Mightiest Melee Magician Chapter 19


Chapter 019 of “All Force Magician”

The quest had been completed.

“Now is the time to fight.”

“No more shadowboxing and kicking at the air. An unavoidable foe has appeared before you. The time to fight has come. Rush in ahead of everyone else and subjugate your enemy.”

“Objective: Land the first strike on the enemy

1/1 (Complete)”

“Objective 2: Win the battle against the enemy 1/1 (Complete)”

“For completing the quest, you have been rewarded with +30 Strength.”

The quest’s reward was an additional +30 Strength.

With this, my total strength became “960+,” leaving me just +40 Strength shy of what Strang had mentioned as the real beginning.


“You have acquired the skill ‘Player’s Eye’ as a reward.”

A newly unlocked skill.

Strang recognized this skill instantly and exclaimed.

“Player’s Eye! Now you’re truly beginning to be a full-fledged player!”

“Do you know this skill too?”

“Of course! It’s a right only players can enjoy.”

The fundamental right of a player, as acknowledged by Strang.

It turned out to be an extremely versatile skill.

“Player’s Eye”



“With the Player’s Eye, you can now see the true nature of all things. You can gather and quantify all information.”

“You can detect stealth and track invisibility.”

“A mini-map feature has been unlocked.”

“You can check the status window of a chosen target. Information available may be limited depending on the target’s level.”

Understanding what this was didn’t take much effort.

“Enemies that hide their bodies using stealth and invisibility spells will appear differently to your eyes. Even if faintly, you’ll be able to detect them.”

The ability to detect stealth and invisibility magic.

A uniquely powerful ability, simple yet unrivaled.

Next, by using the ability named ‘mini-map’.

“How can this be…

A translucent window appeared, revealing a map.

On this map was drawn the precise landscape of the testing ground, including our current location where the ogre lay.

According to Strang, the ‘mini-map’ could confirm any object within a radius of 500 meters.

Even more impressive was what followed.

“Shoulder Bone Ogre”

“3 Star Half / ★★★☆”

“A shoulder bone protruding ogre residing in the Storm Mountain Range. Slightly smaller and more agile than a regular ogre but with a peaceful nature.”

“What is this?”

“Heh, surprised? That is the true value of the Player’s Eye.”

With the Player’s Eye.

You could discern the very essence of all things.

It allowed me to start seeing the status windows of others.

Within this window, all information such as name, level, and traits were neatly organized.

In battle, the difference in ‘information’ creates many variables.

Just by knowing the opponent’s level, major skills, and habits in advance, one could gain the upper hand in combat.

In this sense, the skill boasted enormous usability, beyond reach.

Of course.

“High Del”

“Class 6 Mage”


“Information is currently inaccessible.”

“Strang, there’s some information I can’t see easily.”

Like Professor High Del.

Information on those stronger than me was considerably limited.

For the even more elusive figures like Principal Proyen Ignite,


The status window didn’t even display their names.

But even so, it was significant.

Even considering my current level, aside from a few professors, almost no one in the Academy was beyond my ability to view their status windows.

And according to Strang.

“As you grow stronger, the depths of information you can access will increase.”

The stronger I become, the more I can see anyone’s status window.

‘This is truly…

Stealing a glimpse into others’ abilities.

Something not even the most legendary magician, should they appear in the world, could achieve.

It’s akin to a divine power.

Mixed with joy and disbelief, I scratched at my nose.

In the testing grounds, the cheering directed at me showed no signs of ceasing.

The third test.

My one-on-one battle with the ogre must have left quite an impression on the juniors.

“Uhm… are you Luin, Senior?”

“Yes? Yes.”

“The third test… It was amazing. Here… Have this when you’re hungry later.”

“Wh-why is this to me…”

Younger female students, whose faces and names I didn’t know, kept offering me their lunchboxes and drinks.

Those girls, of course.

“Kyaaa! I’m so embarrassed!”

They would blush, scream in delight and then run away.

Why do they do this if it’s embarrassing?

It seems more like they enjoy it.

My roommate Jason muttered incredulously,

“Ah… Lucky bastard.”

“Do you want some too?”

When I offered a drink to Jason, he suddenly stood up and shouted,

“No! It would be a grave insult to the kind lady who packed these meals for you!”

“Why are you getting angry…

“I will too! In the next test, I’ll make sure to receive such gifts too! Luin! I may not know about magic, but I won’t lose to you in popularity!”

What exactly he refused to lose was unclear.

I shook my head, letting out a laugh.

My roommate Jason.

Typically chasing after girls, fond of partying, and often escaping the Academy walls to drink, he seemed like a carefree person.

A bit lazy and lacking in certain charms but inherently good-natured.

Seeing him determined about his next test, it seemed he had learned a lot from this one.

I told him,

“Just try a little harder. Then you’ll do well in the next test.”

“No. I don’t need your sympathy…

“It’s not sympathy or empty words. You have the talent, just focus and work hard.”


Indeed, it was true.

“Jason Daemon”

“Class 2 Mage”

“Potential: High”

It was his carefree nature that kept him from working hard.

But Jason’s potential was truly impressive.

When I had recently checked everyone’s status window out of curiosity, only Mikael Geryhill and Jason had “High” under the “Potential” category among all the graduating class students.

So, if he just put in the effort, he could aim for good grades in the next test.

“Yeah. Work hard. And don’t just play around.”

Encouraged by my words, Jason clenched his fist with determination.

“Alright! My goal for the next exam is to be in the top 10 of the class!”

Top 10, huh?

That goal seemed a bit out of reach, but having one was good.

I shrugged my shoulders, replacing my response with a playful smile.

Jason grinned and said,

“Anyway… Luin. I still can’t believe it sometimes.”


“That you’re really the Luin I’ve known for the last six years.”


Sometimes I hardly believe it myself.

How much my Academy life over the past five years and the recent months had changed.

The passion inside me was the same, but.

The way people looked at me had also changed.

From the worst flunkie to.

“Some people are saying that Luin might even push Mikael Geryhill out to become the top student and representative of the Academy.”

A student who competes for first place.

That’s something I am well aware of, as I have ears to hear with.

For five years, Mikael Geryhill has consistently maintained top scores, and I have come up with an “overwhelming” score in the most critical graduating season.

This battle for first place between me and Mikael is currently one of the hottest topics in the Academy.

Who’s better.

Who’s stronger.

Mikael still has the upper hand.

But Luin is not to be underestimated.

The reason everyone casually brings it up as a topic of conversation.

It’s because…

“This year is that year. The year when the Magical Congress and Olympiad coincide. The year of the Grand Tournament.”

This year the “Lainak Magic Grand Tournament” is held.

Every May, the “Magic Congress” is held where representatives of prestigious academies across the continent compete for the title.

And every eight years, magicians participate in the “Olympiad,” where they compete in diverse challenges.

This year, the Magic Congress and Olympiad overlap.

This event is called the “Grand Tournament.”

The Grand Tournament is an international competition among students of the most renowned magic schools on the continent.

The academy that wins the Grand Tournament receives a considerable prize and various privileges.

Not all students get to partake in such a big event, of course.

One individual.

Thirty teams.

Only the top 31 students from the academy can participate.

Among which, the most talked-about is.

“Who will represent the academy this year? Surely Luin will, right?”

The academy representative.

The academy internally selects the student representative.

Until now, Mikael Geryhill has consistently represented our academy every year, and I have never even been included in the list of 31 who are permitted in the “team competitions.”

But this year, things are a bit different.

My sudden rise has changed the game.

Me and Mikael.

Between us, who will become the representative of the academy?

This is why the talk about me and Mikael is so open in the academy right now.

“Of course, Luin should!”

“Exactly. He’s the only one who ever got a perfect score from Kinggram.”

In this situation, Jason and a few other students told me that I should be the one to represent.

The reason was simple.

“Just look at Mikael’s results in the Magic Congress he participated in. See how terrible they were.”

Mikael’s results in the “Magic Congress” were some of the worst in history.

Not to mention the team competition, in the individual contests, he was last 4 out of 5 times.

The remaining one time was just above last place.

Thus he was given an external nickname.

“The last rank academy.”

The glorious reputation of the academy founded by the great Archmage Proyen Ignite has long since faded.

Outside the kingdom, there are many more prominent magic schools than ours.

For instance, Lainak Magic Training Institute, the national academy of the powerful Lainak Empire, is one.

The skills of Seiki Women’s College are outstanding enough to compete for the championship every year.

With the current level of our academy students, there simply is no room for us, neither in the individual nor the team competitions.

“The only way to climb out of being ‘last rank academy’ is Luin, right?”

“Exactly. Luin. What do you think?”

The shameful moniker of “the last rank academy” tied to Ignite Academy, where I spent six years.

Making a name for myself as ‘Luin Ardell’ at the academy and engraving it across the entire continent is, of course, tempting.

This is a moment any student aspiring to be a magician dreams of.


“…the exams aren’t over yet.”

It’s too early to be certain and expect.

The academy representative for the Grand Tournament is chosen based on first-semester exam results and faculty recommendations.

Not all the first-semester exams have ended yet.

And we still have the last fourth test.

Namely, “Combat against Person” test with Mikael.

“So let’s focus on the next test.”

The goal is to win the next test.

That’s all there is to it for now.


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