Mightiest Melee Magician Chapter 127


Mightiest Melee Magician

Chapter 127: Fire Mage

In the narrow gorges, no better strategy could be imagined. The tens of thousands of Mudmen were pouring out towards the detour, trying to escape the rain of flame falling upon them. However, the entrance to that path was already perfectly sealed off by Seta Mal Kiry. He summoned a Battle Guardian, soaring over 2 meters, to block the entry.

The leading two Mudmen couldn’t breach past the Battle Guardian.


Instead, they were cleaved in two by the guardian’s battle axe. But the sheer force of tens of thousands of Mudmen was not something that could be held back by a single guardian.

“Grulk! Grrrulk!”

Like a dam breaking under the force of a wave, the Battle Guardian began to teeter, as if it would be pushed back at any moment. However, this was enough to buy Seta the precious seconds he needed to cast his next spell.

“Let’s burn them all to the ground.”

He raised his hands above his head, and a fierce column of fire erupted, levitating over Seta’s head—a massive skull with eyes aflame.

Fire Breast.

The skull unleashed relentless flames into the gorge.


Hundreds of Mudmen, unable to advance or retreat, were directly hit by the firestorm, turning into hard bricks on the spot. Observing this, Seta mumbled with confidence of victory.

“Luin, do you smell the blood already?”

“No. It’s just the scent of baking clay.”

“…Quiet, Luin.”

Although it was dismissed as a joke, Seta Mal Kiry had indeed grown stronger in that short span.

“Seta! Above!”

“…I see it too.”

The survival instincts of the Mudmen were persistent.


They started climbing up, stepping on their hardened brethren’s heads towards us. But Seta Mal Kiry easily dispatched them with the same method.

If they climb, they are burnt.

After several exchanges, the entrance to the gorge appeared completely sealed off with the bodies of Mudmen turned to stone.

“Uhah! Luin! How about that? How’s my skill?”

Seta Mal Kiry exclaimed victoriously for completing his mission, however, I couldn’t join in his exuberance.

“Lord Luin! Up there.”

“Yes, I see it too.”

If put positively, the entrance to the gorge was perfectly blocked. But negatively, it meant the Mudmen could climb over the stone statues and up the cliff.

Indeed, many Mudmen were attempting to scale the cliff by stepping on their former comrades’ heads.


Jason had become endangered.

Without hesitation, Irene cried out.

“Luin! Throw me up there!”

Irene didn’t need a blanket or a pile of cotton.

I nodded and hoisted Irene up in my arms.

Then, I heaved her with all my might onto the cliff.


Jason, who was atop the cliff, was startled by the bizarre sight before him and slumped onto the ground.

While the fire mage operation seemed successful,


“O Oo나”

The sight and sound of Mudmen stepping on their fallen comrades to climb towards him instilled an unparalleled primal terror that he had never experienced. Shaking his head vehemently, he thought,

“No way, I can’t die here…I’ve never even had a girlfriend….” Jason, who usually dispensed advice on being ‘a real man’, was vastly different from his usual form—in reality, he had never even held a girl’s hand.

“I can’t die without ever being in love!” he despaired.

Then, as if an angel descended from the heavens,

“Hah! H-huh! Irene? Ooooo! Why only come now!”

To Jason in crisis, Irene Prius appeared as an angel, savior, and miracle.

Of course,

“Oh, so you’ve never been in a relationship before.”

The moment they discovered their savior’s utmost secret not to be revealed, they felt a mix of shock.

Nevertheless, the situation was somewhat relatable.

“Step back.”

“Eeh, Yes!”


Irene used her extreme cold magic to instantly freeze the Mudmen climbing up towards them.

Looking down at the still overwhelming number of Mudmen, she said,

“…This spot, it’s a good one.”

Catching a magician in a high position is rarely an option, especially when they are among the most prodigious wizards of the era.

“Let’s sweep them away.”

The answer was clear.

Soon, Irene’s ‘bombardment’ began.

Perched atop the cliff, the two mages start their bombing while the entrance is completely sealed off with a wall of stone. With this, what choice do Mudmen have?

“We, we’re retreating!”

A shout became reality as they started their retreat.


Yes, retreating.

To forsake the flourishing plains and return to the sea from whence they came seemed the only viable option. Mudmen trying to escape the gorge began to hastily retreat. I shifted my gaze to the side.

While we diverted our attention, the 3,200 soldiers of the Royal Army would have by now passed through the beach, cutting off the Mudmen’s escape route.

But still,

“There are still too many. No end to them, even as I keep killing.”

The number of Mudmen was still overwhelming.

“Seta, please take care of this.”

“Ung. Trust me and go!”

I took flight to support them.


The 3,200 Royal Army soldiers were all hiding near the beach path, as planned. They moved to the rear of the gorge while Jason Daemon distracted the Mudmen with his magic. The mission was to block the Mudmen’s escape route and ‘annihilate’ all of them.


While they assembled, waiting for the Mudmen to emerge, it was a sound that made them tense.

“The ground… it’s rumbling.”


A tremor in the ground large enough to be felt—


When the visual terror of the Mudmen pouring out of the gorge in droves was added,

“Eek, eep!”

“There are too many… This is impossible.”

The soldiers started to back away.

Seeing this, Commander Morrow loudly bellowed and stepped forward.

“You cowards! Take one more step back, and my sword will take your heads first!”

Commander Morrow was a knight before he became an outstanding commander. He set out following the king’s orders and the princes’ expectations.

“The wizards will support us from the rear. We just need to hold our ground here!”

The most belittled country.

A repeated failure of subjugation.

This reputation, all gathered here were desperate to cleanse.

Commander Morrow’s eyes were resolute with the conviction that in battle, victory was the only outcome.


He drew his sword from his waist and shouted.

“For the king’s victory!”

“Great triumph!”


Soldiers with pikes lunged forward, preparing to skewer the approaching Mudmen like kebabs, while infantry with shields protected the pikemen from inside.

Behind them, swordsmen read their blades for the impending melee, and at the very back,

“Great- victory!”

Arrows fell like rain from the archers’ bows.

Boom! Kwagwagwagwang!

Following Commander Morrow’s cry, tens of thousands of Mudmen collided with the 3,200-strong Royal Army.


On contact, the formation nearly crumbled instantly, but they maintained cohesion with practiced moves.


“Damn it!”

“Hold on, keep holding on!”

The situation was undoubtedly overwhelming.

While the Mudmen’s individual combat strength could be considered weak, the force of their sheer numbers signaled certain defeat.

It seemed certain that in just a few minutes, they would be trampled under the Mudmen’s feet and perish. Yes, in theory, that’s true. 3,000 cannot hold back 50,000. However, there are beings who turned such obvious theories on their heads.

“This filthy Mudmen! Shall we bet who can kill more?”



“I’m already at three!”

Leading the charge was Commander Morrow’s Golden Knights Brigade, including ‘real knights’ who had been recognized for their splendid talent within the weakest nation. The swords of the 5-star knights were swift, and with their aura blades, dozens of Mudmen were slashed in an instant.

While the soldiers held their ground, the mounted knights raged through the Mudmen’s ranks. Their combat prowess was too great to be dismissed as merely ‘knights of a weak nation.’

One against ten.

No, even one against a hundred was made possible.

Among these knights, one was particularly outstanding.

“Look at that! Swordstorm!”

“It can’t be… one against ten thousand… No, more!”

A mature knight who freely launched sword qi and windstorms. Bolvar Peyton, the Spirit Knight.

“Is that really human prowess…?”


When he swung his lance, the heads of dozen Mudmen flew off. Wherever he passed, no life was left standing. The storm whipped by his lance rendered the Mudmen’s attacks useless as he continued his slaughter.


“Ugh! Kugh!”

“Everyone, hold out until the end!”

The knights’ faces grew increasingly haggard.

“Damn it! These endless creatures…”

No matter how great Spirit Knight Bolvar Peyton was, facing this multitude alone was impossible. Yearning for greater assistance seemed futile against the endless tide of Mudmen.

On the contrary, their strength was not infinite.

“Hold on! There’s nowhere to retreat; the sea is behind us!”

Their ranks pushed back and back until they were ankle-deep in the water.

They were wearing down.

The situation called for a dramatic turn.

Then it happened.


A fierce wind blew from behind the knights.


Turning around, they saw a boy clad in leather armor, with black hair, moving like the wind.

The boy charged towards the core of the Mudmen. Without the chance to even see his face, an explosion began.

Boom! Boom! Kwagwagwagwang!

Uncontrollably spreading, it left craters across the blood-soaked fields of Jinheung Plains amidst the swathes of Mudmen.


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