Mightiest Melee Magician Chapter 68


Mightiest Melee Magician

Chapter 68: All-Powerful Sorcerer

“The tattoo of a shattered skull on the nape… A Wicked Mage, it seems.”

“Wicked Mage?”

“Yeah. I don’t know much beyond that. What I do know is… they are associated with the Mage Tower and deal only with the ‘dirty’ jobs they don’t want public, aside from the ‘clean’ work they show on the surface.”

“No wonder every secret place has a stench to it.”

“I agree.”

Ordinary people may not even hear the name ‘Wicked Mage,’

but among mages, the ‘name’ is somewhat known.

Some of the top students from our academy have been scouted by this Wicked Mage organization.

But beyond visible tattoos and titles,

exact details of their work,

their level of mastery in magic,

and who their leader is,

are shrouded in secrecy.


my impression of the ‘Wicked Mage’ I encountered for the first time today was clear.

“They’re worth a try.”

Far below Doom Prime.


Rather, I am confident that the 30 representatives we met at the Grand Championship were stronger.

Maybe, it’s an obvious thought.

They are still ‘students,’ but those student representatives range from 4th-class masters to 5th-class masters.

They are young prodigies far excelling in skill compared to average adult mages.

Of course, there might be exceptions among them.

“We haven’t confirmed the strength of one of them yet, have we?”


As Strang said, we could not evaluate the strength of the one perceived to be the ‘leader.’

The man who seemed like the leader had quickly used a teleportation spell and fled far away before we could react.

I recalled the unpleasant laughter from moments before and said.

“That man. He never intended to fight me. He showed up merely to satisfy his curiosity.”

“What’s your plan now?”


They probably won’t show up in front of me like today,

secretly monitoring from behind and maintaining a certain distance.

If I approach, they will likely flee in the same manner.

Monitoring me.

That’s the man’s ‘mission.’

Besides, they know my ‘destination.’

Thus, spending time in Tesyran isn’t such a good idea.

A method to catch a cunning mage who’s determined to flee.

There’s only one answer.

“I’ll have to make him show up in front of me.”

The next day,

I sought out the stablemaster as usual.

“Are the horses ready?”

“Oh! Mage sir. Just waiting for you indeed!”

Upon seeing me, the stablemaster clapped cheerfully and brought out a horse that proudly displayed its golden hue.

“It was a rush, but this is a smart one. It belonged to the captain of a nearby village guard… born from a military horse, it should be easy to tame.”

“Thank you.”

I’m not skilled in riding, but I have the basics.

Despite my youthful age not reaching the stirrups, I’ve ridden from a young age.

I checked the horse’s gear and mounted it, gripping the reins tightly.


The horse reared up, as if it was glad to run after a long time.

I looked towards the west of Tesyran.

The destination is ‘Sky Mountain Peak.’

There’s a long journey ahead.

It took me three days of relentless westward travel from Tesyran.

For the first two days, there were a few small villages on the way to Sky Mountain Peak,

but on the third day, even they disappeared.

No villages, not even a small outpost for the horses to rest at.

It was a literal wasteland.

A barren land with no signs of life, I raced across endlessly.

—Sky Mountain

—Ogre encounters zone

—Restricted access


Were it not for the broken signpost that had been used for hundreds of years indicating ‘Sky Mountain’ ahead,

I might have doubted endlessly while running.

Despite three days of rushing, the Sky Mountain hanging at the edge of the horizon didn’t seem to get any closer.

However, on the dawn of the day that marked a full three days since leaving Tesyran,

“I’m almost there.”

I could feel instinctively that I was getting closer to my goal.

Like how Strang, the Incarnation of Strength, responds to ‘strength’

Thump thump thump thump!

My force circle was pulsing rapidly.


I can feel it.

This vast ‘echo of power’ that fills the air instead of mana.

The reaction is so strong,

it’s almost as if these powers are calling out to me.


as much as I could feel the overwhelming energy calling, I couldn’t approach any closer to Sky Mountain Peak.

“Here’s the barrier…”

Suddenly, an invisible barrier blocked my path.

Tap tap.

When I got off the horse and tapped the barrier lightly, Strang spoke.

“Starting here is the threshold of Sky Mountain. And above there lies the Sky Bong Tribe’s land, Sky Mountain Peak.”

“Is that where you stayed with Draka?”


I put my palm against the wall of the barrier and pushed gently.


“Huh! It won’t budge at all.”

The barrier remained unresponsive to any minor movement.

A barrier insurmountable by physical means.

A place called the sanctuary of ogres, which no one has ever managed to unravel its secrets.

“How do I get inside then…”

Revealing the secret behind this barrier.

That was my reason for coming here.

I’ve given up breaking it down with ‘force’ and decided to look for another way.

Strang had given me a piece of advice once.

To let go of human thinking.

If I could find a method that humans could not conceive, I would be able to reach the secret ogre land.

But what exactly is this ‘non-human way of thinking’?



I sat down with one palm supporting my chin and said,

“Humanity would surely have tried to destroy this barrier, right?”

“I suppose so.”

“But they haven’t managed it. The barrier can’t be destroyed with human means.”

So, let’s flip that thought.

“If I were an ogre and not a human, how would I engage this barrier?”

Seen from the perspective of an ogre, not a human.

“Wouldn’t the ogres call from inside the barrier? Asking to open the door?”

Just like visiting a friend’s house.

They’d call out.

Not in the language of humans, but in that of the ogres.

Strang commented with interest,

“You’re starting to think outside the box now.”

Honestly, it was half a joke when I said it.

But hmm.

Now that I’ve said it, doesn’t it make some sense?

“…I can communicate with ogres.”

“That’s right. You’re the only human who can converse with ogres.”

“Wait. That means… if there are any ogres inside, they might hear me?”


“But didn’t you say all the ogres living on Sky Mountain Peak are dead?”

“That was also a ‘human’ conjecture.”


Even the belief all ogres on Sky Mountain Peak are dead

was just an idea conceived by humans.

Nothing was confirmed.

“Don’t be trapped by strange prejudice. Always remember, your power is not to comply with prejudices,

but to shatter them.”

Perhaps, I was inherently sensing it, wasn’t I?

“There are… ogres inside?”

The energy completely enveloping Sky Mountain Peak.

Without numerous ogres, these powers would be inexplicable.

I stood up abruptly.

My heart beat faster.

Although I felt the candid gaze of the ‘Wicked Mage’ monitoring me from behind,

I paid it no mind and approached the barrier.

With hope that this would become the ‘trap’ to lure the persistent fly to me,

I pressed my palm to the barrier and spoke up.

“Can you hear… my words?”

Of course, there was no response from within the barrier.

But, I had a plan too.

I pulled ‘Kun Kan’s Tooth’ from the bag tied to the saddle.

Then, I spoke again.

“Here. I’ve brought a fang of your chieftain Kun Kan. If you can hear me, open the gate.”

This is the key.

At the same time, the barrier that hadn’t budged an inch began to move.

♦ ♦ ♦

Four days from Tesyran to Sky Mountain Peak.

The ‘Sorcerer of Screams,’ who had been tirelessly pursuing Ruin Ardel, day and night, was watching everything from a distance.

To avoid entering Ruin’s attack range, he watched from quite far away where no sound could be heard.

However, seeing Ruin knock on the barrier and try to push it, he felt relieved.

‘Could such a silly method ever work?’

Soon he literally sat on the ground, looking hopelessly at the barrier. Watching Ruin Ardel with that expression of despair made him sneer.

The mission was a failure.

If such a task which no scholar or mage had succeeded in could be accomplished by a mere 16-year-old, it was bound to fail.

His failure was undoubtedly clear.

All he needed to do was observe Ruin’s failure and return to Lebardun to report.

But then.


The sight that unfolded next almost popped his eyes out of their sockets.

The ‘barrier,’ which remained unmoved by any method, vanished of its own accord.

“…Did he go in?”

Ruin Ardel had entered.

How is this possible?

If the underlings who had once been defeated by Ruin in the Tesyran marketplace had been there, he would have asked if he had seen it correctly. But unfortunately, he was alone.

He rubbed his eyes, wondering if he had seen something unreal.

‘It’s real.’

It was undoubtedly real.

His mission was to monitor Ruin Ardel.

It was an absolute mission, and to fulfill it, he also had to enter the barrier.


The Sorcerer of Screams, flustered by the completely unexpected turn of events, swallowed nervously and cautiously approached the barrier.

Just like Ruin, he carefully stepped forward, trying to enter.



The barrier had already closed back up.

“What, what’s this?”

Tap tap tap.

No matter how much he knocked, the barrier wouldn’t open, so he continued to feel around its perimeter, looking for another entrance.

That was the moment.


Out of nowhere, a punch flew straight to the jaw of the Sorcerer of Screams, sending him flying without mercy.

The owner of the fist?


He muttered with a devilish smile on his face,

“Got you. You’re it.”


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