Mightiest Melee Magician Chapter 124


Mightiest Melee Magician

Chapter 124 of “The All-Powerful Sorcerer”

“Really? You’ve been asked by Sir Bolvar Peyton to what? Train! Is that really true?”

“Yes, but he told me to brace myself. It’s going to be incredibly tough.”

“I, I’m confident! I’ll definitely succeed!”

Sir Bolvar Peyton.

To learn swordsmanship from him would be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for knights, maybe even a stroke of luck.

If one were to make a comparison, it might be akin to receiving personal instruction from the Flame King Theron himself.

Hanson, more than anyone else, was well aware of this.


Yet, he cheered without knowing what the future held.

That very cheer,


was the prelude to him confirming the contents of his breakfast with his own two eyes, something he wouldn’t have anticipated.

The intense training started that very morning as they ventured towards Ardel.

“Is it tough?”

“No, I’m fine!”

“Alright then. You’re at an age where you should be bubbling with energy. If you get tired now, that wouldn’t do. Hehe…”

Hanson swiftly got off the comfortable carriage to carry supplies on his back and even did duck walks.

Perhaps it was because he had eaten a heartily filled breakfast.


It took less than an hour for Hanson to spew out everything inside him.

Amidst the challenging march, the hellish training unfolded.

Naturally, this drew the full attention of knights riding comfortably on horseback.

“Who’s that knight? From Ardel?”

“I, I don’t know… But for sure, he’s like a demon. A knight is supposed to just be good with a sword. To put them through such seemingly pointless and tough training…”

With rumors of Sir Bolvar not yet fully spread among the knights,

they probably considered the old knight commander of Ardel as an ‘old knight’ clinging to outdated, haphazard methods.

However, there were some who were privy to the rumors.

“Wait. Now that I think about it, there was a rumor that the knight commander of Ardel was Sir Bolvar Peyton, right?”

“Who? That lance knight, Bolvar Peyton?”

“Yeah. I’m not totally sure about it… but my nephew who attended the Foldren Academy mentioned something like that.”

“Why would a retired knight be in Ardel? That doesn’t seem plausible. Are you sure about that?”

“No, it makes sense. When Commander Bengrass sent five elite assassins to Ardel, a single knight from there fended them off. That person was Bolvar Peyton.”

“Ah, could it be…”

The tiger that defended Ardel,

only a select few knew that this was Sir Bolvar Peyton.

This curiosity sufficiently piqued the interest of the tired marching knights.

“Excuse me.”

“Yes, speak.”

“Could I ask your name, sir?”

Sir Bolvar Peyton, not wanting to draw meaningless attention, did not share his name.

“See? Didn’t I tell you? It’s just a baseless rumor. He’s just an old man.”

“…Is that so?”

Thus, the knights seemed to withdraw their interest.

“Sir Bolvar! Hah, hah… I’ve finished! I’ve completed ten laps of the duck-walk!”

“Rest for five minutes.”

“Thank you!”

The boy knight, Hanson, had not spoken his name until just moments before.

“What, what did you just say? Who’s that person?”


“That knight from Ardel who’s been training you. What’s his name?”

“Sir Bolvar. Bolvar Peyton.”

That was the beginning.

“Why is everyone in such a fuss all of a sudden? We still have a long way to go.”

“Tsk. Really, that’s unnecessary excitement, isn’t it?”

This was indeed an extraordinary sight to witness.

Proud knights, clad in magnificent armor, riding noble white steeds, personnel who prided themselves as being elite members of the kingdom’s Golden Knight Order,

started duck-walking with loads of grain on their backs, voluntarily.

“Oh, oh no! This is the first time I’ve had to vomit while breathing!”

“Hah, hah hah… Don’t make such a fuss. It’s the training method recommended by Sir Bolvar… Just do it without question.”

“AAAAAAHH! Aja aja!”

Witnessing this scene, I pondered how terrifying the concept of influence truly was.

“Sir Bolvar.”

“Yes, young master. Speak.”

“This method. Is it truly effective? To me, it seems a bit unreasonable.”

Sir Bolvar, looking at the knights doing duck-walks, grinned mischievously.

“Of course, it does strengthen stamina and the lower body. It’s not entirely without benefit. However, it’s not an excellent method. The moment one’s posture falters, it’s bound to cause injury.”

“…Then why did you recommend it?”

“I never recommended it. They opted to do it themselves.”

“But you did the same training with Hanson.”

He chuckled, and Sir Bolvar’s expression truly seemed devilish.

“Heh, it was just something to pass the time on the journey to Ardel. It’s been a while since we’ve had a new youngest member. It was merely for disciplining them.”

Ah, I see.

They don’t know if it’s dung or miso they’re dealing with.

Just because a legendary knight suggested it, they’ve ended up like this.

Indeed, the fearfulness of influence.

So I thought about giving them a little hint.

‘Everyone, this training is utterly pointless.’

But I decided against it.


Sir Bolvar appeared to be thoroughly enjoying this absurd situation.

“Is this really an effective method?”

Filling in for the wanted Bengrass Gegen, the acting commander of this expedition, who was part of the temporary Golden Knights, was also…

“What are you all doing! If even I, your commander, am doing it…! Stop doubting and faithfully follow Sir Bolvar’s teachings to gain strength… Ugh ugh!”

…a big fan, someone with immense respect for Sir Bolvar Peyton.

He led all the knights by example.

Consequently, the expeditionary atmosphere was quite positive.

‘United under Bolvar Peyton! ‘

He served as the focal point that solidly united all these forces.

And this training,


Ahh, Ardel…

continued for nearly a fortnight, nearly until they arrived at Ardel.

I wanted to clap for everyone who endured this nonsensical training.

Clap clap clap.

“Look like fools.”

Of course, I fully sympathized with Strang’s opinion.

Ardel, making its return after half a year, had changed a lot.

“Is this the Ardel I knew?”

“…Indeed. Even I am slightly taken aback…”

As Irene Prius said.

The Ardel I knew, a peaceful rural town, now exuded an entirely different atmosphere.

While the population of commoners remained low and the town small,

new buildings had sprung up in the nearby unused wastelands, the once-empty restaurants and inns saw an increased number of patrons, and above all, the expressions on the commoners’ faces looked incredibly bright.

A new ‘vitality’ seemed to be filling the entire domain.

Not just me, but everyone was amazed.

“EEK! Young master! The young master has arrived!”

“Oh, my goodness… What is all this…?”

Returning to Ardel after graduation, with an unexpectedly immense force of 3,000 strong.

Everyone in the domain had no choice but to be left stupefied.

“Payson uncle. Have you been well?”

“Oh, young master… But what is all this…?”

“Princes sent these troops to help us.”


To the simple rural folk, ‘princes’ represent the apex of power, don’t they?

“Such noble people, why would they…”

Of course, those noble princes are probably unbeknownst to them as loud and annoying individuals.

“We had to do it. By doing so, they will be able to gain even more.”

“Excuse me?”

“More importantly, have you kept up with your spear training?”

“Oh, yes. I’ve trained every single night with the bamboo spear… but with all these soldiers, won’t we be unnecessary?”

“Not at all. Your help is crucial.”

3,000 soldiers are hardly a surplus.

The Jinheung Plains had been an impregnable fortress that my father and grandfather had failed to subdue several times.

Therefore, everyone’s assistance is essential, and a more perfect preparation is necessary.

I’ll need to employ mercenaries from the trading city Monzo and parallelly train the commoners until they are accustomed to the weapons purchased from Eight Lakes.

But first,

“…let’s take a rest, shall we?”

“Yes! Let us!”

It was time to soothe the fatigue from the lengthy march and strenuous dog-like drills.

Naturally, with 3,000 soldiers, there wasn’t enough space in the domain for everyone, so a camp was set up in the nearby woods.

“Louin, what should I do?”

As soon as we reached the domain and I started to get busy, Jason asked with an anxious look.

Hmm, Jason.

What should you do?

“…Are you really making me clean?”

“Didn’t you say it yourself? That you would clean, do the dishes, and help with household chores.”

“But that was just a casual comment! I’m an incredibly ‘high-end intellectual’ and a sorcerer!”

“No, until you reach at least 4th class, you’re not a sorcerer. Clean around Ardel and get to know the commoners.”


Jason puckered his lips, looking displeased, but then…

“Who’s that? I’ve never seen them before… Are you a sorcerer?”

“Ahaha! Yes, that’s right. My name is Jason Damon. I’m Louin’s best friend.”

“Oh, the closest friend of our young master? I wonder how strong you are.”

“…Ahem. Well, if I may say, I graduated from the Academy in the 52nd rank—”

In no time, his affable nature blended him into the commoner’s society.

That was Jason’s primary mission, so to speak.

And not just him, each of the friends who had come down with me had their respective tasks.

Hanson began…

“Yes, this is how you should hold the sword…”

“Like this?”

“Ah, don’t swing it around like that carelessly with a real sword, you’ll get hurt!”

“Ho, ho, ho. Sorry, young knight. I wouldn’t know unless I had the chance to handle such a thing.”

He embarked on basic swordsmanship education for the commoners who had never held anything more metallic than a hoe or a scythe.

And Seta Malkiri…

“…why am I here roasting meat?”

“What’s wrong with that? Your exceptional cooking talent is too precious to waste.”

“Louin, I’ve been beaten by you several times, and you seem to forget, but even in Oyota, I’m considered a promising sorcerer. The great expectations the Grand Magician has…”

“Oh, is that so?”

“…Damn you.”

Putting his prodigious talent to good use, he grilled meat for the commoners.

And Irene Prius…



“Let’s go play!”

…dutifully played the role of Louina’s best friend.

As everyone diligently fulfilled their roles and started melting into Ardel,

What about me, you ask?

“Are you ready? Strang?”

“Of course.”

I tied my shoelaces.

Why, you might wonder?

Because I have to run until I kick up the dust.


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