Mightiest Melee Magician Chapter 17


All-Powerful Sorcerer Episode 017


Orcs of the past were said to be weak in strategic combat due to their lacking intelligence.

But times have changed.

Just as human life has evolved, so too have the intellects of orcs.

The orcs of today are…

Fast, powerful, and meticulous.

“Ugh… Ugh!”

“Get out of the way!”

They penetrated the front line of knights and targeted the magicians in the rear first.

“Y-you avoided that?”

“No way. The Ice Arrow?”

The students’ clumsy magic was easily dodged by simply twisting their bodies to the side.

Their strength was such that they could instantly shatter the formation of knights, and whenever an orc broke through and charged at a student, Professor Heidel would step in and subdue the orcs herself.

“Orcs were this strong?”

“I’ve only ever heard about them, but fighting one directly is daunting.”

“I, too…”


The students’ inexperience in combat only made the orcs seem more formidable.

I felt the same way.

‘This is no joke…’

As my turn approached, my only concern was how to fight against the orc.

While other magicians could attack from afar, my situation was different.

Firstly, to even stand in front was enough to make my flesh quiver in front of their massive bulk.

Muscles so well-developed it seemed unlikely for normal attacks to leave a scratch.

I must face and fight with fists as big as my head, overstated only slightly.

I’d only ever practiced punching with stationary training dummies, never having learned professional fighting techniques, hence my increased worry.

‘Can I even fight an orc…’

I’ve become a player, but this would be my first real fight against a monster.

Yet, even amidst my concerns, the corners of my mouth kept twitching with excitement.



‘It looks fun.’

Half worried.

Half excited.

This strange tension dominating me is a pleasing sensation.

But things don’t always go as intended.

As my turn drew near, Professor Heidel personally came to me.

With some unsettling news.

“Luin Ardell. You had better brace yourself for today’s test. They will be particularly harsh on you.”

“What do you mean by that?”

“It seems the academy expects quite a lot from the student who scored 100 with Kinggram. Your test will be harder than the others’. In other words, your opponent will not be an orc.”


Not an orc for the test monster?

Then what?

“An ogre.”

I thought I had heard wrong.

But it was true.

“Oho! My first real fight, and it’s against an ogre! Now isn’t this exciting?”

Strang believed he had heard the same thing, therefore.

Professor Heidel continued.

“A knight commander from Foldren Dominion, along with guardian knights, including myself, will be present. Although there should be no safety issues… whether you can perform well in the test remains uncertain.”

I was the only student who had scored full marks from Kinggram.

And so, I was treated quite ‘specially'(?).

The uncomfortable ‘special treatment’ of facing ‘an ogre’, three times the size of an orc.

I gave an awkward laugh.

“Ahaha… Well, this isn’t exactly welcome news.”

“The opponent will overwhelm you. Prepare yourself.”

Professor Heidel looked at me with complex eyes for a moment.

Reading the worry that flickered in her gaze, I responded with a bright smile in place of words.

Whatever happens, we’ll make it work, Professor.

“Luin Ardell, prepare yourself.”

“Yes, sir.”

I got up briskly when my name was called.

“Crush it!”

And then, with Jason’s encouragement, I strode onto the test grounds with spirited confidence.

However, this confidence quickly contorted upon the sight of the actual ogre.

Is this really okay?


“What… what’s that?”

The exam hall atmosphere turned chaotic as the ogre, puffing out angry snorts, appeared.

“Wh-why’s the orc so huge?”

“You fool, that’s an ogre!”

“That’s an ogre… So Luin’s test opponent is an ogre?”

“Wow, how do you fight that…”

Ogres are known to make necklaces from the bones of their slain enemies.

The ogre that appeared in the arena had at least ten skulls around its neck.

Some were human, others belonged to beastly creatures.

This meant it had personally killed at least ten opponents.

Then, the solid form of a man who was handling a sword in the center of the exam hall spoke.

“Oh dear, I brought him as instructed… but I had no clue he would be used for a test. Does the academy have a student capable of facing an ogre?”

His name was Gultair Pirante.

A 6-star knight who wielded a blue aura and was the current Knight Captain of Foldren Dominion.

He was the very person who had captured the orcs and ogre and brought them to the academy.

Gultair Pirante asked Professor Heidel.

“I did accept the dean’s request… but are you seriously going to use that creature for the test? He was a tough one, even for several knights to capture.”

Professor Heidel calmly nodded.

“Yes, it’s the dean’s order.”

Gultair frowned, clearly dissatisfied with Heidel’s response.

“So, the academy is staking lives on this test.”

It was a pointed remark.

An ogre is strong.

One full swing could shatter a skull and bend spines in half.

Certainly, it is a monster that must be faced head-on in real battle.

But it is audacious to use such as a ‘test subject’ for a mere student.

What kind of student would warrant such?


“Yes. I am betting my life. I am.”

“…Hmm? Who are you?”

Not Professor Heidel, but Luin himself responded to this inquiry from Gultair.

Luin had bowed slightly toward Gultair and said,

“My name is Luin Ardell. I’m the student taking this test.”


“Yes. I’m counting on you.”

A rather good-looking drafter with an impressive aura—though Gultair found him just a thin young boy about the age of 16 after all he’d faced.

‘This boy is going to face that ogre?’

Of course, he would need the aid of the knights, including himself.

But he didn’t seem to be at the level to face an ogre.


“Hey, what are you doing now?”

“Why are you preparing here?”

“That should be your position there, shouldn’t it?”

Gultair pointed to the rear where the students were supposed to be.

But where Luin stood was not in the rear with the magicians but at the very front line with the knights.

Gultair thought him a fool for not even knowing his place, but Luin’s response was unexpected.

“I’ll be fighting from here.”


“My magic is a bit… different.”

Gultair’s questioning gaze shifted to Professor Heidel.

She silently nodded, confirming the truth in Luin’s words.

Gultair clicked his tongue, saying,

“Don’t mess around near me, otherwise, I might not be able to protect you. That creature is not to be underestimated.”

“I understand.”

“You said you’re betting your life on the test?”



“Because it’s crucial for me.”

Gultair observed Luin closely.

Luin’s eyes were clear, not clouded with fear like the other students.

Although nervousness lingered, there was no fear. Instead, he seemed confident, even enjoying himself.

‘Hmm… a somewhat different kind of student?’

And when Luin discarded his robe, Gultair was surprised for the second time.

‘What kind of mage has a body like…?’

Luin wasn’t skinny as Gultair had assumed. Beneath the robe hid a well-toned body.

‘Has he been trained as a knight?’

Gultair’s question soon had its answer as the test commenced.

“Hey, hey! What do you think you’re doing!”

As soon as the shackles on the ogre were released, Luin charged straight ahead.

Gultair immediately realized his mistake.


He hadn’t expected the student to rush headlong at the massive ogre.

Gultair leapt forward, shouting loudly,

“Hey, hey! What do you think you’re doing! Stop!”

But Luin did not stop; instead, he accelerated with Haste magic.

In an instant, the distance between them closed.


The ogre lifted a huge stone off the ground—prepared to smash Luin’s head.


Gultair drew his sword.


A blue aura burst from his longsword in the blink of an eye.

He planned to strike down the ogre then and there.

If not, the young students gathered here would witness a gruesome death.

However, just before Gultair released the aura…


Gultair’s eyes caught a glimpse of massive flames bursting from Luin’s hands.

Captivated by Luin’s magic for a moment, Gultair was soon shrouded by a massive explosion and a sandstorm, forcing him to squint.

‘What’s going on?’

As the dust settled, Gultair saw with his own eyes Luin standing unharmed and an ogre reeling from a critical blow.

The situation was unclear.

Only one thing was certain.

‘A close combat… sorcerer?’

It was then Gultair understood why such a finely tuned body was necessary, and why this magician had to fight from the front.

Gultair frowned and approached Luin, saying,

“You! You should’ve warned me earlier. That was close!”

“Sorry about that. But… would you have let me go if I had told you?”


“Hold on a moment. The test isn’t over yet.”

Luin’s gaze shifted back to the ogre.

The ogre, struck by the flame magic, was wobbling but its eyes still held malice.

Rather, it seemed even more enraged.


As the ogre, now furiously pounding its own chest, caught Gultair’s attention, he stepped in front of Luin and said,

“Oh no… this looks quite dangerous. Back off. I’ll finish this.”

However, Luin simply shook his head at Gultair.

“This is my test.”


“Please allow me to complete it.”

Gultair looked flabbergasted at Luin.

‘What kind of person does this?’


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