Mightiest Melee Magician Chapter 122


Mightiest Melee Magician

Chapter 122 of “The All-Powerful Sorcerer”


Snow that had been barely fluttering yesterday started to fall even more vigorously overnight.

“The snowfall is intense. It must be the last snow of the year.”

“It seems so.”

Perhaps to celebrate our graduation, or maybe, winter didn’t want to leave, putting up a childlike fuss.

A fierce blizzard, marking the end of winter, had blown all night, piling up the snow on the ground.

Hence, the ‘graduation ceremony,’ which was originally planned to be held in the garden of spring, had to be moved indoors.

“Brrr, I’m nervous.”

Upon reflection, the academy was not just an object of love and hate for me.

On the day of departure, the feeling of regret coming first was telling.

But, one cannot stay here forever.

“To the proud graduates of Ignite Magic Academy, today is for those who have completed the comprehensive six-year magic course brilliantly and are ready to protect this land…”

Listening to the dean’s closing remarks…

The anxious feelings up until yesterday had started to settle down a bit.


Graduation might seem like the end, but in reality, it’s just the beginning.

I slowly looked around me.


At the very back of the auditorium, Louisana and father were waving with small voices.

On the right were the 5th-year juniors who were about to graduate.

To the left were rows of professors.

Finally, in the center of the auditorium, my fellow graduates in neat uniforms took their seats.

And then me.

“Next, we have the graduation speech by the top student and representative, Ruin Ardel.”

“Ah, yes.”

I hurriedly walked up to the podium.

Even as I climbed the short stage, various memories from the academy flashed by like a lantern.

“Ruin, it’s your turn.”

“…Ah, yes.”

Where to start?

What to say first?

A year ago.

While I was still in the 5th year, I witnessed the flamboyant speech of the representative graduate who was appointed as a court magician.

I thought to myself that someday I would have to deliver such cool words to my juniors…

Damn it.

I had completely forgotten everything.

So I started speaking off the cuff.

“As everyone knows, I have won the Grand tournament. It’s an achievement made within a year.”

My words echoed throughout the hall, and quietness fell all around.

“Also, as everyone knows, I had a ‘magic discharge disorder’ for five long years.”

My gaze shifted towards a 5th-year junior whom I still didn’t know well.

“What’s your name?”

“Eh? Me?”


“I, I’m! Neymen! Neymen Flador…”

“Yes, Neymen. You once asked me if it was true that I was admitted as a top-ranking student.”

The junior, clearly not expecting to be questioned, was flustered.

I spoke jokingly with a smile.

“Also, why did you keep attending the academy? Despite the congenital reason, you couldn’t become a magician. You could have given up. Why spend all that money to keep coming here?”

“Is that really what you asked Ruin?”

“…Sorry. Back then I didn’t know better and…”

“It’s alright. I wasn’t asking to scold you.” I reassured him with a smile.

“Rather, I was thankful. It was still a form of attention. I had thoughts like this back then: Ah, right. I was once a top student too. I had my moments of shine like them… Why do I look like this now? But still, I am at least remembered for my past. Thank you. Something like that, even though I became a joke among the juniors.”

My gaze turned towards the dean.

The dean gave a small thumbs up, allowing me to continue with more ease.

“But, I didn’t want to give up. No, I couldn’t give up. Because magic is my everything. It’s the means to protect myself. It’s the means to protect my territory. It’s the means to protect my precious people and family. That’s why I stubbornly held on till the end. Oh, we will see whether you win or I win.”

A small laugh broke out among the students.

I asked that junior.

“Do you remember what I told you that day?”

“Yes? Yes, I do!”

“Then, will you say it for me?”

“If you don’t give up, miracles will come.”

“Yes. Thank you.”

“Thanks to you, I’m now the student representative of the 5th year! It’s like a huge miracle for me who was always third!”


Laughter erupted again among the students.

Wow, you were the student representative.

I was the same.

Smiling brighter than ever, my gaze turned to Strang standing in the middle of the graduates.

“Just as I told this junior, a miracle came to me as well. Fortunately, a very big miracle, more than I deserved. Miracles come to everyone. They might be smaller than others, or they might seem a bit pathetic, but they’re certain to come. What’s important is…”

“The moment you give up, the miracle, even if it’s on its way, will disappear.”

I looked outside the window.

The harsh snowstorm that had been falling had stopped, and the bright sunlight was shining into the academy’s auditorium.

“So, keep going. Even if you fall, get up. You think no one notices? No. Surely someone will recognize your efforts. Especially, ten years from now, you’ll probably want to kiss the cheeks of you today.”


With my speech ending, thunderous applause erupted.

I wanted to finish my time at the academy with some cool words, but I just babbled on.

I hope no one’s criticizing me behind my back?

But luckily,

It seems more people liked it than I thought.

“That was the best graduation speech I’ve heard in a long time.”

The dean patted my shoulder lightly, and I concluded the graduation ceremony.

“You’ve all worked hard for six years.”

That’s how my graduation finished.

Knights who completed their training and pledged their service were presented with a sword’s insignia to prove their status.

And for the mages who safely graduated from the academy, a ‘card’ was issued to represent their official magical status.

Louisana, finding the card fascinating, waved it back and forth.

“Ma-gic-ian. Ruin Ardel. Wow, my brother being a magician.”

“…What did you think I was until now?”

“According to a friend of my brother, you were not a magician but an ‘ogre.’”

“Friend? Who said that?”

“Who else? That stupid brother who doesn’t even know my name.”

Louisana gestured towards the carriage following us.

Looking back, there was the stupid brother, Jason.

“Uh, my stomach feels queasy.”

Clatter, clatter.

He was squatting next to the driver, suffering from a hangover that wouldn’t go away.

In that carriage were Jason, Hanson, Irene,

And even Seth Malchior.

But why Seth?

I thought he just came to watch.

Faint memories began to surface.

Last night.

The words exchanged with Seth when I was drunk.

“You, become my comrade.”

Was that it?

Hmm, my head starts to hurt all of a sudden.


Right after graduation, we’re all going down to Ardel together.

Strictly speaking, I am the employer.

They’re my employees now.


It’s a bit disappointing that everyone is on equal terms, but well…

Louisana, still fascinated by it, leaned out of the carriage and muttered.

“But, there are so many. Really… Are these all really the soldiers who will fight for us?”


It wasn’t only my friends who were descending towards Ardel.

Behind the carriage we were in, an army of 3,000 soldiers was in formation, marching due south.

They were the support troops for the ‘Southern Conquest’ I’d mentioned in my first meeting with the twin princes.

The princes had kept their promise to me.

Perhaps it was because of those many soldiers.

“I can fight too.”

Louisana, suddenly emboldened with confidence, pulled out the wooden sword hanging from her waist.

Whoa, Louisana.

It’s cramped and dangerous in here.

Besides, what can you fight?



“You know why, don’t you? You’re still 10 years too early, absolutely not.”

“Brother, you’re just 4 years older than me. What do you mean 10 years?”

“It’s still a no.”


The little brat.

Always causing trouble.

I opened the carriage window on my side.

The air was still chilly with spring’s touch, but it offered a refreshing break from my cluttered thoughts.

Then, Louisana took out some jerky from her bag and bit into it.

“But brother.”


“When this conquest you’re talking about is over, do you plan to stay in the territory?”

I shook my head after a brief moment of consideration.

“No. Dad’s still with us.”


“If things settle down, I’d like to travel a bit. I haven’t definitely decided where to go yet.”

“Oh… I see.”

“Why? You’d prefer if I didn’t go?”

I asked, somewhat hopeful, but Louisana widened her eyes and said,



“I’m happy to see my brother, but I’ve gotten used to being alone after spending so long without him. I think it’s even more pleasant when we occasionally see each other.”


As I stood up in disbelief, Louisana burst into laughter.

“Pfft. You’re such a fool.”

Then as she nibbled on a piece of jerky, she suppressed her laughter and said,

“Kidding. Actually, Dad once said this.”

“What did he say?”

“Although he’s receiving help now, it seems like too much burden on my brother. Even though it’s good to live for Ardel, he wants you to do what you want and live your life, at least for a while after graduation.”

So he had those thoughts.


Once I even longed for it.

Wandering around the continent, helping the weak, punishing the evil – such lives of magicians seemed the stuff of heroic tales.

Although I may not become such a magician, perhaps I could embark on a journey just for myself…

Where should I go?

“Irene’s hometown could be an interesting place to visit together, or perhaps the renowned martial arts center Oyota.”

As someone who’s not very inventive, concrete ideas didn’t come to mind.

Then, as I listlessly traveled down towards Ardel…


A notification floated before my eyes.


“You have reached a strength of 10,000.”

“You have met the minimum condition.”

“The World Destroyer ‘Draca’s Relic’ is now unlocked.”

“Your player ability ‘Mini Map’ has been enhanced. Suspicious regions related to Draca’s Relic will be marked.”

Draca’s Relic?

Without Strang by my side, I wasn’t sure what it meant…

But after checking the enhanced mini map, I had a rough idea.

Seeing me suddenly scanning the air here and there, Louisana pulled herself back with a worried look and asked,

“What’s wrong, brother? Have you gone crazy?”


You can call me many things but crazy?

I narrowed my eyes and said to Louisana,

“I’ve found something to do.”


I’ve found something to do.


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