Mightiest Melee Magician Chapter 22


Chapter 022: The Awakened Fire Flower.

This potion, with its powerful awakening effect that allows the user to surpass their physical limits, has a fatal downside: pain suppression. At first glance, it might seem like a benefit.

However, this would only be advantageous for soldiers prepared for death. Here, in the “Mana Barrier Hall,” where magic flow is controlled by 99%, such effects are detriments rather than advantages—especially when facing me.

They should never have taken this potion. Why?

‘Because my strength isn’t suppressed in the slightest.’

With a strength of “1,200”+++, a punch from me, able to battle on par with an ogre, would mean that all damage would be absorbed by the body without the victim feeling any pain.

“Here I come, Mikel.”

Utilizing “Time Refraction,” I shot toward Mikel in an instant.

Mikel, as if awaiting this moment, performed his specialty: double casting.

One hand summoned an ice barrier.

The other hand conjured a wall of fire.

Crackle! Whoosh!

The two opposing elements burst forth from Mikel at high speed.


The ground instantly froze, and an ice barrier erected itself in front of me, beginning to block my path.

Spells that perfectly prevented my approach.


“It’s useless.”

All I had to do was destroy them.

As I ran, I spun 360 degrees in the air, carrying that momentum into a powerful downward strike at the ice barrier.



The thick wall of ice shattered like a broken window, drawing gasps of admiration from the watching students.

“Wow, what magic is that?”

“Is… is that even magic?”

“He’s like a rhino.”

Despite not using any particular magic, just physical strength alone was enough to break the ice wall—a fact that sufficiently flustered Mikel.

“Th-this brat…”

Mikel, now visibly shaken, stretched both hands out in front of him.

Then, from behind his fire barrier, a giant lizard emerged.


A figure of a flame lizard, 3rd class fire magic that turned everything into a sea of fire.

Speed, destructive force, size.

All impressively powerful.

Yet, none of this stopped me.

Without slowing down, I charged through the flames and slammed my fist down onto the ground, invoking a 4th class introductory spell: Earthquake.

Boom! Thud!

The air exploded from the impact of my fist, and this wind began to cover the flames.

Simultaneously, the ground shook, and the sand of the arena leaped up, starting to extinguish the fiery lizard.


“It’s been neutralized with earth magic, which is supremely effective against fire.”

But that was not the end.

“Uh… oh!”

Mikel lost his footing amidst the overturned earth.

“Now, it’s my turn, Mikel.”

I crouched down and charged at Mikel like a drawn bowstring.

Mikel’s face stiffened.

“D-don’t come any closer!”

But instead of appeasing him, his face just turned pale as he watched me, and I raised my right fist towards him.

Mikel, flinching at the sight of my fist, squeezed his eyes shut.

“Don’t be scared.”

I didn’t stretch out my fist towards Mikel.

Instead, with a big grin, I bent my middle finger under my thumb and said,

“Let’s just take a flick.”

Charging my middle finger with strength, I aimed precisely at Mikel’s forehead.

“…A flick?”

Right before Mikel could say anything more, I released the restrained middle finger.



A single flick, powered by the might of 1,200, sent Mikel flying backward with the sound of breath being knocked out of him.

About three or four steps.

Knocked back by the impact of that single flick, Mikel crashed headfirst into a tree trunk and collapsed.

An eerie silence filled the testing grounds.

“What was that just now?”

“Is it over…?”

“Obviously it’s over… He definitely got hit in the head just now…”

Not quite.

If Mikel had taken the Awakening Fire Flower, he wouldn’t have felt pain from the strike.

By now, he should be getting up.

And as expected, he did.

“Ruin… that was surprising…”

“Mikel’s up!”

Breaking the tense silence was none other than Mikel Gerihil himself.

Though he had been floored by a mere flick, he stood up with no apparent discomfort.

Shaking his head as if trying to regain his bearings, he said,

“Dare you take me lightly? With just a flick…”

Just a flick.

Maybe that was insignificant.

No pain felt.

But the damage still accumulates in the body.

To continue would be dangerous for Mikel, but…

“You shouldn’t have done that.”

Without hesitation, I struck Mikel’s abdomen with my fist.



Breathless, Mikel once again soared backward.

It was a unilateral beatdown.

However, Mikel.

“Keke… Do you really think you can win against me with such fluffy punches?”

He couldn’t faint, maintaining semi-consciousness while still giggling.

I approached Mikel.

And grabbing his shoulders, I utilized Frozen Tree.

Crunch crunch!

Instantly, branches sprung from beneath Mikel’s feet, coiling around his entire body and suspending him mid-air.


“Ho, kekeke…”

Mikel kept laughing, finding the situation amusing.


Had he fainted.

Had he not gotten up.

This fight would have been over long ago.

The horrifying nature of Burning Flower that pushes a user to the brink of death was starkly evident.

Turning away from Mikel, now restrained, I spoke to the proctors.

“Mikel has ingested a banned substance.”


The revelation sent shockwaves through the crowd.

The testing ground began to stir, and after a moment of silent paralysis, the proctor asked,

“…Are you certain?”

“Yes, I’m certain.”

“But every candidate passed the drug test before the examination.”

“It’s quite possible to create a potion to cheat a drug test, if one has the right ingredients, of course.”

“Are you suggesting that…”

“Yes. There’s only one person in this academy who could freely handle such rare ingredients.”

My gaze landed on Professor Elic Gerihil.

All eyes followed suit.

“Elic Professor has?”

“No way… Even if it’s his nephew, surely he wouldn’t…”

Struggling with the indignity, Professor Elic sprang to his feet.

“You dare… suspect me now?”

He teleported instantly to me, standing face-to-face.

“Mikel Gerihil has used a banned potion, and I turned a blind eye?”

“You might have overlooked it, or perhaps even encouraged it.”

“Do you have evidence of this?”


Slightly taken aback by my assertive stance, Professor Elic raised his voice,

“Then! We will verify it immediately. Redo the potion test!”

But I refused.

“No need. Another test would still come back normal. You’ve hidden it, haven’t you? The White Blossom flower.”

The White Blossom.

This rare potion ingredient could’ve been essential to bypass the drug test.

Upon hearing this, Professor Elic’s eyelids trembled.

However, he stood his ground.

“So what do you propose we do? Bring me evidence!”


There was no immediate proof that Mikel had taken the drug.

I shrugged nonchalantly and let out a small chuckle at Professor Elic.

“Very well.”

I walked over to a nearby tree trunk.

“Watch closely.”

I raised my fist towards the tree trunk.

But again, I didn’t throw a punch.

Instead, the ‘mere flick’ I’d given Mikel earlier.

I bent my middle finger back like a bow and precisely shot it towards the tree trunk.

The middle finger struck dead center, creating a clear hole in the trunk, loud enough for all to see even from a distance.

The arena stirred once more.

“How… How could a flick make a hole like that?”


Just a single flick.

I asked Professor Elic,

“See that?”

Here’s what I meant:

How could Mikel, having taken that flick, still be standing, laughing and talking without fainting?

Obviously, because he took the Awakened Fire Flower.

Professor Elic is a clever man.

He would’ve understood my intent easily, but he chose to feign ignorance.

“What are you implying?”

“You surely understand… no need to play dumb, Professor.”

“What do you…?”

“The Awakened Fire Flower increases the speed of one’s casting and magically elevates their combat prowess. I won’t speak of Mikel displaying magic beyond his level, which could be excused as extensive practice. But this?”

I thrust my fist toward the tree trunk with all my might.

Crack, splinter, splinter!

The trunk shattered into pieces, and Professor Elic’s face dropped in shock.

“The Awakened Fire Flower contains an effect known as ‘pain suppression.’”

I lifted my fist and continued,

“Which is why, despite taking a hit from this fist, he is still conscious, unable to faint, just giggling there. Of course, you, a professor teaching about drug formulation, would know everything about this potion. Right?”

“But the damage is still piling up, isn’t it?”

Professor Elic’s face went pale.

His eyes darted towards Mikel.

Mikel dribbled drool, still laughing mindlessly.

However, once he understood the real state of his body, would he still be able to laugh?

“The skull must be rattled. Several ribs are surely broken. I’ve used Frozen Tree to prevent any broken bones from puncturing his lungs, but there isn’t much time, Professor.”

My tone wasn’t urgent, but rather relaxed.

“You, you damned brat!”

Enraged, Professor Elic hastily clapped his hands to undo my binding spell.

“Kell, kelkel…”

Professor Elic hurried to check on Mikel’s condition.

I addressed the professor while he was preoccupied,

“Even now, will you still deny it, Professor?”

Professor Elic’s face was rigid, as if haunted, and I looked down at the fallen Mikel.

I had acted to prove his ingestion of the Awakening Potion, even though it was unavoidable.

But somehow my tongue felt bitter.


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