Mightiest Melee Magician Chapter 29


Full Power Mage Episode 029

The Mana Train to the Duchy of Altein, Carriage No. 3.

Seta Mal Kiry, from the Oyota National Magic Education Institute, asked his accompanying professor, Malcolm, a question.

“Why did you stop me earlier?”

The Sand Kingdom of Oyota is starkly divided between the rich and the poor.

Those gathered around the Great Oasis lead wealthy, high-quality lives,

but conversely, those growing up in the water-scarce, desolate environment experience extreme poverty.

Those belonging to the latter category learn about ‘survival’ from a young age and naturally develop their physical strength.

In the hot and dry lands, struggle and plunder are necessary for survival.

This is no different for those gathered to become mages.

Especially ‘Seta Mal Kiry,’ who represented Oyota and had a rough upbringing as a commoner.

Born with a talent for magic, he entered the magic education institute as a scholarship student, but his fiery temperament did not change.




Behind the magic, there was always conflict, settled through fighting.

It was no different at the annual ‘Magic Festival.’

Lazy by nature.

Unaware of hunger.

Sitting around as if they were mages but with no actual skill, there was nothing better than facing the ‘Ignite Magic Academy’ swines.

Behaving arrogantly until they got beaten down like dogs on Bok-nal, they couldn’t think to resist and squirmed instead.

Mikel Gerihill, who was supposedly the academy representative, was no different.

After graduation, he tried to coax me with smooth words, promising he’d introduce me to a good position.

Instead of hitting him once as I disliked listening, I hit him twice.

This was certainly an effective method.

And here, Professor Malcolm from the Oyota side had been watching this all along, expecting this very effect.

In fact, he had ‘encouraged’ it.

After all, it was Professor Malcolm who informed us that those who entered the room before us were from the ‘Ignite Magic Academy.’

But then, why did he stop me?

“Let me ask again. Why did you stop me?”

To Seta Mal Kiry’s question, Professor Malcolm answered.

“Did you not see it?”

“What are you talking about?”

“That boy named Ruin. His eyes were different from the other academy brats. Not just his aura, but also his sturdy physical condition.”

“What do you mean by that? There is no one in Oyota stronger than me of the same age. I can beat that brat.”

“No, there’s more to it than that.”

Malcolm narrowed his eyes as he reminisced about a moment earlier.

“That Professor Heidel. He was definitely smiling.”

“…Excuse me?”

What did that mean?

A professor from Ignite Academy was smiling?

“His face was hidden behind a book, so you couldn’t have seen it, but I did. That professor… was looking at you guys and smiling, as if he was looking forward to your fighting.”


Professor Heidel was secretly smiling while watching the fight between Seta Mal Kiry and Ruin.

It was pure ‘curiosity’ about what his own student would show.

And behind this curiosity, there was definitely a thick layer of self-confidence.

From that smile, Malcolm got a sort of ‘chill.’

“That Ruin guy, there must be something great about him that we don’t know. He’s fundamentally different from Mikel Gerihill whom you’ve faced before.”

With Malcolm saying this much, Seta Mal Kiry had no more arguments to put forth.


Ruin’s demeanor had been quite different from the ‘academy’ guys he had seen before, who were soaked in greed and feeble as can be.

“Someday we will cross paths, but not today. It seems prudent to wait until we know something more about him.”

“Yes, I understand, Professor.”

♦ ♦ ♦

The mana train rushed tirelessly towards the Duchy of Altein, which belonged to the Lainak Empire Federation.

During the ten minutes of travel, the atmosphere in the carriage changed oddly.

The most noticeable change was in the attitude of the 10 members of the ‘Mikel Squad,’ centered around Hankers.

“What’s our first match again?”

“The first match is a team battle without representatives. It’s a fight we must finish without Ruin.”

“Oh, Ruin’s not participating? Can we manage on our own?”

“We have to win. We can’t afford to lose.”

Just an hour ago, they were all banded together by jealousy and tarnished pride, but now they started a ‘strategy meeting,’ albeit on trivial matters.

Even the way they looked at me had changed.

“Ruin, for this Arrow Ball match, I was thinking Hankers could be the goalkeeper. What do you think?”


They were asking me questions, showing subtle friendliness and expressing their admiration.

Hankers was no different.

“Hohum. I’m going to be the goalkeeper?”

Restoring his pride by being assigned a very important position, he began to lead the conversation with a strangely uplifted face.

Of course, I no longer argued or behaved coldy to them.

For better or for worse, I had to lead them in the competition.

‘As for the professor…

Professor Heidel, who made strange remarks earlier, said nothing more afterward.

I wanted to ask if something was lacking or what fun spectacle he had witnessed.

But since it was within a somewhat predictable range, I didn’t ask any further.

Roughly 30 minutes after the train had departed,

we arrived at our destination as the announcement sounded out.

[The next stop is the Duchy of Altein. We have arrived at Altein.]

With the arrival announcement coming simultaneously with the train stopping and the doors opening, Professor Heidel led the way out of the gate in the same manner as when we boarded.

The outside scenery was no longer the same as what I knew.

“This is Altein.”

Leaving behind the familiar academy, we had crossed the border and arrived here precisely 30 minutes later.

“This is the Lainak Empire, right?”

“Idiot. It’s not the empire per se. It’s a federated duchy under the shadow of the empire.”

“Same difference.”

Duchy of Altein.

As one of the nation-states belonging to the Lainak Empire Federation, it was the only country below the empire’s steps to be recognized as a ‘neutral country.’

Here, whether countries were friendly or not, everyone was equal.

Even if they had been enemies for decades, if someone pulled a sword or caused bloodshed in Altein,

the continental conqueror, the Lainak Empire, would intervene directly to judge the crime.

Therefore, all countries of the continent keep their personal feelings aside in ‘Altein.’

Thanks to its advantage as a ‘neutral country,’ large international competitions like the Magic World’s《Grand Magic Games》and the Swordsmanship’s《Sword Grand Prix》 are held here.

Perhaps that’s why.

Altein was always relaxed and affluent.

No one seemed to be rushing around as if chased or suffering in poverty.

People enjoyed meals leisurely downtown, drinking beer.

The clothes they wore were also extremely old-fashioned.

“It’s a whole different world…

“That… that’s for sure.”

“Our territory is considered one of the wealthy ones within the Kingdom of Ledian, but these mansions here, all of them are like our territory’s…

“Quiet. Now, everyone board the carriages.”

Feeling like a frog in a well, we boarded four eight-person transport carriages that had been reserved in advance.

The carriage took us deep into the city center, and after about 20 minutes, we arrived in the heart of Altein’s commercial district.

“We’re here. Everyone, disembark.”

Altein Commercial District.

In particular, the lodging street where inns were clustered.

Altein’s central bustling area, with restaurants, taverns, various shops, and inns all around, it was the most frequented alleyway.

An interesting fact was,

the many inns lining the street all displayed the crests representing various magic schools.

“Wow, did they rent out all these inns?”

“Well, with hundreds of people staying at the same time… Even so, it’s impressive.”

Aligned with the《Grand Magic Games》season, the entire city enters a kind of ‘festival’ mode.

Accommodations like inns are mostly provided for ‘magic school students,’ and although this can inconvenience travelers due to lack of lodging, no one complains.

The city was built with this purpose in mind.

Professor Heidel stopped in front of ‘The Warm Noon Inn’ centered in the commercial district.

“This will be the inn we’ll stay at.”

The inn displayed our academy’s crest, the ‘Blazing Lightning.’

“Wow! This place looks immaculate?”

“Ah, I just want to unpack and get into the bathtub!”

Seeing the upscale accommodations, the students all smiled broadly.

Watching the students, Professor Heidel advised,

“Just in case, make sure you don’t mistakenly visit other magic schools’ lodging. It wouldn’t be good to start needless trouble.”

The professor’s eyes fell on me.

Huh? Why look at me when saying that?

I wanted to ask, but since I was also aware that I’m a person of interest, I just nodded obediently.

Yes, yes, I understand.

“The opening ceremony of the《Grand Magic Games》is two days from now. During that period, you will have free time, but… as there may be safety issues, make sure to report all your movements to me before acting. Any questions?”


With the opening ceremony two days away, we’ve earned a day for personal arrangements.

Now, what should I do with this time?

First of all, I need to do quests.

Explore this unfamiliar city I’m seeing for the first time.


“There’s an interesting smell here?”

“…What smell?”

“It seems like there might be one of ‘Draca’s Relics’ here.”

‘Draca’s Relic.’

I’ll have to look for that as well.


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