Mightiest Melee Magician Chapter 6


Chapter 006 of the Full Force Mage

The repetitive quest could be taken on once a day.

But despite the reward being fixed, the required training volume increased daily.

By increments of 100.

200 times, 300 times, 400 times…

That was just on paper; because only ‘accurate executions’ were counted, in reality, nearly twice as many kicks as requested by the quest had to be performed.

Initially, my body couldn’t cope with the increasing load, geometrically growing compared to the strength gains. I could barely walk properly. Sitting down made me want to lie down, and the moment I lay down, sleep would overtake me like a faint.

But I had to do it.

Why, you ask?

[Punching: 0/1,200 times]

[Kicking: 0/1,200 times]

[Turning kicks: 0/1,200 times]

If a day passed without completing the quests by mistake, all the accumulated counts would reset to zero.

Naturally, the bonus ‘strength’ from the rewards would not increase either.

Effectively, it was a complete waste.

After learning this fact, I have never missed a quest.

Fortuitously, after reaching 3,000 repetitions, the number no longer increased.

A month passed like this.

“Phew… I suppose that’s enough morning exercise.”

As soon as I woke up, I headed out to the outdoor training ground to kick.

In between washing up and eating, I tackled the ‘punching’ quest, and as soon as the academy’s disciplinary community service was over, I barricaded myself at the outdoor training ground, not leaving until the quests were complete.

Thanks to that…

[You have acquired the skill ‘Martial Arts’.]

[Martial Arts ★]


[Enhances your physical abilities.]

[Allows for more precise and powerful movements depending on your training level.]

I acquired a skill called Martial Arts.

Diligence. Consistency.

Essential virtues to become stronger.

Now, I have become used to physical tasks, effortlessly executing 300 kicks each time without a break.

The level of my Martial Arts has improved.

My posture became more accurate, and the number of mistimed kicks decreased significantly.

My body shouted in daily (?) delight.

“Isn’t Luin acting a bit strange these days?”

“Yeah, he’s been sleeping through classes when he used to never even blink.”

“And that’s not all. These days he spends all day at the outdoor training ground, just practicing kicks?”

“Let him be. How long has he been like this? He’s probably just trying to overcome his mana expulsion disorder. It’s not going to work though.”

“That’s true. Sigh… How could such a renowned magical prodigy have sunk to this low? Tsk tsk.”

I was well aware of the stories being bandied about the academy concerning me.

But I chose to ignore them.

I didn’t bother spreading rumors about my abilities, nor did I plan to boast.

Of course, I couldn’t hide them nor did I see any special reason to do so. The priority was to become sufficiently strong.

“Luin is here again?”

“Yes. Hello.”

I spent whatever time was left after completing the quests mainly in the library.

Previously, I used to rummage through medical textbooks for a cure to ‘mana expulsion disorder,’ but now it’s different.

“Did the book arrive?”

“Yes. Here. I saved it for you.”

“Thank you.”

[History Books]

Old historical texts describing the history of the Prelia continent.

There was only one piece of information I was searching for in these history books.

‘Draka… who exactly are you?’

Information about the mage, Draka.

Over the past month, I bounced between quests and the library, searching for traces of Draka.

[Heroes of the Prelia Continent]

[The History of Magic]

[The Geniuses of Combat Magic]

[Introduction to Mana Studies]

[The Scrutiny of the Small Mage and Metaphysical Equations]

[Artifacts, The Legendary Arms]


‘He’s not in here either.’

Nowhere in the historical texts could I find a mage by the name of ‘Draka.’

And that wasn’t all.

World destroyer.


Status window.


I couldn’t even find a slight hint of these words.

But I couldn’t give up just yet.

Desperately looking for answers, I visited the Academy’s [History Professor’s Office].

“Hmm? Who is it?”

“Draka. The mage Draka.”

“Hmm… It’s the first time I’ve heard of such a mage.”

“…I see, as expected.”

“Instead, let me introduce you to a few books that might help. If you look for [The History of Magic] and [The Geniuses of Combat Magic] in the library…”

“I have already checked them out.”


“All the books in the library, all of them.”

“Well, that’s how it is.”

“Thank you for your time.”

“Hmm, sorry I couldn’t be of more help.”

He was not there.

Nowhere to be found.

It’s as if he never existed in the first place.

I should have known earlier if there had indeed been a mage cursed with the same ‘mana expulsion disorder’ as me.

But I’ve never heard of such a person existing on the continent.

It was a curse only I was born with.

Then who exactly is Draka?

“Status window.”

[Luin Ardell]

[Avatar of the World Destroyer Draka]

[Strength: 470]+++

[Agility: 100>]

[Wisdom: 1,550]

The one who bestowed these abilities on me…

However, I had to put these worries aside for the moment.


“Jason! Shh!”

“Oh, sorry.”

It was my roommate Jason, who came running and loudly called out to me.

After being scolded by the librarian, he lowered his voice and called out to me.

“Luin! Hurry and come out!”

“…What’s going on?”

I put the book aside and went outside.

Then Jason, with an excited expression, said to me.

“Did you hear?”


“You haven’t heard? That explains why you got the time to leisurely read books.”

“What happened?”

“Ardell’s head of the family has arrived!”


“Your father!”

At first, I thought I heard it wrong.

My father?

“It can’t be.”

It takes over fortnight to reach from our estate to the academy via carriage.

That wasn’t the only reason; my father had never attended any of the parents’ meetings held by the academy.

He was always concerned that if nobility were too involved, it would adversely affect the academy’s impartiality.

“That can’t be. Just look there.”

Jason pointed outside the window.

“See? I’m right, aren’t I?”

Jason’s words were true.

In the academy garden, there indeed stood the banner of the Ardell house with its owl insignia, surrounded by mounted knights.

Unlike typical noble processions, they were a modest entourage of two riders and three or four servants.

And in the center of that procession…


There was my father.

Why on earth would he come here – the thought almost sprang forth, but I already knew the answer.

Judging by Jason’s look as he glanced at me, it seemed he thought the same.

“He must have come because of that incident last time, right?”

I slightly nodded in place of an answer.


There was only one reason for my father to visit the academy.

His firstborn and only son nearly died.

“I’ll be back soon.”

I ran down the stairs to the garden where my father was.

When I arrived, Father was engaged in a conversation with someone else – someone quite unexpected.

‘Professor Heidel?’

Professor Heidel.

I couldn’t hear their conversation from afar, but they appeared to be on friendly terms, as if meeting an old friend.



Immediately upon seeing me, Father’s expression changed and he opened his arms to me.

“Come here, my son.”

I approached awkwardly and embraced Father.

He continued with a complex tone after a moment of awkwardness.

“When you first entered the academy, you were just a 10-year-old child.”

At 10 years old – an age when a child lavishes affection on their parent, that was when I had parted ways with Father.

For over six years.

Father hadn’t visited the academy during those six years.

Nobles meddling in academy affairs could be detrimental, a concept no one understood better than me. I respected and even admired Father’s decision.

“It’s a bit strange, isn’t it? That you have grown this much.”

Perhaps it was strange to him to see his son who seemed forever small now grown so much.

A tinge of regret tinged Father’s expression.

So, hugging Father a little tighter, I showed him a smile.

“Have you been well, Father?”

As if I was ten years old again.

Wrapped securely in Father’s arms.

Of course, I couldn’t act childishly anymore.

But I hoped my feelings reached him as he spoke with a more relaxed face.

“Yes, I’ve been well. What about you, Luin…?”

Father’s voice quivered at the end.

Mana expulsion disorder.

Intentional harassment.

A near-fatal accident.

Asking me if I was doing well, Father was well aware that I might not be.

But I smiled brightly enough to erase all of his worries as I spoke.

“I’m good, Father. Better than ever.”


Father raised his brows in surprise, clearly caught off guard by my cheerful demeanor.

Then, Professor Heidel spoke to me.

“Luin, I have informed the person in charge. Take your time and enjoy your father’s company.”

“Ah, thank you, Professor.”

After bidding a meaningful, knowing smile to Father, Professor Heidel bowed slightly.

“Lord Ardell, until we meet again.”

“Oh, yes.”

Father awkwardly returned the professor’s greeting.

Were they old acquaintances?

While it seemed they might have a personal connection, it was unlikely Father would know anyone from the academy…

But once Professor Heidel left, I took Father by the wrist and said.

“You’ve safely arrived. I have much I want to discuss.”

“Uh, yes.”

“Let’s head to the reception room.”

I led Father towards the reception room.

“You still wear that armor, unchanged.”


The leather armor father wore was the very same one I had seen six years ago, perfectly maintained without a trace of aging.

At my question, Father touched the armor awkwardly and said,

“Why change what doesn’t need changing?”

Although it had been a long time since we last met, Father hadn’t changed one bit from six years ago.

Rather than asking Father, ‘Why have you come?’ I had something else to tell him, a father who carried the worries for his son and rode non-stop through the harsh winter.

Without words I could express it, but Father was likely still trembling with anxiety.

I wanted to tell him not to worry.

To trust his son.

And that I would protect him and our house.

Of course, it was no longer an impossible task.


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