

After all, there are dragons and ogres that talk.

It wouldn’t be so farfetched for giants to exist, too.

Then, the mountain thundered.

“I am Harkan.”

No, to be exact, it wasn’t the mountain that thundered but the imposing, reverberating voice of Sky Mountain’s chieftain.

“Do you bear the relic of Kun-Kan?”


For a moment, I contemplated whether to talk informally or formally.

But this was not a realm of humans, was it?

Neither seemed a significant concern, so I decided to stick with my original intent.


“How do you come to possess it?”

“Well… I somehow ended up with it.”

“I have not yet decided whether to welcome you as our guest or tear you to pieces and feed you to the eagles right away. But I am inclined to make a decision now.”

What a threatening way to put it.

“But it’s the truth.”

“No. That is not something for humans to wield.”

“Yet I am human, and Kun-Kan’s tooth has chosen me. That is the undeniable truth.”

I pulled out Kun-Kan’s tooth from my pocket.

Harkan, who had been staring at the tooth for a long while, spoke as if amazed.

“You have the scent of our kin.”

That I smell like an ogre.

Of course, it wasn’t in reference to the repulsive ‘ogre’ scent of unwashed feet after hundreds of years.

It meant a scent recognizable instinctively.

The ‘power’ fragrance.

This was what was being referred to.

I looked up at Harkan and said.

“…That’s right. I am quite powerful.”

“Indeed, who are you?”

Now, how should I introduce myself?

It would be best to leave an impact, right?

“They call me ‘Draca-Gonia’… Have you heard of it? It’s the name of a dragon that dwelt here on Sky Mountain even before the history of humans began.”

The moment the name ‘Draca’ was uttered, the atmosphere of Heaven’s Peak changed.

“You… How do you know that name?”

Pure surprise.

The astonishment that a human mouth had spoken the name of a ‘dragon.’

I hammered the point home.

“I heard it from Kinggram. They said Draca was grandly welcomed on Sky Mountain for a hundred years.”

“Ki, Kinggram…? Is he still alive?”

“Yes. He lives as an artifact at our academy. He could be called my ‘professor’ of sorts.”

A strong wind whirled around the center of Heaven’s Peak.

This was Harkan’s snort.

The trembling colossal ogre’s breath shuddered with amazement.

“Then let me introduce myself.”

I spoke to Harkan.

“Friend of the former Heaven’s Peak chieftain Kinggram. Human chosen by Kun-Kan’s fang, inheritor of the world destroyer Draca’s power.”

I finished with a smile.

“Even with this, would you still tear me apart and feed me to the eagles?”

Barely had my words ended when the mountain shook violently.

No, it was Harkan trembling with excitement.

“A human who carries the will of Kun-Kan. What is your name?”

“Ruin Ardell.”

“I welcome you. At least, from me.”

“…That’s very good to hear.”

I breathed a very brief sigh of relief inwardly.

Thankfully, it seemed I had escaped becoming an eagle’s meal.

But I had to remember once again.

“However, my welcome alone is insufficient.”


This is not a world where a single phrase can clear a debt of 10,000 gold coins.

“Prove your worth in front of all ogres of Sky Mountain.”

This is the ‘wilderness,’ a world where if you seek welcome, you must demonstrate your own abilities.

“Prove my worth? How?”

“Just as Draca was welcomed by all the great ogres of Sky Mountain, do the same. With strength.”

Proof of strength.


That was the nature of this place.


With this one thing, all hierarchy is settled,

And one can be respected by all.

Harkan declared with a voice that made the entirety of Sky Mountain resound.

“Prepare for arm-wrestling!”


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