Mightiest Melee Magician Chapter 52


Mightiest Melee Magician

Chapter 052 – All-Force Mage

The Altein Stadium.

Here, despite the tens of thousands in attendance, the silence was deafening.

It was due to an artifact called ‘Mirror of Malelok,’ which allowed sharing the view of the observer’s world.

The artifact was installed in the center of the stadium, and everyone held their breath watching the final moments of the ‘Battle Survival’ match through it.

All eyes were focused on one place only.

It was the fight between Ruin Ardel and Doom Prime.

The battle had attracted attention from the beginning for two main reasons.

“To fight one-on-one even when a three-on-one is possible?”

“It seems too reckless to deal with Doom Prime that way.”

First, despite the possibility of a three-on-one battle, the fact that they chose to fight Doom Prime one-on-one.

And second,

“No, did you not see earlier? Ruin Ardel is strong enough.”

“That’s true. He perfectly dismantled the group of fifteen.”

“Let’s just quietly watch.”

Ruin Ardel was the newcomer who overturned the expectations in the official competition, and this was enough for the match to become the talk of the event, a ‘big match’ that could not be denied.

However, this place was Altein, belonging to the federated nations of the Rainac Empire.

This was practically a home ground for Doom Prime, hailing from Rainac.

“Obviously! Someone unheard-of has no business standing against Doom!”

“Doom! Doom! Doom! Doom!”

The course of the match seemed to tilt towards Doom Prime, and he dominated the atmosphere of the stadium.

Witnessing this, Jason from Ignite Magic Academy clenched his teeth.

“Damn it! It’s loud. The fight isn’t over yet.”

That’s right.

The fight wasn’t over yet.

“I have to win no matter what. I promised that to my team…”

Ruin had always turned crises into opportunities and kept his promises.

The team had unwavering faith in Ruin, who had brought them together, shedding the dishonor of being called “Failcademy.”

This strong belief,

“Look over there!”

did not betray them.

In just one moment,

the heated Altein Stadium fell silent as the crowd ceased their cheers.

Everyone doubted their eyes.

“What… is that what I’m seeing now?”

They rubbed their eyes, wondering if they had seen an illusion.

This was not the scene they had anticipated.

When Ruin Ardel charged at Doom Prime, wielding a sword, unarmed.

When he didn’t avoid the sword and confronted it head-on.

Everyone thought the fight would end just like that.


“The Sword of Light… shattered? By a fist?”

Ruin Ardel’s fist connected with the Sword of Light.

The blade broke in half with a snap.

At the same time,


Everyone on the Ignite Magic Academy bench stood up cheering.

They had expected another miracle.


“Ruin! Go finish it now!”

They were certain.



Siege weapons.


And even the ‘Dragon Clan.’

There was nothing the World Destroyer, Draka, could not destroy.

It destroyed everything that stood in its path.

That was Draka’s way of fighting.

Yes, now I understand.

I am.

[The effect of the Indestructible Ring is activated.]

[You are immune to physical attacks.]

I drove my fist directly into the Sword of Light that seemed threatening enough to split me in two.

And what broke was not my fist.

It was the sword.

The blade of the Sword of Light, now shattered, grazed Doom Prime’s shoulder and flew off.


It landed on a tree behind him.

As surprised as I was, so was Doom Prime.

Looking at his usual stoic expression, this expression, shattered like the sword, was a rare sight indeed.

“How could…”

Staring at his broken ‘artifact’ with a dazed expression, he then belatedly gripped his grazed shoulder and groaned.

“How did you do that?”

I did not answer.

Instead, I asked,

“Do you wish to be called a magic swordsman yourself? But, if a magic swordsman has no sword… Is he still considered a magic swordsman?”

Doom Prime was startled and tried to cast magic.

But there was no ‘magic sword’ to bridge the gap anymore.

I darted forward, kicking Doom Prime’s thigh.


Something broke, and Doom Prime spun in the air before crashing to the ground.

I pinned him down on his chest, preventing any movement.

“Argh, arghh…”

“Doom Prime. You have everything, but do you know what you lack?”

I lifted my fist with a smirk.

“Alertness. You had no rivals; you were certain you were the best under the heavens. That arrogance was your downfall.”

Doom Prime grimaced at my words.

Punching that annoying jaw he was so proud of had been something I was looking forward to.

I punched his jaw without hesitation.


A cloud of dust rose in an instant, flipping us over, and in the midst of the dust, a crack in space opened.

It was a forced teleport gate.

“Let’s meet at the banquet later.”

No sooner had I finished speaking, Doom Prime was forcibly teleported away.

He was eliminated.


“…Is it over?”

Seta Malkiri collapsed onto his seat, exhaling deeply.

Wiping the sweat beads on his forehead, he murmured,

“Whew… My heart. I was terrified we might lose. If even Ruin lost, I would’ve been finished without a doubt…”

I looked down at the spot where Doom Prime’s afterimage lingered and muttered,

“I was lucky. I almost lost.”


I was fortunate.

If I hadn’t acquired this ‘Indestructible Ring’ at Altein’s antique shop.

And if the effect hadn’t been forcibly activated when the edge of the ring hit the blade.

I would have been the one eliminated, hands down.

‘I can’t always rely on luck. I’ll need to practice fighting against knights.’

The feeling of facing someone wielding a sword was far more intimidating than I had anticipated.

Had Doom Prime been a proper magician, unable to wield ‘sword aura’ thankfully, but if my opponent had been a real knight…

I might have lost without being able to do anything.

I’m strong, but I still lack training…

I shook my head ruefully and stood up.

Then Seta approached me and asked,

“But Ruin, are you alright with your wounds?”


Perhaps because the Sword of Light had shattered, the ‘Luminance traces’ embedded in the scars on my shoulder and leg had vanished.

Having bandaged the wounds, they should have been temporarily staunched.

“Uh-huh. It seems to be okay.”

“Phew… That’s a relief. I was really worried you wouldn’t stop bleeding.”

That’s not really an issue here.

I turned my gaze to Irene Prius.

She looked at me with a complicated expression, and I walked over to her.

First, I apologized.

“Sorry for intervening in the battle.”

It was necessary.

Winning the fight against Doom Prime,

That held more value to Irene than mere survival in the competition.

But in doing so, I had dashed all her hopes.

“If I were to make an excuse… I couldn’t just stand by and watch us get eliminated. I am the team leader, after all.”

“That’s right! That’s it. It was me who made Ruin go. We three agreed to survive till the end and compete for the first three places. It’s almost over now, but giving up like this would be… Right?”

Seta Malkiri came to my support,

and expecting anger, Irene Prius just looked at our faces and burst out laughing.

“What are you talking about? Why apologize?”


“I did want that fight, but it was also your battle. Not mine to accept apologies. It should be you all.”

Irene wiped the smile off her face and bowed slightly.

“I could have jeopardized the team because of my personal desires. I’m sorry.”

Seta Malkiri and I looked at each other.

Do I look like that right now?

Huh, this wasn’t the reaction I expected.

Irene Prius bowed once more toward me.

“And, thank you. For helping me. Honestly… I was a little scared.”

“Ah, no. It’s what we’re supposed to do. But how will you achieve your goals in this competition now?”

Responding to my question, Irene smiled coolly.

“Don’t worry about it. That goal just disappeared.”


“My goal has changed. Now it’s not Doom Prime, but you, Ruin sir.”

What’s with this girl?

“This competition is likely out of reach now. But I won’t give up. Not after the competition ends, not even after we all graduate and return to our schools. I will continue to chase after you, Ruin sir.”

Her goal to become the best of her age.

Was this what drove her to keep moving forward?

I teased her with a playful face.

“Uh… That won’t be easy.”

“I’ve already gathered my resolve after seeing the fight just now.”

“You may end up forever chasing my back, if you get this close, I’ll move even further away.”

“You know, I’m good at running. Didn’t you know?”


Laughter escaped me.

I wonder why?

Irene Prius clearly threw down a challenge to me, but why did my heart race?

“Yes. I’ll look forward to it.”

“Look forward to it. One day, I will surely surpass you.”

Perhaps, I thought the connection with her wouldn’t end with this competition.

And that wasn’t just for Irene Prius, but also for Seta Malkiri.

“The competition will end soon. Once this match is over, it’ll be the final stages.”

“That’s right. The end of the competition is in sight.”

“Let’s wrap up the remaining matches soon, and then the three of us can have a real showdown, right?”

“Seta, do you really think you’ll stand as our opponent?”

“Oh, there it is again. Seta, Seta. Am I still that hard to deal with? Why do you keep drawing lines?”

“Pff, okay. Mr. Seta.”

“Hehe… Better now.”

A camaraderie, akin to having shared life-and-death experiences, was already present among us three.

This bond seemed unlikely to break easily.

“Ruin, once the competition is over, you should come play in Oyota sometime.”

“I will.”

Oyota is famed for its martial arts.

Not just simple punching and kicking, but a higher level of martial mastery was necessary, I realized.

Maybe, really, there will be a need to look up Seta Malkiri in Oyota after all.

I dusted off my hands and stood up.

“Alright! If we have rested enough, let’s get going.”

“Where to?”

Seta asked, and I nodded towards the heart of the island, the central village.

“Shouldn’t we see the end of this match?”


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