Mightiest Melee Magician Chapter 123


Mightiest Melee Magician

All Power Magician, Episode 123

♦This quest requires a minimum strength of over 10,000.

*You must collect the 4 scattered relic fragments left behind by the World Destroyer, Draka.

♦Combining the pieces will resurrect Draka’s relic.

That was the entirety of the description.

No time limit or completion rewards were listed.

It’s a different kind of quest from the usual ones.

Given the word “mythical” attached to it, it is clear it is no ordinary feat…

During a lunch break when the carriage paused momentarily, I immediately sought out Strang.

Strang was sprawled inside the empty carriage, but sat up, rubbing her eyes, as I entered.

“Are we there?”

“No, not yet. But do you know what Draka’s relic is?”

Strang’s eyes sharpened as if she had suddenly woken up fully.

“…Why do you suddenly ask?”

“A quest came up.”

I shared the quest information with Strang.

Then, Strang muttered in a somewhat lifeless voice.

“It’s been a while since I’ve heard that name, of course I know.”


“It’s a holy relic, specifically. Currently scattered into 4 pieces, but if you gather all four, the holy relic will be complete.”

“…Such a thing really exists?”

A holy relic.

It is a religious symbol that people believe to be imbued with divine power, typically found in religious buildings like monasteries.

In reality, there are no traces to be found of such divine power actually residing in these relics.

They are mere objects of worship for believers, carrying only ‘symbolic’ significance.


“It does exist. Definitely.”

Supposedly, divine power is real.

Here is a question.

I stroked my chin and asked.

“But then, why does nobody know about it?”

“Well, people do know. They believe that the holy relics are imbued with divine power. It’s just that most are counterfeits, so they don’t work.”

“Does that mean humans can use divine power?”

“In a way yes, and in another way no.”

“What do you mean?”

“The conditions are very demanding. Like requiring a minimum strength of 10,000, you need to be incredibly powerful. It’s similar to the principles of magic, so you need to have talent in magic too. For an average human, the conditions are just unattainable.”

“Strength and magic…? Sounds perfect for me?”

“Yes. It’s a relic meant for you and Draka. That’s why it has never been revealed to the world. Humans wouldn’t even know of its existence.”

“That means, if I gather the four pieces and complete the holy relic, I can become stronger?”


Yet Strang seemed quite skeptical about my question of getting stronger.

“You may gain immense power, but you might not be able to use it. Your body definitely won’t be able to handle it.”

“What do you mean?”

“Just imagine you’re countering gravity with your power and creating new forces.”


“What do you think? Hard to imagine, right? That’s what divine power is.”

I was at a loss for words.

Countering gravity with power?

Was this some kind of joke?

“You look skeptical.”


However, Strang’s eyes spoke the truth.

She sometimes played pranks on me, but she never lied.

After all, such unbelievable tales had already occurred in my life.

Why not one more?

“……No, I believe it.”

Strang then said.

“Draka created that holy relic. He possessed a ‘power’ so overwhelming it could shake the very foundations of this world. However, freely using that power is another story. Draka was not a god, and his body couldn’t withstand it and was eventually destroyed.”

For hundreds, perhaps thousands of years, even a dragon—the greatest species on the continent—couldn’t withstand such power.

And this power…

“But could a human with a body more feeble than an orc’s withstand it? Doubtful. Your frail body would likely be shattered to bits.”

The suggestions that my human body would not be able to endure it were clear.


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