Mightiest Melee Magician Chapter 126


Mightiest Melee Magician

Chapter 126: Preparations, a Blanket, and Lots of Cotton

“There… Ruin.”



Wrapped tightly in a blanket, he stuffed thick cotton inside his clothes as he spoke.

“I’ve been thinking, I actually have acrophobia. When I was little, I fell from a roof. Even going up to the height of the third floor makes my legs shake and my head spin…

A phobia born from nowhere.

It seems he is quite desperate.

Reluctantly, I pouted my lips.

“That so? Too bad. You’re the ‘key’ to today’s operation…”


“Yes. This role is the most important. But if you really can’t do it, I guess we have no choice but to ask someone else. Maybe ask Seta…”

“Wait a minute!”

Jason, who liked words like ‘key’, ‘center’, ‘cool’, hesitated before asking.

“It won’t be scary?”

“Don’t worry. You won’t have time to feel scared because before you know it, you’ll arrive in a blink.”

“And you’ll be protected by a mana barrier. If anything happens, Lady Irene will help you from below. You don’t really need the blanket or cotton at all, they’ll just be in the way.”

“Still scared?”

No response.

Jason wordlessly nodded and continued stuffing cotton into his clothing.

What a commendable lad.

It seems he has no intention of giving up now that he’s come this far.

The expedition began.

“All troops!”

With the order from Commander Merrow, the force of over 3,500 troops began advancing south.

Leading them were Commander Merrow and the Golden Knights.

For the first time in a while, Sir Bulvar Peyton and father were in armour.

And at the very end of the column were us.

“I want to set off looking cool too.”

Behind Jason, who was all wrapped up in a blanket and cotton, my friends and I followed.

I patted Jason on the shoulder, wanting him to look ‘cool’.

“You already look plenty cool.”


“Look. Everyone is staring at you.”

“Where? All I see are people mocking me.”

“Yup, you’re seeing it right.”

“Hey! Ruin!”


Giggling, I admired the simplicity of our friend.

But the truth was, Jason really was the ‘key’ to this operation.

The success of the operation hung in the balance, depending on how well Jason could drive away the mudmen from atop the cliff.

At least until we could escape Ardel.

We set off with Jason while making such jokes.

But as the Crimson Plains drew near, our chatter subsided.

The chilling atmosphere of the battlefield engulfed us.

“Never thought I’d experience real battle so soon after becoming a wizard.”

“I know right.”

Including Jason, Seta, and Hanson.

All of them were talented but lacked real battle experience.

Irene and I had a little experience compared to them, but this was our first time on such a large battlefield, so anxiety was natural.

And then…

“All troops halt!”

As the Jinheung Plains slowly came into view in the distance, the column stopped momentarily to get into position.

I moved with my friends to the very front of the column.

Commander Merrow greeted me as I approached.

“Lieutenant Ruin. Join us. We’re going to review the final plan.”

Then, he gathered all the heads of the operation for a briefing.

“First, Lieutenant Ruin and this young wizard here…”

“Jason Damon.”

“Magician Jason Damon will lead the mudmen out of the gorge. Then, for the full front assault, wouldn’t it be feasible to use the narrow gorge entrance and deploy the archers?”

An attack plan involving archers lying in wait to shoot arrows at the mudmen scurrying through the narrow gorge.

“What do you think of my plan?”

It was a splendid idea Commander Merrow had thought out with great concern.

It wasn’t a bad strategy, but there was a significant issue.

My father pointed out the problem.

“Being hit by an arrow won’t kill the mudmen instantly.”


“You need to hit the core of their head to kill them instantly. Otherwise, they will rise again. It’s doubtful if the archers can perform their role in such chaos.”

“In that case, do you have a better idea, my lord?”

My father nodded slowly.

“Use fire attacks.”

“Fire attacks?”

“The mudmen’s bodies are made of clay. If we attack with intense fire, they’ll harden and be rendered immobile.”

“To destroy the hardened mudmen? Sounds good.”

“Yes. However, the problem is that simple fire arrows won’t be sufficient to harden the mudmen. To turn them into ‘bricks’, we need an extremely high-temperature flame…”

Seta Malkiri raised her hand.

“I’ll do it.”

“You’ll help?”

“I’m pretty good at fire magic, you know. Nobody’s better than me when it comes to baking those mudmen into bricks.”

The plan was formed.

I would fling Jason into the air.

Jason would lure out the mudmen with area magic.

Seta Malkiri would turn the pouring mudmen into bricks one by one.

A special force of 300 mercenaries and villagers would smash the hardened mudmen.

It would be as easy as pie.

With their role seemingly taken away, Commander Merrow asked,

“So then, what should our capital forces do?”

You’re the supreme commander, why are you asking me?

Pointing towards the path on the minimap I had spotted during ‘scouting’, I suggested,

“Go around there, and you’ll find a path leading to the gorge’s beach. Hide nearby, and when the operation starts and chaos ensues, use that opportunity to enter through the back side of the gorge.”

“Why there?”

“If the entrance to the gorge is completely blocked, where will the mudmen flee?”

“To the sea?”

“Correct. They’ll try to return to where they originally lived. So you must ‘completely annihilate’ them there.”

“I understand!”

It was decided.

Hanson and I would support the special force of 300.

For the potentially more chaotic 3,200 capital troops, Sir Bulvar Peyton would provide support.

With plans laid out…

I cracked my knuckles and said,

“Shall we begin?”

“Careful… Ruin, gently…”

“Got it.”

“Gently! Throw me gently… Waaaaaahh!”


Gripping Jason tightly, I spun around on the spot.

Then, using the momentum, I hurled Jason toward the target.

“Woahhh! I’m flying! I’m flying through the air!”

If this operation fails, it will likely be because of Jason’s screams.

Jason began flying through the sky, screaming.

Beside me, Irene cast a mana barrier around the flying Jason.

She timed it perfectly to the landing site and used the restraining magic, Frozen Tree.

“Ha! Hah! Did I… did I survive?”

Although he ended up dangling upside-down tied to a tree trunk, it was a success.

“Look at that, you threw with such accuracy?”

“Lady Irene is as skillful as ever.”

“Hehe, of course, it’s only natural.”

Jason successfully landed on the designated semi-circular cliff.


You didn’t need the blanket and cotton after all.

“What is that…”

Jason Damon.

A 3rd class magician who was average among the graduates.

With decent talent, but still preferring play to study, he regretted for the first time not attending the academy diligently.

“Darn… Why can’t my legs move? Why?”

It was good he flew proudly to the cliff top.

But on the opposite side, below the cliff,

The sight in front of him froze Jason completely.




No, tens of thousands.

No, seemingly over a hundred thousand incredibly numerous mudmen filled the gorge center.

The wind rustled through the blood-red field like swaying grass or swarming insects.

His gaze went down.

“Jason! Begin now!”

For all those people watching him and for Ruin who had faith and brought him along, he couldn’t disappoint.

‘I must move!’

He had to act.

“Uh… Please move, legs!”

He grabbed his legs and managed to take a step, then closed his eyes and muttered.

“I can do this. I must!”

Then, concentrating his mana, he brought his hands together.

Mana poured from the three circles above his head, heating in his hands.

Jason conjured a crimson cloud above him.

His casted spell was Rain of Fire, a 3rd class magic spell with a wide range, also known as ‘Fire Rain’.

Despite his level not being very high, resulting in a small cloud,

It was enough to startle the mudmen enjoying their idle afternoon.

The unexpected downpour of fireballs caused the mudmen to scramble in agony and move hastily.

In response to the commotion, complete chaos ensued.

“Eeuuugh! Gross! Die! Die! Dieee!”

To Jason, the scene resembled a repulsive swarm of bugs scurrying away.

Still firmly closing his eyes, he kept releasing consecutive spells.

It was effective.


With a wizard high up on the unreachable precipice casting all manner of spells.

From below, it was nothing short of a disaster.

“Grunt! Grrruumble!”


The mudmen turned their heads in unison.

The spot they eyed was an escape route from the gorge.

To avoid the onslaught of spells, they rushed collectively toward the exit.

Great job, Jason!

Seeing his actions, I thought, “The kid’s doing good, pretending to be hesitant…”

“Seta, get ready now.”

“Hmm, just trust me. But hey Irene, why do you still call me ‘Seta’? Always drawing lines? Just call me ‘Seta’.”

“Idle talk later.”


Seta Malkiri snorted and advanced.

Thump! Thump! Thump! Thump!

The sheer number of mudmen flowing out seemed to shake the ground beneath us.

But Seta Malkiri wasn’t fazed in the slightest.

Instead, she showed a strong self-assurance.

“Come on, you mud bugs… I’ll roast you all to a crisp.”

Indeed, Seta Malkiri was also a promising figure who would lead Oyota’s future.

I knew her abilities well, and the Seta who met after half a year…

“Turn to bricks!”

…was incredibly stronger.


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