Mightiest Melee Magician Chapter 18


Chapter 018

“Do you realize how dangerous what you’re doing right now is?”

Gulter asked Luin repeatedly, but Luin showed no interest in him whatsoever.

Luin’s attention was solely focused on the ogre.

“Ah, this frustrating fool.”

Gulter turned to ask Professor Heidel, who was standing behind him.

“What should we do? Just keep watching this situation?”

Professor Heidel was ready to intervene in the battle at any moment with high-level barrier magic. However, he simply observed the situation with cold eyes, seemingly confident in something unspoken.

Gulter narrowed his eyes as he watched Luin.

“……What are you, really?”

Luin quietly shook his head in response to Gulter’s question.

“I am just a student who wants to focus on the exam.”

I couldn’t fathom what kind of courage it was.

An enormous ogre, easily five times my size.

To charge at such a creature and throw punches thoughtlessly.

Of course, I was nervous at first.

And scared too.

But it was two reasons that transformed these feelings into ‘reckless courage’.

Firstly, my ability.

《Friend of Ogres》

《The effect of this title increases the probability that ‘ogres’ will not be hostile towards you.》

《The effect of this title enables communication with ‘ogres’.》

A title I had gained previously from the ancient King of Ogres.

The effect that enables communication with ogres.

It allowed me to understand the meaning behind the roars of the ogre, which sounded like ‘Kuaaarrrgh!’.

‘That fellow, it’s scared.’

To ordinary people who cannot understand the ogre’s language, it would appear as nothing more than a brutal monster.

But to me, it was different.

That guy.

Was nervous about the sudden change in environment.

Scared by the fact there were so many people watching, and the situation with mages and knights all gathered around.

Next, the second reason.

A quest that had come flying out of nowhere.

《An emergency quest has arrived.》

《The time has come to fight.》

《Stop shadow boxing and kicking at the air. You now face an unbeatable foe. The time has come to engage in battle. Head there first and subdue the enemy.》

《Objective: Strike the enemy first 0/1》

《Objective2: Defeat the enemy 0/1》

《*Reward: Strength +30》

《*Reward2: Skill Player’s Sight》

It was a quest with the reward of +30 Strength, equivalent to the reward of repeating quests for three days.

How could one not be excited?

And so I charged at the ogre without hesitation.

Thanks to that.

《Objective: Strike the enemy first 1/1(Complete)》


Now, the ogre’s eyes had completely turned.

But I.

“Bring it on.”

I showed a taunting smile towards the ogre, who was now furious and intent on tearing me to pieces.

《Objective2: Defeat the enemy 0/1》


Now, all that was left was to win.

[Human! I will kill you!]

To others, it would sound like a simple beastly roar, but to me, I could understand the ogre’s language clearly.

The creature started to exude intense murderous intent towards me.

Then, it cocked its head and assumed a charging posture, and in a blink, it leaped right in front of me without taking a single step.


Incredibly fast, given the size of the ogre.

[I’ll smash your head!]

Naturally, I had no intention of just standing there and getting hit.


The ogre’s fist missed me by a hair’s breadth as it whooshed over my head.

“Wow! Did you see that?”

“How did he dodge it?”

Exclamations of admiration came from the crowd.

For a split moment, Professor Heidel thought it was dangerous and cast a barrier spell on me.

I didn’t get hit, professor.

“You fool! Look ahead!”


I snapped back to attention when I heard the shout from Knight Commander Gulter Pirante.

While I had been distracted, the ogre charged at me again.


I quickly activated the skill 《Time Refraction》, moving myself well out of the ogre’s combat range.

And then.

“Phew. Here I go.”

I bent my body like a bow and leaped forward in a swift motion.

Affected by 《Time Refraction》, my movement speed started to increase by more than 200%.

My movement was becoming so fast that it was hard for me to control.

‘My power is affected by my movement.’

It was the effect of the passive skill ‘Mage of Madness’.

And I clenched my fist tightly.

Ignoring the ‘Rule of Three’ in casting, which involves gathering, heating, and releasing, my casting speed was unrivaled. I quickly created two constructs and thrust my fist into the ogre’s abdomen.

Bang! Bang!


Flames sparked with each hit, and the ogre howled in pain.

However, it was not the finishing blow yet.

“Wow, what kind of skin does this…”

Despite the attacks hitting their mark, the ogre’s skin was as tough as if it was made of boulders.

Of course, I never thought I could bring it down in one hit.

‘There’s no tree that won’t fall after ten chops.’

I planned to continue beating it until it fell.

[Human! Die!]

With its eyes turned inside out, the ogre threw its massive body at me once more.

I didn’t dodge but instead opened up the power of 《930》 to its maximum limit and collided head-on with the ogre.


Strength against strength.

A power struggle unfolded between a human and an ogre, and the entire exam hall was filled with tension.


“What… what’s happening here?”

Being pushed back here would mean more than just a few broken bones.

But the one who first broke the tight balance of power was me.

‘Is it still too much…’

I could hold my own in the struggle of strength with the ogre, but to overpower it was still too much.

Thus, I used 《Time Refraction》 to swiftly twist my body to the side.


When the force opposing him disappeared, the ogre toppled forward and smashed into a wooden pillar.


Of course, it was the wooden pillar that broke.

[You contemptible human!]

Seeming to come to its senses, the ogre shook its head vigorously and charged at me again, flailing its massive fists.

Whoosh- Whoosh- Whoom-!

These ferocious punches, which could shatter bones with a mere graze, poured down on me, but fortunately, they were all blind strikes.

With martial arts and strength, my movement was adjusted just enough for me to dodge.

I quickly bent down dodging the ogre’s punch, and at the same time…


I hit the ogre’s abdomen and kicked at its lower body, catching it off balance.



Striking above the relatively fragile skin of the shin, the ogre lost its balance and toppled backwards.

Like a giant tree falling, it was a dizzying moment.

I climbed on top of the fallen ogre and spread my hands.

Within my grasp, flames of the red hell were blooming.

“Now, let’s see the end.”

Skill, 《Ogre’s Rage.》

For 30 seconds, a skill that evokes an ogre’s strength dramatically increasing my own.


A dark red light began to glow on my fist.

It was as if an unknown power was seeping in, and this giant force kept demanding to burst out.

Perhaps sensing a kindred spirit in the ‘power’ radiating from my fist, the ogre murmured.

[Is this… really a human?]

A strength comparable to that of an ogre.

And the unmistakable scent of kinship emitted by the skill 《Ogre’s Rage》.

I peered down at the disfigured ogre with a cold smile.

“You didn’t expect an answer, did you?”

[…Do you understand my words?]

“You understand mine too, don’t you?”

Humans and ogres.

Speaking each other’s languages but able to understand each other, the ogre blinked dumbfounded in this strange situation.

The decisive blow was about to come.

“Explosion Mana Burn.”

The most advanced magic I could cast, and the spell that had once earned me a perfect score from the ancient Ogre King.

《Effects of Ogre’s Rage overlap.》

《Entering a berserk state.》

A tiny key appeared in my hand, and as I scattered it, I thrust my fist as hard as I could into the ogre’s jaw.


The jaw, which felt like hitting a sturdy boulder, simply folded and ripped apart under my fist.

It was…

It was an overwhelming power, even to my own surprise.


The high heat of the flames and the shock of the punch instantly shattered the ogre’s jaw and set it on fire, and the ogre blacked out without even being able to scream.


A foul smell of burning flesh spread throughout the exam hall with the rising smoke.

The examination hall was silent except for the sound of death.

“Is it… over?”

The person who broke the silence was Knight Commander Gulter Pirante, the closest to me who had been watching my fight.


He approached me with a blank face.

“…What exactly are you?”

“I am just…”

“Yes. Surely a student who wishes to do well on the exam. So, I’ll ask again. Student who wishes to do well on the exam, what is your name?”

“My name is Luin Ardell.”

“Luin Ardell…”

I felt a twinge in my shoulder.

Apparently, my inexperience with real combat and reckless use of my body had taken its toll.

I massaged my sore shoulder as Gulter Pirante, the commander of the knights, began to ask questions out of sheer curiosity.

“I’m not familiar with the Ardell family, but… did they produce a sword master or perhaps a grand mage by any chance?”

“Not at all.”

“I may not be well-versed in magic, but what kind of magic is that? And that tremendous power… do I need to answer?”

“Huh? No, if you’re uncomfortable. Let me ask just one more thing on the topic. The martial arts, did you learn them from someone in particular?”


“Then you figured it out by yourself…?”


Gulter smiled as if he was impressed with my response.

“So that means…”

He had the look of someone scheming a cunning plan.

I withdrew my gaze from such a Gulter Pirante and looked towards Professor Heidel.

Professor Heidel had shown an expression of amazement for a brief moment.

It was as if saying:

‘You really won, didn’t you?’

But he quickly put that expression to one side and approached me with that impassive face.

“I thought the opponent would be too much for you. But you did not even give me a chance to step in.”

“Yet again, you’ve shown more than I expected, Luin.”

“That means…”

“Yes. You’ve passed.”


“…That is good news.”

As I smiled lightly.


An uproar like thunder erupted from the examination hall.

At the same time, a translucent status window appeared before my eyes.

《You have completed the emergency quest.》

《Please collect your reward.》


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