Mightiest Melee Magician Chapter 15


Mightiest Melee Magician Chapter 15: The All-Power Mage

I opened my eyes.

The first thing I saw was the white marble ceiling.

And then…

[Repeat Quest]

[Physical Training I]

[As a player connected to the world destroyer, Draka, you must train your body to become stronger.]

[Punching: 0/3,000 times]

[Kicking: 0/3,000 times]

[Turning Kick: 0/3,000 times]

The quest.

My day always begins with a physical training quest.

However, there was a slight difference from the usual routine.

“Ah…! I was sleeping so well!”

Strang was resting on my shoulder.

Strang had slept for 16 hours straight and still seemed sleepy, rubbing their eyes and saying,

“Disturbing my deep sleep so early in the morning…”

“Do you even know how long you’ve slept?”

“I’m a baby after all! It’s always like this at the start. But why did you wake me up so early?”

“Aren’t you hungry? Are you not going to eat?”



Here, food refers to the ‘power’ I get from quests.

At the mention of food, Strang’s eyes sparkled, and they hopped up energetically.


It seemed they were extremely hungry.

I looked at Strang nonchalantly and said,

“If you don’t want to eat, then don’t.”

“No, no. Just wait…!”

As I got up, Strang quickly jumped onto my shoulder and settled comfortably.

“Hmph! Who said I’m not eating?”

“You should just follow along without fuss.”


Strang seemed somewhat annoyed at being led by me but couldn’t hide the fact that they looked cute rather than threatening.

We arrived at the outdoor training ground.

Looking around the training ground, Strang opened their eyes wide in interest.

“Is this the place? Where you do your quests?”

“So sophisticated…”

“Since it’s a magic school. All the dummies have permanent restoration magic on them. No matter how much you break them with magic, they’ll regain their original form after a short while.”

“That’s convenient. Back in my days…”

Strang began to reminisce about the days when they would smoke dragon tobacco.

Back then, they practiced against trees in a dense forest since there were no magical dummies.

Not very appealing, I started to throw punches at the dummies while letting Strang’s stories go in one ear and out the other.

Wham-! Wham-!

Punching, kicking, turning kicks.

In the past few months, I had mastered the precise movements and started to fill the count of 3,000 for each task rapidly.

[You have completed the quest.]

[You receive a reward of Strength +10.]


I completed the quest in a very short time.

My body was drenched in sweat, but I felt light.

The time to complete quests was getting shorter.

It seemed like I could increase the training intensity.

As the power from completing the quest seeped in, Strang spread their arms and exclaimed,

“Wow! Food!”

Suddenly wearing a napkin around their neck, Strang was satisfying their hunger with the power I had gained from quests.

“Chew chew… Ah! Now I can finally feel alive. You have quite the skill, don’t you?”

Although it was just a ‘Strength +10’, Strang’s complexion improved noticeably, and their size had increased a bit.

But that wasn’t all.

By sharing a meal together, we became a proper family.

At the same time, a status window appeared in front of me.

[The Avatar of Strength, Strang, holds a favorable impression of you.]

[The Avatar of Strength, Strang, becomes your retainer.]

[You share all information with the Avatar of Strength, Strang.]


[Avatar of Strength]

[1 star*]

[The sole elemental of the physical realm that responds to the most primitive material, ‘Strength.’ Grows stronger as its host body becomes stronger, sharing everything with the host. Fell into Luin alongside the Black Dragon Drakagonia while challenging the seven thrones of the divine realm.]

[Unique Skill – *Companion: All growth of Strang benefits you with a 100% bonus application.]

Unique Skill, Companion.

The more Strang grows, the stronger I become as well.

Is it because of the effect of this skill?

[The elemental spirit of strength, Strang, has become 1 star★.]

[Due to the effect of the unique skill ‘Companion,’ your Strength increases by +100.]

My strength increased by +100.

The sudden influx of immense power almost made me dizzy.

[Strength: 780]+++

My strength score, which was 680, became 780 in an instant.

An incredible amount, equal to what one would usually gain after ten days of questing.

As I couldn’t hide my bewildered feelings, Strang, who had just finished eating, wiped their mouth with the napkin and said to me,

“I told you. The stronger you become, the stronger I become, and the stronger we both get.”

“…Just from eating once?”

“It’s not just eating once. It’s the only way for me to grow.”

“So every time you grow, my strength will increase by 100?”

“That’s right. 200 for 2 stars, 300 for 3 stars, then increasing by 400 each time… endlessly. Hahaha…”

Strength will continue to increase with each achievement.


“Before I became an embroider, I was over 31 stars.”

31 stars.

Just that would increase my strength score by 3,100.

Adding up all the scores required to reach 31 stars…

How much would that be?

I shook my head at the utterly vast number.

‘Even now, with a strength of less than 1,000, I’m this strong…’

Currently, my strength far surpasses the realm of ordinary humans.

It’s not just about lifting heavy objects, but also endurance, movement, everything.

Although I can’t make an exact comparison, I’m confident I wouldn’t be out of place when compared to knights who have trained with swords all their lives.

‘But if it goes up by 3,100…’

It’s a number too large to be simply considered within human bounds.

As if picking up on my thoughts, Strang burst into triumphant laughter.

“Now you get it? Hahaha. So hurry up and stuff me until I burst!”

“Is there another way? Other than the daily increase of Strength +10, is there another way to increase strength?”

“Of course, there is.”

“What is it?”

“Haha, did you think I would tell you so easily? If you want to know, bring me a cool glass of water immediately…”

“You don’t want to eat, do you?”

“You… are you threatening me?”

“If you want to eat your fill, it’s better to just tell me. Didn’t you say we have a symbiotic relationship?”


Wanting to hold the upper hand in our relationship, Strang pretended to ponder for a moment, scratching their chin.

They must have realized there was nothing to gain from a battle of wits with me.

“Hmm… Alright, I’ll tell you. You can raise the difficulty of quests to increase rewards, make special equipment that boosts strength, obtain various artifacts, or even boil a strength tendon to create elixirs… but all of that is beyond you for now.”


“You need a minimum strength of 1,000 to do those things. Otherwise, your body won’t be able to withstand the sudden increase of power. Right now, you’re just taking baby steps.”

“Like you?”


Baby steps.

Even though I thought I became quite strong as a player, it seems I hadn’t even started yet.

Strength 1,000.

I need to attain that first before I can attempt more diverse methods.

Currently, with a strength of 780, it meant I would continue to slowly build more strength over at least the next three weeks.

Of course, if Strang grows to 2 stars in the meantime, I would immediately surpass 1,000, but since a vast amount of strength is required to reach 2 stars, it seems impossible.

“That’s the case, then…”

For now, my initial goal is to raise my strength by 1,000.

I had no choice but to train continuously towards this goal.

“As your strength surpasses 1,000, the difficulty of quests will skyrocket. To adapt to that, you’ll need to prepare in advance, alright? Don’t grumble that it’s too hard later on.”

“Are you telling me to increase my training now?”


Afterward, even without the reward of quests, I increased my physical training.

I added 15km of fast-paced walking, and each type of kick increased to 5,000 times.

Despite a busy life that would be overwhelming enough to need two bodies to handle academy tasks and training,

Thanks to that, the repetitive quests that used to be difficult felt like light pre-dinner exercises.

After about a fortnight of relentless training, Strang mentioned in amazement,

“What on earth are you?”

“What do you mean?”

“How can you train every single day without skipping a day? Even Draka couldn’t do that initially.”


That’s unexpected.

Even Draka, a black dragon, couldn’t do that at first.

Of course, it wasn’t simply due to a one-dimensional reason like ‘it was hard.’

“Is it because of the difference in lifespan between dragons and humans? Draka was kind of… more relaxed compared to you. Train one day, rest for weeks. Train, then play hard for a month.”

The lifespan difference between humans and dragons spans from several hundred to several thousand years.

Dragons live for nearly eternal lives of 10,000 years, whereas humans can barely live to 100 years at most.

The concept of “a day” varies greatly between these two, and the gap I imagine is far greater than expected.

In that sense, while Draka could afford to be laid-back and relaxed, I feel the pressure to train diligently without wasting even a day.

“Do all humans work this hard?”

Thinking of the pampered lazybones at the academy, I shook my head.

“Hmm… I guess not everyone does.”

“Really? You have much more perseverance than I expected. You looked so frail that I was worried you might keel over at any moment.”

“Were you afraid I’d starve you?”

“Well, I wouldn’t die from a few days of fasting. I just wouldn’t grow, that’s all.”

“Don’t worry. I won’t let you go hungry every day. But in exchange, you’ll have to share any useful information as soon as you have it.”

“You won’t let me starve?”

Pleased with this answer, Strang nodded and replied,

“Heh, good. I seem to have found a good master.”

Strang said this.

But from my perspective, training was easier than magic.

Magic relies heavily on talent.

My hard work doesn’t necessarily guarantee growth, and improper growing methods could put a strain on the mana circle in an instant.

But ‘strength’ is different.

Unlike magic, it’s intuitive.

The sense of achievement from the effort put in was clear to see, and the sweat I shed never betrayed me.

In that sense, there is a certain pleasure in training tirelessly every day.

Gradually accumulating strength by +10 each day, my strength eventually reached [930].

“Today marks the beginning of the third test period, right?”



The third test, the [Practical Combat Exam], began.


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