Mightiest Melee Magician Chapter 33


All-Out Mage Chapter 033

The first team match of the “Grand Magic Tournament” is “Mana Bomb Throwing”.

The match is simple: throw Mana Bombs, which explode upon being injected with mana and preheated, at the Mithril Golems, destroying them before the opposing team does.

The time it takes to heat the Mana Bombs and accurately hitting the core of the Mithril Golems is crucial, so individual abilities are also important.

When looking solely at individual prowess,

“We have to admit, we’re lacking in individual skill compared to Oyota.”

We are weaker than Oyota.

No one can refute this.

However, this is a team match.

“Individually we may be lacking, but… tomorrow. We can definitely win.”

“Win, you say?”



“How so?”

If we can synchronize perfectly, a dramatic victory is possible.

I began writing the names of the team members on a sheet of paper.

“From now on, we will be divided into four groups. Group One for heating the Mana Bombs. Group Two for carrying them. Group Three for attacking the Mithril Golems. Group Four for interfering with the other team.”

“…..You’re splitting us into groups?”

u O W Hm.

“But, won’t it take too long?”

“That’s right. Oyota will have 30 people attacking at once, while we’ll only have 10.”

Usually in “Mana Bomb Throwing,” one student would heat the bomb, throw it, and disrupt the enemy, performing all roles.

Sometimes, teams that operate in two groups to disrupt are seen, but splitting the heating and throwing processes like this has never been done before.

The reason is simple.

In this match, a ‘time attack,’ you must destroy the Mithril Golems before the opponents.

You need to hit them more times than the others.

You need to break them down even just one second faster.

That’s why everyone goes all out on offense.


“When they throw one, we’ll throw two or three.”

A team with exceptional individual prowess might find the traditional method effective.

But for weaker teams, it ends up costing more time.

Someone who struggles to heat Mana Bombs.

Someone who finds precise throwing difficult.

Someone who specializes in healing magic.

Each student has their own unique talents.

Therefore, it might be better.

“Hengkers leading with Zola, Mil, Mora, Ayake, Freya… will only focus on heating the Mana Bombs. Takemons will transport the finished bombs… with Jaison coordinating… 10 will throw. The rest will focus on healing Oyota’s Mithril Golems.”

Dividing into groups, sharing roles, and maximizing everyone’s ‘strengths.’■

That’s the key to increasing our chances of victory.

Of course, my abilities are the foundation of this choice.

‘The Player’s Eye.’

My ability to see the essence of the target.

Utilizing it, we cover our weaknesses and highlight our strengths.

When the students first heard about dividing into groups, most of their faces were filled with skepticism.

“Is this really a good idea?”

“It’s a method nobody has tried before. It seems risky.”

“There must be a reason it hasn’t been done.”


No school has ever tried this before.


After seeing the completed list, the students’ faces subtly changed.

“….It might actually work?”

“Right. It’s definitely possible. I’m not confident in throwing, but I can finish the heating process in 5 seconds.”

Each person can shine by focusing on their strengths.

They even began to smile modestly, seeming satisfied with their roles, and showed quiet confidence.

A good sign.

Looking at my motivated teammates, I clapped my hands and said.

“Aren’t you curious?”

“Huh? Curious about what?”

“About how far we can go in this tournament.”

At my question, the teammates each smiled faintly.

Outwardly, they had no expectations.

What expectations?

They would have been relieved just not to come in last.


The lid of the competition hasn’t been lifted yet.

And inside, at this moment, everyone harbors the same hope.

‘Maybe, just maybe, we could win…?’


The rebellion of the underdogs.

It starts with a small mindset.

And I plan to keep that ‘hope’ alive until the end of the tournament.

That’s when.

“Ru, Ruin!”

The door to the accommodations burst open, and one of my peers who had gone to the market rushed in.

His name was Pulrum.

With Pulrum’s arrival, the lively atmosphere of the accommodations quickly froze over.

The reason.

“Pulrum! What happened to your face?”

His face was a wreck, as if he’d been beaten.

An ominous premonition raced through my mind.

I quickly stood up, and Jaison was the first to rush to help Pulrum on his feet.

“Are you alright?”

“O uh” —» O •

“What happened? Who hit you?”

At Jaison’s question, Pulrum wiped away the blood on his mouth and spoke.

“So, sorry. Those Oyota guys…”


“Yeah. That representative from Oyota. He came with his guys, dragged me out… barely got away.”


When this name was mentioned out loud, the sound of sharp intakes of breath and a few faces turning pale could be heard.

“…..These bastards…… Every year again…”


It had begun.

The one-sided beating under the guise of ‘suppressing the opposition.’

It happened last year.

And the year before last.

These assaults had been going on annually.


“Ruin! Where are you going!”

This year’s academy representative wasn’t Mikel.

The new academy representative was someone whose true nature wasn’t soothed unless they returned a blow twice as hard.

As IonicModule walked purposefully towards the door without a word, Jaison grabbed my arm and said.

“Where do you think you’re going! You’re not seriously going to storm in there, are you?”

“It’s a kid’s stuff. Not storming in. Just going to talk.”

“We’re still kids, you know.”

Hmph, can’t argue with that.

“Anyway… If you’re going, I’m coming with you.”


His hands trembled as he said to come along.

Always so warm-hearted.

I let go of Jaison’s hand and said.

“No. I need to go alone.”


“Because it’s cooler that way.”

Jaison looked at me as if I was absurd, and I smiled back at him playfully.

“Don’t worry. Nothing’s going to happen.”


Nothing special will happen.

At least not to me.

“I’ll be back.”

I left the accommodations and headed straight for the dormitory where the Oyota students were staying.

Just then, two shadows darted out and rushed towards the Oyota dormitory; they seemed to have been waiting for my arrival.

Well then, I must live up to their expectations.

I flung open the door to the Oyota dormitory and entered.

“Oh, he really came.”

“Didn’t I tell you? He would come.”

“Kek kek kek. What’s he gonna do now? Does he think he’s something?”

The Oyota students had taken over the first-floor dining area like thugs and were snickering at me.

At the heart of it all was Seta Malkiry.

“You came alone?”

He asked me incredulously.

With a wry smile, I replied.

“Yeah. I don’t need to drag others around like you do.”

His face twisted in anger, and he rose from his seat, walking steadily toward me.

“Ha, he’s crazy, this one.”

Then he came up close and threatened.

“What’s giving you such nerve?”

He’s tall.

I’m not short, but with his size, he feels like an entire head taller than me.

I have to strain my neck just to look up, so I better adjust our eye levels.

“What’s giving me nerve, you ask?”

I firmly grasped Seta Malkiry’s shoulder with my hand and pressed down.

His body folded like a paper doll, and Seta, blushing, began to struggle vehemently.

He was indicating he wouldn’t be pushed around by force.


“…Ugh. Ugh.”

The more he tried, the redder Seta’s face turned.

Whoa, it looks like his face will explode.

<2,200> Nearly reaching that grip strength.

The enormous gap in power that he had never experienced before.

Thanks to it, Seta’s knees were nearly buckling, and I looked him straight in the eyes and warned.

“Here’s a warning. Touch us outside the arena one more time…”

“You… you bastard!”


Seta swung his fist at me, and I caught it as though I had been waiting for it, wrenching it behind his back.


“…It won’t end with just this.”

“Ahh! Ahhh!”

“Se, Seta!”

It didn’t break his arm.

But his shoulder must be dislocated.


Seta Malkiry collapsed to the ground, clenching his arm, wailing.

“You, what have you done…”

“What?! Seta’s down…?”

The other Oyota students filling the first floor were dumbstruck by this scene, unable to believe their eyes, one even rubbed his eyes in disbelief.

“This crazy, crazy…”

Seeing Seta Malkiry collapse without resisting, one of the nearby students tried to lunge at me, but when our eyes met, he couldn’t gather the courage and stepped back instead.

I looked at these Oyota students and sneered.

“Such boldness earlier, now it’s just pitiful.”


That’s all these guys were.

Unable to do anything even as their leader was taken down right in front of them.

Are these the guys we’ve been losing to every year?

Were we intimidated by such as these?

It’s hardly worth cultivating a sense of rivalry.

I turned to the sprawled Seta Malkiry and said.

“How about you and I make a bet?”

“Ru, Ruin…? Ruin’s here!”

“What? Ruin? Where?”

“What, already back? Everything alright? The guys didn’t hit you?”

Upon returning to the accommodations, my peers made a fuss.

“There was… no problem.”

I shrugged and sat down on the chair.

Whew, my legs are all shaky.

Then, the first one to have rushed over, Jaison, looked me over and muttered.

“Not a scratch? You look like you just strolled around the block.”

Ho-hum, it’s been less than 5 minutes since I left, so it’s a bit like a neighborhood stroll.

Anyway, I emphasized that nothing had happened and called all 30 of my fellow students to gather.

Then I opened my mouth.

“Tomorrow. You absolutely have to win.”

“Huh? Win, of course, but… why?”

“I made a bet with Seta Malkiry.”

“…A bet? What kind of bet?”

I grinned and said.

“A knuckle-rap bet.”


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