Mightiest Melee Magician Chapter 13


Chapter 13: The Full Force Magician

After the “Mana Output Measurement” test was over, I emerged from the test area to find an unexpected person waiting for me.


Professor Heidel.

With an impassive face, he approached me and said,

“You’ve caused an incident.”

“…An incident?”

“Follow me.”

Where Professor Heidel led was not elsewhere but down a stairway heading underground.

The ‘incident’ the professor referred to was not difficult to guess that it related to my ‘score.’

“Honestly, I’m curious. How you managed to catch Kinggram’s interest.”

“Ah, that…”

“It’s not a question I asked expecting an answer. Magicians have the right to keep their secrets.”

I playfully questioned the professor.

“Are you going to inform my father about this?”

“Why, would you mind?”

“No, not at all. If you’re going to tell him, do it quickly. He’ll be worried.”

“Hmph, you rascal.”

Professor Heidel’s face seemed strangely joyful.

From his pocket, he pulled out a piece of parchment—an entry permit stamped with the seal of Principal Tirion.

He then presented the entry permit to the ‘Mana Guardian’ stationed as a stalwart sentinel at the underground stairwell and said,

“This is the dean’s entry permit. Please allow access to the Artifact Chamber.”

After the Mana Guardian used its powers to verify the authenticity of the entry permit,

Click! Click!

it moved swiftly aside, twisting its form to create a path, and Professor Heidel led the way down the stairs.

I hurried behind him and said,

“Wow… I’ve never been here before.”

“Of course, not. It’s the only place in the academy where entry is forbidden.”

The air felt inexplicably cool as it wrapped around my skin. Yet the stairway looked well-maintained, without a speck of dust, and warm lanterns illumed the staircase and hallway.

At the end of the corridor, there was a massive iron door that led to a room.

It was odd that this vast basement had only one room, but Professor Heidel’s explanation made it immediately comprehensible.

“Although it won’t activate since we have permission to enter, there are over a hundred traps designed into this hallway. Do not touch anything recklessly.”


The hallway was literally a minefield of traps.

If unpermitted intruders were to enter, the traps would activate, capable of sensing invisibility and transparency spells, among others.

Even the most powerful hostile force would be stopped in its tracks on the path to the Artifact Chamber.

A place forbidden to students.

A place perfectly sealed off from the access of the unauthorized.

What kind of treasure could be hidden here that required such extreme isolation?

Tense, I followed Professor Heidel deep into the corridor.

Upon reaching the iron door to the Artifact Chamber, which was blocked by the enormous barrier, Professor Heidel took out a cigar and said,

“You’re going into the room alone.”


“Yes. My permission only extends this far. Go on, I’ll wait here.”

The professor lit his cigar with a flick of his fingers and stood smoking.

Me, going into that room alone…

“Well then, I’ll be back.”

Taking a deep breath, I opened the door to the sealed Artifact Chamber.


The thick iron door opened with an eerie sound.

It wasn’t heavy. Likely, some weight-reducing magic had instead made it light.

Inside the Artifact Chamber, surprisingly dense darkness enveloped the space.

Swallowing hard, I stepped inside.

Striding forward.

Creeeak- Clang.

The door closed behind me, and at the same time, a dazzling green light filled my vision.

Guided by the verdant glow, the Artifact Chamber revealed itself to be a treasure trove.


Staffs, wands, robes, pendants.

There were over a dozen magical armaments hung on the walls, and there were several rings, necklaces, and seals that likely contained high-level spells.

In one corner of the Artifact Room, precious-looking spellbooks filled a bookshelf.

It was utterly awe-inspiring.

The magical warehouse of the great magician, Proyan Ignite, was truly like no other.

Yet even among these treasures, the most valuable artifact was separate.

“You seem lost in thought, unaware of your true worth.”

“…Kinggram sir.”

The living artifact, Kinggram.

Its value immeasurable by any currency.

But Kinggram appeared different than usual.

Kinggram, who should be encased in a special parathenium-reinforced statue, now stood in his true form, an ogre.

Yes, he was in his living ogre form.

“How is this possible?”

Confused, I started to stutter, and Kinggram explained,

“This is the only place where I’m permitted to use my body.”

The artifact room was filled with a fine mist of ancient mana.

Thanks to this ancient mana, Kinggram could exist here not as an ‘artifact’ but as Kinggram the ogre.

Having attended the school for six years, there was still much I didn’t know.

“I see.”

I swallowed hard in the face of the immense aura exuded by this ogre.

His size was, quite literally, twice as large as a typical ogre.

The oppressive aura he exuded would crush most people where they stood.

Yet, I managed to hold my ground.

There’s something I needed to hear.

And that’s why I asked,

“You mentioned ‘not knowing my worth.’ What do you mean by that?”

Kinggram’s words to me as I stood enchanted by the artifacts implied that I was an ‘artifact’ myself.

Was my supposition correct?

Indeed, it was.

“Draka… He also wielded an artifact just like you.”

My power.

An ancient artifact known as ‘Player.’

Kinggram knew my condition very well.

“A one-of-a-kind, magnificent artifact. You possess such a grand artifact, yet stare enamored at these trivial scraps—it’s enough to make one sigh.”

This ogre.

What exactly did he know?

“How did you obtain it? And what’s your connection to Draka?”

I couldn’t answer.


Because I really knew nothing.

Nevertheless, I briefly recounted my life.

“Firstly… I’ll tell you about myself.”

My childhood, when I showed talent for magic.

But hidden behind that immense talent was the curse of magical discharge dysfunction.

The academy’s worst failure.

And then the accident that almost cost me my life.

And so I came into possession of the artifact ‘Player.’

The connection to Draka.

Kinggram listened quietly to my story before nodding and saying,

“Draka was also unable to discharge magic. It seems he must have had his eye on you for quite some time.”

I asked Kinggram,

“Who is Draka, exactly?”

“Hmph! Who, you say?”


Then, his answer was striking.

“A being who aspired to be a god.”

The Destroyer of Worlds, Draka.

This was a tale from long before the birth of the great magician Proyan Ignite.

Much, much earlier.

One day, a human arrived at Kinggram’s clan, the ‘Sky Peak Tribe’ of ancient ogres.

He was short and slender, they say.

But contrary to what one might expect of a human, he possessed tremendous strength, rivaling the ogres, and it grew day by day. Eventually, no number of ogres could defeat him.

“Truly immense strength. It didn’t feel human at all. I can say this confidently—I’ve never witnessed a human stronger than him.”

That was Draka.

The ogres, who revered strength, naturally respected Draka.

Although human, he became like family to the ogre tribe.

Moreover, he taught language and magic to Kinggram, who was next in line to be the chieftain.

For 100 years.

I was shocked.

“A hundred years? How can a human possibly live for 100 years…”

“It’s possible. He was not a human.”

Not human?

I narrowed my eyes and asked,

“If he wasn’t human, then what was he?”

“Black Dragon Drakagonia. That was his true identity.”

I bit my lip, speechless.

A dragon?

Dragons were supposed to be creatures of legend.

If anyone else had said this, I would have asked if they were joking…

But no, this was the ancient ogre Kinggram.

He was not one for trivial jests.

“Is that… true?”

“You’re a mage, so you must have heard that the origin of magic is said to be dragons.”

“Ah… Yes, but whether dragons truly existed is uncertain…”

The origin of magic.

It’s a favorite topic for storytellers.

Magic originates from dragons.

No, magic is a power pursued and advanced by humans.

These two opinions have long been at odds.

Yet there is no correct answer.

Because it cannot be verified.

However, Kinggram, an ogre who lived with a dragon for a hundred years, firmly settled the matter.

“It’s true. Dragons existed. Of course, they seem to have gone extinct now.”

‘Seem to have gone extinct’?

So they might still exist, or they might not?

It’s a mysterious assertion.

Regardless, before the shock of finding out Drakagonia was not a human but a dragon could subside, Kinggram continued,

“As I mentioned earlier, dragons were the origin of magic. But Draka couldn’t discharge magic, just like you. Do you grasp what this means?”

A dragon that couldn’t use magic…

I wasn’t clear, but if it were a human, it would mean lacking various essential qualities.

A human without magic might exist, but a human without emotions does not.

A human unable to think and reason does not exist.

Perhaps a dragon unable to use magic was treated similarly.

After all, I had received such treatment at the academy.

“I think I understand a little.”

As I nodded, Kinggram went on,

“That is why Draka developed his unique power. He infused magic into strength. Those are the abilities you use.”

Draka grew stronger.

Stronger than any being in the world.

Stronger than any other dragon.

He yearned for infinite power enough to challenge the gods.

And he achieved it.

But still…

Just a bit more.

A little bit more strength.

Fuelled by infinite desire, the end of Draka was tragic.

“Inflating his strength boundlessly, Draka ultimately perished. He destroyed everything, including the dragons that treated him like a vermin, and obliterated himself along with his world.”


A being who perished along with his world.

The Destroyer of Worlds, Draka.

That’s why ‘dragons’ remained only in the realm of legend.

I gulped as I listened to this story; a whirlpool of thoughts swirled inside me.

I was reeling not because of the unexpected tale.

It was the seemingly limitless ‘infinite power’ that destroyed worlds that truly baffled me.

And that was when a translucent window floated before my eyes.

《You have achieved an achievement.》


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