Mightiest Melee Magician Chapter 30


Chapter 30: A Warm Noon at the Inn

Just as the name ‘Warm Noon Inn’ suggested, the late morning breakfast here was truly warm. A steaming bowl of chicken soup, bacon rolls, lettuce, and fried eggs. The first late morning meal after questing all morning tasted heavenly.

As I was nearly done with my meal, Jason descended the stairs with his hair a total mess, yawning deeply. “Awake yet?”

“Yaaawn—oh, Ruin. You got up early?”

“Early? What time do you think it is? The sun’s high in the sky.”

“That’s the charm of it. No sense of humanity… How long did I sleep?”

“About 12 hours?”

“Must be the mana train. I feel weird. I totally passed out yesterday.”

“That you did. Completely knocked out. Even when I tried to wake you for food you just went ‘uhhhh, gonna sleep more—’”

Jason scratched his head awkwardly as I mocked him dryly. He then ordered the same breakfast as me and sprawled out across the table. He then made a disgusted face at my clothes soaked in sweat. “Did you train even after coming here?”

“Oh, tough guy.”

I had no choice but to see it that way. A quest a day—it was homework that had to be done. And since this wasn’t the academy, there were limited places to train. I had to use the early dawn and morning when there were fewer people around.

Suddenly, Jason sprang up and said, “Listen up. This guy Jason will teach you about the ways of being a man. If a man came to play here, then…”

“Drink and meet women?”

“Exactly. Repetition is effective. So, how about a drink tonight? I’ll teach you what alcohol is all about—”

“No need. I have a place to go today.”

“A place to go? Where?”

I had arrived in ‘Altein’ just yesterday. Where could I possibly have to go?

Understandably, Jason was curious.

“Shall I join you?”

“Next time. Eat a lot.”


I smiled at Jason and got up. Then I went back to my quarters for a shower and changed my clothes.

My next destination was none other than Professor Heidel’s room.

“Professor. It’s Ruin.”

“Come in.”

Professor Heidel looked just like a clone of herself from yesterday. She was wearing the same brown cardigan and had her half-frame glasses perched on her nose, reading the exact same book in the exact same position. The only proof that time had passed was that the book had only a few pages left.

“What brings you here?”

The professor looked at me with a curious gaze, as if asking where I was headed.

“With your permission, I’d like to tour the city.”

“City tour?”


“Don’t be late.”

But the professor didn’t ask further. She trusted me as she always did.

“Then, I’ll be going.”

After closing the professor’s door, I went downstairs.


“Really, where are you going?”

“You’re not going to tell me?”

Whether it was Jason or Hankers, most of the students were curious about my trip.

Hmph. As if I’d tell.

“I’ll be back.”

Truth be told, there was really nothing I could say.

I spoke to Strang, who was perched on my shoulder. “Draka’s relic, you sure about this?”

“Certain. I’m the ‘Incarnation of Power’, after all. Such a strong wave of power is rare.”

“Huh? I thought you were the ‘Incarnation of Perversion’?”

“I won’t deny having a hobby of peeping on you… But this is definite. Though, I’m not exactly sure what kind of relic it is.”

For sure, Draka’s relic was somewhere inside ‘Altein’s’ commercial district. But what kind of relic, I had no clue. So, I started wandering the city. My only hint was:


Following the ‘scent of power’ that only Strang could sense, I had only a rough direction.

Altein boasted the same scenery as yesterday. Leisurely, affluent.

While I was engrossed in walking through this unfamiliar area, a notification caught my attention.

《Please check your mini-map.》


There was an odd change in my ‘mini-map’. A red dot had appeared in one corner. This skill, obtained alongside 《Player’s Eyes》, had found no use until now since I’d been staying at the academy. But this mini-map, revealing everything within a 500-meter radius, proved to be exceptionally efficient in such unknown territories.

“It seems to be here…”

Walking toward where the red dot on the map indicated, I reached a kind of ‘antique shop’.

‘Altein’s Memories Dusted with Time’

Despite being an antique shop, it didn’t sport the typical shabby atmosphere one would expect. The ‘Memories Workshop,’ as it was called, boasted a tidy and chic little store that fit into Altein’s elegant and beautiful scenery without standing out.

“Draka’s relic is here?”

‘Draka’s relic.’ A treasure once used by the Black Dragon himself. Naturally, I had braced myself, expecting it to be in an underground black market, a vault of a wealthy magnate, or an auction house—quite the opposite of the current surroundings. However, Strang suggested it was possible.

“Draka’s relic isn’t ordinary.”

“What do you mean?”

“People who don’t use ‘power-based’ magic, like Draka or you, wouldn’t be able to tell if it’s a ‘relic’ or ‘trash’.”

Ah, I see.

So, it intermittently resists any physical force that touches me, including necessary or unnecessary moments.

“Just when you really need it, it might not work and activate at pointless times instead, a failed product indeed. But for you, it’s necessary. As your power increases.”


The ring’s wearing effect included a significant ‘power boost’.

《Wearing it increases your power by +200.》

The artifact was valuable just for that.

I decided to buy it and tried on the ring. It fit around my middle finger perfectly, as if tailor-made for me.

“How much is this ring?”

The shop owner glanced at the ring and me before replying.

“Take it, no charge.”


“That ring has been here since my tiny tot days; no, since my grandfather ran the shop… or rather, his grandfather, and then his grandfather. Anyway, it’s quite old… It hasn’t sold for hundreds of years and has been sitting here. It’s beyond pricing. Just take it.”

On the outside, it looked like any other ordinary and overly common silver ring. But it was an artifact. Even if only a ‘player’ could use it, to give it away for free…

I was pleased, but was that really alright?

The shopkeeper’s face insisted I take it. I nodded and added, “I’ll buy another item then.”

“That sounds good.”

Having gained a good item for free, it felt right to buy something else. I scanned the other items in the antique shop. There were no other artifacts that captivated me with red smoke like the ‘Ring of Indestructibility’.

Using ‘Player’s Eyes,’ I began to choose items based on their hidden value.

Just then, my eyes caught sight of an old book, and I reached out for it. But I wasn’t the only one. Two hands took hold of the book simultaneously. My hand and the hand of the lone customer in the antique shop, a girl from Seiki Women’s Academy.

Two hands clasped a single book.

《Irene Prius》

《5th Class Mage》

《Potential: Very High》


I unintentionally glanced at her status and spoke her name in my mind, Irene Prius. She looked at me firmly and said, “Let go.”


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