Mightiest Melee Magician Chapter 23


Chapter 023: The Full-Power Mage

After confirming that Mikel had ingested the Awakening Herb Burning Flower.

I had deliberately refrained from using direct attack magic.

If I had faced Mikel with magic, it would have been difficult to discern the fact that he had taken the drug in this place, the “Mana Barrier Hall,” which weakens 99% of magical power.

For that reason, I purposely used my ‘strength’.

It was indeed a dangerous method that could have seriously injured Mikel.

Just a flick.

Just a single punch.

This was an excellent choice for finding the real ‘mastermind’ who remained oblivious and at ease in the trap.

“Damn it… Come to your senses, Mikel!”

Professor Elik Gerihill.

In fear that his nephew might actually die, he became ‘involved’ in the exam.

This led to a tremendous storm.

**Professor Elik!**

A roar erupted in the “Mana Barrier Hall” where the exam took place.

The source of the voice was none other than Chancellor Tyrion Ignite.

The chancellor, grasping the entire situation, stood up with a clear expression of anger.

“How dare… in this sacred testing ground…”

“Chancellor… Firstly, we need to treat Mikel…”


Ah, Chancellor Tyrion.

Always seen with a kind smile, who knew such a formidable side existed.

Truly, it was the first time seeing such a demeanor.

“Mikel Gerihill is to be taken to the infirmary immediately, and Professor Elik Gerihill, follow me to the chancellor’s office!”


At the chancellor’s command, the test hall began to be cleared instantaneously.

The medical staff who were on standby carried Mikel out on a stretcher, while the mana guardians who were guarding the exam hall surrounded Professor Elik Gerihill.

The most terrifying part here was.

“K-Kel… It’s not over yet…”

Even while being carried away on a stretcher, Mikel was bursting with derisive laughter.

I asked the examiner.

“Is it over?”

“? Oh, yes. H-hm.”

The dazed examiner cleared his throat and then shouted loudly.

“The… test is over!”

♦ ♦ ♦

The last fourth test swept through the academy like a storm.

Until now, there had been only ‘suspicion’ concerning the corruption of the Gerihill family, but from this test, ‘proof’ emerged.

This soon led to the interrogation of Professor Elik Gerihill.

And all sorts of corruption that Professor Elik Gerihill had committed at the academy were uncovered.

It meant that the name ‘Gerihill’ could no longer be associated with the academy.

“Mikel is being expelled?”

“Just one semester short of graduation… Poor thing.”

Rumors spread widely that Mikel Gerihill might be expelled.

This rumor spread while the Gerihill family’s elders directly visited the academy.

Nothing is confirmed yet.

Professor Elik Gerihill is taking on all fault, claiming he forced Mikel to take the drug and is desperately trying to save at least Mikel’s spot in the academy.

Whether expelled or not.

In any case, the power held by the name ‘Gerihill’ in the academy had all but vanished.

Mikel would not graduate as valedictorian.

Nor would there be a chance of him being chosen as the academy’s representative in the ‘Great Festival’ to be held in July.

Thanks to this, I earned the nickname ‘The Expeller’.

Ben Folt, who had tried to kill me with magic before, and now Mikel Gerihill.

Everyone who stood against me ended up being expelled.

‘Hmm, should I be happy about this or not?’

“The school seems so empty…”


Despite the end of the long exam, the atmosphere at the academy felt unusually barren.

This was due to the Gerihill family’s mages visiting the academy several times a day.

All of them were constantly watching me.

“Are you Ruin Ardell?”

“…Yes, that’s me.”

Initially, they asked my name and kept their distance, watching from afar without making any direct attempts to approach me.

However, it was easy to guess that they all harbored malice towards me.

“What, they want to blame you for all this mess after doing all the bad things themselves?”

“Let it be.”

Jason muttered as he looked at them, and I shook my head, indicating to drop it.

The Gerihill family.

The entire house wouldn’t be affected just by this unfortunate incident at the academy.

For them, it would only be a minor scratch.

However, aside from that, I had definitely marked myself with the ‘Gerihill’ family.

I expelled the third son of the Gerihills (although it was his own fault) and ruined one of the academy positions that they had established…

It is only natural, in a way, that they’d want to do something about me now.

What kind of hindrance they will pose in the future, I’m not sure.

“Someday we’ll have to face each other anyway. It doesn’t matter.”

I decided not to worry about it.

In the end, we’re bound to collide someday.

Also, no matter how much the Gerihill family makes a fuss, it will be limited to within the ‘Radiant Kingdom.’

As I grow stronger.

And rise to higher positions, they won’t be able to touch me.




“The chancellor is looking for you.”

“…The chancellor is?”

It’s time to climb higher.

♦ ♦ ♦

Tyrion Ignite.

The descendant of the Great Mage Proyan Ignite and the chancellor of the academy.

Also, one of the few magicians in this country who is renowned for being incorruptible and not entangled with power.

His invitation to a student to his office is an extremely special occasion.

There is only one reason.

‘Academy representative.’

Only a student who excels above all others can have an individual meeting with him.

Heading straight to the academy’s main building, my destination was the top floor.

The chancellor’s office was located on the 41st floor, accessible only by ‘Mana Road,’ a direct transport route, since there are no stairs reaching all the way up there.

You naturally need the chancellor’s permission to use it, but I had already received an invitation.

The mana guardians guarding the Mana Road stepped aside for me.

“Access. Permitted.”

I stepped into the Mana Road.



There were only two numbers present.

Signifying the 41st and 1st floors.

Resolutely, I pressed <41>, allowing a faint amount of mana to emanate from my hand.

Since the Mana Road operates on the caster’s mana, it is impossible to board if you’re not a mage.


The gate, having recognized the massive mana, soon closed.


Quickly ascending with a speed that induced a slight dizziness, in just a blink of an eye, I arrived at the 41st floor.

The door to the Mana Road opened.

Arriving at the academy’s 41st floor for the first time since my admission.


“…What’s this?”

Something was amiss.

As the door opened, the first sight before my eyes was none other than Ardell territory.

The beautiful southern sea stretched endlessly.

Beyond the horizon, a series of large and small islands continued like in a painting, and the wide farmland became visible just a short climb from the beach.

As well as the quiet yet warm rural scenery.

The peculiar thing, though…

The serene hamlet of my home, Ardell, seemed completely out of place in that calm setting due to one immense chair standing alone amidst it all.

I knew this chair all too well.

It was the ‘Throne of Theron.’

The King of Mages.

A seat where only the most dignified mage can sit, symbolizing the center of all magic.

Why was this here in Ardell territory?

That’s when it happened.

“What did you see, Ruin?”


I turned around at the sound of a familiar voice from behind.

There stood Chancellor Tyrion Ignite.


As I greeted him, the chancellor responded with a kind smile.

“Did the spectacle surprise you?”

“Yes… A little.”

As soon as that was said, the scenery of Ardell territory and the ‘Throne of Theron’ had disappeared.

All that was visible was the magnificent view of the academy from the high 41st floor and the green forests that surrounded it.

“The 41st floor. This space has been reconstructed by ‘Malrock’s Eye.’ Are you familiar with Malrock’s Eye?”

“…I have heard of it.”

Malrock’s Eye.

Malrock was the leader of the demons who first invaded the Prelia continent.

He had a special spirit power that allowed the victim to see whatever they wished, leading them astray until their death.

After Malrock’s death, his body was scattered across dozens of kingdoms in the Prelia continent.

All of them were turned into artifacts.

Ignite Magic Academy was the one to receive Malrock’s ‘eye.’

The ‘Eye of Malrock’ was recreated here on the 41st floor.

And this artifact showed me…

‘Ardell territory and the Throne of Theron.’

Why did Malrock’s Eye show me this?

The chancellor explained.

“While I cannot know what you saw… The Eye of Malrock shows you the world you wish to see. The world you peered into must be close to the world you yearn for.”

The Eye of Malrock, showing what one wishes to see.

It was speaking of my own desires.

Longing to become the strongest mage.

Hoping that the Ardell family stands proudly at the center of the world.

It’s a starkly honest artifact when you think about it.

I felt almost exposed.

“I enjoy this place. The Eye of Malrock shows me the world I wish to see. The world I yearn for. Aren’t you curious about what that might be?”

“I am curious.”

“A world fitting for students, and a world becoming of magicians.”

The words were simple.

But it’s a difficult world to realize.

My heart was light upon arrival, but now it felt significantly heavier.

Then, Chancellor Tyrion lightly smiled and said,

“Ruin, I am very fond of you.”

“…Is that so.”

“Students like you, ‘students who are true students,’ are very rare in our academy.”

“Magicians like me who aren’t very mage-like are rare too.”

“Hm? Does it work that way? Ha ha ha… let’s move on.”

Taking my playful comment in stride, Chancellor Tyrion let out a hearty laugh and began to lead the way forward.

A space independently fashioned by the Eye of Malrock.

The 41st floor of the academy.

It held endless fascination.

For a moment, it transported me to the Throne of Theron in Ardell territory.

Next, it guided me to the scene of the ‘Great Festival’ taking place in July.

There, I was participating as the academy’s representative, triumphantly winning the competition.

When we arrived at the chancellor’s office door,

I was graduating in front of hundreds of students from the Ignite Magic Academy as the valedictorian with pride on my face.

It was indeed a peculiar experience, as if peering into the depths of my heart.

“Please have a seat.”

Fortunately, the chancellery was ordinary.

Without further surprises, there was a plain table and neatly organized bookshelf.

Sitting on a soft brown sofa, I took a sip from the steaming cup of tea the chancellor had offered me.

After a moment,

The chancellor gave me time to settle my thoughts.

Having drunk half my tea, I subtly nodded my head.

Then, Chancellor Tyrion with a slightly more solemn face, asked me,

“Ruin, may I ask you one thing? Will you answer?”


“How did you discern that Mikel had taken Burning Flower?”


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