Mightiest Melee Magician Chapter 54


Mightiest Melee Magician

Chapter 054: Doom Prime Lost?

“…Doom Prime lost?”

The greatest magic school on the Prelia continent, which has produced the king of wizards.

The elimination of Doom Prime, representing the Rainac Ma-Bi Training Center, was shocking news.

Furthermore, not second place, but ninth.

The unexpected poor ranking of Doom Prime left the Alteain Stadum in silence.

However, this was true only for the ‘citizens of the Rainac Empire’.

“The winner has been decided!”

“It’s Ruin! Ruin Ardel!”

With the fall of the titanic barrier that was Doom Prime, a new ‘next-generation wizard’ emerged.


Instead of silence, the Alteain Stadium was filled with cheers.

Battle Survival Results.

This was synonymous with ‘Grand Competition Individual Victory’, and everyone welcomed the newly emerged genius.

For Ruin, there was one factor that greatly contributed, which Doom Prime did not have: Star quality.

“Have you heard about that student?”

“Ruin Ardel? Yes, I heard. Wasn’t he originally a dropout?”

“That’s right. Moreover, he comes from a provincial small noble family, with no ties to magic.”

“Haha, for such a student to achieve this… But Doom Prime is from an elite family.”

“We only care if it’s fun! Kehkeh!”

A comet among geniuses, the dull-witted from a dropout background, participating for the first time in an official competition without any prior fame.

The miraculous story shown by an unknown mage.

It was a captivating tale for the ordinary spectators who came to enjoy the ‘Grand Competition’.

And after the Battle Survival ended, the nightlife in Alteain was plastered with talks about ‘Who is Ruin Ardel?’.

The participating students were no different in their reaction.

“This… At this rate, that Ruin kid might really win, huh?”

“Hey! Stop talking nonsense. He had a team, while Doom fought alone.”

“But when Doom fought—it was clearly a one-on-one situation…”

“Shut it, will you? What kind of nonsense are you spouting in front of Doom?”


Even within the Rainac Ma-Bi Training Center, a place that had never doubted their victory, whispers about Ruin Ardel began to stir.

Some students were even betting on the winner of the ‘Grand Competition’.

Strangely, the odds for ‘Ruin Ardel’ were slightly higher.

The ability he had shown in a one-on-one confrontation with Doom Prime was evaluated.

“Come! Tickets for the next individual match of the elusive genius wizard, Ruin Ardel, are on sale now!”

“Remember, everyone! He’s the magician who beat Doom Prime! The next-generation magician!”

Doom Prime leaned on the terrace of his lodging and looked down with an indifferent face at the Alteain streets, now plastered with the name ‘Ruin Ardel’ instead of his own.

“Doom. Are you okay?”

A student asked with concern, but Doom Prime did not turn his gaze.

He just looked at his own sword, broken in half, ‘The Sword of Glory’, with empty eyes.

Inwardly, he consoled himself, ‘I was careless.’

But pride grasped his conscience.

He knew it was not a matter that could be dismissed simply as ‘carelessness’.

He was aware, even if only subconsciously, that Ruin Ardel’s power was alarmingly strong.

‘…To think he would aim for the sword.’

It wasn’t himself but the frontal attack on the swinging sword that he hadn’t anticipated, which was his folly.

Or rather, Doom once again replayed the fight with Ruin Ardel, already reviewed hundreds of times, twitching his eyebrows.

‘I could have avoided it.’

In that ‘one second’, the decisive moment of the fight.

He noticed the aim was not himself but the sword.

He could have retrieved the sword, but instead, he swung it without hesitation.

If a fist collides with a sword, it’s clear who would break.

He never doubted that he would lose.


‘I lost.’

Doom Prime lost.

And it wasn’t just once, but twice.

He lost once when his symbolic magic sword broke and again.

“Won’t the Flame King find me?”

“Oh… Not yet…”

Before the eyes of the ‘Flame King’ he longed for, he faced defeat, and it was no different than losing twice.

“Don’t worry too much. Maybe he’s just being considerate because you’re tired…”

“I’d like to be alone right now.”

“Uh… Oh! Yeah, sorry. I’ll step out. Call me if you need anything.”

Doom Prime turned his gaze back to the streets of Alteain.

Despite everything, the Alteain night was still noisy and seemingly joyous.

Battle Survival.

Two elderly men watched closely from the nearest standpoint, both shuddering at the same revelation.

‘…To truly win.’

One of the elderly, Tirion Ignite, was the person who introduced Ruin Ardel to this ‘Grand Competition’.

If someone were to ask him how he expected Ruin’s performance, he’d confidently say good performance, but if they asked about victory, he would have hesitated.

Tirion knew Doom Prime’s abilities well, having seen Doom sharpening his magic since he was 10 years old.

At least, compared to Ruin’s performance when fighting Michel Gerihal, Doom Prime was expected not to make it.

However, he won.

He really did win.

Not just as a dean but as one of the judges, he couldn’t help but marvel at the situation.

But Tirion Ignite desperately concealed his emotions.


“You can stop hiding.”

“That happy feeling. It’s all over your face, no need to strain yourself.”


Another elderly man, appearing no older than his thirties, also shuddered for a different reason.

Flame King Theron sincerely said to Tirion Ignite.

“Congratulations. You have won.”

“Won? The competition isn’t over yet.”

“I’m not talking about the Grand Competition. It’s your educational approach that has won.”

The confrontation between Ruin Ardel and Doom Prime was more than just a duel between the two.

The ‘confidence in students’ that Tirion Ignite emphasized and although not an educator, Theron’s method of ‘disciplinary’ training on the palm were distinctly different.

This was an unseen battle between them.

“Doom Prime’s defeat also means I lost. This is the first time in over 50 years I’ve lost to you.”

“The first time? As I recall, I was ahead of you until I was 13.”

“…Remembering everything, huh. Anyway, Ruin Ardel. That tenacious fellow. To think he would shatter the magic sword with his fist, did anyone even anticipate that? I’m completely defeated.”

“Kek… Well, I guess I have nothing to say to that.”

Objectively speaking.

Doom Prime was not overpowered by Ruin Ardel.

On the contrary, he was dominant.

But their duel was decided in ‘an instant’.

Ruin Ardel’s crisis management and tenacity were far superior.

This is a realm of talent.

Not something that can be equated to mere effort; from Theron’s point of view, it was a complete defeat.

Theron shook his head and muttered.

“Tch… It doesn’t sit well with me as the organizer. I won’t have the face to see that kid in the banquet hall.”

“That’s so. The banquet is not far off.”


This was a dinner for the participants held on the eve of the last day of the Grand Competition.

Here, including Flame King Theron and the six judges, all the participants gather in one space for a meal.

Although it’s called a banquet hall, it serves various purposes.

An arena for nobles to court outstanding students.

Among magicians, there are also behind-the-scenes negotiations for scouting.

It’s a probe into post-graduation prospects.

Despite claiming he wouldn’t have the face to see Ruin, Flame King Theron was secretly looking forward to the moment when everyone would meet in one place.

“If Doom won, I could’ve confidently told that kid. ‘You still have a long way to go.’ Kekkek”

Thus, the Grand Competition neared its conclusion.

Several days passed since the end of the Battle Survival.

This was followed by three team games and two individual games.

With a total of five matches played.

The team matches concluded with two wins and one loss, while the individual matches were all victories.

Consequently, the team ranking was confirmed at fourth place.

“Ah, what a pity…!”

Jason’s disappointment was due to the fact that if they had not lost the last game, they could have shared third place with Dillion Melken’s team from Prelia Holy Magic School.

But they lost the last match, and the final result was five wins and two losses.

Thus, they finished in fourth place.

I poked Jason’s waist and teased him.

“You look quite pleased, you know?”

“…Can you tell?”

“A lot.”

“Yay! Fourth place! We’re fourth!”



Fourth place.

For us, who were once called the ‘last academy’, how miraculous was this performance?

Moreover, the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places were held by prominent schools under the shadow of the empire.

Thus, this achievement was beyond words.

The weakest country has claimed a valuable victory amidst powerful nations.

Of course.

“Ruin. Are you confident?”

Yet, the ‘real victory’ has not been achieved.

There’s one final individual match left.

After this match…


The final winner of this long competition will be decided.

“Of course.”


Running through the outskirts of Alteain city.

Overcoming installed obstacles.

Crossing the sea.

32 students start together, and the first to reach the finish line wins in this challenging track and field race.

Since it’s not a contest amongst professional athletes but a competition of magicians, various variables arise.

Some ride their summons while racing.

Others traverse time and space with short-distance teleport magic.

But I’m confident.

I crack my neck, preparing for the race, and say,

“This is my specialty, isn’t it?”


Breaking through.


In over half a year, I’ve trained nothing but ‘stamina’.

It might as well be a race designed for me.

To finish this race spectacularly.

“I made a promise with Doom Prime. To meet at the banquet hall.”

Tonight, at the banquet, I plan to flatten Doom Prime’s snazzy nose.

I start stretching, looking forward to the Grand Competition’s final event.

On the other side, Doom Prime was watching me.

And to him, I gave a small, inviting smile.

Come to my ‘home ground’.


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