Mightiest Melee Magician Chapter 25


Chapter 025: The Full-Fledged Magician

After escaping the dean’s office, Sir Gultère Firante, the ‘Visiting Professor’, and I headed to the reception room on the first floor of the main building. A name tag reading ‘Visiting Professor’ was attached to the right side of Sir Gultère’s chest. It was a kind of ‘power’ that allowed him to roam most areas of the academy without special permission.

“Hm, this is what it feels like to become a professor.”

Sir Gultère, amused by something, stroked his name tag and chuckled to himself. There was a somewhat loose and playful impression about him, but as soon as he sat across from me in the reception room, his eyes hid a sharp dagger-like glint.

“Pleased to meet you. Now, shall we really get to know each other?”

“Yes, I am Ruin…”

“I know, Ruin Ardell. I heard about you before. What I’m really curious about is something else. After the last exam, when you returned to your domain, you took a close look at the injuries on the fainted ogre, didn’t you?”

“What about it?”

“I didn’t notice during the exam due to the commotion, but I found something interesting. The fatal wound that the ogre suffered wasn’t caused by magic.”

“His jawbone was shattered.”

His interrogating demeanor was unmistakably that of a knight commander. He was utterly unpredictable.

I shut my mouth in dismay.

During the exam, I punched the ogre’s jawbone while casting an Explosion Mana Bolt. Since the magic Explosion Mana Bolt causes high-temperature burns through explosion, it naturally wouldn’t break thick bone. Yet, the bone was broken, and clearly, Sir Gultère knew this too.

“The magic you cast… After some inquiry… It’s a type that inflicts burns through explosion. How could such a thing shatter an ogre’s solid jawbone?”

Sir Gultère squinted his eyes and questioned me.

“How did you do it? With your strength, it seems impossible.”

He was asking how I could’ve possibly broken the ogre’s bone with just my fist. How could I explain this?

As I hesitated, Sir Gultère withdrew his serious demeanor and gave a broad smile.

“Well, it wasn’t a question I expected an answer to. Seeing as the other professors aren’t asking about your tremendous strength… There must be some reason. Or perhaps, is it rather impolite of me to even pose such a question?”

“Yes. It is impolite.”

“Right, sorry about that.”

Sir Gultère quickly acknowledged his mistake and showed a simple smile.

Dean Tirion and Professor Heidel didn’t ask about my abilities either. This is due to the foundational philosophy of studying the infinite diversity of magic. Fortunately, it seems similar concepts exist for knights as well.

“But as a Visiting Professor who will help with your ‘physical techniques,’ I should at least know how strong you are. Would it suffice to say that you are incredibly strong?”

I nodded my head.

Then, squinting again, Sir Gultère asked.

“Stronger than me?”

Nod, nod.

I nodded again, and unable to contain his curiosity, Sir Gultère asked once more.

“Then, stronger than an orc?”

Nod, nod.

With that, Sir Gultère, unable to hold himself back, quickly rose to his feet and exclaimed.

“Wow, so stronger than an ogre?”

You should already know, having seen for yourself.

Without a word, I stared at Sir Gultère, and he sat down, trying to soothe his flushed face.

“I’m wondering if I ought to arm wrestle with you. After all, when it comes to strength, I’m second to none. I can’t stand this curiosity any longer?”

“You’ll regret it.”

“Huh? What makes you judge me so confidently? What if I’m stronger than an ogre?”

“You’ve also assumed about me beforehand.”

“And truthfully, I might be stronger than an ogre. Not bluffing.”

“Really? Let’s see it then! Come on!”

Sir Gultère rolled up his sleeves and placed his hand on the table.

“Don’t regret it. You might end up with a broken arm.”

I gently grasped his hand.

Did he feel the ‘difference in strength’ then?

When I subtly applied pressure, Sir Gultère’s face changed color and muttering, “Alright, let’s leave it at that,” he added,

“You cheeky thing. Would it kill you to lose…”

What a character.

But I didn’t sense any malice in his tone, just a bit… loose.

However, this playful attitude was only a part of him.

The largest image that the name ‘Gultère Firante’ encompassed was that he was the only 6-star knight in the East.

His nickname was ‘Shield of the East.’

Considering that there are less than five 6-star knights in the entire kingdom of Ledian, his prowess is unquestionable.

Perhaps that’s why his eyes begin to change as soon as the talk of ‘training’ starts.

“Well, we’re done with meaningless arm-wrestling. I heard from Professor Heidel… You’re a magician who has no choice but to fight at close range. Is that correct?”


“I saw your movements last time. They were quite good. Neat and without unnecessary motions. It’s hard to believe you learned this by yourself.”

The punching and kicking techniques I had been training for months were all influenced by quests. Only properly executed moves counted among the required 3,000 repetitions.

I had practiced repetitively only to find the moves that counted, ensuring they were free of unnecessary motions and accurate.

But I had a clear limit.

And Sir Gultère pointed out that limit.

“However, it’s too straightforward. You can tell you haven’t properly learned martial arts. It’s so obvious that a simple-minded ogre who has never encountered a magician like you might have been fooled, but any knight with good insight and skill would have read all your movements. The high-ranking ones would predict your attack just by looking at your shoulder and lower body movements.”

It was a shockingly fresh realization. Indeed, my actions were all honest and straightforward. As if I were following textbook instructions to the letter and perfecting them. My practical use of these moves was very limited.

But what if I were to learn proper martial arts?

“If you learn martial arts from me, your movements will change from the basics.”

Now, naturally, there comes one question.



“Why would you teach me martial arts? It seems there’s no benefit to you, Sir. You’re not getting paid particularly well by the academy as a Visiting Professor… Despite the daily hassle and inconvenience of commuting, why would you bother to teach me specifically…”

At my question, Sir Gultère rubbed his mustache and mumbled.

“Young lad, already you weigh benefits against every aspect of human relations.”


“It means there’s no need to be so calculating when an adult offers you help.”

“Ah… Okay. If it’s truly bothering you, I’ll tell you. Consider it an investment.”

Sir Gultère’s face grew serious.

“If I come across a promising magician, and I can be of some help… isn’t that a worthy investment?”

That made sense.

Someday, Sir Gultère might require my help.

And he was right.

It isn’t the time for me to be cynical, calculating the kind intentions from adults when such profound opportunities are at hand.

The academy has assigned me a special visiting professor to support my participation in the ‘Grand Competition,’ and probably Sir Gultère holds some expectations of me, offering his special guidance.

“Seems like I am someone you can’t afford to overlook. If you’re worried about the classes, don’t be. I am the youngest in the kingdom of Ledian to achieve a rank as a 6-star knight in the eastern region…”

“No. That’s not the issue.”

“Then what?”


Let’s not overthink things. Undeniably, this is a great opportunity I can’t deny.

I stood up from my seat and bowed to Sir Gultère.

“Then, I shall look forward to your guidance. Sir Gultère… No, Visiting Professor.”

With that, the ‘Visiting Professor,’ seemingly embarrassed by the title, twisted his body and spoke awkwardly.

“Ugh, ya. It sounds too awkward to hear it from you. Just call me ‘hyung.’”


“Why? I’m in my 20s, you know.”


Sir Gultère, or rather, Gultère ‘hyung,’ as he wished to be called, honored his promise and visited the academy’s outdoor training ground every day at 11 a.m.

The first lesson.

The first thing Gultère ‘hyung’ taught me was none other than ‘the way to walk.’

“Do you know what is most important for a knight?”

“Umm… eyes?”

“Eyes are important, too. But what’s most vital for a knight are the feet.”


“The lower body maintains overall balance. Your feet enable you to channel power into your sword. The direction of your feet helps anticipate your enemy’s movements. Their importance doesn’t need to be explained, too vast to do so. That’s why we first need to learn to ‘walk correctly.’”

The ideal way to walk: minimizing effort, moving in a balanced manner, and with the least amount of excess movement. Using the feet fully, walking lightly without tensing the shoulders.

Seeking these methods, I spent the whole day walking around the academy.

Unlearning 16 years of careless habits and mastering a new way of walking was quite a challenge.

Following me around, whenever I carelessly stepped, Gultère ‘hyung’ would…



…whack my shoulder with a bamboo sword that delivered a sharp sound, of origin unknown.

“Heheh… Again!”

Laughing as he found it amusing.

But it was clear, walking with concentration on direction whether I noticed it or not, was having an effect.

After footwork, I learned a martial arts technique called ‘Heavenly Martial Path’ commonly practiced by knights.

“‘Heavenly Martial Path’ consists of 36 physical combat moves, even without the swordplay.”

It was a revelation. Even basic moves like kicks and punches have so many variations. Knights not only handle swords, but they also systematically train in physical techniques.

I learned various punches and kicks based on the new walking techniques I had acquired.

Thanks to…

《Martial Techniques》


…my skill level in martial arts rapidly rose to 7. Professional training boosted my experience much quicker than random practice had ever done.

‘Learning new things can be this enjoyable.’

For the past 6 years, my studies had solely been about magic. Learning about a new realm beyond magic turned out to be quite an exciting affair.

Gultère ‘hyung’ seemed to enjoy our time together as well. One day, he even commented.

“You’re learning quite fast, aren’t you?”

“Is that so?”

“A knight or a magician… I’m not sure with your disciplined daily physical training. But your fundamentals are solid. We could move onto advanced lessons soon.”

“That would be great. There’s not much time left.”

“That reminds me… What do you plan to do after graduating from the academy?”

“After graduation? Well, I’m not sure.”

“Would you consider joining our knight order? I’ll pay you double the average starting salary, specially for you.”

“Um, I’d rather not.”

“Huh? Kid, stop acting too wise. How about triple?”

“I’m fine, thank you.”

“Then four times. Even I can’t offer more than that…”

“I said I’m fine.”

“Gegen, a Sword Master, didn’t even make that much when he started! You’re too greedy for a kid…”

Gegen referred to the only Sword Master in the kingdom of Ledian. It didn’t matter whether he got paid three or four times the average salary as a junior knight; financial matters weren’t of importance to me.

“It’s not about the money.”

“Then what is it?”

“There are many things I want to try.”

“Like what?”

“Um… Well, I’m not sure.”

“You’re being mysterious. Just start again, quickly!”

“Yes, hehe.”

In the 16 years I’ve lived,

10 were spent in the Ardell domain,

and 6 within the academy.

I’ve never once embarked on those common trips that everyone talks about; I haven’t even visited the capital city of Ledian. (Although I supposedly went with my father when I was young, I barely remember it.)

The upcoming ‘Grand Competition’ in July would be my very first trip…

There’s still so much to experience, so much to see.

That’s why, in the following months, I plan to take it step by step.



First, let’s properly master 《Martial Techniques》.


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