Mightiest Melee Magician Chapter 34


All-Out Mage Episode 034

Slap Bet.

The impact of this statement was quite extraordinary.

“Wait a minute. If we win against Oyota tomorrow, you’re saying Seta Malkiri has to take a slap from you?”

“Yeah. In front of everyone.”

“The same slap that took out Mikel?”


“…We have to ensure victory then.”

Every student had seen it.

The image of Mikel being knocked off his feet by a single slap in the “PvP Battle” arena of the Arena Hall.

The thought of recreating that with ‘Oyota’ brought an unavoidable smile to faces.


“That’s not all. If we win tomorrow’s match, Oyota has agreed to apologize to us.”

“What, Oyota is apologizing to us? That’s some proper motivation.”

An apology in front of students from 32 schools.

For Oyota, facing defeat at the hands of ‘Last Academy’ would be a moment of humiliation.

Of course, if we lost, then…

‘I would be the subject of that humiliation…

But I am confident.

With the current mood, we can certainly defeat Oyota, who has already lost his initiative.’

And another thing.

“It’s not just about us… Ruin, are you prepared too? You have your individual match tomorrow.”

“Hey, worries are for the weak. Ruin will obviously win.”

“Heh, obviously.”

Tomorrow’s individual match between me and Seta Malkiri,

‘Flag Snatch.’

A straightforward confrontation where victory goes to the one who first pulls the flag attached to the opponent’s pole – a simple yet effective test of skill.

I must win ‘overwhelmingly’ in this too.

Only then can I make a proper impression on everyone.

The students gathered here in Altein from 32 schools and the prodigies tipped to be champions.

Never get complacent.

♦ ♦ ♦

The day of the ‘Grand Festival’ opening ceremony has arrived.

The ‘Grand Festival’, which returns every eight years, is one of two major competitions on the continent along with the ‘Sword Grand Prix’ in the martial arts world.

Mages and knights who win in these grand competitions broadcast their fame across the continent, becoming historic figures.

And those wanting to breathe the same air of history, they all flocked to Altein.

Perhaps that’s why…

“Wow, look at the crowd.”

“The streets are packed so much that the end isn’t in sight.”

Even before the competition started, downtown Altein was buzzing with tourists here to enjoy the festival.

Even though we started out early in the morning for the stadium, the crowd was already massive, indicating that by morning, Altein would be absolutely saturated.

“We’ve arrived. Everyone, disembark.”

Our eight-seater carriage came to a stop.

“Wow, take a look at that!”

Before us lay an enormous circular dome, the massive ‘Altein Stadium’, capable of seating tens of thousands.

An indoor arena, but from its construction imbued with permanent summoning and illusionary magic, which can effortlessly create various terrains and features that are typically tough to simulate outdoors.

It can recreate extremes from icy polar regions to boiling deserts – a testament to the great magical civilization.

But there’s more.

“Look, is that an artificial island?”

In front of the Altein Stadium laid a huge man-made lake, and at the heart of the lake was a smaller floating artificial land mass.

“That’s right. The student representative battle royale will take place there.”


While we were absorbed looking at the stadium, Professor Heidel approached us.

“The tourists will start entering soon. Let’s head to the waiting room.”


We headed straight to the waiting room on the first floor of Altein Stadium.

We changed into our school uniforms, had lunch with packed meals, and warmed up. Outside, the tourists began to pour in.

A little while later.

The announcement confirmed the tourists had all entered.

[The opening ceremony is about to begin. Students who are waiting, please prepare to line up.]

The announcement for the start of the opening ceremony echoed.

I stood up, announcing,

“Let’s go.”

The opening ceremony is today’s highlight of the ‘Grand Festival’, which runs for fifteen days.

With the announcement of the opening, students from 32 schools marched into the stadium bearing their flags – a truly spectacular sight.

Our academy’s flag-bearer, Jason, took the lead with the burning lightning insignia of our academy on the banner.

I would follow right behind him.

The rest of our 29 students filed in behind me.

I turned to the students and said,

“Are we ready?”


A curious tension was visible on the faces of my peers.

But encouragingly,

It wasn’t out of fear, but

“Let’s enjoy ourselves. Let’s show them what we’re capable of.”


This expectation that we were no longer the last-placed school had ignited excitement.


This healthy dose of nerves was a fine lubricant.

[We’re starting the entrance count. 10 9…… 8…… 7……]

I grinned happily at my companions, clapped my hands together, and said,

“Move out!”

The opening ceremony had begun.

With the entrance signal, 31 students from each representative school simultaneously entered the Altein Stadium from 32 ports.

A total of 992 students.

Flag bearers proudly marched in, bearing their academy’s insignia on high banners while fireworks burst endlessly in the sky.


The crowd filling the stadium began to chant the names of their supported magic academies.

“Look! Our school kids!”

“…You’re right.”

Spotting Ignite Magic Academy supporters was not difficult.


I waved back at the students who had come to support us, taking deep breaths to calm the excitement welling in my chest.

After about 10 minutes, the procession circumnavigated the stadium and assembled in the center of Altein Stadium.


“Is your arm okay?”

Seta Malkiri stood right beside me.

Remembering yesterday’s incident, Seta clenched his eyes tightly and spoke with a face filled with indignation.

“I was too complacent yesterday.”

Ah, there it is.

Why is it their lines always remain the same, like a third-rate villain?

Seta gritted his teeth as if making a solemn promise.

“I let my guard down yesterday, but not today. Expect a battle.”

“Sure. Try your hardest. Don’t make excuses after.”

“It’s not just us having a bet, right?”

Of course. I won’t forget to thoroughly embarrass your proud face in front of everyone.

Not only us, but the atmosphere grew tense everywhere.

Perhaps because the formal competition had begun.

Each school was engaged in invisible rivalry, and debates both big and small occurred – inaudible to those in the stands.

Even though there were laughs before today,

now, the real ‘competition’ began.

My main attention was focused on,

‘That man…’

The man leading the line for Rainack Magical Cavalry, the recurring champions of the Magic Festival.

‘Doom Prime.’

The mage knight brandishing the radiant sword.

True to his reputation, he wore a glittering sword at his waist.

With artifacts being permissible in this competition, it signaled he was ready to leverage everything at his disposal.

“Doom! Doom! Doom!”

He casually absorbed the cheers, unfazed by the tension.

If I continue winning this competition, I’d invariably face this man.

As I withdrew my gaze from Doom Prime.


I felt a piercing gaze and turned my head.

A familiar face.

Irene Prius.

Filled with curiosity, she gazed at me and then questioned,

“So, are you the type to cause trouble everywhere?”

“Trouble? What do you mean?”

“From yesterday. Making an unnecessary, reckless challenge in full view of everyone.”

Ah, the secret weapon thing.

I scratched my nose and responded,

“I did it on purpose.”


“On purpose. I had to introduce myself.”

Irene tilted her head, clearly unable to comprehend my approach,

“And, isn’t it true you barged into the Oyota dorms last night and turned everything upside down?”

“Really? How did you know?”

“News travels fast in Altein. By now, there’s probably no school that doesn’t know.”

As the saying goes, word without feet is the fastest.

The rumor has already spread.

“Haha, I didn’t ‘turn things upside down’. I only wanted to have a conversation.”

I shrugged my shoulders, offering a rather lame excuse.

Then, Irene Prius stared at me for a moment, her eyes searching, then said,

“If I may give advice since you once let me have that book… Here, it’s better not to stand out too much.”

Good advice.

Don’t attract attention.

Don’t stand out.

That way, at least, one wouldn’t end up as prey for the hyenas.


“Like you, who’s hiding her real abilities?”

As I joked, her eyes widened in shock.

Irene Prius, known as a 5th class runner, who is actually a far more powerful 5th class master.

She seemed to be asking how I knew, but I just smiled broadly and answered,

“Good advice, thank you.”

Just then, as the opening ceremony concluded, the announcement for the start of the first match echoed.

I bowed lightly to Irene Prius and said,

“Well, I should be going. My academy’s up first in the opening match.”

“…Oh, okay.”

Irene Prius wanted to ask more, her face full of questions, clamping her mouth shut instead.

The reason I’m floundering to make our existence known, is actually to appear as tempting prey.

The more attractive a target we become, the stronger the cohesion of our ‘team.’

As the magicians dispatched from the Mage Tower began maneuvering their magics, the interior of the stadium swiftly transformed.

In the empty center, the creation of a massive mithril golem commenced.

From newly formed rifts in the air, hordes of mana bombs rained down.

The opening match of the ceremony.

‘Mana Bomb Toss’

A contest of using mana bombs to be the first to destroy a mithril golem.

And to kick off this historic opening, the match was between our academy and Oyota.

Chances are, if you ask who people think will win, it would be Oyota.


“What the…what’s that?”

“Is that even allowed?”

I am about to demonstrate something during this tournament.

I will imprint upon everyone, there is no such thing as the failing student Ruin or ‘Last Academy’ anymore.


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