Mightiest Melee Magician Chapter 128


Mightiest Melee Magician

Chapter 128 of “All Force Wizard”

“Is that, Ruin’s spearhead?”

“It’s support from the wizards! Now’s the time! Everyone, push forward!”

They plunged toward the foes as if they had been spilled there, swinging their fists frantically.

Boom! Rumble!

Unable to feel emotions, reminisce, or understand the hearts of others.

These beasts, left only with their instincts,

wouldn’t remember anything.

Yet, I remember it all too vividly.

Ten years ago.

My estate.

My people.

The moment my mother was dying.

To think they don’t remember anything.

That made me even angrier.

They suffered at the hands of these creatures that existed only with their instincts, devoid of reason.

Because we were weak.

It was our extreme weakness that led to this tragedy.

Such misfortunes must be eradicated.

The overwhelming rage burst forth too late, and I swung my fists madly.

Even covered in dirt.

Even as my movements slowed, stuck in the mud.

Even as my strength rapidly drained, I did not stop.

The tide of battle was turning.

“Their formation has broken! Charge!”

“For the King!”

Led by Sir Bolvar and me, the break in the enemy’s formation meant the soldiers, who were on the brink of being pushed back to the sea, no longer needed protection. The Golden Knight Order, led by Sir Merrow, began their cavalry charge.

And then.

“Save the lord and his son!”


The local militia and mercenaries, who had been waiting on a side path in the canyon, joined in.

No matter how many they killed, the end seemed nowhere in sight.

“Looks like we can give it a shot, right? Think of it as training and hold on for just two more hours.”

“Two… Two hours…”

“I’ve endured Sir Bolvar’s hellish intensive training, so this much is nothing… Right?”

“……Does it really work that way?” Still, there was hope.

“……Next, what I did was shout ‘You vile mudmen! I, Wizard Jason Damon, will annihilate you this instant’… No, wait. Ma’am. Are you listening to me?”

“Hm? Ah, heheh. I must’ve dozed off. Tell me again.”

“Listen well this time. I’ll only say it once more. ‘You vile mudmen! I, Wizard Jason Damon, will—!”

“He shouted that he’s never had a girlfriend before.”

“He’s never had a… What?”

“He said he can’t die without having experienced love. Someone please save him; he was desperate…”

“Gukguk! Was that what it was? My goodness, such a handsome young man, and he hasn’t had a relationship before? He cleans well. Does the dishes well. What’s missing? Can’t die a bachelor ghost, can he? Hmmm-hmmm.”

“……Please, ma’am. It’s getting more tragic, so stop.”

The subjugation at the Jinheung Plains had ended.

The long battle, extending for over two hours, ended in our complete victory.

We had over 1,500 wounded, but fortunately, not a single death.

Thanks to the comparatively weaker individual combat power of the Mudmen.

The soldiers’ courage in refusing to break their ranks.

The miracle wrought by the desire of everyone to win this battle.

Because of it, a grand feast was held at Ardel.

Gathering around the fire in small groups, they enjoyed alcohol and meat.

Through this time, everyone from the estate was able to bury the old feelings of vengeance they had harbored.

Celebrating today’s victory.

And then.

“A young wizard, you’ve got to experience love before you die, right? How about meeting my daughter?”


“No, no, meet my daughter first. That blacksmith’s daughter is just too young.”

“How old is she?”

“10, or was it 9 years old?”

“Aiyoo! That’s way too young! I’m an adult already! And your daughter, ma’am?”

“She’s 43 this year. A perfect age for marriage, right?”

Jason Damon, the great wizard, became the number-one prospective son-in-law among the estate’s ladies.


He played a ‘key’ role in this operation and achieved great feat too.

It’s only right!

I patted Jason on the shoulder and said,

“Jason. Now’s your chance to become a man.”

The ever-confident Jason had no words to say today.

People celebrating this victory weren’t just the local residents.

“Oho! Sir Ruin!”


“If the Princes hear of this victory, they’ll be especially pleased.”

Sir Merrow of the Golden Knight Order and his men, who had come all the way down to Ardel to lead the troops, were also filled with joy.

“With Bengrass Gegen put under a bounty, I’ve been filling in temporarily as the acting captain. Maybe the Princes will favor me a bit after this.”

“I hope you become the official captain of the Golden Knight Order. Thank you for your help.”

“It’s all thanks to you, Sir Ruin. Thank you. I nearly forgot my manners.”

Once the injured recover, they will return to the capital.

Without the help of the Princes and the capital army, this battle would have been a lot tougher.

Thank you, everyone.

Parting is still sad.

Though it was a short time, I’ve grown fond of the Golden Knight Order.

But that wasn’t the only farewell waiting.

“Hey, Ruin.”


“I’m thinking of heading back to Oyota tomorrow.”

Seta Malkiri.

It’s not for money.

Nor for honor.

Yet he followed me all the way to Ardel, simply because I needed help.

And now Seta, too, had to return to his homeland.

“You might not believe it, but our High Priest is looking for me like crazy. After all, I’m a promising wizard in Oyota.”

“Wow, I know. You’ve become really strong.”

“Keukeu, kid. I know too. So wait for it. One day, I’ll give back exactly what I received from you.”

But of course, it’s not the end for me and Seta.

“I’ll come to Oyota soon.”

“Oh, for real?”

Given that I have business in Oyota as well…

I’m confident that I will see Seta again before long.

“Secretary, how is my father?”

“Lord Ardel is currently on the terrace.”

“Why the terrace in this chilly weather?”

“He wanted some time to himself. He seemed to have many thoughts.”

“Ah, thank you.”

“Rather, thank YOU, young master. Today’s event, created by you… It’s something all of us from the estate will never forget.”

“Come in. Maybe he’s waiting for you.”

I nodded and opened the door to the terrace hallway.

Today’s victory is undoubtedly a joyful occasion.

But not everyone is drinking and eating meat with laughter.

It was incredibly sad for me to have lost my loving mother to the Mudmen.

But my father at the time, it was as if he had lost everything in the world.


My father, Lord Delin of Ardel, was surely recalling that day from 10 years ago amidst today’s victory.

Staring into the night sky alone on the chilly terrace, he must have been reminiscing about Mother amidst a sudden sense of emptiness after long-awaited revenge.

I wanted to leave my father alone for some time, so I was about to close the door I had slightly opened.



“……Did you know I was here? I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to disturb you…”

“Come in.”

My father called to me, and I gently closed the door behind me as I entered.

On the outdoor terrace table, there was a bottle of wine.

“Would you like a drink?”


My father poured me a glass of wine. I realized I had never had a drink with him before.

Then he picked up the wine bottle and said,

“It’s a 17-year-old wine.”

“Is that so?”

“It’s called Chelbrook wine, but Maria and I called it by another name.”


My mother’s name.

Mother and father.

“We called this wine ‘Amorosso Ruin.’”

They named this wine bottle ‘Beloved Ruin.’

“On the day you were born, I made this wine. And I promised. When a day happier than today comes. We would drink this wine together.”

It wasn’t just ordinary wine.

A day more joyful than any other, free from all worries and concerns, to cheerfully uncork and save.

And, even when my sister Luina was born, it was the wine he saved.

Today, he opened it.

“I couldn’t keep the promise. Today isn’t a day as joyful and free of worry. But, it’s good. It reminds me of the old days… It feels like I’m drinking with Maria.”

I don’t fully grasp the depth of longing in my father’s eyes.

Because I am far too young to understand that feeling completely.

“Amorosso Ruin…”

However, after taking a sip of the wine, I faintly felt it.

During the time this wine was made.

How happy my mother and father would have been.

And how much they would have loved the way I am now.

Feeling slightly heavy-hearted, I took a deep breath to shake off the feeling.

“It tastes good.”

“……Does it?”

“Yes. The aftertaste is a bit strong, though.”

“You inherited Maria’s low tolerance for alcohol. Even one glass of wine would make her cheeks turn red.”

“……Is that so?”

It was new information to me.

I’ve never had the occasion to drink with my father.

To share drinks like this, to drink together.

To hear untold stories about Mother……

It’s really, unexpectedly.

I am an adult now.



“What are your plans now?”

“I need to grow the estate. With the conquest of the Crimson Plains, we ended a long-standing ambition of Ardel, so now we’ll cultivate the canyon and…”

“I wish you lived more of your own life.”

“……Yes. Luina told me.”

“Maria always wanted you to live a life you desired. I feel the same. Not the life of Ruin ‘Ardel,’ but that of ‘Ruin.’”

It seems subtle, but it’s a significant difference.

The life that I want.

This is indeed a difficult topic.

Ruin ‘Ardel,’ who wants to grow Ardel.

‘Ruin’ who wants to accumulate various experiences and travel.

Both are me.

Still, there’s not much I can immediately do here.

Cultivating fields.

Building structures.

Gathering people.

Creating a new foundation, all of these are matters time will resolve.

So, what can I do during that time?

“……Perhaps after staying in the estate a little longer, I might embark on a journey.”

A journey.

Erasing the name Ardel and pondering solely on ‘Ruin’s life, that was the result of my contemplation.

At my answer, my father softly smiled.

“You’ve made a good decision.”

“It won’t take too long. Just a brief… wanderlust.”

“Even if it takes longer, it’s fine. Live your life fully. Because Ardel will always be waiting for you.”

“Still, if it takes too long, you’ll feel sad, won’t you? I’ve been away at the academy for 6 years. And now, I’m talking about another journey.”

“A silent mansion without my sullen son has its merits.”

“……Are you really saying this, Father?”


My father pressed his lips together, holding back a laugh.

I know those words aren’t true.

Would he really prefer an empty mansion without me?

“……Not actually, right?”

Surely, it can’t be true?


Seeing my father’s smiling face lightens my heart.


I’ve completed a significant task.

I’ll leave the adult world to the adults for a while……

A journey, huh?

This should be fascinating.


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