Mightiest Melee Magician Chapter 35


Chapter 35: The Match Decorated with Opening Ceremony

The Altein Stadium held a total of 32 benches, and the participating students sat on those benches to watch the games between rival teams. The match that opened the ceremony featured the Ignite Magic Academy against Oyota.

However, most students were not very interested in this particular game.

“Oyota will win, obviously.”

“Of course. Isn’t the next game Laynack Demon Cavalry Academy?”

“Yes, that’s right.”

From the observer’s perspective, the game’s outcome seemed all too predictable and easy to foresee, which led to more interest in the next game featuring Laynack.

But there came a moment that compelled even those uninterested to pay attention.

It was the ‘positioning.’

“Why are they standing like that?”

“Could it be… they’ve divided the warming up and throwing tasks?”

Typically, one person performs both the warming up and throwing, concentrating on firepower. Ignite Magic Academy, however, seemed to have split these tasks into two groups, even assigning one person to handle transportation.

Those watching whispered among themselves, it was no surprise.

The representative of Ignite Magic Academy, Ruin Ardell, had been pompous enough to boast that he would beat everyone present.

It seemed natural for others to have unfavorable views about him.

“Do they actually think that’s effective?”

“That’s why they’re the academy of losers. Competing leisurely like that, how do they expect to win?”

“Yeah, and they went as far as to allocate one person just for transporting mana bombs. There’s no way they can unleash full firepower, right? Don’t you think, Irene?”

Certainly, there were opposing opinions.

Irene Prius.

She watched the game intently, silent throughout, because her thoughts diverged from the majority.

Sitting on the bench, Irene Prius opened her tightly closed lips after a long scrutiny of the field.

“It’s possible…”

“Huh? What is?”

“No, perhaps this might be a more effective method for Ignite Magic Academy.”

“Irene, what are you talking about?”

The thought that crossed her mind was clear: it was possible.

The warming-up process for mana bombs fundamentally depends on casting speed and supervision.

Conversely, the throwing process relies on the execution ability of the spell.

If you are an outstanding magician, you can handle two tasks on your own, but what about wizards with mediocre abilities like those at Ignite Magic Academy?

‘Splitting roles to maximize strengths would be the smart choice.’

Of course, there’s a caveat to this:

‘The issue is… how confidently you can identify and distribute students’ strengths.’

It’s a human task.

Even the professors might find it difficult to accurately pinpoint and allocate the strengths of dozens of students.

But what if the student representative manages to do it?

That would be a challenge, even after scrutinizing all the students’ report cards.


“Look at Oyota’s mithril golem! One of its arms is already torn off!”

“What the heck? Is Oyota losing?”

Once the game began in earnest, Irene Prius felt a sense of disbelief.

‘It wasn’t just luck?’

It was undeniable.

The discernment Ruin Ardell showed when he spoke of the ‘Physics of Magic and Swords’ as if it were precious – it was not mere chance.

Ruin Ardell had accurately identified and distributed the students’ strengths.

And what was once dubbed the loser academy…

Ignite Magic Academy was now overwhelming Oyota.

Irene Prius’s gaze fell on Ruin.

‘Who really is this guy?’

To upend everyone’s expectations like this was indeed a special moment.

Especially if it was an uprising of the so-called worst.

Using ‘Player’s Eye,’ I had maximized my classmates’ strengths and set the positions accordingly.

And this prediction hit the mark precisely.

“Hankers! The warming-up process is fast enough now. Mora! Ayake! Support the throwing team.”

“Got it!”

Fine-tuning the positions, picking out those who were more effective for throwing support, and solidifying the atmosphere.

“Jason! This time, aim for the mithril golem’s right arm.”

“Alright! The right one, got it!”

I supervised and commanded the team, adjusting to the game’s details.

This strategy was astonishingly effective.

“The right arm is down!”

“Now aim for the golem’s core!”

“Great job! Just a bit more, everyone!”

Maybe it was because I’d taken on the role of a villain and faced the discrimination of being called the worst academy head-on.

Or perhaps due to a sense of liberation from no longer being ignored as the worst.

Likely, it was both.

With more excitement than ever, my classmates hurled mana bombs at the Oyota’s mithril golem.

Boom! Crashing!

The golem rapidly collapsed before our eyes.

And simultaneously.

“What are you guys doing? Hurry up!”

Setha Malkiri’s pace also fell apart fast.

“You slow fools! Win at all costs!”

As Setha Malkiri became more desperate, mistakes began to emerge on Oyota’s side.

Throws were made before the mana bombs were fully charged.

And misfires veered mercilessly away from the golem’s core.

The more this happened, the more distorted Setha Malkiri’s face became.

“What are you doing! It’s stupid of me to rely on you and make such a bet!”

He must have assumed victory was certain.

Not a trace of tension or preparation.

This was his downfall.

In contrast, we moved united as one perfect team.

The motivation that unified us was one and only one thing.

‘Escape from the bottom.’

This motivation was, in a sense, granted by Oyota.

Before long, the core of the Oyota mithril golem was totally exposed, having lost its protective armour.

Only one final strike remained to end this first match.

Jason would be the one to deliver it.

“This is the end…”

Jason’s specialty was execution.

Though he may not have practiced diligently, his execution power could be considered next in the academy only to Michel when looking solely at that ability.

Today’s Jason displayed his talent in full bloom, impressively imprinting himself on the tens of thousands of spectators gathered here.

“…You bastards.”

With an elegant stance, he wove wind magic into the mana bomb and hurled it towards the golem’s core.

The fast-flying mana bomb struck with the speed of a whizz.

Cling! Clang!

It hit the mithril golem’s core precisely, and the already dismembered creature:

Boom! Exploded!

It was a spectacle.

From the splintered remains of the golem, fireworks burst forth, and high in the sky, a giant banner unfurled.

It read, “Ignite Magic Academy Wins.”

“We won!”

The exuberant cheers erupted the moment the words were recognized.

“We did it!”


Classmates hugged each other, openly expressing their joy at the victory.

And then.

“What… what did we just witness?”

“…The academy of losers won?”

The faces of students from the 31 schools were like cold ice had been poured over them – unable to shake off the shock.



Setha Malkiri’s face could only be described as desiring to hide in a mouse hole – so crumpled it could have torn.

This incredible trio wove together a harmony that created a spectacle, and I stood amid it, feeling a rush, giving a thumbs up to my teammates.

“Good job.”

After this refreshing twist of an opening match, the rest of the games proceeded as expected, without significant upsets.

The Laynack Demon Cavalry Academy, led by Doom Prime, achieved a dominating victory.

And Seiki Women’s College, another favorite contender for the championship, easily claimed a win against a formidable rival.

The expected winners won.

And the expected losers lost.

Which made our victory stand out all the more.

“So, if Ignite isn’t the worst academy anymore, then what?”

“It’s Oyota who’s last place now.”

“If Oyota’s last, what do we call them? Koyota?”

“Geez, what’s that?”

The change in perception began with a single small step.

Just moments ago, we had triumphed over Oyota, a nation known for its hostility and rivalry.

And all those gathered here saw it.


“Now no one will underestimate us, right?”

“Not yet.”

“….Hmm, not yet?”

“Yeah. We have to win once more…”

A deeply ingrained perception doesn’t shift overnight.

Therefore, what’s necessary is…

“…an overwhelming win.”

An overwhelming victory.

One so conclusive, no one could point fingers.

No chance outcomes.

Just a pure win that crushes the competition.

Jason seemed to like the sound of that, grinning as he patted my shoulder.

“Overwhelming, huh… I like the sound of that. The next game is our representative’s turn, right? Can you guarantee an overwhelming victory?”

I smiled mischievously at Jason and replied.

“Well, being the student representative, it wouldn’t do to insult my teammates’ efforts, would it?”

“Of course! It would be ridiculous. We worked hard for this. Really.”

That’s when.

“Shortly, the ‘Capture the Flag’ competition for student representatives will commence. The first match will see Ruin Ardell from Ignite Magic Academy against Setha Malkiri from Oyota National Magic Institute. We will soon begin…”

“Representative, it’s your turn.”

“…That it is.”

The announcement for the start of the individual competition games played.

Just as expected, our and Oyota’s match was first up.

I turned around.

Finding Setha Malkiri wasn’t hard.

He was the one shouting loudly from his bench at his teammates.

He turned his head towards me as soon as he heard the announcement.

Our eyes met.

A silent showdown ensued.


This was a fight for pride that had to be won, regardless of competition rankings.

Strang, perched quietly on my shoulder, muttered with interest.

“Master, you must be nervous.”

I shrugged my shoulders nonchalantly and said.

“A bit. But, of course, I’m nervous for a different reason.”

“A different reason? What’s that?”

My gaze drifted to the floating judges’ room circling the Altein Stadium.

“And that place is…?”

“I have to show him. The King of Mages.”

It was where the King of Mages resided.


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